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Chapter 27: Professionalism

Our victories in the three team battles threw the three Knight Squads into panic. After all, we gained a total of 17 points in just three days, which had proven our abilities were genuine.

And they did not even try to challenge us to another battle.

Geez. If we're able to level up quickly like before, defeating you guys with a single blow is basically a piece of cake, what's there to panic about?

But, I have to admire their sense of professionalism, perseverance, and their ability to court death. Because, during the night when we celebrated Masha's arrival to our squad, the moment the clock ticked past midnight, they immediately issued challenges.

Oh, of course, even though I said it was a celebration, we simply bought a few more side dishes than before, and we ate about the same amount as usual.

But that's not the main point, the main point was, all three of them actually challenged Princess Anne at the same time!

I believe every one of them should receive a [Deathseeker]title. I won't allow myself to be the only one holding onto that title.

"This is no longer too much, but perverse, right?"

Hearing the broadcasts, Aliyah immediately said that furiously. "Kuh..."

Masha seemed to have wanted to say something, but she paused, and said

nothing else.

"Don't mind it. Even though those people were once your companions, you don't have to mind about it. Because, currently, you're one of us."

I said to Masha with a smile.

That's right, Masha had already been completely abandoned by them. Her retirement declaration was actually announced not even ten minutes after our battle ended, as though it was prepared beforehand.

That's right, it was prepared beforehand.

And they even tried to take away Masha's weapon, saying that it was a property belonging to their Knight Squad. However, the moment Bai Yueguang and I took a step forward, they turned tail and ran.

They're basically trash.

"Those trash, really get on my nerves... No, they have gotten on my nerves for a long time now."

Alliyah seemed as though she was eager to eliminate all of them.

"That's right, initially, we had thought of going with the flow, but... This is really getting on my nerves too."

Bai Yueguang nodded.

"Sorry... Because of my loss, I created trouble for everyone. Why don't I withdraw from this war? Like this..."

"What are you saying?"

Dale pushed up his glasses and said.

"If we maintain these results, even if we directly surrender the three matches, we will only lose three points per day, no... if we attack with our full force, they basically do not even have the chance of winning. After all, we're allowed to challenge all of them in return as well."

"Dale's right. Even if they were to challenge us, we can challenge them in return as well. So you don't have to worry about it."

I nodded as well. "But I..."

"We already told you to not mind about it. Princess Anne, you're actually really

strong, don't you know that?" "Fir, umm..."

Bai Yueguang tried to stop me, but Aliyah and Dale from the side stopped him at the same time.

"I'm... strong?"

"If I'm correct, you're actually capable of using a Forbidden spell, right?" "... You... How did you know about that? But, umm... if it's that ability, I'm

completely unable to control it." "Forbidden?"

Extremely interested, Falan suddenly walked over.

"Witt Empire's Water Forbidden Spell, it sounds really interesting. Hurry and tell us about it!"

"Umm... I..."

Princess Anne seemed to be a little troubled, and her pair of eyes constantly flickered.

"Why don't we do this? Tell me about your Forbidden spell, and I will tell you a Water Arcane spell that you're able to use as well."

Princess Anne's level did not rise much, and she's currently only LV 16. She should barely be able to cast a single Arcane spell.

"Water Arcane spell? You possess knowledge of Water Arcane spells?" "Un, I kind of know about them."


"Then, let's do this."

I immediately stretched out my hand, and pressed it on her forehead. After that, I tapped on the 'Impart' button next to [Arcane - Tsunami].

Anne's eyes momentarily became lifeless, but an instant later, they returned to normal.

"I... This... I suddenly felt a magic spell appearing in my mind! Just what is going on..."

"Alright, I have already told you about that magic. It's your turn to tell us about your Forbidden spell."

"Eh, earlier, in just a single moment... How did you do it?"

"It's really troublesome to explain. Just take it as I have read too many books, and I have turned into a human library. Alright, alright, tell us about your Forbidden spell."

"Umm... Do you mind teaching me a Super Arcane spell?" "This..."

I stared at her for a long while.

"Are you sure? You shouldn't be able to use that sort of spell with your current ability."

"It's fine! It's fine as long as you tell me about it."

I sighed, and once again, placed my hand on her forehead.

But this time, everyone in the room approached us. Lanya even took out a weird device and was pointing it at us.

"Hey hey, what are you guys planning to do?" "Research."

Lanya said indifferently.

The rest of them nodded at the same time.

"Because, even if we ask you about it, you won't tell us anything, so we can only study it ourselves."


I have to say, she's totally right, except for one point.

It's not that I don't wish to tell you guys anything, rather, I have no idea how this works either.

But I still imparted her another spell I knew.

[Super Arcane - Corrosive Heavy Storm]! "Wh... What a strong magic spell... I can feel it."

Princess Anne suddenly became excited. "Umm... These magic spells..."

"Don't mind it, I learnt them on the fly."

If those people who spent decades researching at those Magician Towers were to hear of this, I wonder if they will spit blood out of their mouths.

"Then... Since that's the case, I will tell you about my Forbidden spell." Princess Anne paused, and then continued.

"The Forbidden spell I possess is called [Dreamary's Lamentation], a Water

Forbidden spell. But... I'm unable to use it, because... it can only be used in the state when one has just woken up... However, I suffer from insomnia."

Unique Quest: Dreamary's Dream

Quest Objective: Hold onto the hand of a Forbidden Spell Possessor who possesses [Dreamary's Lamentation], enter her dreamscape, and defeat


Quest Reward: Dreamary's Magic Spell Series "Please hold my hand and sleep with me!" "Eh?"

"You sure are daring, to actually say something like that. She's a princess, you know..."

Lanya snickered.

"I'm a princess too, why did you not request that from me!?" Princess Michelle shouted loudly.

"That's not the main point, right!? Hey!"

"Alright, we can talk about this again later... They have already arrived." Looking outside the house, we have already been surrounded by countless of


"Are we... going to reject the battles?"

Dale asked. "No."

Princess Anne shook her head.

"I want to try!"