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 Rise of the Magic Beasts 11 Aliyah's Return

"We will need the city council then? Because there hasn't been any hints I don't know what to do."

Bai Yueguang said looking around.

There were more people on the streets, many of them were high ranked mercenaries.

It seems that those who fought against the magic beasts have come back. This is good, otherwise I would run out of mana when an army of monsters comes.

I'm not Tai Shixi, how could I fight against thousands?

"We need to find an opportunity. This isn't a case where we have to rush, so we can wait for a chance. To be honest, compared to the trouble with the Duke's family, I think the magic beasts are a bigger problem. Think about it, the main path to the city has been destroyed, it will be a few months before basic repairs are complete, and until then the city will have to rely on ships."

I had thought a bit about the current situation and came to that conclusion, everyone nodded in agreement.

"But since we don't have an aim, so we can only take it one step at a time."

"That makes sense~ good, then to avoid regrets later, I will go for a stroll, come! Little Bai! Come with me to window shop!"

While saying that, Hei Luoli grabbed Bai Yueguang and walked in the direction of the commercial district.

"Hey hey hey, my ring is already full of your clothes, don't buy......"

Ignoring the struggles of Bai Yueguang, Hei Luoli looked to Oyado and Purewhite.

"Do you two want to come? The clothing of the Witts Empire and Ice Empire aren't the same, I heard there is useful clothing made from water spider silk, it's different from traditional silk."

"That's...... I want to protect big brother......"

"There is no need to worry."

I patted the head of Oyado and laughed.

"You go with Hei Luoli, I can protect myself."

"Is big brother not coming?"


I took out the headset that I had received from the guildmaster and said.

"The headset started ringing a moment ago, there is probably something urgent for me?"


"Don't worry, I'll find you when I'm done."

"Well...... all right~"

However Purewhite didn't move from my side, I gave her a curious glance, but she looked at me boredly.

"Master does not need to worry about me, my clothes are illusory, so I don't need to buy new clothes."

"That's...... really subtle.

I thought for a minute, then nodded.

"It's settled, you'll go shopping, Purewhite and I will go deal with this issue."

"Un......please be quick."


Watching them leave for the business district, I put on the communication headset.

"Hey hey...... can you hear me?"

The headphone actually put out Maristo's voice.

"Hello guildmaster, do you need my help to fight some magic beasts?"

"That's not it, Mr. James actually wanted to find you, he wanted to commend you for stopping the magic beast."

"Haa...... that is really troublesome, that sort of affair sounds like a bother, I have no desire to become famous."

"He is still inviting you to meet with him personally, he will arrive at the mercenary union in the afternoon, so please head over to the union, there are also a lot of people here that want to meet with you."

"Ah......ok, please wait, I'll head over now."

I looked helplessly towards Purewhite.

"This is really annoying."


However, Purewhite's expression isn't good...... although she has a doll's body, Purewhite is a shikigami, her physical condition can be seen through the face.

"What is it Purewhite? You don't seem to be very energetic."

"I'm sorry, mostly......"

Purewhite looked in the direction of the castle, then shook her head.

"I am connected to ten other dolls......it's very painful, I want to get away."


"It's......my new body that is using the humanoid doll?"

"Well, it seems that your soul or something attached to it."

"This doll appears to be connected to the cores of ten battle dolls, I can feel it, those ten are covered in blood."

"Connected? Can you control them?"

"No, I can only feel them , if I took the initiative to connect with them, I probably would be controlled by them."

"This...... all right."

I silently grabbed Purewhite's hand.

"Eh? Master......"

"Are you feeling any calmer?"


Purewhite nodded.

"Master's hand...... is very warm."

"Em......it isn't a big deal."

"I guess so. Then......I have a request."


"Can I keep holding your hand?"

"......Absolutely, lets go to the mercenary guild now."



I arrived with Purewhite at the mercenary guild, different from before, the inside was filled with mercenaries.

Cutting through the crowd to the counter I saw Maristo talking to someone else, so we hurried in.

"Yo, guildmaster."

"You came Feil, I think that the Duke is coming, just wait a bit in line."


I don't know why, but I suddenly felt heat coming from behind.

I quickly turned, and behind me there was a red light.

In it was a silhouette of a person with two red ponytails swinging in the air.

Swirling red sparks of flame scattered about the room, the person who was emitting the flames walked slowly towards us.

"Young lady~this guy is a bastard and an idiot~don't be fooled by his simple appearance, he is completely black bellied~"

"Eh? What are you talking about Ms. Aliyah?"

"Huh? You are Purewhite? The feeling you give off is completely different from before......"

"Hey hey hey......Aliyah."

I stared at her and said.

"You ran away for a month, what's with you doing that the moment you see me?

"Hmmm~ you know."

Right, in front of us was the Aliyah, the young girl who had left for a long time...... also, she has changed a lot compared to before. The greatest change was......

LV 60

Did you turn into a boss?