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Chapter 18: Sion's Door

The seasonal features of this world are very similar to our former world, where the summer sun will only set after half past seven in the evening.

This isn't really a problem by itself, but to people like me who is sitting here waiting, I can only sigh as I look on as the sun slowly goes down.

Well~ I kind of feel that the sun in this world is much bigger than the one in our world, and this unusual visual experience does feel pretty pleasant.

"Big brother, dinner~"

Oyado silently appeared behind me, and then, handed me the takeout from the bag.

I have pretty much gotten used to Oyado's scary method of appearance, and at the same time, glancing at the mini-map every three seconds has completely become a habit of mine.

"Thank you~ Oyado, have you eaten yet?"

"Not yet, I was planning to eat with big brother~" "Is that so~ Come, sit down and eat."

Removing the lid of the takeout box, I could not help but frown.

After pausing for a moment, I turned to look at Oyado. "Umm... What are these?"

"Fried chicken nuggets."

"... I know they're fried chicken nuggets... Alright then, why are there only fried chicken nuggets?"

"Um... That's because..."

Hearing my words, Oyado actually, for the first time, shifted her gaze somewhere else.

But a moment later, she once again looked towards me.

"By eating more chicken meat, it will help with muscle-training!"

"Like hell! We will only gain fats after eating this much oily food! Did I not tell you to buy vegetables as well... Is the one you're holding full of chicken nuggets too?"

"Well... Umm... Because..." "Shh!"

At this moment, a weird dot suddenly appeared on my mini-map.

The regular markers for people would usually move slowly on the ground, but this person... the person's marker is actually flashing from point to point on the mini- map.

It feels like he was moving quickly from one position to another.

I hurriedly hinted Oyado to keep quiet, and Oyado nodded. With a wave of her hand, a grey layer of membrane descended on my body, and the two of us were actually slowly becoming translucent! Incredible, is this some sort of skill?

But this isn't the time to study it. I nodded, and then looked towards the direction of the red dot.

The sun had only went down not long ago, but the surroundings were already slowly submerging into darkness.

It did not look like there was anyone in the square. The target must be using a stealth skill, hence I was not able to see the target's figure and titles.

But we have Oyado here~ "Do you see the target?"

"The person just arrived at the back of the third sculpture. It looks like the person's heading towards the place where the battle happened in the afternoon."

That's right. We're currently at the place where we fought with[Knight of the Blue Seas]. The debris on the ground will only be retrieved tomorrow morning,

and the exoskeleton doll which turned into a pile of scrap was still lying on the ground.

And the reason why we're standing guard here, was naturally to wait for the people 'retrieving' these debris.

That's right, retrieval! Phad's Eye! Open!

Accurately predicting the target's movements, I looked towards a particular

position at the square and opened my 'eye', and a blurry figure slowly revealed itself.

Tia Sye

Female | LV 24 Alchemist | LV 26 Mechanic

[Neutral] [Bored] [Pioneer] [Sion's Door][Whatever Goes] [Forgetful Person]

She was even wearing a white coat with an optical camouflage function, and with her small and tiny figure, it's totally impossible to see her without using [Phad's Eye].

"Great. Go! Catch her!"

The moment I said that, I saw that Oyado was already right behind her, and then, she used something to tie up her entire body.

Really, she's making it look like a loli kidnapping incident. "Aaaah, release me~"

Before I could even call her back, Oyado had already leaped back onto the rooftop

while carrying her, and then, she threw her onto the ground.

"Yo, Ms. Tia~ Are you here to retrieve the things[Sion's Door]left here?" I brought her up to a sitting position, and asked with a smile.

"You... How did you know of my name!? Wait a minute... You... Unless, you're a 'player' too?"

"'Player', is that what you guys call yourselves?"

Her figure is probably about the same as Aliyah's. A headband was tied at the top of her long, light yellow hair, and she wore a pair of round glasses on her face, which looked just like a western doll.

"Because we don't have a better term to use... Wait a minute! Are you really one!? Hurry and release me already! Geez!"

"No, I can't do that. I don't have a reason to release someone who is able to completely create a computer motherboard."

That's right, the[Sion's Door]which this girl belongs to had already used this world's materials to completely create a computer motherboard's chip!

3 hours ago.

"Fir! These people had already developed something that's even more advanced than a terminal! No, I suspect that the terminals were created by these people as well!"

Just when we had just arrived back at base, Dale, who looked as if he had taken stimulants, instantly rushed towards us!

"Hey hey hey! What are you saying!?" I gave him a glance.

Are you kidding me? Currently, Oyado and Princess Anne were still beside us.

"Oh, in any case, just come over here!"

After saying that, he immediately grabbed onto my arm and pulled me into the laboratory in his room.

The moment I entered the laboratory, I was almost shocked to death. Even though it was still a very clean and tidy room yesterday, currently, it was filled with various types of equipment.

At the center of the pile of equipment, there were a large screen made out of four smaller screens, and countless data and numbers were quickly jumping about. I wondered which network he had invaded into.

And at the center of the room, countless wires of unknown materials were connected to the black box Dale retrieved.

"Do you know!? This black box isn't just something average, the hard-drive in this thing actually has a capacity of 8TB! And it even has a signal transmission device installed! But don't worry, I have already cut the signal."

"Un, very good. That means we will soon be having somewhere to store a large amount of information. So?"

"Don't you understand? This means that the person who created this had already directly replicated the technology from our world! The terminals being used right now are simply created with unnecessary amounts of similar materials, hence, the terminals are this huge. But, according to the technology used to make this black box, they most likely had already made working models of laptops!"

"No... They might have already created something more frightening." I muttered as I looked at the black box.


"They might have already reconstructed handheld phones."

Back to current time

"Well~ Even if you were to allow me to search you... I wouldn't dare, so, Oyado, go! Search her body, and take out everything that's on her body!"

"Eh? No! Stop! Not... there... wait a minute, hey..."

Seeing Oyado happily stretching her hand towards Tia, I gentlemanly turned to face somewhere else.

Peek? I wouldn't do such a thing. I'm a decent person, you know. "Big brother, she has nothing on her body~"

"Is that so..."

I turned back to look at her. Her entire face was currently flushed red, it's like she had just been OOXX.

I coughed twice.

"Umm... Looks like you have placed everything in your ring, huh. Then I will simply ask you then. Have you guys already developed laptops and handheld phones?"

"Eh... How did you know about that... No, wait! No! We haven't!" "Too late! Speak, what are you guys planning to do with them?"

"I... I won't tell you anything!" "Is that so~"

I pushed up my glasses, and then pointed to Oyado who was beside me.

"Eh? Again? Why are you helping this pervert-glasses! Wait, you're his sister? Impossible, this guy is..."

"Whatever brother says, no matter what it is, I will always take it really seriously~"

Oyado's words threw her into despair.

She looked at me, and then turned back to look at Oyado.

"Alright, our Guild's boss said she's willing to talk with you guys, but, only with 'players', is that alright?"

"That's more than I could ask for~"

I laughed, and then tapped on the send button on the messaging function. 'Everyone, assemble.'