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Chapter 15: War Begins

"Big brother was just too cool! You actually gave such a hot-blooded speech during the opening ceremony!"

The moment I entered the squad's base, Oyado came rushing over with a pair of starry eyes.

"That's right. Fortunately, there's no classes after the opening ceremony, otherwise, everyone in the class will be asking for your signature."

Kechjen, who was at the side, nodded and said.

"Alright, you guys, stop ridiculing me. Earlier, when I was on the stage, I was so frightened, I broke out into cold sweat. If I had accidentally said anything weird, it will probably cause us to get sieged by all three sides instead. If that were to happen, we will be in big trouble."

"Something like that won't happen... But, even if that were to happen, we will just take them all on, and have them acknowledge our strength. That's also another way to progress in this matter."

"Little Bai, stop joking."

"Hey, why are you starting to use that nickname as well? That's too much." "But 'Little Bai' sounds better, you know."

I shrugged, and then sat down beside the table.

"But, is there really no problems for you guys to have skipped the opening ceremony?"

Sweeping my gaze through the entire room, other than Kechjen who came with me earlier, the rest were basically already sitting inside.

"If there's no point in going to the opening ceremony, and you were to participate in it while knowing this, then isn't that a problem itself?"

Princess Michelle laughed.

"You have to know, in meetings like that, other than the first opening ceremony where they hand you the proof of enrollment, there's basically no point in going."


Alright, it's really a total waste of time talking to these people who do not need to study. Rather than lecturing them, it's best I head into the main topic of discussion.

"School has officially started, and earlier, I received new rules from the principal." "New rules?"

"The initial rules are as follows:

Academy War Rule No. 1: Battles must happen within the [Battle Barrier]. Any other battles outside the [Battle Barrier] will be treated as intentions to do

harm to the other party. The offender will be suspended from school.

Academy War Rule No. 2: Within 30 seconds of the creation of the [Battle Barrier], the other party can choose to leave the barrier. Once that party leaves

the barrier, the battle will end immediately. Holding the other party in the barrier by force is not allowed. One is allowed to use his/her own [Battle Barrier]

switch to forcefully break the other party's barrier. The 30 seconds rule apply to this situation as well.

But with the start of the new term, a new set of rules been added.

Academy War Rule No. 3: Every day, each team is allowed to initiate a battle to another team once. The winning will obtain 1 point, while the losing side will be deducted 1 point. No other points will be deducted if the team's score is 0. Fleeing will result as a loss. Every three days, each team is allowed to initiate a group battle request once, with three people in the group. The winning side will obtain 5 points, while the losing side will be deducted 3 points.

Academy War Rule No. 4: Without the agreement of both parties, the battle will not start."

"I see, back then, battles were to pull people into their squads, but now, it turned into a simple and direct battle? But currently, none of our members are weak, so there shouldn't be any problems."

Bai Yueguang swept his gaze around the entire room, and said that. He was probably looking at the levels of the members in the room.

"But everyone's actual battle experience is a little too low. If we were to encounter those knights, we will be at a disadvantage."

"But, if we don't fight, it will be impossible for us to improve our battle techniques, right?"


Although that's true and all, in times like this... Oh right, since that's the case, we can use the fact that all four teams currently have 0 points to have a spar with them. After all, there's nothing to lose.

"Then let's take it a step at a time then. If we really have to, we can simply use the group battles every three days to earn back our points. "

"Well, won't that be pretty tiring...? I think it's best if we simply have a honest battle with them."

Then, I turned to look at Dale.

"So, have you gathered any other information?"

"How should I put it... I did not receive any new information, but the databases of the other countries seemed to have obtained information regarding the few of us here. Especially you, Fir. You have become absolutely famous. The records of your battles during the Annual Tournament are currently the hottest items among the information merchants, you know."

"How much are they selling for?"

"The high-definition ones are probably selling for 5,000 gold each."

"I know you kept a stock of them. Hurry and sell them, and remember to split the profits with me."

"Oh my god, I did not expect that you're actually more talented as a merchant than I am."

At this time, even Lanya walked into the room as well.

"The first-years this year are buying more items, compared to the previous years~ It sure is great, to be able to sell this much once every year~"

"Really, if we were to win this war, it will probably make a good advertisement for your products as well. But for now, it's best that you help us prepare recovery potions and magic tools."

"Alright~ Don't worry, I will naturally have them prepared."

Looking at Lanya's face which was brimming with confidence, I decided to believe in her.

But, just at this moment, a weird sound suddenly rang.

Ding dong~

[Black Prince]Krans initiated a challenge against [NEET Tea Party]Shir. Ding dong~

[Knight of the Blue Seas]Haris initiated a challenge against[NEET Tea Party] Anne.

Ding dong~

[Sweeper]Xier initiated a challenge against[NEET Tea Party]Falan.

"Oh my, it was actually a magical broadcast! Those guys sure are... efficient. This is only the afternoon of the first day."

"But in this current situation, we can't simply idle here, right? Although I'm not really sure, Falan should be alright, but as for the rest..."

"Lanya, Tai Shixi, meet up with Falan. Bai Yuegang and Hei Luoli, meet up with Anne. I will be heading over to Shir's. That guy can be considered as a disciple of mine, I can't simply sit by and watch him get bullied. Dale, start monitoring all the networks in the academy! If anything were to happen, contact me immediately!

"Understood!" "Move out!"