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Chapter 13: Unfortunate Fate?

"Big brother, why aren't you willing to look at me?"

Oyado was still slowly approaching me. Watching a little girl, who was wearing a thin chiffon nightdress, approaching me, I could feel my heart beating abnormally fast.

Even a flat-eight engine wouldn't be able to go faster than this, right? But at this rate, my heart will burst!

I quickly summoned the menu with my hand. While scrolling through it, I started

conversing with her.

"You... With the way you're dressed, even if I want to look at you, I wouldn't dare to do so..."

Just which lolicon came up with such a piece of clothing!? This is too frightening. It's basically too erotic!

Not just her chest, even her private parts below could be seen with a single glance... Just who the hell made these pyjamas!? Can something like this even be bought here? This is too frightening. I can no longer come face to face with this world.

Not just this world, I can't come face to face with this current situation either. A 7- year-old loli... Even if I'm not a lolicon, I will be turned into one if this continues.

Wonderful, the skill I'm looking for is almost here...

"Don't worry, big brother. I will only wear these sorts of clothes for you, big brother."

"No, no. You shouldn't wear these clothes in the first place. Can't you wear something proper, and have a calm face-to-face talk with me?"

"Isn't this what we're doing right now~"

After saying that, Oyado suddenly grabbed onto the hand which I was using to scroll the menu.

"Big brother, you know~ You always use some weird skills~ Although you don't have to recite or chant anything, your fingers always move really quickly. Looks like it's the secret to how big brother use his skills~"

"You... What are you saying... haha..."

Oh god, I was actually discovered? This girl's eyes are a little too good.

"Don't try to deny it~ Otherwise, let's conduct an experiment~ I will cut all of big brother's fingers, and see if big brother can use his magic spells after that~"

"Don't do that! Please don't~"

"Don't worry~ Oyado will always stay by big brother's side. Even if you don't have your fingers, Oyado is still willing to do anything for big brother~"

Oyado, you have totally become dark, do you know that? In this day and age, has the idea of lolis having dark personalities already turn into an iron law? There's no longer any hope for this world, is there?

"That's not right, don't you think...? Look, if I don't have my fingers... I will no longer be able to touch Oyado, and I won't be able to stroke your head, right?"

"Un... You're right. Then, forget about it~"

In a flash, she kept the dagger behind her back. Oh my god, when did you pull that out? Were you really serious on cutting my fingers?

Too scary... If you give me this sort of surprises every day, my heart will not be able to take it, you know. Telling me that you want to cut off my fingers so casually... It's honestly terrifying!

I wonder if there's a need to resurrect myself once to restore my chopped fingers.

"And, why did you have to do this? We're only back for a single day. It's normal for us to be separated once in awhile, right?"

"But you were strolling with big sister Pryn."

"How did you know about that... Weren't you registering with Princess Michelle and the rest?"

"I know all about big brother!"

"Alright, I will take that as a reason for now." Though that doesn't count as a legit reason... "But we were only strolling..."

"That's right. If you two weren't just strolling, I would have taken action." "Were you nearby?"

"That's of course!"

"Then you should know that nothing happened, right? So..."

"So, I have to take the opportunity when the rest have yet to make their move, and have big brother become mine. Otherwise, someone like me with completely no advantages will definitely..."

After saying that, Oyado's entire body leaned against mine. Oh my god! Why does it feel so warm tonight!?

"No, that won't happen! Oyado is my dearest sister! Have I not said it before!? No matter what, I will always be by your side."


"That's of course!"

Not good. I must think of a way to escape from this predicament. Otherwise, Oyado will definitely do something to me!

I have no confidence in my talking skills at all. After all, I was a NEET who simply stayed in his house all day and played video games. If you want me to suddenly talk my way out of this, it's impossible, after all, I'm not a god.

"Let me tell you one thing!" "Un?"

"What you're doing right now... is completely unbecoming of a little sister, you


"Eh, unbecoming of a little sister... this..."

"You have turned into a [Yandere], and the little sister in my heart isn't like that!"

"Yandere? What's that? Then, in big brother's heart, how should a little sister behave!?"

"Of course, my little sister would always call me 'Onii-chan' with her cute voice. She will always wake me up kindly every morning. Although she likes to be spoiled, she's actually thinking of her big brother in every single moment! That's the little sister in my heart! And she's not someone that ties her big brother up and

seduces him with her body! That's not a little sister, that's a pervert!"

"Is... Is that so? I see, truthfully, in my memories, there's no actual description of the role of a little sister, so... That's how a little sister should behave? Oyado has really made a serious blunder, I actually seduced brother using a method made to force people into submission..."

"It's good that you know now. Since that's the case, hurry and release me."

"Un... But, does big brother really not wish to obtain Oyado? Is Oyado's charm not enough?"

"No! It's because Oyado is too charming, so..." "Don't worry!"

Oyado suddenly hugged me.

"No matter what, Oyado's feelings for big brother will never change, so, big brother, please continue to look at Oyado!"

"Un, I will."

"As I thought, I love big brother the most~"

She then rubbed her body beside me. She's really challenging my limits, huh. I suddenly felt my body trembling in an instant. Eh, I seemed to have clicked on something...

When I turned to look, the finger which Oyado pressed down earlier was now tapping on the skill list, and on the skill that I wanted to use earlier!

Crap, I have yet to think of the destination...

Before I could even react, the two of us were instantly sent to another place! If I don't think of a precise destination, then it will be a random teleportation! "Ah!"

Suddenly, the two of us landed in a foreign place.

But, when my body fell, I seemed to have landed on something soft... is it a bed? "The two of you... What are you two doing in room dressed like that!!??"


When I turned to look, I could feel cold sweat trickling down my face.

It was another loli wearing her pyjamas. Of course, it's your everyday, regular pyjamas. A young girl wearing a pyjamas with strawberry printings, Aliyah, was raising her sword as she looked at us.

Probably because she saw me hugging Oyado, who was wearing a thin chiffon nightdress, as we teleported into her room, she instinctively activated her punishment mode.

"Do you have anything to say for yourself!? You pervert!" Please, someone, knock me out! I don't wish to explain at all!!!

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