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Chapter 12: It's Not the Time to Battle

Time to battle...

Even though I said that, right now, it's actually the time to sleep. "Alright, I'm going to bed~ I believe it will be hard battle tomorrow~" I nodded, and then, I looked at the various people in the room.

"You're right~ Next up should be sleep time instead~ It's already 11pm, huh. Then, we will be returning as well."

Bai Yueguang nodded as well, and then, he walked out of the room, along with Tai Shixi and Hei Luoli.

As expected, everyone is really cooperative. This is really wonderful. "Eh~ The people in this squad are really easy-going, huh..."

Princess Anne laughed.

You know you're rather easy-going yourself, right?

"That's of course. After all, this squad is made up of really easy-going people." The one who replied was Falan.

"I have my own place to sleep in, so I will be leaving as well. Let's meet up at the venue tomorrow."

"Then we will be taking our leave too. After all, I still have to explain to my father why I decided to change my vote~"

Kechjen smiled, and then pointed to the terminal.

"Earlier, I have already entered our guild's password into your terminal. Use it as you will."

"Hey hey, is that really alright?"

"Anyhow, that person called Dale over there... Doesn't he already has the entire continent's network in the palm of his hand?"

"You're flattering me... I have only taken control of half of it."

"Alright alright~ The idle talk shall stop here. There's still many things to take care of tomorrow~"

"That's right."

But, when I was about to head outside, I was suddenly grabbed by the shoulder. "Fir-chan~ Where are you going~"

"Ms. Pryn~ Obviously, I'm heading back home to sleep..."

"Well~ That place has already turned into a mess~ Are you sure you're going back there?"

"That's... of course. How can I sleep with so many girls under the same roof? That would be too stimulating for a pure guy like me~"

"You can sure tell a lie, huh~"

"You're flattering me~ I'm obviously telling the truth~" I shrugged, and then pointed to the people behind her.

"Look, they completely do not have any opinion on this."


"Well... Because Fir is a guy, if he were to stay here... It might be a little dangerous."

Princess Michelle said as she looked towards the rest.

"That's right. If he's here, I won't be able to sleep peacefully, because I will have to watch my surroundings."

"Un, un..."

"Fir, did you do something in the past? It seems everyone is..."

"No, I believe it's exactly because I had not done anything, so it turned out this way. Anyhow, I'm leaving!"

Saying that, I immediately used [Stealth Shadow], and entered the dark streets.

In the dark night, shadows are abound, so I don't not have to worry about not having any shadow to jump into. And, with 1000% increase in speed, it feels as though I'm flying.

In less than ten seconds, I have already arrived before my doorstep.

Finally, I'm safe. If I were to stay there, I have the premonition that I will have to worry about unnecessary things while I sleep...

Taking out my keys, I was about to open the door. But suddenly, I heard a 'pa' sound. The moment I opened the door, a white bag immediately fell onto the floor!

This is...

Phad's Eye! Open!

When I returned to the academy, I looked over my skills and skill points, and completely leveled up my [Phad's Eye]to the LV 5.

LV 5 Phad's Eye

[Forbidden]Allows user to completely reveal the target's titles and name.

The Forbidden skill, which uses up 5 skill points, is really amazing... But...

The person who was stuffed into the white bag was actually Pryn, and she even had the 'Fainted' status icon.

Why was Pryn, who was still in the base earlier, currently wrapped like a dumpling in my living room! What's with this development!? This...

"Big brother~" "Oyado... Kuh!"

Suddenly, Oyado's voice came from behind me, and the moment I turned, I took a heavy blow in my stomach!

System unable to determine.

Party member relationship removed.

Hey hey, don't remove that in times like this!

Then, something was stuffed into my mouth, and a weird smell directly entered my nose.

Then, I felt my body suddenly falling over, and the last thing I saw was Oyado giggling in front of me...

JUst what is...

Once again, I had an intimate contact with the floor. Oh god, coming in contact with the floor twice in a single day is not a good thing. Is the floor trying to make a move on me?

Then, my vision slowly blurred, and, everything went dark.

Although I fainted... I woke up less than five minutes later.

.Looks like a recovery potion of some sort was used on me. Anyhow, I recovered my senses.


Recovering my senses might not be a good thing either. Because, earlier, the first thing I did was try moving, but, it seems my four limbs were currently tied, and I was unable to move at all.

That's right. It's that extremely weird position fixing method, whereby my four limbs are tied to the four corners of the bed. No matter how I see it, it's a very dangerous situation.

Because, I had only seen two scenarios when it comes to this sort of situation. First, it's S-M play, and second, when someone was about to be dismembered by a crazed murderer.


No matter which scenario it is, they're both really frightening! Based on the earlier situation, why do I feel that both scenarios are highly likely to happen!?

But, I don't know why, I feel that the second scenario is a little better. As for the first scenario, I have completely no idea how I should react to it at all.


And currently, it seems I'm tied to my own bed. The moonlight was shining through the window, adding on to the weird atmosphere.

In any case, I should find a way to escape. After all, I'm still LV 27, this sort of thing...

I raised my head and looked at the ropes restraining me, and I fell into despair in an instant.

"How is this possible... Why is there Dragon Silk here..."

That's right. The rope restraining me was actually not your average rope, it's a material out of a certain creature's body, which is said to be an offspring of a dragon and something else.

Of course, as to why a dragon would have such interests, I have no idea as well.

What I do know is, the rope currently restraining me is made up of one of this world's toughest material. This... Are you kidding me?

"Damn it! What the hell is this!?"

"As I thought, big brother with a confused expression is the best~" Suddenly, Oyado's voice came from within the darkness.

When I turned to where the voice came from, I saw Oyado slowly walking out of

the darkness. As expected of an assassin, without activating Phad's Eye, currently, I'm unable to see her name, nor feel her presence.

"Oyado, what are you..."

Before I could finish what I wanted to say, Oyado's figure appeared under the moonlight.

I could not help but stop my words, and my heart began to beat frantically.

Currently, Oyado was actually wearing what seems to be a very thin pyjamas. And I wonder which pervert designed this, as it seems to be only made out of a single layer of yarn.

But when I looked at it carefully, it was actually really made out of a single layer of yarn.

Oh my god...

I suddenly felt something was about to awaken from the depths of my heart, but I immediately closed my eyes and forced myself to calm down.

Calm down...

Even though I'm telling myself that, my eyes don't seem to be turning away! Why!? Back then, Oyado was only a cute loli, but when I look at her now... her body is

really perfect, huh.

Although she's a homunculus, but... Just how many outstanding genes were used to create such a beautiful girl...

Even if it's a loli out of a book, it can't even compare to her... She's that perfect! This...

Wait, wait, wait a minute! What am I saying!? Just what kind of weird state was I in earlier!?

Just what kind of unsavory thoughts of my pure, cute, small, and perfect little sister did I just have!?

"Oyado, calm down. Don't approach me, alright? If you approach me any closer, I will..."

"Don't worry~ Even if big brother were to do something to me, I don't mind at all."

Hey hey, as a loli whose age is not even a third of mine, what kind of weird nonsense are you talking about!?

"No, no... This isn't right, no matter how you think about it, right?"

"Why isn't it right!? Big brother, ever since you came back to the academy, you no longer look at Oyado. And you even have this busty elf pestering you the entire day, big brother..."

Saying that, she looked at the bag in the corner.

Oh my god, Oyado, how did you knock out Pryn, whose level is many times higher than yours?

No, for now, it's best that I put this question aside. Currently, I'm in a very dangerous situation!

"Since that's the case, I will have big brother become mine. Then there will no longer be any problems~"

"Hey hey! That's totally not right at all! Your knowledge is too extreme, I think we should talk about this after you finish reading up about things like this in the library!"

Are you kidding me? A 7-year-old loli is about to...

No, wait! No matter if she's 7-year-old or not, this sort of situation isn't right at all, right!?

"Big brother, don't worry~ I know all about this, you know~"

Hand over the bastard who was in-charge of implanting memories into Oyado! I guarantee that I will not kill you!

"So, big brother, you just have to relax..."

After saying that, Oyado approached even closer, and she stretched out her hand. Damn it, do I really have to use my ultimate move?

Since that's the case, I have no choice but to... use it!