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Chapter 67: Summon - The Strongest Ghost

"Are you kidding me? How is it possible to create something like that in this current situation? And even if I did create it, you won't be able to find enough magic crystals to feed it, right?"

As I thought, Dale ruthlessly dropped a tsukkomi on me. "That's true..."

Even if large amounts of energy are stored in a magic crystal, something like a

beam cannon would only be fueled by lightning magic crystals. And currently, it's impossible to find that many lightning magic crystals. Not only that, something precise like a beam cannon would require a stabilizer, and the output from the magic crystals isn't able to adjust things like that.

"Then is there anything that I can use to break a barrier that's several levels above us? We're currently facing a very serious problem here."

"Is that so? So the giant pillar of light we saw earlier wasn't something good, but something extremely troublesome?"

"To put it simply, yes."

"Alright, then wait for us to get there. I don't have any ideas right now either." After saying that, he dropped the conversation.

Looks like there's really no way huh...

"Looks like you guys move much faster than us."

A voice came from the side. Bai Yueguang and his party finally arrived at the altar. And on the other side, Gabriel came descending from the sky as well.

Though I have never seen him spread out his wings, I know of the fact that people capable of using Light Magic are all able to summon wings. So, in theory, Gabriel should be able to spread out his wings as well.

"You guys are... Aren't all of you people who defeated my battle dolls in that battle before!?"

"You can't blame that on us. You must know that, as mercenaries, we were only thinking about completing our missions~"

Bai Yueguang walked over to Yoei with big strides, and then looked at him in the eye.

"And back then, you were wearing a black robe. No matter how I saw it, you looked like a bad guy. But, your current figure isn't your actual look either, right?"

"... Fine."

Yoei looked at himself, and then sighed.

"Looks like I have to gather some people to remodel the dolls in the future... Alright, we can talk about this issue later. Of course, do you guys have any method of breaking through this barrier?"

As he said that, he pointed to the barrier behind him. And just as he looked towards the direction he was pointing at, he saw Gabriel standing at the side of the barrier.

Gabriel simply stretched out his hand, and pressed it against the barrier. "Hey hey! That's going to..."

I was just about to warn him that the barrier has a self-defense mechanism, but

his hand had already pressed onto it. Though there were some flashes of sparks, they were completely unable to harm him!

That's right, I didn't really notice it much, so I forgot about it. This guy... is a LV 56 Light Magician, isn't he?

Someone like a LV 46 Onmyouji is basically a piece of cake for him, right?

"Oh, god! I praise you, as your radiance shine upon this land. Oh, god! I curse you, as you simply look at the catastrophe falling upon this land. You look at us, life, from up above, yet you do not stretch out your merciful hand. Here and now, with the fury in my heart, I command you to lend me your strength, and change this apathetic life! Super Arcane - Chaotic - Brilliance of the Inferior Light!"

In an instant, he overturned my understanding on incantations, and a magic formation that I have never seen before expanded between Gabriel's hand and the barrier.

Simply by looking at the symbols on the magic formation was able to cause a slight pain on my skin. Looks like my undead cells are able to feel fear from this super high-level Light Magic, huh?

As expected, Light Magic is much scarier than how I imagined it to be... "Be afraid. There's nothing here that can stop this radiance."

The moment Gabriel said that, numerous rays of light pierced into the shield. After taking the attack head-on, like a glass window, the barrier broke and scattered into pieces, before dissipating into the air.

As I thought, his strength is of a whole other level!

"I didn't expect that there would be such a strong person here."

When he saw that his own barrier was broken into pieces, the Onmyouji did not look startled at all, rather, he gave Gabriel a curious gaze.

"Light... A Priest, is it? To think I would still be able to encounter such a strong Priest. This sure is a rare occasion."

"Though I don't know who you are, but this isn't a place you should be fooling around in. Return to where you belong. This will benefit both of us. I don't wish to kill someone without a purpose."

"Is that so? In other words, I'm still not evil enough?"

"Think however you want. But, hurry and go. I don't wish to kill someone that's already about to die."

"... Is that so? But you're too late." "You!"

He stretched out his right arm, and a sword of light appeared in his hand. In a flash, Gabriel's figure rushed towards the Onmyouji.

But, the instant he charged towards him, the magic formation on the ground suddenly lighted up, and a deep red hand rose out of the formation and grabbed onto Gabriel's leg!

"Oh my god, this..."

Gabriel swung the sword in his hand. As he was about to slash at it, the hand suddenly moved, and Gabriel was instantly flung out!


Gabriel was instantly flung to the side, and he crashed into a nearby building! A large hole was forced open through the wall, and the support pillars of the building broke, causing the entire building to collapse just like that!

Oh my god! What is this destructive power!? "Un~ The air here... is really uncomfortable!"

A deep voice came from the formation. At the same time, a figure leaped out of

the magic formation, and landed in front of the Onmyouji.

A deep red body, a hideous-looking face, and a pair of horns on its head. Its figure alone had already fully revealed its identity. And here I thought I wouldn't be able to meet existences such as ghosts in the Western Continent. But, I'm actually meeting one here, and a very frightening one at that.

Blazing Horn

LV [Unable to Display] [Unable to Display]

[Unable to Display] [Unable to Display] [Unable to Display] [The Strongest Ghost] [The 6th Demon God] [Unable to Display] [Unable to Display] [???]

I swallowed my saliva, and then started to think of the farthest place that I've been to that I can teleport to with my 'Flash Movement'.

This guy is actually the 6th Demon God, which is an existence on the same level as that Dark Chill.

Until now, I have still yet to know what level of existence they are, so how am I supposed to fight it?

"Someone actually summoned me to the human realm? This is really unbelievable.

I completely do not smell the death anywhere. There's no war, and there's no fear. Why have I been summoned then?"

After saying that, he looked towards the Onmyouji. "Why don't you give me an explanation?"

"To summon the strongest ghost by myself, that has been my life-long goal. Now that I have successfully done it... I have no regrets now, cough..."

After saying all that, he actually spit out a mouthful of blood, and he kneeled on the ground with one knee.

"... That's really a boring reason. But, don't worry. Since that's the case, allow me to spread fear and death!"

"I won't let you do that!"

Saying that, the Onmyouji actually pulled out a knife, and stabbed himself with it!


I suddenly felt dumbfounded. This scenario is really too godly, I don't understand it at all?

Hey hey! You summoned the strongest ghost, and then, you're trying to kill yourself now? What's going on here? Are you kidding me?

"Although I did many evil deeds in my life to reach the peak as an Onmyouji, I don't plan on bringing darkness into this world. Hence, as long as I die, you will... you will have to return back into the Abyss as well!"

What's with this setting!? Though you look really cool when you're saying that while spitting mouthfuls of blood, but as an enemy boss, it isn't right for you to say such things, right?

And those lines you just spoke are basically something only a protagonist aiming to save the world would say, right!? Hey! Enough of stealing my job, alright!?

"... Hahahaha! Interesting, a human like you is really interesting. But do you think your plan is that flawless?"


"Do you really believe that, after making fun of me, the strongest ghost in the Abyss, you will be allowed to die?"

After saying that, with a wave of its hand, the Onmyouji immediately flew in the air. Countless seals appeared and enveloped his entire body!


After finishing that task, he turned to look at us. "What should I do next?"

Can you go home now? I asked in my heart.