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 Rise of the Magic Beasts 8 8 :00 Prime Time

Ok, I will admit my focus is misplaced.

Although High-Tech Enthusiast is interesting, the[Patricide]in the front gives me a new understanding of this guy.

It seems that there is more going on in the Duke's home than I thought...... troublesome, this guy is clearly not easy to deal with,[Conspirator]with[Framer]too?

It seems that I should consider another solution.

But the 18 year old guy......I don't know his resources, if James already controls the resources of the Duke, this will quickly become very inconvenient.

Side Quest : Blue Lake City Storm

Quest Objective : Assist one of the Duke household in inheriting the family possessions


Simple : Assist James

Hard : Assist Faust

Extremely Hard : Durst

Reward : Unknown

Hey hey hey, this quest is difficult, an a plot branch on top in addition?

Durst...... should be the 18 year old boy? It's actually extremely hard, seems like it's not the general trouble.


However, it's good that this is interesting, otherwise we would be bored!

The challenge of it gives me more motivation!

This information flashed in my mind, now I have to act, I need to convince James that I am on his side.

Otherwise, even if we help Durst, we will have interference from James. Seeing their strength and status, that kind of resistance is one of the reasons it is extremely difficult.

"Indeed, I knew you would come to me, so I chose a special place. Not in a normal prison, wouldn't you find it unpleasant?"

"Ha ha ah, you really are not simple. To have such strength, and a strong ability to judge the situation, a really talented person, why would you become a mercenary? According to our records, your identity before registering as a mercenary is a mystery, there is presumably a very unusual reason for that?"

Seeing me looking at him, he made a slow gesture.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to intrude in your privacy, isn't there need for a certain mutual understanding?"

"Indeed, you are right."

"It is good you understand."

They came in, sat in the opposite chair, and looked over.

"Speaking of me, I find it annoying to deal with people who are roundabout or speak nonsense, so, what do you want me to do for you."

"Straight to the point, remove Faust from this world."

"How could this be! That's your brother."

The guildmaster called out from the side.


"What, speaking of which, the guildmaster of the Mercenary Association is also here, I have things that can please you. I know you will not help me with this...... special business, so I ask that you say nothing, no matter what you see or hear, under any circumstances, can't be told to others."

"How can this be......"

"You also don't want to get into trouble? Blue Lake Bridge was destroyed, if you take responsibility for it, your life may not be guaranteed."

James suddenly spoke about the important conditions, let's just say the guildmaster half stopped falling down.

The guildmaster's expression changed several times, she looked between me and James.

"Don't worry guildmaster, a lot of information is still coming in, there might be more interesting ways to solve some things...... in fact, even if Mr. James didn't seek me, I would have dealt with the problem in a similar way. Although I don't have a good grasp, I do have several plans."

"Oh, what have you done?"

"I think......it should be starting soon, something amusing."

The efficience of Bai Yueguang has been slow while saying that, it's been so long yet this has barely begun, I want to see some effect.

"Interesting things? Like what?"

"Wait a bit and you'll know......oh, it seems to be starting."

The sky outside the window lit up, I smiled, and went over to the window.

On a screen was the anxious face of the guildmaster, she was speaking with the Duke.

"Cough cough, elder Duke, the bridge was not destroyed by us, wipe your eyes and look, if we had not just stopped that monster, the whole city would have caught fire from the monster's explosions!

On the other side was the Duke with an indifferent expression on his face, then it turned to my side.

"You can't let that monster get into the open! Given either on the bridge or in the city be happy where it detonated."

"That magic beast is not something that we can easily deal with, it was difficult to keep it from entering the city!"

"Hmph, that is your problem, the army can certainly stop it, your arbitrary actions caused it to explode on the bridge, this is your problem."

"What! If the monster had gone forward it would have obviously deep-fried the city, are you that shameless!"

"Notice your status! You are just a mercenary! The guildmaster of your association isn't that powerful, so long as I say a few you people have to fall to the ground!"


The angle showed the disgusting Duke's face as he shot down, simply perfect.

"In summary, you are unable to escape the charges of destroying blue lake bridge, Guildmaster Cheeru, you don't need to give excuses . In any case, these soldiers are everywhere, you don't have to give them a reason. You are only the mercenary association guild head, if the Emperor puts the blame on you would you carry it?


The guildmaster was silent, then shook their head.

"As for me, every mercenary's live is important. Not to mention, this was to protect the citizens. I also have a certain responsibility since I couldn't stop the magic beast, if you have to arrest me!"

"Beside the point!"

The Duke's face was full of rage

"Good, but you brought this upon yourself! Come, take them back."

"So that's it, such a waste of a lord is really the misfortune of the people."

He had just finished, then I continued

Looking at his face turn blue, I nodded with satisfaction.

"You are such a coward, were you so clearly hiding behind the city gate? We tried to stop the magic beast, you stood there watching, thinking about how to avoid responsibility? The people of the city dare to let you protect their lives, yet you simply treat human lives as grass!"

"Hmph, well well, what you are saying is useless, from now on you will be spending your days in the wall's prison. Or, you will go to hell after that, ha ha ha"

"You aren't denying it in other words, fine then. Go, I'd like to see your prison."

"You......you're the type of guy who likes showing off, come, give him handcuffs."

The screen went dark, it is 8:00 prime time.

"Well, Mr. James, what to do next, you do understand?"

"Ha ha......this day has been of help to me! I'll make some arrangements! I won't make today more troublesome. Let's go!"

Finished, James turned to his men and left.

"Well, guildmaster, I have a question to ask you."


The guildmaster didn't seem to react, being absentminded.

"Do you want to sleep on the bed or somewhere else?"