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Chapter 42: We're Not Robbing! This is Justice!

Because of the time constraints, we basically simply took all the more valuable items in this floor. After all, we're here to complete the quest, and not to rob.

"Big brother, why are you so smiling so happily?" "Hah?"

Hearing Oyado's words, I rubbed my face, and changed to a more serious


"Happy... It's kind of obvious, right? We're disrupting their unethical experiments, which means we're saving countless of innocent lives from being subjected to these experiments."

"I think you're really suitable to become a member of the Church..." Abruptly, Gabriel, who was standing at the side, commented. "What... How am I suitable to join that kind of organization?"

"Your ability to lie through your teeth is definitely comparable to those bishops,

you know. I think, under your leadership, the Church will definitely be able to expand twice its current size."


I looked at him disdainfully, and clicked my tongue.

"What do you mean by twice, obviously, it will at least be four times larger." "......"

Looking at Gabriel's speechless expression, I nodded satisfyingly, and then

pointed to the stairs leading towards the floor downstairs.

"There's nothing related in this floor at all. Let's hurry and head down to the next floor."

"Un, then I will be scouting the route first."

After saying that, Oyado's body disappeared in a flash in front of us.

What skill was that? It looked pretty awesome! Although I do know some normal Assassin skills as well, but that skill whereby she suddenly disappeared in front of us, no matter how I see it, it's absolutely awesome.

Oh well, this isn't the time to be thinking about this, let's hurry up and head down.

After entering the staircase, I suddenly had a thought. Just how was this basement made? Although magic in this world is rather advanced, but to dig out a basement... wouldn't the activity of digging one out be noticed very easily? Isn't a weapon store being used as a disguise upstairs? How the hell was a basement like this dug out?

And... Looking at the walls, they're actually reinforced with steel, and they're even welded... Did that bastard Dale develop welding tools as well? These aren't his works, right?

Oh well, let's concentrate on the quest for now.

However, the moment we entered the next floor, the door suddenly opened! I was so shocked I almost threw an ice arrow over, but after seeing clearly the

person in front of me, I let out a long sigh. "Oyado, you..."

Why did you use your hiding skill! I was almost frightened to death! Not even your

titles were revealed! Seriously! "Big brother, what's wrong?" "No... nothing..."

I wiped away the sweat off my forehead, and continued to ask.

"Speaking of which, why are you standing at the entrance?"

"Because big brother said not to kill, so I knocked this guy out. While I was doing I so, I asked him about it as well. It seems we will only be able to find related documents downstairs."


This... Your efficiency is really frightening. I only just arrived, and you're already done with the work here. And you actually did not forget to get information out of the guy... Are you Snake?

I looked at this floor, and it actually looked like a storehouse for finished products. "In any case... let's first search this floor?"

"But big brother, the guy said the documents are in the next floor." "He might be lying! In any case, we should still search this floor." "Oh, you're right."


Gabriel had already stopped caring. He silently curled his lips, and dexterously packed all the things nearby.

"Uncle Gabriel, remember to alter this guy's memories, otherwise he will recall what happened to him earlier."

"Why do I feel that your ability to rob and steal is so formidable? You couldn't have been born as a bandit, right?"

"Uncle Gabriel, you sure make funny jokes. How could I have been born as a bandit? I'm obviously born as a hero~"


I'm obviously that type of people who wanders around every single village and city and take all the valuable items away. Although I thought of this in my mind, I did not say it out loud.

"In any case, we should hurry up and deal with..." "Who are you people!"

Just when we were chatting, suddenly a person appeared at the entrance to the

stairs downstairs!

After looking carefully, I realized the person below had already made his way up, and he even had a magic staff in his hand.


Ice Magician LV 15

He actually has the same occupation as me~ I slightly smiled, and said.

"Hello~" "... Hah?"

"I'm sorry for disturbing you late in the night." "Ah... Is that so... This..."

"Please do not panic, in any case, we're here to rob... no, we're here to uphold justice, so please cooperate with us."

"Earlier you said you were here to rob, right!? I heard that clearly!" "No~? I said I'm here to uphold justice~"

"It's obvious you're here to rob us!" "Well~ Since you already said that much~"

After saying that, I threw a compressed Restrictor of the Frozen Earth over to him,

and froze his entire body, less his head.

"Then we shall commence with our robbing activity. Oyado, Gabriel, hurry and pack them all up. I will have a little chat with him~"

"So you finally admitted you're here to rob!!" Gabriel pointed at me and shouted.

"Well~ Please don't drop a tsukkomi on me at a time like this. I'm here to uphold

justice, you know. Justice~" "Justice is currently crying here!"

"As a murderer, can you stop talking about this already? The information you

want is in the floor below us, so hurry up and work!"

Gabriel gave a defeated look, and a 'I don't care anymore' expression, and then, silently continued to pack the items.

"Well~ Like I said earlier, we're here to rob you guys~"

I happily admitted. After all, I had disguised myself to look like a certain general in the Mitchell Kingdom. Oh right, Gabriel's face had been disguised into the face of the King of the Mitchell Kingdom by me. It's basically a masterpiece~

"... Then... Then please... don't... kill me, alright?"

This guy was already freezing to the point where his teeth were chattering. "That's of course. Why would we kill you without any reason to do so?" "You... you're right. Hehe..."

"Well, that depends on whether you're able to answer a few of our questions~" "That's of course... please ask away..."

"Un... I wish to ask, are you the manager of this place?"

"If you're referring to... the manager in-charge of the guards here..."

"In other words, you mean to say the manager in-charge of developing the dolls is not here?"

"This... This place is actually... simply a regular warehouse, the department in- charge of development... is not here."


Speaking of which, other than the clerk, the titles of the guys upstairs basically did not have any other relations to the Smuu household at all.


So these people are just cannon fodder?

"Then what do you actually know? Do you have anything useful?"

"The password to the locked chest in the basement bottom floor is 8362134." "......"

This guy here is really a good person~