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Chapter 32: Memory Magic and the Bishop Slaughterer

Night came, and the forest with completely no signs of human habitation was tranquil. Probably because, recently, I wrecked too much havoc nearby, there wasn't even any signs of animals.

After gazing at the scenery outside the window, I threw firewood I got from the bandits' supplies into the fireplace, and walked over to Oyado.

The light from the fire shone on her tender face. Although I don't know what she's dreaming of, but seeing how her brows were still creased, I knew it wasn't a fun dream. But currently, there's nothing I could do, other than looking at her like this.

"Sorry, I didn't expect those unethical technology from our world to actually come to your world, and cause you to endure this much pain..."

I stroked her head, and then, covered her well with a blanket.

Although I don't know what she had experienced before, But looking at her constantly increasing level and titles, I knew, Oyado was currently constantly becoming stronger, and re-obtaining her original abilities.


Human/Homunculus | 7 Years Old | LV 10 Free Person

[Kind] [Naive] [Pitiful] [Artificial Girl] [Homunculus] [Strongest Genetic Being] [Free Person] [Increased Learning] [Increased Strengthening]

Creating a homunculus. This technology has long surpassed the creation of dolls or modifications of humans. It's a technology to create humans themselves. Cloning humans has already been completely banned in my world, so I didn't expect that such a thing would surface in this strange place. Just who would...

Forget it, I will see how the situation goes. I can't possibly manage something of this scale~

I sighed. After pondering for a moment, I took out the body of the doll and its head.

Firstly, the head. Usually, it's where the control terminal is, and there might be something good in it.

With this thought in mind, I inspected it carefully, but after a while, I was left disappointed.

There's actually a plug that's similar to the academy's library terminals within the head. In other words, to modify this thing, I can only wait till I modify the contents inside it.

Helplessly, I kept the head and turned to look at its body.

Out of its eight claws, four of them had already been broken by me. Currently, its detached form only had two pairs of legs left. The center of its body was split

open due to the fusion with Marl, but because I destroyed a portion of its exterior, after detaching from the fusion, it couldn't completely close itself up.

Pulling out my dagger, I stabbed into the gap in the doll's chest. With a light knock, the chest of the doll was opened up.

"Oh my god. Luckily, I managed to seal it with ice quickly, otherwise, it would have been terrible..."

The moment I opened its chest, I was shocked. There were two magic scrolls tied to each side of its interior. Out of the few magic scroll slots, one of them was empty. It seems the scroll Marl threw at me earlier was obtained from here.

If all the scrolls here were to explode at once, even I would be burnt into ashes! This doll is basically a high-grade suicide bomber. It must have cost a lot.

With this thought in mind, I retrieved the three scrolls that remained in the body, and threw them in my ring.

After that, I used Flash, and carefully inspected the doll's interior.

Although I'm not entirely familiar with the technology of this thing, with a simple glance, even I knew that its power comes from the blue magic crystal in the middle. The rest of its parts... Other that the rows of cables and parts used to fuse the user and the doll, I'm unable to discern them.

But it's already pretty good that I was able to locate the position of its power source~

With this thought, I kept the doll back in my ring.

Right at this moment, i suddenly felt there was an attack warning coming from my back. I quickly rolled forward, and pulled out my tachi right after.

"Who's there!?" "......"

The person held a dagger in her hand, and actually appeared behind my back without making any sound. But...

Why does this figure look so much like Oyado's? "Oyado, is that you?"

"Oyado? Me? Is that me? I'm... Oyado?"

She spoke some weird words, while I once again used a Flash spell. The white light shone on her face.

As expected, it was really Oyado. But currently, her eyes were soulless, and her pupils were twitching unnaturally. I'm not sure what's going on with her at all.

"Oyado, I'm Fir. Do you remember me?"

"Fir? Oyado? Who's Oyado? Who's Fir? Big brother?" "Right, I'm your big brother, Fir. Don't you remember?"

"Fir is big brother... big brother, Oyado... Oyado doesn't know. Messy. My mind is

in a mess!" 'Pa!'

The dagger fell onto the ground, and Oyado knelt on the ground while hugging

her head.

I hurriedly ran over. But the moment I approached her, a weird energy forcefully entered my brain.


"This is your present~"

"How's your first day at school?"

"Papa is going to a very distant place. Don't worry."

"Mama has been killed by bad people, we can only depend on each other from now on."

"Do you wish to avenge your parents? We can help you." Kill!

"You exist only to kill."

Countless images flashed past my mind like a revolving lantern, causing me to kneel on the ground from the pain.


What are these?

These things are like worms, directly invading into my mind and interfering with my memories. I immediately took out a bottle of Stun Dispel potion and drank it down. My situation settled down for a moment, but those weird memories were still surfing through my mind.

Memory Interference Magic!

I recall it now. Before, I saw a book in the library that introduced memory-related magic. Although the contents were vague, and only explained the existence of spells in this world that could interfere with one's memory and modify one's memory. But to use this type of magic, the user must have a strong spirit. And currently... this level of interference could only be caused by a LV 40 or 50 individual.

And that person even implanted this magic set-up inside a doll's head, just what...

Ah, they said they wanted to implant memories that would allow them to control her more conveniently. In other words, this must be the thing to implant Oyado's memories with.

"Geez, according to my experience, this sort of tragedy would create a Black-Belly Loli. Can't you guys stop doing these wicked things?"

(t/n: Reference to another web-novel, it seems.)

"Memory Interference! There's actually someone using this sort of magic!"

At this moment, a white shadow suddenly appeared between us. "Who are you!?"

The person looked towards me as well. I then saw his appearance, and realized he was a middle-aged man dressed in a white cloak. The large cross on his chest then told me of his identity.

"The LIght Church?"

"Un? So the light elemental energy that was released earlier was caused by you?" Without further ado, I expanded my wing.

"... A single piece of wing, no wonder your energy was impure."

"Can we not talk about this right now? Since you know it's memory magic, you should have a way to save Oyado, right!?"


He looked at me, and then turned to look at Oyado, and smiled. "What do I gain from this?"

"Hey hey, when did someone from the Light Church become so demanding?"

"After all, I have already left the Light Church, so how I use my abilities would obviously depend on my mood."

"I will tell you the data I obtained about human modifications, if you help me save Oyado!"

"Human modifications!"

His two eyes suddenly shone, and then, he began laughing. "Not bad, deal!"

This old fox... Interesting!

Gabriel Lancette

Male | 45 Years Old | LV 56 Light Magician

[Neutral] [Betrayer] [Demonic Hand of Light] [Shadow of Light] [Former Cardinal] [Bishop Slaughterer]