Chapter 28: M

"Umm... Although I don't know who you are, but you were a great help. Thank you very much."

When the group of bandits fell apart and escaped, the village elder immediately walked over to express his thanks.

"You don't have to thank me, it was just a small matter. But for now, you guys should hurry and move away from this place. Those bandits will definitely come back again, and I won't be staying here for long either."


The village elder looked at me with a difficult expression, and then looked at the villagers behind him.

"We don't have a choice either. We don't have the capital needed to move away from this place and safely settle somewhere else."

Speaking of which, he was right. I surveyed the entire village. There were houses made of wood, and farmland everywhere else. Although I could see that some of the villagers make a living through hunting, but the entire situation they're in can be summarized with a single word - poor!

Move away? That would mean starting all over again. And to a regular village, it must be a very difficult thing to accomplish.

I opened up my inventory. Currently, I only had about 10,000 Gold left. Even though to this village, this sum of money could only be made in a combined lifetimes of the entire hundred or so villagers, but...

If I were to help them this much, after using up this sum of money, they will definitely experience a harder life, right?

After pondering for a while, I finally made my decision.

"Then, I will be staying here for awhile. If they were to come back again, I will find a way to meet their boss, and solve this issue."

"This... Really, thank you very much!"

"You should thank Oyado. If she didn't meet me, then you guys would have already died today."

After saying that, I stroke Oyado's head, who was beside me.

And at this moment, I suddenly saw something flashing constantly in that pile of ice. Driven by my OCD, I immediately walked over. Pushing aside the pieces of ice, I pulled out his broken pike and his torn clothes.

I reached my hand into the flashing pocket, and took out a small pouch. "Is this... a wallet?"

"That's my Papa's wallet!"

Oyado quickly snatched the wallet away from me, and her tears started flowing. "This is your father's wallet?"

"Un... this... in the past... during my Papa's birthday... I sewed it with my own

hands and gave it to Papa... so..." "......"

I turned and looked towards the village elder.

"Looks like they planned on plundering you guys all along, so they dispatched some people to steal the money. How despicable... And they even caused this young Oyado to turn into an orphan... Un?"

Then, I felt someone tugging onto my clothes. When I lowered my head to look, it was actually Oyado.

In an instant, I felt like I was melting. Pulling the corner of my clothes is really too cute... Fortunately, I'm not a lolicon!

(t/n: Keep saying that.) "What is it?"

"Kill them!" "Eh?"

Did I mishear? A loli tugging onto my clothes is currently telling me to kill people.

"Please kill those bastards that killed my Papa and Mama!"

"Oyado, have you realized that, you're currently telling me to kill people?" "Killing... Even though it's bad, but..."

One of Oyado's hands was tugging onto my clothes, while at the same time, her

other hand was tightly grasping onto the wallet.

"But when I recall that these bad people are still living in this world, while my Papa and Mama have already left to another world, this... this is too unfair!"

"This world was unfair in the first place."

I looked at her, and then grabbed onto her hand.

"Although it isn't an official request, but I will take up this quest of yours then. Don't worry, I will make sure they will never commit evil acts ever again."


Haah, looks like I have to kill someone again.

Although I have killed a few people ever since I came into this world, but killing people is just... I can't turn back anymore. Since my hands are already stained, then staining them a few more times wouldn't make a difference. After all, compared to letting a seed of vengeance grow inside the heart of a child, it would be better if I cut it away before it sprouts.

"But... Does anyone have an idea where their base is?"

Hearing these words of mine, everyone stared at me, and I stared back at them. They were all revealing expressions of uncertainty.

Oh my god, do I actually have to search this entire mountain range for it? "It looks like... I have to be your guest for quite a while."

------- Time currently progressing ------- "Did my warning... actually work?"

Ever since that day, I have actually lived in this village, that I don't even know the

name of, for a couple of days.

At the start, I sat at the side of the village entrance and waited for those bandits as I sip my cups of tea. But after the third day, I could no longer hold myself back from searching the direction they fled to.

"Is this a joke? Forget about navigation, there isn't even a single signpost. How am I supposed to carry out my search?"

Two days later, in the nearby regions, I have erected ice totems every 100 meters, so as to distinguish the places which I have already searched before. But, I still did not find any trace of the bandits.

It's basically as if those bandits have never appeared before.

Unfortunately, I do not have any tracking skill on hand at all. The hunters in the village are probably very familiar with hunting animals, but they totally can't track humans at all.

"Are you sure you guys don't have any suggestions at all? Is there anywhere near here that's suitable for hiding? For example, caves, or even abandoned ruins?"

On the fifth night, I said unhappily while I ate dinner.

"Big brother Fir, don't be agitated. If you can't find them, then forget about it..." Oyado, who was beside me, said with a smile.

Although I don't know why she added a 'big brother' before my name, but...

I'm not a siscon, you know... "Well..."

I gulped down an entire bowl of soup, and continued.

"I don't really mind. But, if they were to come again, you guys will be in trouble, right?"

"So big brother was worrying about our safety. Since they aren't coming back, then it isn't an urgent issue."

"I hope so..."

My countless experiences tell me that if I don't cut the problem at its root, then the problem will eventually resurface itself. This truth was something our ancestors learnt from countless hardships and was eventually passed down.

The worst case scenario would be that they are currently planning a scheme to attack me. If that's the case, then it would be big trouble.

...... Un?

Suddenly, I realized my HP dropped by a bit, and then, my HP was slowly dropping

every second! "Eh? Eh eh eh?"

I hurriedly placed the bowl down, and inspected my own body... There wasn't any

wound at all! But the poison status icon did not appear! "Big brother, what happened?"

"I... don't know..."

What should I do in a situation like this? Other than losing my HP, there's no other anomaly? What am I supposed to do?

Oh right! Antidote!

I quickly opened my inventory, and tapped on every single potion in my inventory once. But... there's completely no effect at all!!!

What the hell, am I going to lose all my HP like this and die!? What a joke!

Damn it, recently, my mind has been filled with violence. Has the thinking ability that I should have been discarded?

A situation where I'm losing HP will only happen when I'm under attack. That's right. In other words, ever since the beginning, I have been in a state of 'being attacked'.

But the problem is, in usual cases, when I'm being attacked, the warning notification would definitely be displayed. At least there were directions indicating... Unless it was removed with the new system update?

Impossible, that's definitely impossible. Because, during the battle with the bandits before, the attack warnings were... Eh, were they displayed back then? I can't remember at all... Is it because it has already turned into a habit after so many battles?

No no, I remember now. Indeed, warnings did appear. When I defeated those weird wild boars in the morning, I saw a red warning marker. In other words... the thing attacking me right now isn't in my range of sight?

Extremely long range... No, even if it's from an extremely long range, the direction marker should still appear, then what is...

Looking at my constantly dropping HP, I could not help but ball up my fists tightly...


The rate of my HP dropping increased?

My muscles tensed up after balling up my fists? Muscles? Soup? It wasn't from any direction... "So that's the case, huh?"

After saying that, I pulled out a bottle of colorless liquid from my ring... Alright, if

there wasn't a need, I wouldn't have kept something like this in my inventory. "Big brother, what is that?"

"It's something really scary. I will be going out for a bit..." "?"

Leaving those words behind, I ran directly out of the house. I drank HP potions as I

sprinted madly towards the ruined cemetery.

"A failed alchemy product. I guess it's not really a failure, at least, I was able to make sulfuric acid."

After saying those words to myself, I spread out my Angel's wing. Then, with my head raised up high, I gulped the sulfuric acid down.


The sensation I'm currently feeling cannot be explained completely even with a 1000-word essay. At the start, I was still able to feel a weird taste, but a few seconds later, I could no longer feel anything.

The only thing I kept doing was constantly tapping on the recovery spell icon! "Disgusting!!!!"

Finally, I spat out a mouthful of some weird liquid. The part of the ground that was spot on emitted a hissing sound, which was accompanied by countless of unknown things.

Without realizing it, my entire body was actually emitting out a bright light. Looks like I overused my skills.

But, the effect was really evident. I quickly recovered my body senses, and I was only feeling a little numb before reverting back to normal.

And after the bright light dissipated, there were no other anomaly. It's just that...

"Oh my god, I only have a single set of these clothes. Oh my god..."

The clothes I was wearing were basically burnt, and the collar turned into crisp black.

Although I'm able to heal my body, but I can't heal my clothes. "Let me see, just what the hell was that..."

I squatted down, and I brightened up the thing on the ground with a Flash spell. "Un... This isn't it... This isn't it either... Wait, this is..."

I picked up a piece of metal scrap from the ground.

"Isn't this... a piece of a metal shell? Why is there such a thing here?"

Countless of things that would make use of a metal shell flashed across my mind, as I cross-referenced them to this piece of metal scrap. But, after a long while, I still could not think of anything that would make use of something like this in this world.

"Is it something not made from this world...?" I looked towards the direction of the village.

"Micro-motors... Is that sort of thing already being manufactured? Interesting."