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Chapter 23: For Equipment, I Can Even Give Up on Peace


Dark Chill inspected the clothes I was wearing, and continued.

"Indeed, the equipment you're wearing aren't any different than regular clothes." "......"

This definitely isn't my fault. As a Magician, wearing an armor wouldn't fit me at

all. And, there can't possibly be any light armor or high-grade robes in the academy. After all, in the academy, there are only well-behaved students who don't go outside, and children of noble or royal blood who receive countless of good equipment from home. How could there possibly a considerable sum of otherworlders like me?

In other words, although I have several different types of armor and clothes on me, they are all low-grade equipment, and they can only be used to represent my identity.

Why are there no high-grade equipment? Do you think I would buy high-grade equipment just to disguise myself? How rich do you think I am?

"Well, that's how it is. Speaking of which, since you're looking for assistants, why can't you find those clansmen of mine? Are you planning something special or something?"

After listening to what I said, she happily laughed out loud.

"If those clansmen of yours were so easy to talk to like you, then I would have already gone to look for them~"

"I'm really curious, just what kind of people are they?" I immediately asked.

According to everyone's evaluation of Undead Holy Angels, why do I feel like they are very solitary and prideful existences in others' eyes?

"Simply put, they completely do not trust others. Other than listening to the Demon King's orders, there's hardly anyone else who are able to interact with them."

"What's the reason? There should be a reason for something like this, right?"

"Firstly, there's a reason why you Undead Holy Angels are known as the Shadows of War. In the demon race army, Fallen Angels and Undead Holy Angels are the only existences that have the ability to fuse holy and dark or undead powers. Naturally, their strength is of the highest tier. Hence, once a war happens, you Undead Holy Angels and fallen Angels are naturally the races that are expended the fastest. And, at the same time, a large number of demons are eyeing your cores. The Fallen Angels also wish to wipe out your entire race. Hence, you guys chose seclusion. If it was someone else, he would probably do the same, and choose to hide."


"Un. Currently, they are living in a fortress near the Demon King's city, and it was prepared by the Demon King himself. Even though the Species Protection Act was already passed down, you should know, as long as there are benefits, there will be many demons who would still hunt Undead Holy Angels."

"I completely understand."

Poaching is really normal, alright? In the past, there were even people bounty hunters in America who hunt Indians for a living.

"Looks like the magic spell you want me to help you use is more formidable than resurrection. Otherwise, why would you put my core aside, and want me to help you use this spell?"

"... I feel that you're treating death really lightly. In a situation like this, shouldn't you be more worried about your own life?"

"What's the use of being worried? I know the difference between your abilities and mine. How should I put it... If you wanted my core, you could have already killed me downstairs. The people below are all your subordinates, right? You wouldn't need to worry about the information of killing me being leaked out at all."

"Well... I did actually want to kill you." "Eh?"

Don't you think you're the one who is treating death lightly? Couldn't you have just kept those words in the depths of your mind? At least, don't say it in front of target himself!

"Then I realized you're quite the talker, so I felt that if such an irregular Undead Holy Angel were to die, then it would be a real pity!"

After saying that, her hand actually balled into a fist! Aren't you a Demon God? Why are you getting so hot-blooded for!?

And you actually let me go for such a weird reason? I feel that I failed myself in several areas.

Alright, does this count as quest completion?


Looks like it's not. There isn't any notification of the quest being completed at all. In other words, I'm still not safe?

"Alright, since that's the case, then let us continue with the main issue at hand.

What kind of magic spell do you want me to learn?"

"Un, really straightforward, as expected, you have a good character. Then, let us hurry."

"Where are we going?" "Obviously, my castle."

"Eh? Boss, you abducted another twerp?"

The moment I entered the castle, a lionman wearing a set of heavy metal armor walked over and said to us.

"What do you mean by another!? And what abduction!? I'm recruiting these people normally!"

"If I may add on, I'm not a twerp either."

The lionman looked at me with widened eyes, and only spoke after a long while. "Ara, it's actually someone that could get along with Boss? That's not something

you see every day... But you look a little different compared to the undead Elf beside you. What race are you?"

"Undead Holy Angel." "... Hah?"

His jaw widened up unnaturally.

"Undead... Holy Angel? Boss, where did you find someone like him?" "On the streets."

"Hey hey, don't make me out as a dog you picked up on the streets, alright?"

"Alright, you two, take your time talking. I still have a mission to attend to, so I'm heading off first. Kid, watch out for Colina. That girl have always liked to make fun of others. Oh right, my name is Kexil, I will see you later."

After leaving those words, he walked out of the castle.

Kexil Male

Lionman Race Berserker LV 43

[Neutral] [Wild] [Skullbreaker] [Beastman] [Demon Race] [War Hunter] [Herald]

"... Are all your subordinates like that?" I looked at Dark Chill and asked.

"Well, don't mind it. If everyone is always tense on the nerves, then it wouldn't be

easy for time to pass."

"It's really peaceful, huh..." "I hope so."

Alright, looks like the personality of this Demon God is on the casual side.

Something like this... should be a good thing for me, right?

"Alright, let's go. Let us head to the hall. Let's hope Colina isn't here... ah?"

Before she could finish, Dark Chill's words quivered. When I turned to look, a girl was currently looking at us from the end of the hallway.

And here I was wondering what kind of frightening person it was. I didn't expect it would be a girl with long straight black hair. Looking at her dressing, she's actually a... priest?

Hey hey, there's actually a priest in the Abyss? Are you kidding me?

But, in the next second, I somehow understood the reason. The back of the girl was the same as mine. She was actually the same as me, and had a pair of wings behind her. But... Hers was a pair of black wings!

A Fallen Angel huh... I didn't expect the person we were discussing about earlier actually appeared right in front of us.

Colina Female

Fallen Angel Shadow Priest LV 38

[Neutral] [Cautious] [Fallen Angel] [Tainted Angel] [Demon Race] [Undead Doctor] [Songstress of the Dead]

"What did you guys say earlier? It would have been good if I'm not around?" "No, no. I was only introducing you to the newbies."

"Eh? Is that so?"

She strained her brows, and then walked towards us.

"Newbies huh. An Undead Elf, and the other... a zombie? I say, are you trying to gather every single race or something?"

"Geez, of course not. And this person isn't a zombie, he's an Undead Holy Angel, you know."

"Undead... Holy Angel? There's actually an angel like that as well? I didn't know at all."

"Colina, Undead Holy Angels are the only existences that capable of using both Necromancy and Light Magic at the same time. How can you forget about that?"

"Oh. Is that so. Then indeed, you should pretty useful. Come! Let us have a duel." "Eh?"

It seems she has a pretty big hole in her brain, how did things immediately lead up to a battle? Weren't we doing introductions just earlier?

"That's not a good idea right? It's pretty disharmonious to fight and kill."

"Well, Fir, just have a duel with her. Colina's personality is like that. If she isn't satisfied, it will be really troublesome. Go, fight. Once you're done, I will give you some new equipment~ I collected a few equipment belonging to Undead Holy Angels in the past, you know~"

"Alright! Let's fight!"

I immediately, and decisively, said.

If she's giving me equipment, why wouldn't I fight!?