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Chapter 14: Death and Revival

After listening to his words, I have to say, I'm really interested.

Firstly, he's of the demon race. Though I do not know of their relationships with devils, but since he uses Dark Magic, then I'm one step closer to my goal of finding and learning Dark Magic.

But, there are still risks, of course. He knows that I'm an Undead Holy Angel, which means that he's much stronger than me.

And according to the information I found on the books I read, Undead Holy Angels were creatures that went extinct on the continental lands a long time ago. Although I'm not aware of the situation in the Abyss, but he shouldn't have a need to welcome me this enthusiastically.

And again, he's of the demon race. Which means, this guy in front of me is someone who is more sly than me.

"Looks like you're hesitating. Why don't you think it this way? If I had wanted to kill you, in your current situation, do you think you can flee? Killing you is a simple matter, why would I even bother wasting time here then?"

The moment he said that, his titles suddenly flashed, and was revealed.

Orlando Dark Sprite

LV 65 Demon Assassin

[Evil] [Logical] [Observer] [Assassin] [Demon Race] [Dark Church] [Forbidden Spell Possessor] [???] [???] [???]

Looks like some enemies have ways to block off my Phad's Eye ability, otherwise, how was he able to hide his information?

Along with the words he said earlier, he evidently loosened his guard, hence, I was able to view his titles and information.

"Alright, I can visit the place with you, but. . How will I get out in the future?"

"Get out? Oh, right. You still live your life as a human... Alright, that's fine as well, I guess. Don't worry, we will naturally have ways to get you out. Do you know?

After watching this stupid Snow Elf being tossed around here for 600 years, even I was beginning to get a headache."

"Who did you call a stupid Snow Elf!?"

A familiar voice came from above us, and when I raised my head up, a translucent Ms. Snow was currently floating in the air, and was looking at us with wide eyes.


"Why did you return!?"

I pointed at her and shouted.

"Ah, hahaha, umm... Because I'm actually dead..." "Hah?"

"Umm, you know. Even though my physical body was sealed in the ice, but

because it did not receive any energy for such a long period of time, my body was already in a completely broken state... So when I went out just now..."

Although she was laughing as she said those words, but...

"Sorry... Maybe it was wrong of us to casually remove your seal..."

"No, no, it wasn't. Somehow, I knew that my end would be something like this. So, look, didn't I return as a soul? They had already begun the sealing process, and

the door is about to close, so you should..." "For the time being, I still cannot leave."

I quickly opened up my message window, and when I took a look, Aliyah's name

was still green-lit.

Great! Looks like I will be able to send messages to her.

'Aliyah, please tell the others to seal the place. I found another exit, and I need a period of time before I will be able to leave. I'm counting on you!'

The next moment after I clicked on the 'send' button, her name turned grey. I wonder if I managed to send the message out.

"Looks like it's already sealed."

I shook my head and said.

"Is that so... Hahaha, I'm sorry, looks like you're..." "I won't die."

I laughed, and then pointed to the dark sprite at the side.

"He will bring us out from another exit, right~?"

".... It's not a problem if she knows about it, but what are you going to do about this Snow Elf's soul?"

"Revive her, duh. You guys should have things like resurrection spells right?" "This..."

He revealed a troubled expression.

"A resurrection requires a fresh corpse of a few days to succeed. Even if something like that could be found in the Abyss, I think a demon corpse filled with dark energy wouldn't be able to accept this Snow Elf's soul, right?"

"In any case, it's fine as long as it's a corpse without a soul, right?" "Un, either the corpse of an elf or a human would be best."

"Then it's fine."

I laughed, and then spread out my Undead Wing. "Fir, you... you're... an undead?"

Ms. Snow looked at me surprisingly, and then flew over to me and inspected my Undead Wing. She then sighed in awe.

"And here I thought all the undeads were dealt with in the continental lands. I didn't expect to see one right here, this is so cool!"

"And I was wondering what you're going to say...As an Elf, is there really no problems calling an undead cool?"

"Of course not, in any case, I'm currently a ghost, aren't I?" She laughed, and then circled around my body a few times.

Is there something wrong with her head, or is she simply happy-go-lucky? Isn't she revered as a Saint? Is there really no problem with this? In usual cases, in a situation like this, shouldn't she jump out and fiercely interrogate me on why I favor the power of evil? She fell the moment she turned into a ghost herself? I can't accept a setting like this!

You! You actually find it a hassle to even think about it at all, right!? You're an idiot, aren't you!?

"Alright, then, Or... No, Big Bro Dark Sprite, we can head to the Abyss at any time, right?"

"Un, oh right, I'm called Orlando." "I see, I see."

I know you're called Orlando, and I almost called you by name as well.

"Then do you know of the spell to fuse a soul to a corpse?"

"Of course I do... Wait a minute. You're telling me you're always carrying a fresh corpse with you?"

"About that... Indeed, I have one right here."

Looking at his eyes of admiration, I somehow felt that he misunderstood something.

But this misunderstanding doesn't actually cause me any problems, so I ignored it.

"Alright, then please lend us your help. This way, I will be able to bring Snow along as well."

After saying that, I took Elwyn's corpse out of my ring. That's right, it's the innocent young girl who participated in the Annual Tournament. Currently, I could no longer see any titles from her corpse. In the inventory, there was only the name 'Elwyn's Corpse'.

If I think about it, it makes sense. I forgot to consider the concept of souls. If I used a spell to directly revive this corpse, I would probably only be able to revive an undead follower.

Though, at the very least, it's a teenage girl.


For some reasons, I felt that several dirty thoughts flashed past my mind. For example, a teenage girl without a consciousness serving me or something.

But, I immediately threw these thoughts away.

What a joke! I'm not such a pervert that I would even lay my hands on a corpse! That's a freaking terrifying level!

"What are you thinking about while looking at this corpse?" Ms. Snow's soul suddenly asked.

"Nothing... Umm... I just recalled the incident that happened when I obtained this

corpse. Orlando, how is the corpse?" "I have to say, you're pretty amazing."

He inspected the corpse, and then said.

"Although there's a small amount of dark elemental particles in the body, but fusing this Snow Elf's soul into this corpse isn't a problem at all. Do you want to begin now?"

This question wasn't just posed to me, but also posed to Ms. Snow. "......"

Snow looked at the corpse, and then looked towards me.

"Even though I had already lost all hope in living... But my instinct tells me that life will be interesting if I'm with Fir! Then I wiil accept it!"

Hey hey, what's with that weird reason!?

"Good. Then please float right beside the corpse, we will begin immediately." Orlando nodded, and then gave instructions.

"But I must remind you. Even if your soul enters this body, you will no longer be

an elf nor a human, but an undead. Are you certain that you wish to do this?" "Of course!"

Snow laughed.

"I don't mind at all!"

You're just not thinking at all, you idiot!