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 Chapter 12: Rise of the Magic Beasts 2 Strange Magic Beasts

"By the way, I forgot to introduce myself, I am the guildmaster of the Blue Lake City

Mercenary Guild, Maristo, I'm sorry, my responsibility left me here, while the others fought

against the magical beasts."

Said the receptionist lady came out from behind the counter smiling.

"So that's it, when we came the royal guard rushed out, it seems that the situation is not good."

"That's right, you are... Mr. Sol Feil right?"

"Don't call me mister, it sounds strange, call me... Feil"

Almost said Fir.

The receptionist smiled, nodded their head.

"First, thank you exterminating the Hellspider Flower, it was first spotted the other day and 3 groups went to fight it but never came back, it made us very worried."


She wasn't finished, standing next to Tusk she asked.

"Registration for the task has been completed, I would like to say something first, since the goods were delivered early."

"Un, that's ok"

"Good, then we can say our goodbyes."

Tusk quickly left the mercenary guild and traveled away in the carriage.

I frowned and turned back to Maristo.

"That Tusk... did he leave any information when they registered for the job?"

"Yes... he did."

They replied after thinking.

"Can I see it?"

"That is..."

"I know the information is private, but I found a problem during the trip. He said he had never been to the Witt Empire, but has shown familiarity with the empire, even to recognize the royal guard at a glance. As a trader, he seemed to know too much."

"But... there is no direct evidence..."



Although I want to say he was a smuggler, although I took the humanoid from the trunk... ah, he didn't give me the core as promised, but we took the most important item...

If I had to say, it is unlikely that we would be able to get a core.

"All right, I got it."

I took advantage of this chance to look at her name.

Maristo · Cheeru

29 years old · Female

LV 48 Water magician · LV 30 Scholar

Kind · Complete · Empathetic · Enjoys research · Scholar of the occult · Hot blood · [Blue Lake Dancer] · Water magician · Blue Lake Mercenary Branch Guildmaster.

(AN: generally only shows the name and title, but since he has the[Eyepiece of Truth]equipped he is able to see additional information.)(TL: Cheeru is written as "" which can be translated as division 1, I was advised by another to keep it like this for now)

... Looks pretty powerful, should be expected as the guildmaster of the mercenary group?

"But this seems too exaggerated? An entire guild out fighting monsters?"

"Yes, it's slightly better now, you didn't know that yesterday morning the defenders of Blue Lake City saw a large group of magical beasts coming. The defenders and mercenaries fought together for a day to suppress them, but after discussions during the night, the defenders and mercenaries split into 16 groups to fight against the magical beasts this morning, and warn nearby cities if possible."

"So that's why, the magical beasts have already attacked once."

"Yeah, and those magical beasts that were killed turned into powder that disappeared, even the blood. Although we haven't had anyone die, there are hundreds of injured."

"There were no deaths?"

"The magical beasts don't seem to want to kill people, instead... they seem to want to destroy the bridge."

"Bridge... the enemy wants to trap people in the city?"

"Oh, so that's why, but magical beasts shouldn't be that smart, they why..."

"This shows that the magical beasts should be controlled by someone stronger... all right, I understand the situation, is there anything I can help with?"

"That... please take this."

They thought, then ran behind the counter, and came back with a Bluetooth like headset.

"This is..."

"The[Blue Moon]trade group recently released this communications headset, you can communicate within 500 meters. We have started giving them to the garrison and the inner city, in a few days you should be able to communicate in the entire city. Please stay in Blue Lake City during this time, so that if magical beasts attack you can help repel them."


We need clues to find Snake Eyes anyways, this clearly seems to be connected to Snake Eyes

"That's good, it was nice to meet you."

I smiled and took the headset.

"However, are the headsets being sold? I want to buy one for my partner."

Because they look really cool!

"That... might be more difficult, the trade group rarely comes, things like this are out of stock..."

However, just when she said that, the light on the headset flashed!

"Hey hey hey! Is it miss secretary? The trade group airship is about to arrive, come and get your cargo quickly."

The voice that came out of the headset fiercely startled me!


It sounded like Lanya...