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Chapter 49: Can't Even Dig My Own Grave

"Teacher! Is there really no other way!? Fir is someone who was able to realize intermediate-grade healing spells from elementary-grade healing skipells in a few weeks! With his potential, he would definitely be the fastest person to become a Saint! If we were to cut his wing apart, there might be a possibility that he will lose his ability to wield Light Magic!"

After hearing Uncle George's words, Yybril, who was at his side, hurriedly said.

"But, if it turns into a Fallen Wing, won't that mean that we will gain a very frightening enemy?"

Yybril did not know how to react after hearing Uncle George's rebuttal.

Tch, how could a freaking old man bully a young girl!

"So you're going to just casually tear apart someone's wing and make him face the probability of losing his ability to wield magic? Your inability actually cause someone to endure a pain that might last for his entire lifetime, is that the intention of your Church!?"

"We make our decisions for the benefits of the entire populace! When Dark Magic flooded the world, did you know how the world was plunged into darkness in the past!?"

"Magic is only a tool! How one uses it depends on the person itself! Darkness is not magic, but the heart of a person! You have lived for so long, and you have yet to understand this simple logic? Your so-called peace is built by the strong and the absolute restrictions in place, you understand that yourself, right!? Your so-called restrictions, only restricts the possibility of a new and rising force! You're not acting for the benefits of the entire populace, rather, you're acting for the benefits of the ones in power!"

I moved a single step forward towards Uncle George.

"Unless you're trying to tell me I'm wrong?"


'Idiot, what are you doing!? Are you trying to have a direct confrontation with these people? That guy is a Saint, which means he's a member of the executives of this continent's largest and strongest Church association. You're thinking of confronting them? Are you out of your mind!?'

Aliyah's message immediately appeared on a notification screen.

I glanced at it from the side, and then, replied.

'Haven't you already stolen all the skill books in your academy? What are you worried about?'


Aliyah stopped typing after that. But, I saw her slowly slipping through the crowd, taking the opportunity when everyone was not noticing.


"I, Saint, as my authority as a Saint, judge that Lin Fir is a dangerous individual. Now, I shall commence the purification!"

"Teacher! Why would you..."

Before she could finish, Yybril was already shone upon by a ray of light cast by George, and was not able to move.

I glanced around my surroundings.

There wasn't a single reaction by anyone, as they looked at George slowly walking towards me.

I smiled.

No matter how famous I am, under the presence of absolute authority, you guys wouldn't dare to say anything, right?


It's not like I don't understand. After all, in a situation like this one, if I was in their shoes, I would probably do the same.

"Dangerous individual, un, this name doesn't sound bad. But I didn't do anything, and I'm already treated as a dangerous individual? Don't you think the hearts of the entire populace would sink when they hear of this?"

"Compared to you becoming a person who wrecks havoc with Dark Magic, sacrificing a single person doesn't count as much."

"I already told you, why the hell would I casually use Dark Magic to cause havoc? And I don't know Dark Magic in the first place, right?"

"Then tear your wing away!"

"... Haah..."

I sighed.

"Looks like I can't get through you with words."

"See this? This is the Church that calls themselves the protector of their regime. Hahahahaha. Are you regretting what you did after our battle today?"

Parvro, who was imprisoned by a white cage of light, laughed as he looked towards me.

Currently, he only had 10 HP left, probably because of the control from that white cage.

"Look at Elwyn who's on the ground. Even though she's a chesspiece, but she was a person who sacrificed herself to subvert the hypocritical Light Church! The trap in her body was something she placed herself! Do you have that sort of conviction!?"

"Shut up!"

George waved his hand, and the entire cage turned into a white box, and Parvro's voice could no longer be heard.

Elwyn who was on the ground... was already covered with a white cloth, but by looking at the blood stains at the chest area, and her empty HP bar, I knew, she was already dead.

"Hmph! I shall ask you once more, do you wish to tear away your wing, or do you wish to be judged!?"


Tear my wing away?

Why would I allow that!? This is the foundation that I managed to obtain through difficulties, which allows me to cast Light Magic infinitely. Although I'm not sure of what would happen after it's fully tainted, but so what!?

I'm not human, you know!?

How can the rules of a human's wing be applied to me?

"Accelerate! Light Steps! Illusionary Technique!"

Even though my wing was fractured, but since the 'Fly' skill icon was not greyed out, it meant that I was still able to fly!

My body turned into eight illusory figures, and I flew towards eight different directions!

"Cheap little tricks!"

Countless swords of light fell from the sky like droplets of rainwater, exterminating my illusory figures one after another.


Are you kidding me? Do you really think I only used Illusory Technique?

I, who was in a hidden state, immediately rushed towards the side of Elwyn's corpse. I kept her corpse into my ring, and then, lied under the white cloth after retracting my wing.

Turtle Breathing Technique!

My entire body turned similar to a corpse, and I was entirely focused on hearing the sounds outside.

"Un? He actually disappeared?"

Don't notice me, don't notice me...

Just when I was thinking of that, a large sword pierced right into my chest!


"How can a corpse let out a cry?"

I leaped out of the ground, and pulled the sword out.

"Looks like a sword of light was not able to affect you. But once your wing is fully tainted, you won't even be able to touch a sword of light!"

"That's not set in stone just yet! Ice Sword Summon!"

Summoning a sword for each hand, I rushed towards him head-on!


In just an instant, I was sent flying by an invisible attack! And then, I crashed into the building at the side.

My HP dropped to nearly 0 in an instant. With just another hit, I will definitely die.


If I were to die right now, the person, Lin Fir, will no longer exist.

This identity will disappear along with my death.

"Lin Fir! Why are you resisting!? Is that wing really more important than your life!?"

"In your opinion... cough... isn't... a wing... something more important than your life?"

I spat out blood as I replied with a smile.

"You... hypocrite..."

He laughed, and then walked towards my side.

"Killing you, is really troublesome for me as well. However, in your current state, you can't stop me from tearing away your wing, right?"

This guy... is actually thinking of something like that...

But, I'm not a pushover either.

"Watch your right side~"

The moment he said that, a shadow of a sword flew past Uncle George's earlier position, and immediately after, there were countless ice arrows as well.

"Get away from Fir!"

Irlin and Princess Michelle immediately rushed forward.

"The Ice Empire formally issues a case of interference. Lin Fir, as Ice Empire's State Magician, has the right to use Dark Magic. According to the continent's rules, the Church has no right to interfere!"

What the hell! I was already planning on righteously sending myself to death, you girls actually...

"Hey hey, couldn't you girls have appeared a little earlier?"

"Idiot! You were basically rushing your own death! It takes time to prepare the documents! What's the point of preparing them if you die!?"


I rolled my eyes, and then said.

"Uncle George, there you have it. Hurry up and heal me then~"


"Oh, right."

I spread out my Angel's wing, and cast two Intermediate Recovery spells on myself.

"There's no need to trouble you~"