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Chapter 36: Deep Within the Smuu Household

Since the people nearby weren't especially using any sort of hiding abilities, and I was able to locate their positions using the mini-map, I was able to move quickly through the gaps in their movements and stay unnoticed.

Of course, even though I said I wanted to interrogate her, but, I don't really dare to directly attack her and force her to tell me what she knows. After all, her level is much higher than mine.

However, snatching the things they are holding onto and listening in on their conversations, aren't that difficult to accomplish.

The space in this floor was still rather large. Looking from afar, at the other side of the current floor, the Smuu father and daughter were in a room, probably studying the blueprint I drew.

And several maids just finished clearing up the table, and were heading to another room together.

I quickly followed after them, and after quietly pushing the door of the room next to theirs, I quickly hid inside it.

It seemed to be a storage room, as the room was filled with various vegetables and fruits.

At the side, there was even a door emitting cold air. It's probably where the meat were being kept.

This isn't weird. After all, with a single ice magic stone, it's possible to cause an entire room to turn into a frozen chamber. It's comparable to the freezer in our world.

"Hey, who is the guest that our young miss brought back today?"

"Haven't you heard from master? That guy is the person who defeated our young miss in the annual tournament today."

"Annual tournament? That game which is used as an example to show off one's abilities?"

"Not entirely. But it was disadvantageous to our young miss, as they were many restrictions."

"That's right. If she was allowed to use 'Soul Endowment', then there basically wouldn't be anyone in the academy that's capable of defeating our young miss, right?"

"Hehehe, that's exactly so~"

I see. So she didn't reveal her true abilities, huh? But what is that thing called 'Soul Endowment'? Is it something similar to a legendary artifact?

But whatever the case, these maids aren't making any weird comments while talking among themselves, even though they were all members of guild called 'Sunfall'.

This doesn't make sense at all. Unless this 'Sunfall' is actually a maid agency? But why do all them of have Assassin classes? Is it really hard for a maid to choose a regular Maid class?

"I shall return the remaining ingredients to the storage room. Wait for me, alright?"

Suddenly, I heard one of them said as such.

My lips twitched for a moment.

Are you serious? The place I'm in looks exactly like a storage room. Are you planning to come over here?

But this room is filled with nothing but food and ingredients, there's nowhere I can hide myself at all.

And there's even a magic barrier on the window. Won't I be digging my own grave if I try to open it directly?

Sweeping my gaze across the room, I finally set my eyes on the freezer's entrance.

Alright, I don't have any other choice left...

I went in after pulling open the door. Then, I headed to a corner of the room and covered my entire body with Ice Castle.

This ice magic stone really can't be underestimated. Even someone like me who was used to cold was feeling a little bit chilly.

Fortunately, my ice resistance was relatively high, otherwise, I definitely won't able to bear something like this.

A moment later, I saw the maid walking into the storage room. She was moving about inside the room for a while, and then, she headed into the freezer.

"Weird. Why wasn't the door to the freezer locked? Geez..."


Big sis, are you serious? You're actually going to lock the door to the freezer?

Before I could even protect, a 'kacha' sound came from the door. I dispelled the Ice Castle and walked over, and realized I could no longer push the door open.

Oh my god. Is this for real? You really went ahead and locked it?

Even if I'm an Ice Magician, it's still possible for me to freeze to death, you know?

An Ice Magician being frozen to death, isn't a cold joke. If I'm not able to find a way to leave this place within an hour, it will definitely happen.

If I'm frozen to death... I should still be able to resurrect at the graveyard, right?

But that isn't really a good thing at all!

No, I must definitely find a way to leave.

Once again, I swept my gaze across the freezer. The entire room was filled with various types of meat. When I inspected them carefully, the meat were actually separated into different parts as well.

Unlike the room outside, this freezer did not have any windows. It was probably designed to completely isolate the cold air inside the room.

I touched the floor, and found out the entire thing was made of a single piece of metal, and there wasn't any openings. And although the ceiling looked like it was made by linking up several metal plates, but, I couldn't find anywhere that I could knock the thing open.

Damn it, damn it. What am I supposed to do?

Unless the only way is to use Flash Movement and teleport my way out of here? And return to the toilet?

Are toilets already turning into my checkpoints? Whenever I fail, I will reappear at my last checkpoint?

This isn't a cold joke at all, geez...

Looks like I have no choice. I slowly began to think of the layout of the toilet in my mind, and prepared to use Flash Movement...


The moment I closed my eyes, I somehow felt that the cold air emitting from the ice magic stone was not circling around the room.

Rather, the cold air was slowly drifting into a certain direction!

Is there a certain mechanism nearby that is absorbing the magic particles? Or...

Is there another exit?

Sensing the direction of where the ice magic particles were drifting to, I...

I walked towards a piece of meat.

Alright, to be exact, it was a piece of beef. Looking at its texture, it looked like a high-grade ingredient.

Of course, that's not the point. The point was, there was something behind the meat.

"Ice Spike!"

I casually summoned an Ice Spike, and stabbed it into the gap between the wall and the meat.

Grandpa Archimedes once told us, "Give me a fulcrum, and I shall move the world." So, moving a piece of meat shouldn't be a difficult task.

However... With a 'Pa' sound, the Ice Spike broke.

The hell? This shouldn't happen at all. You're seriously forcing my hand, aren't you?

"Rapid Heat!"

An elementary-grade fire magic spell. However, other than using it to cook supper, I haven't found any other use for this magic spell.

But, currently, it's really useful. A few moments later, the piece of meat and the wall began to melt, and I was able to easily retrieve the meat.

"Oh my god..."

Behind the meat, was actually an entrance to a ventilation duct!

"Praise the heavens!"