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 The girl before him looked so ordinary that you wouldn't be able to able to find her within a crowd and had faint, small freckles. She reclined on a rocking chair, a beautiful golden haired man currently smiling and carefully pouring tea for her. And one of the nightmares of the Red Skull pirates... the black clothed man, was currently crouching behind the young girl and vomiting. It seems the terrifying man was, was seasick? And their other nightmare, the magic archer, was currently satisfied and happily sitting next to the ordinary girl, counting the golden coins that the girl had just given her!

The Red Skull captain's hand trembled slightly. Don't tell him, the terrifying girl who had killed so many of their people had only received these few golden coins as a reward! Did she know that any one of the pirates that she had massacred was worth far more than the golden coins in her hand?!

Who exactly was the ordinary looking girl?

Claire sipped tea quietly. Seeing the tightly tied and also confined in a magic ring pitiful looking young man, she asked, "Oh, you are the famous captain of the Red Skulls?" She was a bit shocked. She never would have thought that the legendary fearsome pirate captain would actually look like this, completely baby faced and adorable, no scary aura at all. He had been able to make the pirates bend to his will while looking like this and had created a huge headache for the empire, showing that he was definitely not as simple as he looked.

"Yes, I am. Who are you? I have been defeated under your hands, at least you should tell me before I die." The baby faced, adorable pirate captain glared at Claire and said coldly.

"You should tell your name before asking for someone else's! Such an uneducated guy!" Summer said angrily. But while she said this, she looked towards the vomiting Ben from the corner of her eyes. Naturally, she was hinting something. It was a pity that Ben didn't sense it. Instead, he was fully concentrated on retching.

"Luke!" The baby faced captain said hatefully, then glared at Claire, waiting for Claire's response.

"Captain, find the nearest island to go ashore and right after you hand them over to the local authorities, we'll be on our way." Claire yawned, then laid down.

Luke's baby face instantly flushed red. He hatefully glared at Claire and snarled, "Who are you?"

"Did I say that if you told me, I would tell you? You are a pirate, since when did you think that the universe was fair?" Claire didn't even look up, her eyes still closed. "I'm not going to tell you no matter what. You will die with remaining grievance."

Everybody's heart shivered. This little devil was indeed evil, very, very evil!

Luke froze, staring rigidly at Claire until he was dragged away. His gaze was extremely complicated.

The remaining pirates were captured and also smoothly handed over to the nearest island's authorities. The magic crystal cannon was also left behind, planned to be handed to the higher ups. After news of the Red Skull pirates being crushed with one swoop traveled, it raised a commotion wherever it went. All of the island's residents wanted to see who did it, but Claire's party didn't even leave the boat. After the captain and sailors finished handling it, they immediately set out to sea. Only the names White Little Moon and Yuan Bao Corps were left behind.

Camille adjusted the parasol, smiling as he said to the person sitting below the parasol, "Commander, your have gained fame again."

"Venerable Secondary Commander, your golden hair glitters so brightly under the sunlight, as dazzling as pearls." Claire didn't even open her eyes, speaking without thinking. "I want a rugosa rose pastry."

"Alright, venerable Commander, I shall serve." Camille didn't speak any more, eagerly entering the hold of the ship. White Emperor chirped and jumped on Camille's shoulder, Dong Fenghou following closely from behind.

Only then did Claire sit up and open her eyes to look at the Li siblings who had been sitting in front of her for a long time without saying a word and asked emotionlessly, "Alright, what do you guys want to say?" Now, only they three were left on the edge of the deck. Everyone else was dealing with their own matters. Summer had been led away by Qiao Chuxin to roast fish while Water was on the highest deck, sun tanning. Jean was resting in the hold of the ship. Ben was vomiting as usual.

"You're not cute at all." Li Yuewen looked at the Claire who was indifferent and coldly humphed.

Claire shrugged, not denying anything.

"You..." Li Yuewen started saying, then quietly said, "We know that the black clothed man isn't human, but a dragon, that's why he has such powerful strength. But why would he listen to you? And why did the sea beasts mysteriously withdraw that day? Don't use that use that vague excuse you gave the city lord on me."

Claire raised a brow slightly, saying indifferently, "Why should I tell you?"

Just when Li Yuewen was about to explode in anger, Claire tilted her head and continued to say indifferently, "But if you want to know, I'll tell you."

Li Yuewen's mouth twitched, unable to say a word. A hint of a smile flashed in Li Mingyu's eyes. How could he not understand that Claire was purposely teasing this hot tempered little sister of his?

"Black Dragon Ben was saved by my master unintentionally. He was trapped by a fellow dragon. In other words, he was too stupid. That's why he decided to accompany me and learn to be a little smarter. Listening to me is normal. It's even simpler about the matter of the sea beasts that day." Claire sipped some scented tea, internally praising Camille's exceptional craftsmanship and then continued, "Because those sea beasts were summoned by a subordinate, and then just told the sea beasts to withdraw at the right now."

Li Mingyu and Li Yuewen glanced at each other in dismay, instantly not knowing what to say.

"Summoner? You have a summoner?" Li Yuewen exclaimed incredulously. Summoner, a mysterious and rare class, wasn't something anybody could be. They needed to be able to communicate with nature, listen to living being's thoughts, and influence them. You would need strong Spiritual and communication power.

"It's the guy who only knows how to eat." Claire laid down again, saying carelessly, "You guys can sleep well now, you know the whole truth. Recuperate and prepare to fight for treasure."

"How did you know that someone was going to compete for treasure with us?" Li Yuewen's heart beat fast. After saying these words, she covered her mouth.

Claire closed her eyes and said leisurely,"Four main clans. The Feng clan is intermarried with the Shui clan, so their status has always been stable. The Hua clan and your Li clan has always been incompatible as fire and water. How could the Hua clan that has always been a thorn on your side not try to stop you from finding the artifact to revive the Li clan?"

Li Mingyu and Li Yuewen stared at each other for a long time, both seeing many moods in each other's eyes. Admiration, worry, gratitude. Claire had already figured out everything about them clearly. There really were people from the Hua clan that Claire had expressed worry for who would come to wrest away the treasure. The people from the Hua clan hadn't made a move the whole time because they were waiting for an opportunity!

Claire just closed her eyes and rested. Camille was basically a walking encyclopedia. If she wanted any information, she could find it with some flattery and immediately find every information she wanted!

Three days later, the boat stopped at an unknown, small island.

"Will this place that doesn't even have birds really have treasure?" On land, Ben revived immediately. He ran around excitedly. Finally, he wasn't going to vomit any more.

But Claire knew very clearly. If the Azure Ripple didn't direct them, there was no way to find this island. This island didn't exist on maps. Since the Li clan ancestors stored the treasure here, there was definitely something unordinary about the place.

The captain and sailors stayed on the boat while Claire and her group went ashore after they finished packing their supplies. The moment they went ashore, Claire saw rows of palm trees with coconuts with strange multicolored tortoises suntanning on them. Once they got close, the multicolored tortoises plopped into the sea one by one.

The island was verdant, the plants and trees making one feel relaxed carefree. The animals were not afraid of humans at all, curiously evaluating them.

Li Mingyu pulled out the Azure Ripple and looked at it, then looked up ahead and said certainly, "Just ahead."

"Then let's go," Claire said leisurely, riding the wind leopard like before, making Summer look down on her.

Li Mingyu led the way, hacking a path open with his sword, everybody following close from behind. Claire squinted, looking at Li Mingyu's movements, estimating Li Mingyu's strength, but after watching for a while, she came to a conclusion helplessly: she couldn't see through Li Mingyu's cultivation level at all.

After a long time, there finally a discovery.

"It's right in that cave?" Ben asked doubtfully. He stretched his neck forward, looking at the giant cave.

"The Azure Ripple is indicating that it's right inside," Li Mingyu replied certainly and strode forward, taking the lead.

"Elder brother, careful of anything strange." Li Yuewen ran up quickly.

Li Mingyu nodded then carefully walked forward. A faint magic undulation suddenly appeared at the entrance of the cave.

"Barrier?" Li Mingyu immediately stopped, then extended his hand, about to read the barrier's undulations.

But right at this moment, something strange happened.

Before everybody's amazed gazes, Li Mingyu's hand passed through the barrier and then his entire body disappeared. It was like a strong power had pulled him in.

"Elder brother!" Li Yuewen cried out in alarm, reaching forward without any hesitation.

The next moment, Li Yuewen also disappeared.

"Claire?" Summer looked towards Claire fearfully. The situation was too strange. You could clearly see past the clear barrier and see oblong rocks, but the two disappeared.

"They were pulled in by something..." Claire frowned slightly. She felt a strange magic undulation from the barrier. Claire slowly extended her hand, reaching towards the barrier. From behind, Summer cried out in alarm, about to grab Claire.