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 The magicians' minds were all blank, stopping their movements as they froze and stared at the sky.

The soldiers guarding the city wall and the residents who had been praying fearfully all looked up and marveled at the magnificent scene in the sky.

The incomparably beautiful golden flame in the air exploded forth, whistling as it shot through the air. The gray sky shone a golden hue and the gorgeous golden color seemed to drive away the fear cast in their hearts.

Then the painful roars of sea beasts sounded from beyond the wall, ear piercing. The sound of waves slapping the wall was deafening, able to be heard clearly from far away.

Even idiots would know that the sea beasts' pain was related to the gorgeous scene!

The magicians standing at the wall had their mouths open wide, not believing their eyes. That power was definitely not something that could be generated by a magic bow! The girl, the very ordinary looking girl, was a magician! A magician whose power surpassed all of them by far!

The sounds of explosions still arose here and there, the sea surging turbulently. The sea beasts roared extremely painfully, writhing in pain as they disappeared into the water. Nobody noticed that Dong Fenghou who was wearing a large robe was concentrating on something. Making the sea beasts pretend for a moment wasn't anything hard.

As the sea beasts' roars became more and more distant, the waves died in strength. The dusky gray sky gradually became bright. Dark clouds dissipated, slowly revealing the sun. Outside the city wall, the seawater that had submerged the harbor was slowly withdrawing, gradually showing how the harbor originally looked.

Everybody just stared vacantly at the miraculous change in the sky, unable to return to their senses for a long time.

Incomparably brilliant sunlight warmly shined on Placid Waters, every nook and cranny, shining on every single person.

The soldiers guarding the city wall from below stared blankly at the girl standing atop the wall. Under the sunlight, the girl's expression was indifferent, wind gently raising the girl's beautiful moment. For an instant, every seemed to see the girl shining thousands of rays brilliantly. Then in a blink of an eye, the girl looked so common, she couldn't have look more ordinary.

"The, the sea beasts have withdrawn and won't come back ever again?" The city lord stuttered, staring at the harbor that was slowly being revealed.

"Yes, they won't come back, because I already discovered yesterday why the sea beasts attacked the harbor." Claire replied seriously.

"The sea beasts were only giving humans a punishment. There needs to be a policy for limiting the amount of fishing. City Lord, you should consider this policy. For example, not allowing fishing during the season fish lay eggs..." Looking righteous, Camille started to create a cover for Claire.

"It's, it's like that?" The city lord's expression changed. He looked at Claire, wanting a confirmation.

"Yes, your lordship. I hope that you will deal with that matter well. The sea beasts have already withdrawn and will never attack again. I believe under your leadership, Placid Waters will thrive once more." Claire said randomly. Of course she couldn't tell the city lord that everything they had seen just then was a half truth. Letting these greedy humans understand how to be sustainable while they were at it was not bad either. Even in a fertile area, unregulated fishing would one day lead to depletion.

When Claire said the reason for why the sea beasts attacked and submerged the harbor, everybody sighed, but they weren't able to find a better reason, so they believed it. The amount of food in the sea was indeed closely relevant to the sea beasts' existence and Placid Waters was the empire's biggest source of sea products. The amount of sea goods produced every day was very huge. The reason did seem to hold truth.

Claire never thought that the random excuse she found today would make Placid Waters develop and someday become one of the top three most flourishing harbors on the continent! Becoming a prized treasure of Amparkland! Of course, this would be in the future.

What was important now was facing the enthusiastic thanks of Placid Water residents and the city lord's award.

"Please stay for two days, just two days. I have already reported to the capital. The emperor's reward will come soon. You must accept our residents' most sincere thanks. Please, you must attend the award ceremony!" The city lord urged earnestly.

"Alright. We'll be troubling your lordship to replenish our supplies to go out to sea and, of course, the biggest and greatest vessel and captain you promised us." Claire smiled faintly, agreeing immediately. Everybody had different expressions. Were they were going to stay and attend the senseless award ceremony? And then wait for the people from the Temple of Light to catch up?

Camille leaned leisurely on the window sill, watching the white seagulls fly everywhere. He knew very clearly that Claire, that crafty lil' girl, would definitely not wait for the people from the Temple of Light to catch up.

After the city lord obtained her promise, he smiled as he withdrew, satisfied, preparing to leave.

"How annoying, we can't even leave. Claire, you're really going to attend that something something award ceremony?" Summer kicked a chair, annoyed. The moment they had left the door, they were surrounded, and then the gifts of thanks almost crushed them to death. That's why they entrusted the city lord to gather the items they needed to go out to sea.

The names White Little Moon and Yuan Bao Mercenary Corps spread through Placid Waters, known to every household. The ordinary looking girl with a small magic bow on her back was actually a powerful magician. She led her small group to fight intensely against the crazy sea beasts, beating back the ferocious sea beasts with one strike, and Placid Waters became calm. This was something that the city lord and all the magicians of the city couldn't do, but the girl and the mercenaries that she led accomplished it!

Such strength, such honor. Many people bragged that they had personally seen the girl's dazzling appearnace that day.

Within one night, White Little Moon and her Yuan Bao Mercenary Corps became Placid Water's hero! News of their deed gradually spread. Even the emperor himself ordered for there to be an award.

Two days later, the sun's rays were bright. Placid Waters was peaceful and flourishing.

Everybody in the city appeared, all gathering in one place.

It was Placid Water's large public square, close to the city lord's manor.

Today was the day the city lord was going to commemorate their hero.

The public square was bustling with activity, unusually lively. Everybody stretched their necks waiting, waiting for their hero to appear.

The city lord donned new clothes, in high spirits. The atmosphere in the public square became more enthusiastic because they knew soon they would be able to see with their own eyes the heroes who saved Placid Waters.

"Everybody, I am very fortunate to stand here safely and feel the glittering rays with everyone. We all know that the peaceful situation is all because of one person and her group. She is the hero who drove away the crazy sea beasts, White Little Moon!" the city lord proclaimed passionately.

The masses below him cheered, the enthusiastic atmosphere reaching the skies.

"Next, please welcome our hero, White Little Moon and the mercenary group she leads, Yuan Bao Mercenary Corps..." The city lord smiled widely, raising his hand invitingly.

There was thunderous applause, the cheers earth shattering. The people at the public square applauded with all their might.

But no one appeared. The legendary, ordinary looking yet powerful young girl with a small magic bow didn't appear.

The city lord frowned, raising his voice as he outstretched his hand and said, "Next, please welcome our hero, White Little Moon and the mercenary group she leads, Yuan Bao Mercenary Corps..."

There was thunderous applause once more, the cheers earth shattering once more. The people at the public square applauded, clapping vigorously.

But nobody appeared. The legendary hero didn't appear.

The corner of the city lord's mouth twitched, his expression finally starting to change.

The people at the public square held their breaths in expectation. They eagerly yet suspicious looked at their city lord who was always calm and collected yet now seemed a little worried.

"Next..." the city lord stretched out the word, attempting once more, but a person came hurriedly from behind and whispered something in his ear.

The people saw their city lord who was not afraid of dying when facing the berserk sea beasts, whose expression didn't change when the city was on the verge of being submerged, their city lord who was always calm and collected finally change in into an exceptionally interesting expression.

Every person waited expectantly. A cold wind blew.

"Squawk..." A seagull sounded, flying over the plaza, then bird droppings fell gorgeously, dropping on the frozen city lord's shoulder.

Currently, Claire was squinting, lying on a bench on deck. Camille was smiling gently, currently elegantly pouring juice for Claire. White Emperor crouched on a table, enjoying delicious pastries.

It was the first time Summer and Qiao Chuxin went out to sea. The two excitedly stood at the edge of the deck, seeing the boundless blue sea. Jean sat silently, not far behind Claire. The wind leopard was lying on the deck, sun tanning.

Ben was hidden away in a corner, vomiting. The powerful, haughty black dragon had become seasick. Yes, he was magnificently sea sick.

"Commander, how are the pastries?" Camille smiled.

"Secondary commander, the juice and pastries you made are forever unmatched." Claire squinted, saying the words without care.

Camille smiled gracefully, holding a teacup as he went into the ship's holding, continuing to make fresh juice for Claire delightfully.

Li Mingyu and Li Yuewen's eyes widened as they saw the scene before them, wanting to say something, but couldn't.

At this moment, the most secure ship and the most experienced captain and sailors were considered Claire's. Ever since the sea beasts were driven away just like that, the Li siblings felt like something was off, but they never found the right time to ask. The two decided secretly that they had to find the chance to what exactly had happened.

The sea was calm. Every day, the group was very satisfied. Even if there was a storm, they wouldn't fear. They had the experienced captain and sailors there.

Thus, whoever fished, fished, whoever sunbathed, sunbathed, whoever ate, ate, whoever made fruit juice, made fruit juice, and, whoever vomited, vomited......