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 In Claire's room, Summer and Qiao Chuxin stared wide eyed at the enchanting young man who was gorging like his life depended on it, speechless.

Wasn't it already the tenth plate of food?

The guy looked so beautiful on the surface, but the way he ate was so nasty. Most importantly, his stomach seemed to be bottomless. Who knows how many times Walter and Jean had already stealthily went to get food from the basement. Of course, besides them, no one else knew the current situation.

"Did you eat like this before too?" Summer asked carefully, seeing the Dong Fenghou who was gorging on food like his life depended on it.

Dong Fenghou couldn't talk at the moment, so he nodded, then stuffed a piece of bacon in his mouth and drank a swig of juice.

"Your appetite has always been this big?" Qiao Chuxin asked, also cautious.

Dong Fenghou nodded, still chewing bacon.

"Tch, who could afford to raise him if he eats like this?" Walter said sourly.

"I...... was kicked out, eat... too much." Dong Fenghou said a few unclear words.

"Because he ate too much, his family avoided him and kicked him out so he would rely on himself." Camille translated for Dong Fenghou, delicately setting down an exquisite tea cup.

Everybody suddenly realized seeing the huge pile of empty plates on the table and all the bones and empty cans on the ground. How could an ordinary family afford such a way of eating?

"You haven't eaten so much in such a long time, right?" Claire propped up her chin, lazily leaning on the table as she spoke to Dong Fenghou.

Dong Fenghou nodded vigorously at Claire, showing a satisfied smile.

"Follow me, listen to me and work for me. I will never let you go hungry. You can eat a lot and the food will be tasty too." Claire said indifferently, making everybody in the room feel scorn.

Walter's mouth twitched. Of course the little devil would never be able to hide her true colors.

Dong Fenghou's eyes lit up, so excited that he stood up, still holding a drumstick in one leg, waving it as he said inarticulately, "No, not every time, each so much, hungry for a long time, ate this..."

Just as Camille was going to translate, Claire nodded. "I understand what you mean. You're trying to say, you don't eat so much every time, it was just that you were too hungry for so long this time so you ate this much. You're requests aren't that much and you will definitely serve me well."

Dong Fenghou nodded vigorously, like a chicken pecking for feed. Seeing the clear, uncoverable joy in his eyes, everybody shivered. Not only was this guy pure, he was hired cheaply, but acted like he got lucky and had finally found a patron after much difficulty!

Of course, next, he signed a contract, selling himself. Once Claire put away Dong Fenghou's contract, she was faced with strange, unfeeling gazes.

"What? Got a problem?" Claire raised her head slightly and said coldly.

Immediately, everybody lowered their heads, pretending like nothing was wrong and started chatting.

Camill gracefully set down a teacup, fishing out a clean handkerchief, wiped his mouth softly, and asked, "But Commander, what do you plan on doing next?"

Everybody's gazes landed on Claire. That's right, now that they had found a summoner, what were they going to do next?

"Next..." A strange smile appeared faintly on Claire's mouth. She didn't continue speaking, but the strange feeling made everybody's heart quiver.

What Claire was going to do next was definitely no good.

They dared to bet their life on it!

"Alright, everybody. Go and rest well. Tomorrow early morning, there's going to be a good show." Claire clapped her hands together softly, indicating for everybody to return to their rooms and rest. It was already late in the night, so they wouldn't be able to rest for much longer anyways.

"Tomorrow, the Yuan Bao Mercenary Corps will take its first step towards fame." Camille smiled gently, strolling away.

Everybody blinked and glanced at each other, a strange feeling arising in their hearts.

Early morning the next day, the sound of the alarm bell cut through the air!

The sea beasts were gathering to attack together! And this time was more intense than any other. Fierce waves smacked the city wall and the wall shaked with the sounds of crumbling. The city lord's expression was extremely grave as he hurriedly dressed and brought the still tired magicians up the wall, rushing.

In the far distance, just as the sky brightened at the edge where the sky and sea met, whitecaps frothed, the ocean crashing with waves. Giant sea beasts bared their fangs as they approached.

There was the loud sound of rumbling. The river within the city had risen and the boats that had taken shelter on the river within the city rose with the it, then fell, splashing and creating large waves. The deafening sound resonated into the horizon, loud enough to be heard from within Placid Waters. The inhabitants of the city that hadn't run away were all praying, placing all their hopes on their lord and the mercenary group that had helped repelled the sea beasts yesterday, hoping that today, they could still successfully withstand against the half crazed sea beasts and persevere until aid arrived. But the sky dimmed, becoming more and more dark, casting a shadow on their hearts.

The city lord and the magicians all paled seeing the situation before them, their hearts sinking. Maybe they weren't going to be able to resist the situation!

There were several more sea beasts today! And they were approaching quickly, their angry howls piercing one's ears painfully.

The city lord frowned as he looked ahead, biting his lip deeply. He had made a decision.

As the city lord, once the crisis passed, even dying with the city would not be enough. But the magicians before him were all valuable assets of the empire, they definitely could not die here! He had to command them to withdraw, now.

Just as the city lord was about to order them, a string of footsteps sounded from behind him. Turning around, the city lord saw Claire's indifferent face as she led her group forward.

"Commander White..." Just as the city lord was going to speak, a giant wave came crashing down violently, splashing everywhere.

Camille calmly and gracefully opened a small parasol, blocking the splashing sea water. White Emperor hid behind Camille's head on his shoulder, looking pleased. White Emperor had prefered to stay with Camille ever since they left the capital because Camille was always neat and tidy. Jean unsheathed his sword, bursting forth with Dou Qi, split the waves open, evaporating all the water instantly, and then sheathed his sword and stood behind Claire, his actions smooth and fluid.

The city lord wasn't so lucky. Since there wasn't anybody opening a parasol not someone with such strength who could evaporate the water for him, he was immediately splashed with seawater. The clothes on his body immediately stuck to his skin, his hair falling limp and continuously dripping, cutting a sorry figure. And his two personal bodyguards weren't better off, both soaked.

"City Lord, no need to say anything. We will help you repel back the sea beasts. I only hope that after we repel the beasts, we can go out to sea as quickly as possible." Claire said faintly, looking like she had planned it all out.

The city lord froze. He never thought at such a dangerous moment, the girl would actually say such calm words. Perhaps? They didn't display any of their true power yesterday? If it was like this! Happiness flashed through the city lord's eyes. If it was really like so, then Placid Waters would have hope. Then the girl's calm and collected attitude made sense!

"Commander White has a way to repel the sea beasts?" The city lord asked eagerly.

"Yes. Also, the sea beasts will never attack again. I promise." Claire said seriously, nodding.

"Really?" The city lord was so moved, he was trembling. Although the girl before him looked ordinary and no older than fifteen, she gave a feeling of trustworthiness that couldn't be explained. As for why, the city lord wasn't able to say. Perhaps it was her eyes bursting with boundless confidence or perhaps it was the indescribable brilliance that she radiated.

"Yes, that's why I hope that after we repel the sea beasts, your lordship will find a boat for us so we can go out to sea as fast as possible. We have business to deal with." Claire was completely solemn. Then she looked ahead. "There's no time to lose, the sea beasts are about to attack. We must prepare!"

"Good, good, good!" The city lord hurriedly moved aside, out of the way, then hastily added, "If the sea beasts withdraw, I will prepare the greatest, biggest vessel and best captain to accompany you out at sea."

"I hope your lordship respects his promise." Claire turn and smiled. Then she stood there loftily atop the city wall, slowly retrieving the bow from her back.

The city lord and his personal bodyguards all froze seeing Claire's actions, not understanding what she was going to do.

The row of magicians all watched Claire's movements suspicious and the soldiers guarding at the wall were also frowning. Did that girl now want her life? She just stood there at the highest point of the wall without any concern, but a giant wave could knock her over and drown her!

Claire stood there loftily, slowly raising the bow in her hands, aiming forward.

Gradually, slowly, she pulled the bowstring......

The expressions of the magicians on the wall all changed because they could feel at the same time an enormous magic undulation currently pulsing coming from the ordinary looking girl!

As the bowstring was pulled more, the magician's hearts all beated more intensely. The magic power was becoming more and more huge!

A golden fire ball was forming at the tip of the bow, continuously enlarging before all their incredulous gazes, becoming bigger and bigger.

The boiling hot repressive aura made it unbearable for the surrounding people.

Before the splashing spray could approach, they immediately evaporated.

Claire's expression was ice cold.

She released the bow with rapt attention!

Claire's beautiful sculpture like posture was imprinted deeply into the eyes of everyone present, deeply into their hearts.

Ice cold complexion, stanchly resolute gaze, beautiful hair flying....

"Hum..." A long, melodious hum cut through the dusky air, a golden afterimage forming as the golden flame shot forward.

Bang! The exploding sound resonated into the horizon jolted everybody.

The city lord even forgot to think as he just stared at the scene in the sky, unable to say a word.