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 "Ask the sea beasts? That's a good idea. Unfortunately, I'm not a summoner nor a druid. I am a man as clean as the wind." Camille regretted resentfully. "So I can't understand those crude sea beasts' language."

Summoner? Druid? A thought flashed through her mind. If they had somebody who could communicate with the sea beasts, then the situation would be resolved easily. However, currently, the people of Placid Waters were nervously running or hiding. How could anyone with that ability be in this chaotic and dangerous place? What exactly were the sea beasts looking for?

"If you still can't think of a method, then the people from the Temple of Light are going to come. Haha, Reverand Hill, how are you, venerable one, here? Please return with us to the temple." Camille's gentle voice carried a trace of weird feeling that couldn't be described. This guy had actually started talking in the manner of the people from the Temple of Light. With those words coming out of his mouth, it was completely sarcastic.

Claire rolled her eyes. It wasn't like it was her who wanted the title of bishop, but that old fox, the pope, who had forced it onto her before so many people's eyes.

"I also want to quickly fix the problem so we can continue our journey!" Claire said unhappily, then got out all the magic puppets that Emery had given her from her bag. There was a bird, a mouse, and a fish. One could fly in the sky, the other ran on land, and the last one swam underwater. Everything had been covered.

"Use these to scout?" Camille was a little interested seeing the puppets Claire had gotten out.

"Yes." Claire nodded. Next, she infused magic into the magic puppets in her hands, then fished out a small crystal ball to view. The crystal ball split into three levels with three different viewpoints showing everything that the puppets had just seen.

"A little interesting." Camille stroked his chin, a brow raised.

But Claire didn't hold any high hopes. It was probably going to be difficult to find what the sea beasts were looking for. Perhaps it was because some kind of treasure the sea beasts cared about was snatched away by humans that they were so crazy.

Camille squinted at the crystal ball without a word.

Suddenly, the bottom area of the crystal ball changed. In a dark and damp place, a pair of eyes filled with hope flashed by, followed by the bottom area turning back into how it originally looked.

"What is this?" Camille's keen senses caught the abnormality.

"The magic power ran out, so the magic puppet is returning the way it came." Claire's expression changed slightly. Just then she had read those eyes clearly. The owner of the eyes discovered the magic puppet and wanted to send some information.

"Which magic puppet was it?" Camille was smiling as elegantly as before.

"The land mouse. That person was underground." Claire frowned, pondering. Was it related? Was it related to the person who had just appeared within the crystal ball?

"Normally, all city lord castles have dungeons underneath." Camille said faintly. After seeing Claire's gaze shift to look towards him, he immediately shook his head. "Don't expect me to help you scout for information, that place is filthy and moist. Also, you don't have the time to deal with this."

"What if the it's related to the sea beasts' attack?" Claire said quietly, looking at Camille.

"Could that coincidence actually happen?" Camille turned and said halfheartedly.

"Let's go. Come and see with me, assassin king. Only someone with your skills can take up such a responsibility." Claire said quietly. Camille immediately followed, smiling beautifully. "Oh, commander, please continue to praise me. Let's go scout out what exactly is going on."

"Your beauty is unmatched, your keen senses make me gasp in admiration, your graceful bearing..." Claire quietly said, expressionless as she continued to walk forward. Camille smiled, pleased, following closely from behind.

The two disappeared silently into the night.

Claire sighed. Camille who smiled brightly the entire day was actually the person most suitable to live within the darkness. The darkness was actually Camille's world, his dominion. Bizarrely, it was clearly the first time Camille had come here, but he silently brought Claire with ease and almost routinely down to the dungeon, as if he had been there before.

The dark and moist dungeon smelled moldy, without any signs of human life. Then was the person in the crystal ball a prisoner that they hadn't had enough time to evacuate? Without knowing exactly when the sea beasts were going to break through and submerge the city, normally, they would still evacuate all major criminals. Then was the person abandoned such a sinful criminal that it didn't matter if they lived or died?

Whether the dungeon door was open wide or half closed, it was clear to see that there wasn't anybody within the mess inside. The end of the corridor led to the very last prison cell. Camille stopped, turned to Claire, and nodded, indicating there was someone inside. Naturally, Claire had also sensed a weak aura from within.

Camille pulled out a dagger and used it to push open the filthy prison door. The scene before the two's eyes made them freeze.

An almost completely naked young man was tied up there with only a piece of cloth hiding his more important spot. His mouth was stuffed by a piece of cloth, his beautiful, jet black, long hair reached his feet, and haggard yet jade like complexion revealed a stunning, enchanting person. Such a stunningly beautiful enchanting young man! Seeing Claire and Camille, the young man's eyes flashed eagerly, starting to whimper and struggle, but he was helpless as his limbs were tied up tightly.

Camille clicked his tongue and shook his head without any indication that that he was going to help untie him.

Claire approached and pulled out the cloth in the enchanting young man's mouth, quietly saying, "Who are you? Why were you imprisoned here?"

But the young man's first sentence, or to be more accurate, first few phrases, made Claire freeze.

"Summoner, hungry, scheme, the city lord's younger sister, boy toy, didn't, imprisoned..." The young man said phrases one after another weakly.

Claire suddenly looked at the enchanting young man. It couldn't be, he was actually a summoner? In other words, there was hope for the crazy sea beasts to settle down? Claire tried to confirm. "You're a summoner?" But what were those continuous phrases supposed to mean?

"He's a summoner, but because he is so beautiful, the city lord's sister took a liking to him. By chance, he was hungry at the time, so he was poisoned in a scheme to capture him. They threatened him to become a boy toy, but he didn't agree, so they he was imprisoned in this dark dungeon." Camille fluently connected the young man's words.

Claire blinked. She looked at the smiling Camille, then looked at the young man whose eyes were now lit up, understanding that Camille had completely understood what the young man meant to say accurately.

"Teacher, this is the first time I've found that you are a multitalented scholar." Claire said seriously. Then she looked at the young man. "Can you communicate with the sea beasts? All the sea beasts outside the city are attacking the harbor. You can communicate with them, right?"

"They, save me, destroy this." The young man said.

"The sea beasts wanted to save you, so they destroyed the city." Camille elegantly and gently straightened his bangs, subconsciously interpreting the young man's phrases. Only after he finished speaking did Camille realize what he had said. Camille stared wide eyed at the enchanting young man incredulously. The sea beasts were all summoned by this weak young man?!

"In other words, you summoned all the sea beasts? Without any chanting or items, only using your spiritual power to call?" Claire wasn't amazed. Instead, she frowned, looking doubtfully at the man before her. If this was true, then the young man's couldn't be described as simply 'strong', but terrifying. The young man had such terrifying power, but was currently so pitiful. How could anyone believe it? Unless the young man was as stupid as a pig. Thinking of this, Claire suddenly trembled. The enchanting young man really was as stupid as a pig! A person who had been poisoned just because he was hungry, how smart could he be?

"The city lord doesn't seem like a person who would allow his little sister to do something so shady." Claire stroked her chin, pondering, with no indications of untying the young man. The young writhed around, grunting one word over and over: hungry.

"It's very simple. The city lord didn't know about it. After this guy summoned all the sea beasts he could after he woke up to escape, they had already ran away. The people who had kidnapped him didn't dare to let him go, not had the time. Of course they would hope he died. As the city lord's little sister, kidnapping a boy is definitely dishonorable." Camille quickly explained his conjecture.

Claire saw joy in the young man's eyes again. Perhaps the young man already saw Camille as a close friend by now.

"What's your name." Claire looked at the enchanting young man before her, still with no indications of untying him.

"Dong Fenghou." The enchanting young man blinked his eyes, watching Claire blankly, then said, "Hungry."

Claire finally realized that the terrifyingly powerful summoner was unordinarily deficient when talking! And the young man's eyes were crystal clear. Who did he remind him of? Claire tried to remember. That's right! He was a little similar to Qiao Chuxin! They both felt pure, like they hadn't experienced the world yet. Claire felt like the young man had also just left some kind of deep mountain or forest for the first time, but he had been unlucky and before he could make a name for himself, he had been captured and turned into this pitiful state.

"Hungry, hungry, hungry, hungry..." Dong Fenghou stared at Claire and only said this word.

Claire watched Dong Fenghou, a cold light flashing through her eyes, not saying anything for a while.

Camille yawned. He knew that Yuan Bao Mercenary Corps was about to have another pitiful person for Claire to order around.