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 "Go!" Summer said unhappily, looking at Ben who was blaming himself. Normally, she was afraid of him, but today, she had the chance of being a little mean to him. Naturally, she wouldn't let the opportunity go.

"Oh...." Ben followed from behind, embarrassed. As he left, he cautiously glanced at Claire a few times.

Jean was at the very back. He closed the door quietly, then stood there at the door.

After Leng Lingyun saw that everybody have left, he set up a magic barrier. Only after making sure there was no change of eavesdropping, he turned and looked at Claire.

"Did you want to ask how all the earth spikes changed directions and turned to that person instead?" Claire got right to the point.

But Leng Lingyun asked, "I'm curious about that too, but I only wanted to ask, who created the anomaly that day?"

"I don't know either. When I arrived I only saw the lightning and thunder." Naturally, Claire wouldn't explain.

"Claire...." Leng Lingyun stared at Claire. He said quietly, "When you were at Yowusali, did you see something like that happen too? Although it was in the outskirts of a relatively remote city, some people still witnessed it.

Claire's eyes flashed, but she said expressionlessly, "What do you want to say, your highness?"

"Do you know about that anomaly or is that anomaly related to you?" Leng Lingyun said slowly and carefully. Although it was a question, his certain tone showed that Leng Lingyun was sure that it was related to Claire.

Claire fell silent, but internally, she was cursing. As expected, this divine prince isn't that easy to fool.

"Someone rumored to be an idiotic man chaser that was actually a genius in the end. With this kind of a miracle, the anomaly in the sky counts as nothing." Leng Lingyun stared at Claire intensely, like he was trying to find an answer in Claire's gaze.

"Why is your highness so concerned?" Claire pointed out.

"First, I'm curious myself, second, the pope has entrusted me with investigating." Leng Lingyun's response was honest, but then he said exceptionally seriously, "But, please trust me. I wouldn't do anything that could harm you."

After Leng Lingyun said this, Claire froze.

What did that mean?

Why did it sound a little suspicious?

Claire stared at the man in front of her, but couldn't find any traces of lying in his violet eyes that were full of sincerity.

Leng Lingyun was also watching Claire. In his mind, Xuanxuan's words sounded: "Elder brother, promise me, you need to protect that big sis well. That big sister is a good person, only she can do what I have always wanted to do but couldn't. This is my only request, elder brother." Leng Lingyun didn't understand why the always sensible Xuanxuan would suddenly say those words. Her gaze wasn't requesting, but pleading. Although he didn't understand, Leng Lingyun immediately promised. To him, Xuanxuan was the most important thing in the world. Whenever Xuanxuan had a request for anything, he would always agree.

Claire just stared at the person in front of her without moving. Could she trust the person before her?

Claire was a bit hesitant. From the first time they had met, she had felt something unusual.

Really unusual. What was it about him that was different? Why did she have such a feeling?

"Since your highness has already promised, is there a need to question me?" Claire said quietly, smiling faintly. Actually, the faint words had already answered Leng Lingyun's doubts.

"It's really you?" Leng Lingyun frowned slightly. The person the pope wanted to find was Claire? But was it a good thing or bad thing?

Claire fell silent, not saying anything any more.

Leng Lingyun also fell silent.

In his heart, he had already made a decision.

Leng Lingyun slowly stood up, looking at Claire as he said, "Don't worry. I won't find any trouble for you. You should first rest. I'll be taking my leave." After saying these words, Leng Lingyun left.

Claire watched Leng Lingyun from behind as he left, her gaze a bit complex. This man's attitude was very strange. Truly, very strange. Before, he was a cold person who stayed away from people, aloof, but now he said such words. Perhaps he had been affected by something?

Meanwhile, at this time, Liuxue Qing had already returned quickly to the temple of Light and seeing the pope.

"Black clothed, black haired man? Strength so powerful you couldn't see through him?" The pope say on a chair, questioning Liuxue Qing quietly. The embroidered design of suns decorated the pope's snow white robe while his expression was solemn and dignified.

"Yes. I think he and the black dragon from that night are related. But I can't tell exactly what the black clothed man is. Please inspect him, your holiness. The black clothed man is definitely not human." Liuxue Qing was sure of Ben's identity. One the pope confirmed the black clothed man's identity, then it would be certain that the theft of the goddess's gift was related to Claire! It was undoubtable.

"Alright, I understand. You may leave." The pope waved slightly, indicating for Liuxue Qing to leave. Liuxue Qing still wanted to say something, but seeing the pope's cold expression, she swallowed back her words and quietly withdrew.

The pope stood up, his face already ice cold, his eyes even colder. If what the divine princess said was true, then the theft of the goddess's gift was definitely related to that girl. No matter who, since she had actually done a thing, violating the goddess, she definitely had to be punished. With all these indications, the divine princess's words wouldn't be far from the truth. The divine princess's power was the greatest validation!

When Leng Lingyun returned to the temple, he didn't directly report to the pope. Instead, he went to find the greatest clairvoyant, L'Oréal.

He knocked on her door quietly. L'Oréal's celestial voice came from within. "Come in, Lingyun."

Leng Lingyun opened the door quietly and saw the green haired L'Oréal currently standing calmly in the middle of the room, a huge transparent crystal ball on a stand. Leng Lingyun looked the woman with a complex gaze. He had always held L'Oréal with high regard. This woman was not arrogant or impatient, always the most calm headed and fair person.

"L'Oréal......" Leng Lingyun sighed quietly, not saying anything else. L'Oréal had already stopped him with a light wave of her hand.

A heavenly voice came from L'Oréal's mouth. "I know what you came to ask. The person the goddess had been looking for is already found, correct?"

Leng Lingyun froze for a moment, falling silent.

"A useful blade or weapon against us." L'Oréal said faintly, her gaze still strangely empty, but this strange and empty pair of eyes were often able to see the future accurately.

"So...." Leng Lingyun frowned slightly.

"So you must make her become our temple's blade instead of weapon against us." L'Oréal's voice gradually became quietly, her tone meaningful.

"Lingyun understands." Leng Lingyun nodded. With just a few words, Leng Lingyun already completely understood L'Oréal's meaning. Claire was the exceptional person the goddess was looking for to be used for the temple, her prospects brilliant and bottomless. If she wasn't used by the temple, then she would become a great threat. Then the temple would definitely find to think up every possible way of getting rid of her. Xuanxuan's eager, pleading face appeared once more in Leng Lingyun's mind.

"Go, Leng Lingyun." L'Oréal smiled profoundly.

Leng Lingyun bowed slightly, then quietly withdrew.

After knocking on the pope's door, the pope''s benevolent yet dignified voice came. "Lingyun, come in."

After entering, Leng Lingyun saw the pope standing at next to the window with an icy cold expression. He seemed to be pondering about something.

"Your holiness." Leng Lingyun said quietly.

"There's been progress made for the matter of the theft of the goddess's gift." The pope said coldly.

Leng Lingyun froze, then said while frowning, "A lead has been found so soon? Who exactly was it that was able to steal the goddess's gift?"

But the pope didn't respond to Leng Lingyun's question immediately. Instead, he turned and said meaningfully, "Today when you went to find Claire, was there a black clothed black haired man who's strength you couldn't see through and seemed inhuman?"

Leng Lingyun frowned slightly, not understanding the purpose of the pope's question, but he remembered the scene of Claire being struck flying violently. He couldn't help but nod slightly. "Correct. His power was very strong, and his power is very wild."

"Did he have a human aura?" The pope asked quietly, but he already knew the answer.

Leng Lingyun fell silent. After a long time, he shook his head. "I couldn't feel any human aura from him."

"Humph!" The pope humphed coldly, his eyes already filled with fury. Audacious! A trifling castellan actually had the arrogance to steal the goddess's gift! She was actually able to summon a grandiose dragon to do such shady business!

Leng Lingyun couldn't help but call out a little worriedly, "Your holiness?" How could he not feel the huge change in the pope's aura?

The pope's eyes became icy cold, but he suppressed his fury. He turned towards Leng Lingyun, already planning how he was going to punish Claire.

The pope adjusted his expression and asked, "That's right, what did you come here for?"

"The person the goddess was looking for has been found. I have already confirmed with L'Oréal. It is them." Leng Lingyun's words lightened the pope's dark complexion.

"What? Already found? L'Oréal also confirmed?" The pope became a little excited. This was earth shaking news! The goddess had ordered to find the person long ago, yet they had only found out now.

"Yes, already found." Leng Lingyun looked at the excited pope and revealed a smile.

"The person who caused the anomaly in the sky?! Are you sure?" The pope asked a little eagerly.

"Yes. It was she who caused the anomaly in the sky." Leng Lingyun replied certainly. "The person who caused the anomaly in the sky that morning is none other than Claire Hill."