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 "Oh, it's nothing. Leave the pearl with me, I'll study it. If you like anything, buy it." Claire pulled out a few golden banknotes and handed it to Summer.

Summer happily accepted them and pulled Qiao Chuxin to buy things. Ben squeezed by, following from behind.

"Miss, is something the matter?" Claire wasn't the only one with sharp senses, Jean also felt something was off.

"Haha, this pearl doesn't seem simple." Claire played around with the pearl in her hand and suddenly pretended that she almost dropped it. From the corner of her eye, she saw the two golden haired, blue eyed people became a little panicky.

"Not simple?" Jean looked at the pearl in Claire's hand, but couldn't see what was unusual about it.

"You'll know soon." Claire watched the two young golden haired, blue eyed people approach speedily, making their way through the crowed. A sliver of a crafty smile appeared on her lips.

After the blonde man had made his way to Claire, he greeted Claire politely. "Good evening, pretty miss."

"Good evening." Claire greeted back casually.

"If I may be so presumptuous to ask, miss, are you willing to part with pearl in your hand? We'll pay you no matter the price." Evidently, the blond man was anxious, saying these words the moment they had met.

"This pearl?" Claire played with the pearl casually. She said indifferently, "The two of you really have foresight. This pearl is a unique one of a kind, a priceless treasure. To part with it, that's....that's hard to decide. And it doesn't seem suitable to talk about it here."

The blonde woman's complexion darkened, glaring at Claire. Claire turned to face the woman and smiled without a word.

"Okay, then mess, where do you want talk?" The blonde man's gaze had never left the pearl in Claire's hand once.

"We've talked for so long, yet I still don't seem to know your names and origins." Claire said casually.

The blonde woman seemed to want to say something, but was stopped with a look from the blonde man. Claire saw all this clearly.

"My name is Li Mingyu and this is my little sister Li Yuewen." The blonde man introduced politely.

"I'm Claire. Pleased to meet you." Claire saw the nearby Li Yuewen's sharp gaze and laughed inwardly. The woman probably wanted to snatch away the pearl in her hand and leave now.

Wait a minute! Last name Li? Li Mingyu? Claire frowned, rapidly trying to remember the family name and his name. Once she thought of it, her expression changed. Someone from the Li clan! She never would have thought they would appear here. Out of the four great clans of Lagark, Feng Yixuan and Shui Wenmo's Feng clan and Shui clan were two of them. The Li clan of the person in front of her was one of them. Only, the Li clan had declined in the past few years. Recently, there were rumors that a new generation had rose and seemed to be trying to revive the Li clan, and Li Mingyu was their leader!

She never would have thought that such an unremarkable looking pearl would attract the attention of such a person. She had already experienced the skills of the blonde woman. Then, as the elder brother, the blonde man's power was much higher than the woman's.

"Let's go, let's find a good place to talk." Claire's eyes flashed, a brilliant smile on her face. People who knew Claire well would know that she was scheming again.

Claire called over Summer and them, then brought the Li siblings to Camille's home.

Camille smiled like spring as he made tea for everybody. Claire completely ignored the the killing intent in Camille's eyes. She knew what it meant clearly: you damn, stinking brat, what do you think my place as, continuously bringing back people.

"New leader of the Li clan, talk. What do want with this pearl?" Claire gracefully raised the cup, smiling faintly.

Li Mingyu and Li Yuewen's expressions changed instantly. But Claire said first, "Don't worry, I trust everybody here. If I wanted to give you trouble, I wouldn't have brought you back here. Also, I'm met miss Li twice before."

"When did you figure it out." Li Yuewen's complexion darkened.

"Your gaze is very unique. Fierce, yet beautiful." Claire's reply made Li Yuewen freeze. It was the first time someone had described her gaze like that. But at least it sounded pretty good.

Li Mingyu glanced at the people in the room and twitched a bit. These people seemed to not care about them. The two girls were chatting quietly while looking at all the ornaments displayed on the table, sounding very cheerful. The black clothed man yawned, bored as he leaned on the sofa and watched the two girl's actions. A young man who looked like a knight stood at the side with his head lowered. The only normal looking person was the beautiful man who was currently placing pasties on the table carefully. Only Claire was paying attention to them!

"The Li people want to revive their clan and you are so eager to have the pearl in my hand. Are the two related? There's no way the leader of the new generation, Li Mingyu, would senselessly tour other countries and buy some treasure." Claire played with the pearl in her hands. The two Li sibling's stared intently at it. Meanwhile, the Azure Well in Li Mingyu's bag was vibrating more intensely.

"Okay, I'll tell you." Li Menyu replied solemnly after thinking about it for a bit.

"Elder brother!' Li Yuewen called anxiously, trying to stop him.

"It's fine. She's that person's..." Li Mingyu didn't finish what he was about to say. Li Yuewen saw the look in his eyes and sighed, then nodded and didn't speak any more.

"But I hope we three can talk in private." Li Mingyu requested.

"No problem. Teacher, I'll be borrowing your study." Claire got up and said to Camille, who was arranging pastries. Then she led the two towards the study.

Camille's crushed the pastry in his hand, then looked up while smiling like a flower. "Alright, no problem."

Jean followed from behind and guarded outside the study.

Claire set up a magic barrier, then sat down. The Li siblings also sat down, the two's gazes never leaving the pearl in Claire's hand.

"The pearl in your hand is related to the revival of the Li clan!" The next words Li Mingyu made Claire shocked.

"To tell you the truth, the pearl in your hand is called the Azure pearl and was originally part of the Azure Ripple." Li Yuewen pulled out the bronzeware from his bag and presented it to Claire. Claire saw that sure enough, there was a cavity about the same size as the pearl in her hand.

"So?" Clare looked at the Azure Ripple in Li Mingyu's hand.

"The Azure Ripple is only a guiding key. Once the Azure Pearl and the Azure Ripple are together, it will indicate where the treasure is. The day we find the treasure is the day the Li clan is revived." Li Mingyu slowly revealed his plan.

"What's the treasure? It can revive a whole clan?" Claire was confused.

"It's an artifact, sword.....the Azure Ripple sword. After using much time and effort, our Li ancestors created the sword. When the Li clan was at it's peak, the sword was hidden so that later generations wouldn't continuously rely on such power and not progress. But now the Li clan declining, day after day. We need this artifact." Li Mingyu said truthfully, but it made Claire feel doubt.

"After telling me so much, aren't you afraid that I might try to steal your Azure Ripple then try to find the treasure myself?" Claire said casually.

Nearby, Liu Yuewen said disdainfully,"You don't have the power. I could take your life right now."

"But then you wouldn't be able to even think of leaving this place, not to mention find your artifact and revive your clan." Claire returned fire indifferently.

Li Yuewen glared at the indifferent Claire, gritting her teeth. This girl wasn't cute at all!

"Even if you find it, there's no use. The Azure Ripple sword can only be pulled out with enough strength and the blood of the Li clan. Only when the Azure Ripple Sword has accepted you can you pull it out. It requires willpower, unwavering determination, and someone from the Li clan to pull out the Azure Ripple Sword and use it." Li Mingyu said without hurry.

Hearing this, Claire became interested. "Do all artifacts have intelligence? Can they choose their owner?"

"Naturally, artifacts are unordinary." Li Mingyu explained.

"I can give the Azure Pearl to you, but I have one condition." Claire said slowly, stroking the pearl in her hand.

"What condition?" Li Yuewen asked immediately.

"I want to go with you and see how the artifact is like. I'll train along the way." Claire said quietly, looking at the pearl in her hand.

"Train? In truth, right now you're as weak as a little chick." The nearby Li Yuewen started laughing.

"I will become strong." Claire said, exceptionally serious. She looked up and stared straight at at Li Yuewen.

The smile on Li Yuewen's face froze. Instantly, she was completely lost in Claire's determined gaze.

Claire put away the pearl and said indifferently. "Also, you need to wait ten days."

"Why?" Li Yuewen frowned, displeased.

"It's my birthday in ten days, the first time I'm celebrating it. I don't like such occasions, but Grandfather has already invited many people. I can't just leave it behind." Claire said quietly, sounding somewhat helpless.

Li Mingyu and Li Yuewen glanced at each other and both saw a complex look in the other's eyes.

"Alright. Ten days isn't much. I hope that when the time comes, you'll respect your promise." Li Mingyu got up and said bluntly, "Ten days later, we'll be waiting for you at the east gate's biggest hotel."

"That's fine." Claire nodded and also got up, "I'll send you off."

After sending off the Li siblings, Claire returned to the main hall and saw Summer and Qiao Chuxin were still looking at the small ornaments and couldn't help but smile.