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 The capital's temple of Light, the Pope's study:

The pope watched Liuxue Qing who was standing before him seriously, listening to her report. After finding the pope, she set up a magic barrier in the study, making him confused. Only after the pope finished hearing Lixue Qing did he understand why she was so serious.

"Are you sure you saw correctly?" The pope asked seriously. She was Cliff's disciple and also someone from the Hill clan, and recently rose in the capital. But even so, there was no way she could summer a grand, three headed dragon!

"Your holiness, I promise I saw correctly. The furry meatball that I saw Claire with today was the little animal that was crouching on the back of the black dragon that day. I know it seems outlandish, with Claire's strength, there's now way for her to summon a dragon, not to mention order one to do something so shameless. But, I promise, the little animal I saw today in her embrace was the once crouching on the black dragon's back that day." Liuxue Qing frowned, exceptionally serious.

The pope fell silent, not sure. The reason why Liuxue Qing was able to become the divine princess wasn't because of her appearance or elegance, but because of her undeniable strength. Illusions didn't work on her because of exceptional senses and strong fighting power.

If Liuxue Qing didn't see wrong, then was that girl from the Hill can able to summon a dragon then order him? He had personally seen the dragon that day, it was definitely real. And he definitely felt the despicable dragon's spit.

If it was really related to Claire, then he would have to take time to think about it. But that didn't mean he was going to let her go easily! Actually daring the steal the goddess's gift! Humph! No matter who it was, they would all receive due punishment.

"I understand. Don't publicize this information for now. I'll leave it to you to investigate. You know her so investigating should be relatively easy. If she really stole the goddess's gift, she will definitely receive due punishment. Even the emperor won't be able to shield her!" The pope said coldly, immediately improving Liuxue Qing's mood.

Liuxue Qing suppressed her urge to laugh and said to the pope solemnly, "You holiness, don't worry. I will definitely investigate and report everything.

"Yes. You may leave now." The pope nodded.

Not long after Liuxue Qing left, there was a quiet knock at the door.

"Come in." Naturally, the pope could tell from the footsteps who it was. It was the Temple of Light's highest clairvoyant, L'Oréal.

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L'Oréal had always had strange eyes and piercing green hair. She opened the softly and said concisely, "The person the goddess is looking for is in the capital. The anomaly in the sky was caused by that person."

"What?!" The pope stood up swiftly. When the divine prince, Leng Lingyun, went to Yowusali, he didn't find any clues, but now they were actually in the capital again?!

"The divine prince and princess were both there in the early morning when the anomaly happened, it should be easy to get an answer if we ask them." L'Oréal voice was incomparably empty, devoid of emotion.

"Alright. Thank you for your trouble." The pope was always very polite to L'Oréal because she was the equivalent of the goddess's eyes and mouth and had always passed on the goddess's orders.

"I well take my leave." L'Oréal said concisely and slowly withdrew.

The pope let out a sigh of relief. They hadn't been able to find any clues about the person the person the goddess was looking for after all this time. He was even a little afraid the goddess might lose her patience and blame them for not working hard enough. Now there was finally progress, how could he not let out a sigh?

Soon, Leng Lingyun arrived at the study.

"Your holiness, were you looking for me?" Leng Lingyun said, neither servile nor overbearing.

The pope looked at the person standing before him and felt somewhat regretful. This outstanding young man didn't work wholeheartedly for the Temple of Light because he believed in the goddess, but because of his little sister.

"Yes." The pope recollected his thoughts, stood up, and slowly approached Leng Lingyun, saying, "Lingyun, I have always treated you as my own child. I saw you when you entered the Temple of Light, saw your each and every step of progression to this level. I hope you will live up to my expectations."

"Lingyun knows and won't fail to live up to your holiness's expectations." Leng Lingyun's tone of voice still hadn't changed.

The pope sighed internally. As expected, this child still didn't open his heart to others.

"When the anomaly happened outside the city walls in the early morning, you were there. Can you tell me in detail what exactly happened?" The pope turned to the main topic.

"When it was early morning and I was heading to the city gates, I saw the dark clouds cover the sky, thunder and lightning booming...." Leng Lingyun started saying in detail, including that Claire had almost been murdered, but held back the matter of the earth spikes suddenly changing in direction

"You're saying Claire Hill was also there?" The pope frowned slightly, wanting to say something, but couldn't. How was that girl also involved? Coincidence?

"Yes." Leng Lingyun saw the pope's expression change and wanted to ask something, but resisted in the end.

"There's nothing else, you can take your leave. Investigate what exactly caused the anomaly." The pope ordered, still frowning.

"Yes." Leng Lingyun left the room, leaving the pope to ponder in the study alone.

Camille's house:

When Claire woke up, it was already night time. Summer came to get Claire to wake up and eat dinner. Qiao Chuxin, that shy and pretty girl, was smiling widely and seemed to getting along with everybody else pretty well. When she saw Claire and Summer enter, she immediately got up to greet them.

"Claire, today, big sister Summer bought me so many things." Qiao Chuxin said happily.

Sure enough, Claire saw that Qiao Chuxin looked like a new person. Clothes make the man, as the saying goes. Currently, Qiao Chuxin was lovely, wearing fitting pink clothes and gotten a brand new, pretty case for the bow that was on her back before.

"You still carry your bow when you're eating?" Claire sat down and asked.

"My mother has said if the bow is there, the person is here. If the bow isn't there, then there's no need for a person." Qiao Chuxin replied seriously.

Claire nodded. As a fighter, she understood this kind of mentality.

After everybody ate, Summer suggested that they stroll around the most flourishing night market of the capital.

Claire glanced at the eager Qiao Chuxin and nodded, agreeing. Qiao Chuxing and Summer cheered.

Little did they know, this stroll would bring them an unexpected encounter.

As night fell, the capital bustled with activity.

The noisy downtown area had lights brightening each street.

Summer and Qiao Chuxin were at the front, excitedly look at this, touching that. Jean and Ben silently followed Claire from behind. Pitiful Walter had to stay with Camille at home. If he didn't pay attention for even just one second, his Dark aura would be discovered. Naturally, he couldn't appear at the crowded downtown area.

"Claire, buy me this." Summer pointed at some ornaments displayed by a peddler on the side of the road.

"Take anything you guys like." Claire replied nonchalantly. Claire had no interest in the ornaments for little girls.

Summer and Qiao Chuxin happily chose what they liked, grabbing anything they took a liking to, and the Claire would pay.

The bustling streets make Qiao Chuxin's eyes wide. She had never seen such a lively night.

Amidst the crowd, a gaze landed on Claire.

"Elder brother, it's that little girl again." It was the mysterious golden haired, blue eyed woman.

"We keep on crossing paths." The golden haired, blue eyed man laughed quietly. Suddenly, expression changed greatly, because he felt the bronzeware vibrate in the bag!What did this mean? It meant that the pearl that had originally been part of the bronzeware was close, developing a resonance between the two!

"Elder brother, what is it?" The golden haired, blue eyed girl frowned slightly. Naturally, she discovered the man's strange response.

"The Azure Pearl is close by!" The man said with a low voice, very certain.

"What?" The blonde woman said exclaimed quietly, surprised. "Close by? Elder brother, are you sure?"

"I'm sure. The Azure Ripple is vibrating, he can feel the Azure Pearl is nearby." The blonde man's expression started to become anxious, then he looked in all directions. But it was so crowded, where could he find the Azure Pearl?

Right at this moment, the blonde man's expression changed again, because he saw clearly that a girl pull out an ordinary looking pearl clearly, and the pearl was vibrating!

"Claire, how strange. The pearl seems like it's having spasms, it keeps on vibrating." Summer didn't understand why the pearl had been vibrating her bag continuously and had taken it out to give it to Claire.

Claire looked suspiciously at the pearl in her hand and starting pondering. The pearl was vibrating for no reason? It seemed like it was resonating with something.

Suddenly, Claire felt two burning gazes on her. She looked up instantly and saw a man and women who looked similar to each other staring fiercely at her from within the crowd, or to be more accurate, staring fiercely at the pearl in her hand! And the woman gave Claire a familiar feeling. That pair of eyes....Ah! She remembered, it was the assassin from that night who could have killed her but didn't and also the woman who she had bumped into after stealing the goddess's gift.

What relation did they have with this pearl? Claire withdrew her gaze, looking at the pearl in her hand. She thought about the two's intense stare, then realized something.

Perhaps this pearl wasn't as simple as it seemed.

"Claire?" Summer's puzzled voice called Claire, making her come back to her senses.