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 (TL: I'm using golden haired and blonde interchangeably based on personal preferences on which one fits the 'feel' better)

The spikes that were just then about to pierce through Claire all turned around, crazily striking up. The sound of air being struck forcefully made one terrified.

All of the earth spikes were going in one direction: to the bloodthirsty male.

The bloodthirsty man froze; he was completely shocked by the scene. These were all summoned and used by him, but now they turned to attack him!

Something like this could happen? Even if it was an enchanter of the same element, they could only call out the same kind of magic element and attack back in the same manner. How could the magic element he already called out be influenced?! It was like those earth spikes were called out by that golden haired girl.

The bloodthirst man's gaze was completely incredulous, because he was shocked to discover that all of the surrounding earth element rejected his request, rejected his call, and instead, madly gathered towards that blonde girl!

How could something like this happen? In a magic fight, it was all their own magic element gathered, summoning magic elements to request that they could successfully use magic. How much they could summon depended on the magician's own abilities. Each would summon, but weren't able to make magic elements only listen to them or reject someone.

Only a sorcerer could do this kind of thing, could order magic elements to obey their words, rejecting other's requests. But currently, there was only one sorcerer in the entire continent and they were already missing for a long time. And of course this blonde girl definitely couldn't be a sorcerer!

But the girl in front of him ordered the magic elements to reject his summoning and request! The reflection of earth spikes in the bloodthirsty man's eyes became bigger and bigger.

The bloodthirsty man finally came back to his senses, immediately rolling over, dodging barely.

There was the "swoosh, swoosh, swoosh" sound of air, and then the terrifying sound of objects piercing into the ground.

The place where the bloodthirsty man was standing at was punctured, filled with countless sharp spikes. The man was so scared, there was a layer of cold sweat on his back.

Alice watched the scene dumbstruck, not able to come back to her senses for a long time.

A hallucination?

No, not a hallucination.

"Claire...?!" Lingyun Leng swiftly ran over. Seeing Claire still sunk in, he instantly extended his hand without thinking, preparing to pull Claire out.

Claire looked at the pair of pale and slender hands that suddenly appeared and froze for a second.

"Are you alright?" Lingyun Leng asked in a low voice instead of withdrawing his hands. The faint worry in his voice wasn't noticed by Claire; even Lingyun Leng himself didn't notice.

"I, I'm fine." Claire hesitated for a moment, but still reached out.

Lingyun Leng grabbed Claire's hands and pulled her up.

Right at that moment, Liuxue Qing and Xuanxuan Leng arrived and saw that scene.

Liuxue Qing's gaze stopped on the two tightly held pair of hands. A haze flashed through her eyes, but immediately disappeared.

Lingyun Leng pulled Claire up, but he still didn't let go.

"Divine Prince, thank you. I, I'm fine now." Claire quietly said and drew back her hands.

"Oh." Lingyun Leng suddenly understood a bit looking at Claire and pulled back his hands. Lingyun Leng clenched his fists quietly. He didn't know why, but when Claire pulled back her hands, he actually felt a slight sense of loss.

"How did you..." Just when Lingyun Leng opened his mouth to say some words, Liuxue Qing's angry shouts suddenly sounded.

"Where do you think you're going?!" Liuxue Qing angrily shouted, attracting Claire and Lingyun Leng's gazes.

Alice's face ashened and paled and the nearby man's expression became a bit complex. Alice had pulled the nearby man, just about to leave sneakily, but was stopped by Liuxue Qing's shout.

"Alice Roman?" Lingyun Leng had very good memory; he remembered every single noble's name whom he had met before. Currently, Lingyun Leng's voice held a faint trace of anger. What he had just seen was these two just about to kill Claire.

Instantly, Alice's complexion completely paled.

She knew that this time, the situation wouldn't be resolved easily.

Alice covered her head in shame, silent, but from beginning to end, the nearby man's expression was complex. Once Claire and Lingyun Leng walked closer, that man turned and looked at Claire. It was such a direct stare, not moving one inch.

"Alice Roman, I and the Divine Princess saw this incident very clearly. It was you who meant ill will to Claire. I think we can only ask the emperor to decide what to do about this incident!" Lingyun Leng's voice was ice-cold, without any trace of warmth.

"Don't, your highness." Alice looked up fearfully, her expression completely panicked, her gaze filled with dread. She knew that this time, she had messed up big time.

"No need to say more. We'll go see the emperor right now." Lingyun Leng's expression was completely ice-cold, not giving any leeway.

A faint shadow appeared in Liuxue Qing's eyes. It was the first time she had seen Leng Lingyun so concerned about someone else's business. In Liuxue Qing's mind, Leng Lingyun never spared a glance at someone else, not to mention deal with other people's business. But now he took on the trouble of a tiny, insignificant castellan, concerned to the point that he wanted to meet the emperor. Was it only because Xuanxuan liked that golden haired girl? Was it only because of this?

Just at this moment, a figure floated down. It was a sleepy Cliff. Cliff had been wakened by the sound of lightning and thunder, and then suddenly recalled that he had seen it before. He had doubted that it was related to Claire, but still hurriedly rushed over. Behind Cliff, there was a red robed cardinal from the Temple of Light - Lawrence. There were also people coming from the city entrance, all attracted by the previous thunder and lightning.

As the crowd grew bigger, Alice's face paled. She knew this time, she was really finished.

Cliff landed, staring at Lawrence, who had landed behind him, and said without courtesy, "Why are you here?"

"Same reason as you." Lawrence shrugged. Seeing Leng Lingyun and Claire standing there, he smiled widely and approached.

"Aiya, Claire, why are you here?" Lawrence asked, exceptionally intimate as he approached and directly stroked Claire's head. Seeing it, Cliff started seething with anger. This stinky old man, was he still stubbornly trying to recruit Claire as his disciple?

"Sir Lawrence, greetings. I came out to walk my magic beast and saw the strange scene in the sky, so I wanted to go over and see. Unexpectedly, I didn't expect Alice to launch a sneak attack. Fortunately, his highness passed by and saved me." Claire replied, frowning, her tone sounded like she felt wronged and was innocent.

"What?!" Lawrence frowned and started shouting angrily, "Lingyun, was it like that?"

"Yes, Master. Just as I rushed over, I saw them attacking." Leng Lingyun calmly replied.

"You guys actually dared to attack my disciple, die!" A piercing roar came from behind Lawrence. Everybody turned and saw Cliff's ferocious expression, about to attack.

"You're old, not young, but still like this." Lawrence's expression became very ugly. This old fellow was still so protective, still not paying attention to who or what kind of situation he was in before attacking. There was already a group of people over their approaching. If two people were killed here, then wasn't that finding trouble for oneself? Only Leng Lingyun had seen the two treat Claire unfairly, while Claire was still standing there fine. But if Cliff made a move, then the group of people currently heading over would all see. Then when they faced the emperor, it would be hard to explain.

"You want to shield those two?" Cliff's expression was even more ugly than Lawrences as he asked.

"They are both relatives of the minister, it's best to let the emperor handle it. The emperor will definitely not be biased. Lingyun and Liuxue Qing know to tell the truth of the matter to the emperor." Afterall, Lawrence had lasted many years between the Temple of Light and royal family's strained relationship and was an exceptional old fox.

Cliff stared at Lawrence while frowning, not making a sound.

"Master, sir Lawrence's words make a lot of sense. I believe the emperor will give me a fair ruling." Claire consoled Cliff.

"Alright." Cliff agreed begrudgingly, then glanced at Alice hatefully once more, scaring Alice so much that she immediately lowered her head.

Many people had gathered at the city gate. Some people saw Claire, Lawrence and the Divine Prince and Princess, exclaiming in surprise. If these people were there, then the anomaly that had happened before wasn't strange any more. It was definitely because of them. Claire saw the look in their eyes and became relieved. It was fine if these people misunderstood this way.

Amidst the crowd, one man and one woman glanced over. Both had golden hair and blue eyes. Currently, their exceptional looks weren't noticed because everybody's gazes were on Cliff and Lawrence, as well as the Divine Prince and Princess. These influential people's presence naturally attracted everybody's attention.

"What do you think?" The golden haired blue eyed man asked the nearly golden haired blue eyed woman in a low voice.

"I don't know if there's something off whenever I look that girl, I keep feeling like the strange situation from before is related to her." The golden haired blue eyed woman replied in a low voice.

"I would rather believe that you just feel off seeing that girl, but I know your intuition is scarily accurate." The golden haired blue eyed man said, teasing a little.

The golden haired blue eyed woman fell silent. She squinted, seeing Claire, and didn't speak any more.

"Don't get attracted by other things, we'll leave once we find that thing." The golden haired blue eyed man said in a low voice.

"Problem is there's no traces. Somebody made a move before us. I actually still don't know in whose hands that thing is in." The golden haired blue eyed woman said a little resentfully.

"Don't be too anxious, we're already carrying that thing on us. As long as the other thing gets close to use, there will be a response." The golden haired blue eyed man consoled quietly, then added, "Don't worry, it's definitely in this city."

"Yes, I hope so." The golden haired blue eyed woman's voice was a bit depressed. Once they found that they, they would revitalize their clan! For this goal, they definitely needed to find it!

"Let's go." The golden haired blue eyed man turned, squeezed into the crowd, and disappeared. The woman followed closely behind and also disappeared into the crowd.

"Well, we should see the emperor now." Cliff glared at Alice and the man next to her coldly.

Claire had called for the wind leopard and scooped up white emperor. At this moment, Liuxue Qing's gaze landed on the fur ball in Claire's embrace, a flash of confusion in her eyes. Why did she feel that little furball looked a bit familiar? Claire didn't notice Liuxue Qing's confused look that floated over to White Emperor from time to time.

The morning was bound to be stormy.

The Roman clan's younger generation was unfair to Claire Hill, who had recently gained fame. Soon, the matter was spread throughout the capital and everybody paid close attention to the developments of the case.

Currently, the emperor was sitting on the throne, feeling a bit of a headache seeing the two old men standing before him. One was glittering with vitality, one was sagging a bit. And nearby was the ashen faced Cliff, then the tranquil Lawrence. Also, the Divine Prince and Princess, Leng Lingyun and Liuxue Qing was present. Finally, silently standing at the very back was Claire, Alice, and Alice's cousin.

Of course, the energetic one was Duke Hill, while the sagging one was Duke Roman. Duke Roman's heart was howling with grief, while also hating that his granddaughter failed to meet his expectations and didn't listen. He had already warned her to not provoke people from the Hill clan. And now, wow. Not only did she provoke them, it had been seen by many influential people who could serve as proof. Now even if she didn't acknowledge it, there would be trouble.

"This incident makes my heart break. We are all supports of the country and the two of them is our country's future supporting pillars. But now, this has happened...." The emperor stated. He knew that this matter had to be addressed. It wasn't two people dueling fairly, and also wasn't two children fighting, but murder!