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 Claire didn't have any classes in the afternoon, so she walked around the peaceful campus. Claire first thought of visiting the library.

"Excuse me, which way is the library?" Claire asked a random boy passing by.

Unexpectedly, this male student looked at Claire as if she was a ghost, and hurried away with a panic stricken face, looking back from time to time, as if afraid that Claire would chase after him to harass him.

Claire was speechless. The person looked like a pig. Even the previous Claire wouldn't have fancied a person at this level. What's with these people, have they never looked in a mirror before? They overestimated themselves way too much. It was an insult to even the previous Claire's aesthetic standard.

Claire's mouth twitched. Each person she met treated her like a snake or scorpion, avoiding her in the shape of a C.

In the distance, a pair of eyes flashed and looked curiously at Claire. This was the infamous male chasing idiotic girl? She doesn't seem like what the rumors said though. On the contrary, she seemed steady and more mature than her actual age. Especially to those who excluded her, her indifference made her seem much older than she was.

Just when Claire was deciding whether to look for the library herself or find a teacher and ask for directions, a sweet voice floated into her ear. "Hi, are you looking for the library? If it's okay with you, I can show you the way."

Claire turned her head, amazed because the voice was neither satirical nor hypocritical, but very sincere instead. Who would be nice enough to talk to her? When she saw the girl standing behind her, Claire felt slightly surprised. Although this girl wore a simple, elegant lavender dress, her whole being exuded grandeur. The embroidered golden Bauhinia on her collar revealed her identity: the one and only princess of Amparkland - Maurice Adelien. With long maroon curls, blue irises, delicate lips, she was absolutely beautiful.

"Your Highness." Claire was just about to bow, but Maurice stopped her.

"This is the Institute, not the court. We are classmates, so there's no need to bow." Maurice smiled while preventing Claire from bowing.

The small act of kindness created a favorable impression in Claire's heart. Such a princess, neither arrogant nor sumptuous, naturally made one like her.

"Thank you, your highness." Claire smiled.

"No need to be so distant. I'll take you to the library." Maurice also smiled. The girl made her very curious and interested. She felt that the girl before her was not so simple. There was no particular reason, she just felt that way.

Princess Maurice brought Claire all the way to the library. On the way, many people sent puzzled looks. How could the noble princess hang out with the man-chasing idiot?

The library was quiet and calm. At the door, the librarian let them in after checking their student cards, but they were only allowed on the first three floors, not the fourth. The moment they walked in, they caught the eyes of many people. A dignified, refined, beautiful princess and an infamous figure of the capital known as an idiot who chased after men. These two completely different people were walking together?

"Lashia, look!" a young girl preparing to go upstairs called out to Lashia lightly.

"What?" Lashia, slightly annoyed, looked towards where the young girl's gaze pointed. Her face darkened immediately. How dare this foolish Claire mess around with the princess, her Royal Highness? Just because no one paid attention to her doesn't mean she could go fawn over the princess! If she did anything crazy, she would bring total disgrace to the Hill clan! That dirty idiot! Seems like someone needs to show her who's superior before she forgets her place.

"Humph, let's go," Lashia coldly humphed and walked upstairs. Just you wait, Claire, you idiot. Once you're alone, I'll teach you a lesson for Grandfather, Lashia vowed.

Claire felt an ominous look and turned her gaze. She saw Lashia's figure as she went upstairs. Lashia... Claire's heart palpitated. She knew that the unruly child would quickly find her. She had to improve her strength greatly in a short amount of time and think of a strategy.

"Claire, what genre are you looking for?" princess Maurice asked in a quiet voice.

"I'm just looking around" Claire nodded, smiling, "Thank you for taking me here, your highness. Please excuse me while I go search for a book."

"Of course." Princess Maurice nodded and left to go upstairs.

The Institute's library held a large collection of books. Claire quickly found some books that she was interested in and sat down in the most remote corner to read. She was so focused on the books that she forgot about the time until the library was closing and the librarian came to remind her. Judging by the color of the sky, it was probably later than nine o'clock. Claire's stomach started protesting.

Because she was too focused on the books, she had forgotten to eat. Claire borrowed two books and left. Students like her could only borrow two books at most, while geniuses like Lashia who the principle favored could borrow five books at once, just like the teachers.

It was night time on campus. A soft breeze blew through, cool and refreshing.

To go home or to the dorms? Claire looked at the sky and decided to go home. She still had some questions regarding magic that she wanted to ask Emery. Gordon refused to allow Emery to be Claire's teacher and Emery thought himself as not good enough, but in Claire's heart, Emery was already her mentor.

Just past the woods and across the square was the school gate.

As she entered the woods, a breeze stirred. Claire stopped, her gaze flitting behind her. Coldly, she said, "Come out."

Her only answer was the wind and the rustling of leaves.

Claire's eyes were cold and hard. How unfortunate the young genius had to wait for so long, Claire thought sarcastically.

"Humph! You idiot." The next moment, a cold voice sounded in the woods. Lashia appeared suddenly behind Claire, looking like a ghost in her white dress.

Claire turned around slowly, looking indifferently at the utterly contorted face before her and sighed helplessly. This willful and impatient child, carrying out her plan so soon.

"Get the hell out of school and stay at home obediently. Don't come out to disgrace our family." Lashia gritted her teeth furiously. "I don't know what Grandfather is thinking, letting a moron like you in school. Perhaps you haven't shamed us enough?"

"What if I refuse?" A strange smile flitted across Claire's face. She didn't have time to argue with this brat.

In Lashia's eyes, the smile was insolent taunting.

"Then I will show you what happens if you refuse." Lashia stretched out her hand abruptly, her eyes filled with hostility, already chanting.