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 "Cousin, what, what is that?" Alice's voice trembled a bit.

"I don't know." The cold voice also held a sliver of doubt. "But the person we want to find also went over there. Go."

"Cousin, let's, let's forget about it today." Alice said worriedly, looking at the strange scene in the sky.

"I won't change my mind on what I have decided, go!" The indifferent voice was clearly annoyed, taking the lead as he went in front.

Alice looked at her cousin's figure, and a feeling of unease arose in her heart. It was only after she hesitated for a while that she followed him from behind.

Meanwhile, Liuxue Qing, who was at the city gate, also frowned and looked with suspicion at the strange scene outside the city.

"Elder Sister Qing, what is that?" Why hasn't Elder Brother come yet?" Xuanxuan Leng pulled the corner of Liuxue Qing's clothes gently and asked.

The two had came to the city gate very early because they were waiting for Lingyun Leng, who was about to come back. Lingyun Leng went and didn't find anything, so he could only come back. A sending squad would be too excessive. The Temple of Light wouldn't start anything unless the situation was urgent. Naturally, because they didn't find anything, Lingyun Leng rode a carriage back.

"He should be here soon, Xuanxuan, don't be impatient." Liuxue Qing consoled, but she was looking at the strange sight in the sky. What on earth was going on?

A carriage was quickly nearing the capital. Naturally, the person sitting in the carriage was Lingyun Leng. Lingyun Leng also noticed the strange anomaly in the sky, incessantly puzzled in his heart.

Meanwhile, Alice and her cousin were currently approaching Claire, who was preparing to receive the heavenly tribulation.

"Oh, Ma, two ants have come." Golden Lotus warned.

After Claire heard that, she closed her eyes and extended her consciousness. After she extended it, a trace of a strange smile appeared from the corner of her mouth. It was really an inevitable clash; it was actually Alice, the woman who had lost the duel against her.

The rumbling sound became louder, the pitch-black clouds boiling.

With a huge rumble, a piercing, bright lightning streaked across the vast sky, immediately striking down.

The lightning brimming with supreme power struck the golden lotus from above and disappeared in a flash, without a trace. Claire didn't move, because there was another lightning strike.

The next moment, the fearsome-looking heavenly tribulation lightning strikes were also absorbed by the golden lotus easily.

"I'm full now. Ma, the rest is up to you. Looking at those two ants feels really uncomfortable." And so, the giant golden lotus that was wrapped around Claire slowly disappeared.

Claire stood up and looked up at the sky. The dark clouds in the sky were quickly dispersing. It was the same as last time.

Claire walked to the wind leopard and White Emperor's side. She reached out and stroked the wind leopard, smiling secretly as she said, "Little Leopard is really obedient."

An indifferent voice without any warmth suddenly sounded from the distance. "You are Claire Hill?"

Claire looked up and saw a strangely clothed young man currently looking coldly at her. At his side was a cold-faced Alice. Claire raised her brow slightly. The feeling that this young man gave her was unfeeling and bloodthirsty. Only a person who had truly been immersed in life or death battles could have this kind of aura.

This person was dangerous.

"She is Claire Hill." The nearby Alice hurriedly said. Cousin must quickly get rid of this slut. The strange scene in the sky just now was definitely going to be noticed by people. In a moment, more people would come and check. At that time, it would be difficult to act.

"Very good. Then go die." The blood thirsty man snorted. He waved his hand slightly, without any incantations. Instantly, numerous sharp and long spikes came out of the surroundings of Claire's rock, completely locking Claire inside. He was actually an earth-attributed magician, and also already able to insta-cast.

"Now, come and enjoy." The bloodthirsty man started laughing. A sinister and brutal hint of a smile appeared from the depths of Alice's eyes.

"Cousin, quickly, quickly get rid of this little slut. In a moment people will come. When the time comes, it will be annoying." Alice urged a little impatiently.

Naturally, the blood thirsty man knew what Alice meant. The strange scene in the sky just now was bound to attract many people over. At that time, it would be hard to deal with with many people.

"Then she'll just be lucky." The blood thirsty man sneered coldly, waving his hand to summon the earth element, preparing to order the earth spikes surrounding Claire to attack and viciously pierce through Claire's body.

But what happened next wasn't the scene of blood flying and internal organs pierced bloodily as the bloodthirsty man imagined.

Claire coldly humphed, emitting cyan Dou Qi from her body, directly shattering the earth spikes that were encircled around her, fragments flying everywhere. Dust flew, a terrifying sight.

"Grand warrior?! How is that possible?" Alice cried in alarm, not able to believe what she had just seen. That slut could actually emit cyan Dou Qi! How could it be possible? That was something only grand warriors could emit! It had only been a short time since the last time she saw that little slut, and now she had actually advanced to this level! Impossible, it was impossible! Alice was shocked. Her Dou Qi had already advanced like this, so what about magic? How on earth was that little slut's magic?

"You really are a double classed magic warrior, but today, I won't let you cultivate any more." The bloodthirsty man laughed coldly, suddenly clapping his hands together. A huge force shot out of the gap between his hands, the giant and sharp earth spikes in front of him quickly shooting out, which then attacked Claire. Instantly, a wall of a line of sharp earth spikes arose, a spectacular yet terrifying sight.

Claire flipped, dodging the incomparably sharp earth spikes. But just as she stabilized, the ground beneath her feet began to sink, because the earth below her feet suddenly became a whirlpool-like quicksand, making Claire's feet sink in.

"Howl~~~" Nearby, the wind leopard became worried. It rushed over, but was blocked by a wall of sharp earth spikes. The sharp earth spikes also attacked the wind leopard. The wind leopard dodged nimbly, but was now farther away from Claire, who was sinking into the quicksand. On the other hand, White Emperor had never moved the whole time. He only crouched on the big stone from before, calmly waiting.

(TL: noooo don't attack the leopard, the leopard didn't do anything wrong!)

"Just let this place become your tomb." The bloodthirsty man said in a low voice, a cruel smile emerging on his face.

A cruel and brutal smile also appeared from the depths of Alice's eyes. Burying this slut alive was not bad. Alice suppressed her urge to laugh wildly, sinisterly watching Claire, who was sinking deeper and deeper into the quicksand. What made Alice resentful was that although Claire was trapped in danger, her face was tranquil, not frantic or fearful at all.

Alice ran up to the side of the quicksand, watching Claire, who was sinking inside, sinisterly. "You little slut!" Alice cursed. "Did you think at the time when you took my weapon weapon there would be a day like this? And is my weapon something you can take? You need to pay with your life. Burying you alive right now is still letting you off too easily."

"Only this kind of ability?" Claire sneered, waving her hand slightly, just about to use magic, but suddenly Golden Lotus's voice sounded in her head.

"Ma! Concentrate and sense the surrounding earth elements! Order them, remember, it's an order! Not request!" Golden Lotus said irritably.

Claire froze for a moment. Order? Not request? All use of magic was requesting magic elements to gather around the enchanter and then become a spell. Only then could they show their power. But Golden Lotus wanted her to sense the earth elements and order them? But wasn't she best at fire magic?

Although Claire had some doubts in her heart, she immediately closed her eyes, concentrating to sense the surrounding earth element. Claire was shocked to discover that previously, she could only sense man red specks moving as if they were alive, but now, besides the red specks, there was actually many yellow specks moving about. This was the earth element?

Right now, Claire's eyes were closed, but she could see those spikes and the concentrated earth element below her feet. These were all because of that bloodthirsty man's use of magic.

Order the earth elements?

Order, not request!

"Cousin, kill her quickly! Kill that little slut quickly!" When Alice saw that Claire was about to make a move but stopped, a strong feeling of unease arose in her heart. She faced her cousin and called out frantically, "Cousin, quickly, quickly kill that little slut!"

The bloodthirsty man frowned deeply, coldly looking at Alice. With one look at that terrifying gaze, Alice stepped back in fear. Because that gaze was too terrifying, too terrifying. It gave one an indescribable pressure.

"Cousin, I, I wasn't ordering you. Really, I didn't mean to order you. How could I order you?" Alice frantically and hurriedly explained. She couldn't know this cousin's personality any clearer. Savage, cruel, unfeeling... and hated when someone used a commanding tone to him the most. For this reason, he had injured two of the clan's elders, but didn't receive a harsh punishment, because he was truly very strong and showed high potential. Of course the clan wouldn't really do anything to him.

"Cousin, I, I was only afraid this little slut would play some dirty tricks." Alice hurriedly explained. It was because she saw Claire closed her eyes and didn't move, continuously letting herself sink in. It was too abnormal; the little slut was definitely thinking of something.

"Humph! What harm can she do!" The bloodthirsty man humphed coldly. With a slight flick of his finger, countless sharp earth spikes arose from the ground. Next, it was like they had eyes, madly striking towards Claire. It could be envisioned that if those spikes pierced Claire, Claire would be riddled with holes.

The bloodthirsty man revealed an indifferent expression, about to turn and leave. To him, the situation was already dealt with.

"Claire!!!" Suddenly, a clear and cold voice with surprise and fear angrily sounded.

Alice was shocked, turned to look, and immediately, her complexion browned.

Silver hair, violet irises.

The Temple of Light's Holy Divine Prince!

What happened in the next instant made Alice drop to the ground.