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 "Didn't I say not to bother me?" Claire said fiercely.

"Miss, it's me, I came to give you food." Jean's voice quietly sounded outside the door.

Claire froze, then stood up to open the door for Jean. Jean was carrying a dish, his expression lonely for some reason.

"Come in." Claire said sourly.

"Miss..." It was only after Jean shut the door and put the pan onto the table that he sat down and stared at Claire.

"Something else?" Claire asked, frowning slightly.

"Miss, I wanted to ask you, do you accept my loyalty?" Currently, Jean's expression was exceptionally serious.

Claire froze. What was that supposed to mean?

"If I didn't accept, then I would have thrown you away long before, during the battle against the golden dragon." Claire said coldly.

"But, Miss, why did you not tell me about your dangerous actions last night? I am your guardian knight; I don't want to share joy together, but to face hardships together. I hope you can share your worries, hope that when you are in danger, I can shield in front of you." Besides seriousness, Jean's expression had a faint hint of loneliness.

In a flash, Claire wasn't able to say anything. She just stared at Jean's shining gaze.

"Miss, if next time something like this happens where I can't help, please can you tell me once, okay?" Jean implored, staring at Claire strongly.

"Okay..." Claire looked at Jean's expression and couldn't help but say the word okay.

After obtaining Claire's reply, a smile appeared on Jean's face. "Then Miss should first eat and then rest." After saying these words, he got up, opened the door, and left.

"Ma, this man has improper thoughts about you, definitely. I dislike this guy, too tsundere, not showing anything on the outside." Golden Lotus's voice suddenly sounded, then said happily, "At least that Walter or something guy has disappeared. From now on, Ma is all mine."

(TL: Before people call me a weeabo, the meaning of it was "outwardly cold or retiring but deep and passionate inside" and that sound suuper awkward by itself. I'm fairly sure this is the Chinese equivalent of tsundere, positive. Although I probably am a weeb seeing as I made the website name japanesemafialady...)

Claire: "........."

"Golden Lotus, don't sleep. I want to break through. Help me withstand the heavenly tribulation." Claire said after looking at the food on the table and eating some casually.

"Okay. Right now?" Golden Lotus answered immediately.

"This place doesn't work. We'll go out the city." Claire understood very deeply that she had to become strong as fast as possible. The Divine Princess, Liuxue Qing was actually able to detect her when she was invisible.

"Okay." Golden Lotus was eager to try.

Claire reached her hand out at White Emperor, who was beside the pillow. White Emperor chirped twice, pounced onto Claire's hand, and then while he was at it, crawled up to her shoulder and then her head.

Claire was about to go out, but then thought of the promise she had just made with Jean. She then turned to knock on Jean's door.

The door opened very quickly. Jean looked at Claire, who was standing at the door, and said, puzzled, "Miss, is something the matter?"

"I'm going out. I have something to do outside the city. It's nothing big. You don't need to come with me. I'll come back before noon." Claire said simply.

Jean looked at Claire and asked suspiciously, "What is it that Miss is going for? There won't be any danger?"

"There's no danger. I'll come back right after going out. You don't need to come with me. Watch after Summer and Black Dragon Ben. Make sure they don't cause trouble. It's just outside the city, what can possibly happen?" Claire downplayed the situation.

Jean hesitated and said, "But..."

"If there was danger, I would bring you." Claire blocked Jean with one sentence. "I'll leave and return quickly."

Not waiting for Jean to reply, Claire brought White Emperor to the backyard, going out from the back door while riding the wind leopard. Jean silently watched Claire from behind, his eyes full of confliction.

A golden blonde haired, green-eyed, beautiful girl rode a seventh grade magic beast running in the streets. Naturally, it aroused attention. It was just that right now it was early morning with few people in the streets, so it didn't cause a disturbance.

A carriage traveled slowly on the street. When Claire rode the wind leopard, dashing past, the horses around the carriage all cried out in fear continuously, immediately starting to flare up. It was only after the coachman used up a lot of energy that they were calmed down. The person inside the carriage poked their head out angrily, but just as they thought about asking what was going on, they saw a familiar figure currently dashing out the city.

It was Claire Hill! The eyes of the person inside the carriage instantly widened. It was really enemies on the same road1. The person inside the carriage was none other than Alice Roman, the person who had formerly proposed a duel to Claire but lost horribly and also lost one of the Roman clan's heirlooms.

Alice squinted, looking at Claire who was far away, and frowned deeply. What was a slut doing so early?

"Alice, what is it?" A cold voice sounded from beside Alice.

"Cousin, I just saw my enemy go out of the city." Alice snorted.

(TL: Using cousin because there's no way to convey the whole thing without sounding weird. In Chinese, the word means "older male cousin via female line". Chinese filial piety......

"Oh, is it the person who made you lose your magic sword?" The cold voice had a hint of curiosity.

"It is." Alice admitted begrudgingly.

"Let's go. Your cousin will let you vent some anger." The cold voice said.

"Really?" Alice asked happily. If Cousin fought, then it would be a sure win. Cousin was a wizard! He had come from Lagark to here this time to visit home. It seemed like he had some business to discuss with Grandfather. With Cousin who was so strong fighting, how could that slut not be taught a lesson?

"Of course. She actually dared to bully our Alice. I'll make her pay the price." The indifferent voice held disdain.

"But it's someone from the Hill clan. If we teach them a lesson now, will it cause trouble for Grandfather?" Alice bit her lip, somewhat wavering as she spoke.

"Dead people can't talk." The indifferent voice was sinister and confident.

"Cousin, is this ok?" Alice's face revealed a hint of surprise.

"How is it not ok? Let's go. Tell the coachman to turn around and follow." The indifferent voice said maliciously.

"Okay." Alice instructed the coachman to turn around, but an imperceptible trace of smile flashed from the depths from her eyes. She just knew with her cousin's personality this kind of decision would be made.

Alice looked outside the city gate, snickering in her heart. Little slut, you won't be killed so easily.

The carriage turned around, going outside the city speedily.

Currently, Claire had already slowed her speed, looking for a suitable area, preparing for heavenly tribulation. She didn't know at the moment that a danger was approaching slowly.

Claire went out of the city, heading to a secluded area right outside the city. She really didn't want the shocking scene of heavenly lightning being seen by other people.

In the early hours of the morning, the whole forest was very quiet, some drops of dew on leaves.

"Little leopard, wait for me over there." Claire patted the wind leopard's head, pointing to a nearby stone in front of them. Then, Claire brought down White Emperor from her head and put it on the wind leopard's head. "White Emperor, you should also go over there."

The wind leopard raised White Emperor up, walked over, laid on the big stone, and waited obediently.

Claire found a dry and clean place, sat down in the lotus position, and extended out her spiritual sense, feeling the surroundings. The surroundings were calm, without any anomalies. It was only after Claire set up a barrier that she started to practice the golden lotus force, preparing to break through into the third level.

Claire's whole body emitted a faint, golden light, the radiance growing stronger. Again, the mysterious realm appeared where she could sense everything in the surroundings clearly.

Suddenly, an unrestrained Qi arose. Claire was a little astonished. Just as Golden Lotus said, the beginning levels harmonized magic elements and Dou Qi, very easy to break through. She remembered Golden Lotus saying before that if she didn't give birth to him, then she could only cultivate to the Treasured Lotus Style's tenth level, in other words, the equivalent of a Sorcerer's power. With this she could infer from what Golden Lotus said, that she could quickly cultivate to the seventh level, meant that it was also her level of magic right now, a wizard. So it was split up like this. Claire suddenly understood. Anyways, the second level of the Treasured Book of the Lotus could extend her consciousness to sense the environment; what kind of mysterious power would she get after breaking through into the third level?

Meanwhile, the sky above her slowly darkened, black clouds quickly closing in.

The heavenly tribulation was about to arrive.

But Claire wasn't worried at all. In any case, Golden Lotus would block for her.

Wind leopard, who was at the side, dug with his front claws a little fretfully and uneasily. Although it had gone through this kind of situation before, the strange situation in the sky made one's heart frightened.

More and more black clouds gathered, amassing above Claire in a blink of an eye. Lightning rumbled amidst the layers of black clouds, a terrifying sight.

Alice and her cousin both looked at the strange sight in the sky in shock. Lightning? Why would a mass of black clouds gather there, rumbling with lightning?

"Ma, you can even take a nap right now. It'll be done in a bit." Golden Lotus said arrogantly.

"Who can sleep with such loud noise?" Claire grumbled, looking at the black clouds that covered the sky densely. Again, she felt the hot and unbearable fiery sensation on her back. Claire knew another flower petal was blossoming.

"I wasn't saying to exaggerate, I meant to make you, Ma, feel relieved, feel relieved." Golden Lotus added, still arrogantly.

"I broke through the third level. Why can't I feel any anomalies?" Claire reached out her hand and looked at her palm, not feeling anything unusual.

"Ma, in a bit when you meditate, you'll know." Golden Lotus said mysteriously, giving a cliffhanger.

"Ah?" Claire was puzzled.

"Think about it, I'm so awesome, so how can your Spiritual level from cultivating be bad?" Golden Lotus said arrogantly, then said disdainfully, "Wait for a moment, I'll finish eating the lightning first."

Claire was bored to death, waiting for the sky's lightning to descend. Currently, she was wrapped up in a giant golden lotus.

The rumbling of thunder resonated into the horizons with an indescribable pressure that made one frightened.

1. A Chinese saying. The author likes to take a lot of them literally