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 "Oh, teacher, how can you be like this, secretly hiding in the room of an adolescent girl?" Claire reprimanded expressionlessly.

"Is stealing something in the middle of the night from the Temple of Light something a young girl would do?" Camille had a dark face, but his tone was extremely tender.

Seeing this, Claire felt a bit uncomfortable. "Well, teacher, can you make your tone and expressions match?"

"Ok." Camille's face revealed a smile as gentle as spring wind, his tone extremely tender as he stood up and slowly walked over. "What good thing did you steal, let me see."

"You want to do evil to evil?" Claire watched Camille alertly.

The next moment, an explosive force hit the top of Claire's head. Camille's gentle voice carried hidden anger. "Did you read too many stupid books?"

"Aiya, you hit me?" Claire covered the top of her head and then glared with resentment at White Emperor, who had just speedily slid to her shoulder, taking refuge. This thing was too immoral. Camille's speed was too quick, so Claire didn't have time to dodge, and this little thing was too good, dodging so quickly at the crucial moment.

"So what if I hit you? Quickly bring it out and let me see!" Camille said tenderly, yet dangerously at the same time.

Claire said from the corner of her mouth, "You're sure you won't do evil to evil?"

Camille's hand raised again. Camille hugged her head and immediately dodged to the side.

It was only after the two stared at each other for a while that Claire slowly brought out the object.

"The goddess's gift? What are you going to do with this?" Although Camille recognized in a glance what the object was, he wasn't very surprised.

"In any case, it's useful." Claire rolled her eyes at Camille. This bastard that bullied the weak, doing whatever he wanted with his speed that was faster than hers.

"Tch, I actually thought it was something good. Go to sleep." Camille snorted, then immediately left out the door.

Camille looked suspiciously at the door. What did this guy's reaction mean? Really strange.

But in any case, now she could let Walter's body be reborn, something worthy of being happy about.

Claire closed the door, sat back on the bed, then pulled out the Spiritual Stone and started pinching it viciously.

"Don't, don't pinch!" The first sentence Walter said when he awoke was this, but he was actually burning with rage on the inside. This devil pinched pretty hard this time. If he wasn't pinched, who knew when he would wake up.

Claire stopped pinching Walter, pointing at the conch shell at the side and asked Walter, "How do you use this thing?"

Walter opened his mouth wide, dumbstruck.

"Speak!" Claire faked jabbing at the spiritual stone, softly jabbing without any politeness, making Walter come back to his senses.

"Claire! You really got it? You actually, really got it?!" Walter was exceptionally excited, his gaze completely incredulous.

"I'm asking you how to use it!" Claire asked coldly.

"Ah, oh, just open the conch shell then grind the thing inside to powder and sprinkle it over my soul's body but you must make a magic barrier you can't let the light leak out to avoid other people discovering it I'm about to have a body I'm really happy." Walter immediately and obediently replied in one breath without any breaks, including the last sentences, which also flowed smoothly.

Claire didn't waste her breath anymore, immediately creating a barrier, then opened the conch shell, taking out a glossy, round, small ball. She stood on the bed, pinching the ball into powder, preparing to sprinkle everything over Walter's soul.

"Wait!" Walter's expression suddenly had big changes as he cried out loudly.

But it was already too late, the powder had already been slowly scattered onto it.

Claire also wanted to stop, but the powder already had been sprinkled, all landing on Walter's soul. A line of bright light emitted from Walter's body, making one unable to open their eyes. Claire squinted slightly, but couldn't see exactly what was happening in the light.

"Ah..." Walter's low voice came from the white light.

"Oh, Walter, are you alright? Why did you want me to wait?" Claire heard that Walter's voice seemed to be pretty normal, there wouldn't be something wrong with that thing, was there?

"I'm fine." Walter's low voice came, but he only answered the first question.

Claire sat down, stroking her chin, waiting for the white light to scatter, wanting to see what was going on.

The white light slowly scattered, slowly revealing Walter's body. First was the head, his delicate and pretty face and jet-black, beautiful hair, next, his slim shoulders. Claire's eyes widened as she watched. How mysterious, Walter's body was really being reborn! Slowly, the lower part of Walter's body also became visible. Claire just sat on the side of the bed, watching Walter's body be reborn. Shoulder, chest, waist, next was...

Claire became petrified. The part below men's waist was...

Walter covered his vital area, looking at Claire's ashen face, and said, "Just then I said wait. I wanted you to give me some clothes and after you finished sprinkling, you could wait while sitting in the corner of the room." Walter had on a look like it had nothing to do with him and not his fault.

"Get out!" Claire grabbed a pillow and threw it at Walter. Walter reached out and caught it, then covered his important place with the pillow and retreated.

"It's not my fault. That thing can only give rebirth to my body, not add clothes. I also didn't want it to be like this." Walter explained to the ashen faced Claire, feeling wronged.

"Do you understand me telling you to get out?" Claire was about to flare up.

"You, you should in any case give me a blanket to let me wrap up my body." Walter looked at Claire impatiently.

"Get the hell out." Claire pulled out a blanket while she was at it and threw it at Walter. Walter hastily wrapped up his body, cutting a sorry figure as he ran out.

While Walter ran out the room, the sound of a door slamming shut came from behind him.

Walter stood in the aisle. Now it was already early morning, the sky already brightening. Walter's naked body only had a blanket wrapped around his waist. He stood at Claire's door in a daze. A cold wind blew. Walter shuddered, then came back to his senses. He turned, knocked on the door, and said, "Claire, you're just going to throw me here like there?"

There was no sound from inside.

"You have the heart to throw me here? Not preparing anything? Shouldn't you explain my identity to them? Isn't it no good that I seemed to have suddenly appeared?" Walter knocked on the door with all his might.

There was still no sound inside.

"In a while, other people will wake up and see a beautiful man who's not wearing clothes and knocking on your door in the early morning, what do you think they'll think? Other people with think that you..." The next moment, Walter's hand that was knocking landed on nothing, becoming rigid in mid air. In front of him was Claire's face so dark, he was about to start sweating.

Walter still didn't understand how senseless he was, saying mockingly, "I'm not responsible for what other people think."

"Ah..." Immediately, Walter's miserable cry broke through the dawn. Everybody greeting a new day with this cry.

Once everybody hurried over to the entrance of Claire's room, they saw a delicate and beautiful man with bumps all over his head, crouching painfully on the floor, hugging his head while crying mournfully, only a blanket wrapped around his waist. Claire had an ashen face. She had just stopped her painful hits.

Everybody immediately fell a wild wind blow. What was this situation?

With sharp eyes, Summer saw the blanket around Walter's waist. She frowned as she said quietly, "That blanket seems like the blanket from Claire's bed."

After the wild wind was a bolt out of the blue.

Everyone was struck by lightning.

Claire gave a cold look at Summer, the meaning in her eyes couldn't be more clear. Would you have died if you didn't say that sentence? Was that really necessary?

Summer gulped, seeing Claire's cold gaze, shrinking back somewhat fearfully.

Jean looked at the person who was crouching on the ground. He said quietly, "Walter?"

Walter looked up at Jean, showing a smile that was more painful than crying. "Jean, you should give me a set of clothes first."

"Oh, you recognize him?" Summer suddenly understood. "In other words, this guy wanted to attack at night, and then was hit by Claire into this and thrown out?" Summer said thoughtlessly from her imagination.

"I'm going to rest! Nobody is allowed to disturb me!" Claire's face darkened even more. She turned, slamming the door, ignoring the people outside her door.

At the dining table, Summer stroked her chin, sizing up Walter, who was currently eating. Jet-black, silk-like hair, delicate and refined face, eyes like water, looking charming no matter how you looked at him. Such a gentle and refined person, even if you beat Summer to death, she wouldn't believe this delicate and pretty man would attack Claire in the middle of the night. Unless he didn't want to live. Just then she was talking without thinking. Now she was thinking carefully that if this person was Claire's friend, he would definitely not recklessly go to Claire's room and attack at night, unless he didn't want to live. With Claire's temperament, that woman, she would definitely cut him to pieces.

"Who on earth are you? Why did you appear in Claire's room?" Summer asked, stroking her chin, looking suspiciously at Walter, who was eating.

"I'm called Walter, you?" Walter asked after he finished eating, wiping his mouth with a napkin.

"Summer. You still haven't answered me." Summer frowned and continued to interrogate.

"I came last night, but a peal of wind blew away my clothes. That's why I became like this." Walter spouted nonsense in a deadpan serious tone.

Summer's mouth twitched. "If you don't want to talk, then forget about it, hmph."

Walter only smiled, not answering. The less people knew about this matter, the better.

Camille carried a large pan of meat to the back garden, cursing incessantly in his heart. That damn brat, it would be fine if she just got a strong magic beast to raise in the backyard, but now she had another living person. Was she treating him like a charity?! But he never thought that that brat would steal the goddess's gift for a human.

At the moment, Claire was sitting in a lotus position on the bed, meditating.

Now Walter had a body, so the spiritual connection between him and Claire had also disappeared. The most important problem was that Walter was a Dark magician and how to hide the Dark aura that was with his body. Before they could think of a way, they could only let this guy hide in a room and not come out for now. This guy still looked like the wanted criminal from the Temple of Light's list, right?

Just at this moment, there was the sound of a quiet knock at the door.