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 Claire's heart tightened. It can't be, the divine princess's level was already so high that she was able to sense her slightly when she was invisible? The invisibility cloak had a time limit. If the divine princess continued to stay, then there would be trouble. Claire didn't dare to move anymore. Since the divine princess could already sense that something was wrong, then if she moved, the divine princess was bound to discover her. There was a reason why she was the divine princess: the divine princess was not easy to deal with. Claire started to get worried. If she really continued to stay, then what would she do?

"Elder sister Qing, let's go quicker, in a while, it'll be too late and we won't be able to see the dragon any more." Xuanxuan Leng pulled on the edge of Liuxue Qing's clothes, saying pitifully, "Quickly, if I don't see it this time, perhaps Xuanxuan will never see one in her lifetime."

"Xuanxuan." Once Liuxue Qing heard this, her expression changed slightly, her wrinkled brows smoothing out, replaced with a somewhat pitying expression. Xuanxuan Leng's body was very weak and had always been relying on the temple's medicine to maintain her life. If there was some kind of mishap, perhaps she really wouldn't live that long.

"Elder sister, let's go quickly." Xuanxuang Leng pulled on the edge of Liuxue Qing's clothes eagerly.

"Ok, ok, behave well, Xuanxuan. I'll bring you there right now. You can't tell your elder brother when he comes back that I got you up in the middle of the night." Liuxue Qing bent down and scooped Xuanxuan Leng up, quickly going out.

Claire watched the two go far away, letting out a sigh. In the end, they left. If she used up the time limit of the cloak this time, then strong magic had to be poured into it.

Just as Claire was feeling relieved, she saw Xuanxuan Leng, who was hugging onto Liuxue Qing's neck and lying on her shoulder, poke out her small head and silently smile at Claire.

Claire's pupils instantly widened.

The little girl saw her! Claire was a little surprised. In other words, the reason why Xuanxuan Leng was so impatient for going out and looking at a dragon was not because she wanted to go see, but because she wanted to tell Liuxue Qing to leave! Was she protecting her?! Why would that little girl want to protect her? Why did she treat her so well?

Thinking of this, Claire also turned to Xuanxuan Leng and revealed a smile, then nodded her head lightly.

After Xuanxuan Leng gave a mischievous wink, she went back into Liuxue Qing's embrace, slowly going far away.

Claire immediately turned and read the barrier's undulation, then went past the barrier. She put the treasure away carefully, then quickly went back the way she came. Just as Claire lept over the temple's tall wall, the invisibility cloak's time limit arrived. Claire's figure instantly appeared.

Claire put away the cloak, then disappeared silently into the night.

Just when Claire arrived back at the dark alley she and Ben were at before and stabilized her balance, a strange, imperceptible movement suddenly whipped through the air. Claire's heart tightened. The strange figure flashed to the side. The next moment, a shiny dagger slashed at Claire's hair, cutting off a few strands of Claire's hair. The hair lightly floated to the ground.

"Your guts are pretty big, actually daring to infiltrate into the temple of Light and steal something in the middle of the night!" A cold voice suddenly sounded from behind Claire.

Claire turned, facing a pair of cold eyes.

Black clothes, abnormally exceptional skills, a voice that she seemed to have heard before.

Claire looked at the person behind her and was a bit stunned. This person was the female assassin from that night, the person who could have killed her, but didn't.

Claire watched the woman in front of her silently. Although this woman made a swipe with her dagger, she didn't have any killing intent. Without knowing why, Claire didn't truly dislike the woman.

"What are you doing, going to steal something from the temple of Light and not going to sleep this late?" The woman snorted.

"Wrong, I wasn't stealing, it's called borrowing." Claire shook her head, looking even more guilty.

The female assassin put away the dagger, looking at Claire with cold eyes. "Hah, I've never met anyone as shameless as you. It's clearly stealing, but you say that's incorrect." She said sourly.

"Well, it can't be that you're wandering around here instead of sleeping this late at night for chatting with me here, right?" A faint smile appeared from the corner of Claire's mouth. This women, her skill was abnormal. Also, last time Walter said that she had a faint Dark aura. Who on earth was she then? Why did she feel like this person seemed to know who she was?

"Stinking brat, you dare to argue against me?" The female assassin frowned.

"I don't dare." Claire was a bit puzzled at the female assassin's tone. It sounded like her age wasn't that old, but she had an elderly tone, it was truly puzzling.

"Quickly call your stupid dragon to leave." After saying this sentence, the female assassin disappeared into thin air.

Claire frowned, feeling a bit baffled. She felt like that female assassin seemed to be just passing by and had bumped into her, chatting with her while she was at it. This kind of feeling seemed like two acquaintances walking after eating their meal and just happened to meet each other, and then stopped to chat for a bit. Speechless, Claire actually felt like she was speechless. How could it be like that kind of analogy?

But at least she had obtained the object. It was time to call Ben to leave. Claire closed her eyes, feeling the contract connection between her and White Emperor and passed on the message.

"Chirp chirp!" White Emperor opened his eyes, reached out his two front paws, and then started to vigorously dig into Ben's back, indicating that Ben could go now.

"I was passing by, but I landed here to just visit while I was at it. Naturally, we dragons treat the Temple of Light's faithful followers well..." Ben was still talking eagerly. His saliva was even flying everywhere, making the people below him feel bitter, but they didn't dare to speak out.

The group of people had all put on a jacket heedlessly, their brains stopping to ponder, all looking in a daze at the giant dragon who was crouching there, listening to him speak.

"Alright, I've rested enough. Faithful followers of the Temple of Light, till we meet again." Ben had felt White Emperor digging into his back and understood that Claire had finished on her side. He laughed while saying goodbye to everyone, and then disappeared into the night.

Everybody didn't come back to their senses until Ben's figure disappeared. They felt like they were dreaming tonight, like everybody had dreamed a mystical dream at the same time, but it was real, definitely real.

The pope frowned, looking at the night. He kept on feeling like something was wrong, but couldn't really put his finger on it.

Liuxue Qing's gaze didn't leave the black dragon. It was until the black dragon had flown away that strangely, she saw on the black dragon's back a small, furry dot, but at the same time, she couldn't see it clearly.

"Elder sister Qing, the dragon flew away." Xuanxuan Leng said quietly while latched on Liuxue Qing's neck, looking at the night.

"Yes. Then we'll go back and rest." Liuxue Qing smiled and said while carrying Xuanxuan Leng.

"Yes." Xuanxuan Leng withdrew her gaze. An imperceptible trace of a smile flashed through her eyes.

Everybody scattered. The moment after the pope let out a breath and turned around, also preparing to return to his room and sleep, somebody actually came and reported, flustered.

The person who came had a pale face, frantically reporting, "Your holiness, something terrible has happened! The goddess of Light's gift has disappeared!"

"What?!" The pope's expression instantly changed. The goddess of Light's gift disappeared?!

The moment Liuxue Qing heard it, her expression also changed. She now thought of the feeling she had that something was fishy when passing by the main hall just before. It turns out that something bad actually happened!

Somebody actually stole away the goddess of Light's gift right under their noses!!!

Astonishment, anger, impatience, all the negative emotions almost made the pope lose his rationality.

"Go investigate immediately! We must get the goddess of Light's gift back!" The pope's face was already green. There was actually someone so audacious! It was all because their attention was attracted by the giant dragon who had suddenly appeared that they were taken advantage of. That's right, dragon! The pope realized immediately. Why would a dragon appear here without any reason and then only say some nonsense?!

Perhaps? Thinking of this, the pope's heart sunk. Perhaps that dragon was called over by the person who stole the goddess of Light's gift? They could make a dragon come and do such a thing, so their strength would be...

The more the pope thought, the more unsettled he was. The goddess of Light's gift wasn't a decoration but something that could be used up. Since the person who had stolen the treasure had such strength, then perhaps it couldn't be gotten back. Even if they found the person who had stolen the treasure, it would be too late then; the treasure was sure to be used up already!

Thinking of this, the pope looked decrepit. But in his heart, he was puzzled. Who one earth actually had such capabilities that they could send a dragon when all dragons were so proud? Since when did such a powerful person appear in the capital? Or when did such a powerful person come to the capital? He had never heard of it before.

The pope's complexion turned from green to black, then from black to green. Nobody dared to approach and speak. And so the pope returned alone to the room, thinking who it could be along the way.

Currently, Claire and Ben, who had turned back into a human, secretly and silently went back to Camille's home. Ben looked completely satisfied as he went back to sleep. He really felt really good tonight. Once he thought of so many humans looking at him, suffering from his words, his mood became really good.

Claire also stole away back to her room to rest, but just as she entered the room and closed the door, a lamp illuminated.

Sitting in the middle of the room as calm as water was Camille.