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 Ben blinked, still not understanding.

"Just come with me." A strange smile appeared on Claire's face. "You can learn what you wanted to learn."

"Okay." Ben agreed immediately and went out the door quietly with Claire.

The night was as cold as water.

Claire and Ben crouched at the corner of a dark alley, Claire whispering in Ben's ear. Ben blinked and listened carefully without a missing a word.

"Do it like that?" Ben blinked and asked in a polite manner, like a little student waiting for their teacher's reply.

"Yes. When the time comes you only need to do this... And then do this..." Claire explained to the obedient Ben in detail.

"Okay, okay." Ben nodded and replied, then he blinked with confusion, earnestly asked, "But what's the point of me doing this?"

"To create a diversion." Claire patiently explained. "You'll just attract their attention over there, and I'll enter from a different place. That way they won't pay attention to me."

"That's good, haha." Ben shook his head as he said, "But how long do I need to stall?"

"Stall as long as possible. If you can't, just tell them a story. Tell them that the goddess of light has hope for the dragon god, hope that humans and dragons will peacefully coexist and that you came to visit them." Claire shamelessly taught Ben.

Ben listened carefully, remembering everything in his heart.

"I remembered everything, are we rushing over there now?" Excitement flickered in Ben's gaze, incessantly excited.

"No, we're still not rushing now. It'll be in a little bit." Claire calculated the time. Humans are in deep sleep at a little bit passed three and also on their lowest guard. It's best at that time to make a commotion.

"Okay." Ben crouched down, patiently waiting for time to pass.

The night became more and more dark. Claire looked up at the sky, reckoning that it was about time. She pushed Ben, who was beside her and had quickly fallen asleep. "Ben, let's go. It's about time you transformed."

"Okay." Ben got up excitedly.

One human and one dragon took advantage of the darkness and quietly approached the main door of the nearby Temple of Light.

"Roar~~~~~" Ben bellowed, splitting the night sky, suddenly transforming back, then crouched at the entrance of the Temple of Light.

A heart-shaking dragon pressure spread out.

Ben's huge body almost completely blocked the temple of Light's entrance and an indescribable dragon pressure had spread out. Naturally, it immediately stunned the people inside the temple of Light.

The pope abruptly opened his eyes, hastily put on clothes, and then hurried out. He knew very clearly that this pressure was dragon pressure. Why would a dragon appear here? Why would such a lofty being appear in midair at the temple of Light's entrance? An ominous feeling arose in his heart.

The temple of Light immediately started bustling with commotion as a giant, black dragon sat conspicuously in front of the temple of Light. Everybody had hurriedly ran to the temple's entrance after putting clothes on.

They knew clearly that one breath from a dragon could destroy the main entrance of the temple of Light. Even if they used some magic, if there wasn't a powerful person blocking, then it would be unthinkable. Every expert there knew that fighting with a dragon was insensible. The so-called dragon slayer was just a fairy tale that tricked children. But dragons couldn't attack human cities whenever they wanted. Why did this dragon suddenly appear here?

When the pope arrived at the entrance, there were already many people gathered there. After they saw the pope come, they all let out a path one by one, nobody daring to act without thinking.

The pope frowned, watching the giant dragon who was sitting at the entrance seriously, somewhat apprehensive. It was actually a three-headed dragon, each having their own element, a dragon with three magic elements! If he fought against this dragon, even if he won, it was still not worth it, because this place was the capital! This place was the entrance of the temple of Light! If they fought, perhaps the whole place would be destroyed. Nobody could bear this responsibility, not even him, the pope!

What made the pope somewhat at a loss was this this dragon just sat up straight, no indication of wanting to fight whatsoever. He just sat, towering, looking down at everybody with wide eyes, but not saying a word. Nobody noticed that on the black dragon's back, there was something small and furry, an existence completely overlooked. It was White Emperor. Claire was afraid that if White Emperor crouched on her head, his aura would be discovered, so she handed White Emperor over to Ben to bring along.

And so one dragon looked at everybody's, face to face, three pairs of huge eyes staring against a group of small eyes.

The atmosphere was a bit strange. A peal of cold wind blew, a chilly whoosh.

It was deathly silent.

"Then, venerable guest of the dragon race, may I ask for what you have come so late at night for?" The honorable pope finally said, testing him out, calm at the face of danger.

More and more people gathered behind the pope. All of them had come when they felt the terrifying pressure, many of them wearing a jacket, their hearts a bit uneasy and suspicious. A giant dragon actually appeared in the middle of the night here for something!

"Hmph." Ben's three noses snorted. He slowly lowered his heads at looked at the pope.

Everybody held their breath, putting up their guard. Was it time to fight?

But then Ben said seriously, "I was just passing by and chose to rest here on whim. This place is relatively spacious."

Everybody looked at each other, all seeing that each other's gazes were as incredulous as theirs and also skeptical of whether or not they were all dreaming. The pope's face was also twitching.

Passing by? Resting here?

This kind of situation actually happens?

"Venerable guest of the dragon race, in other words, you have no intention of causing trouble?" The pope asked cautiously and politely.

"Trouble?" Ben said with surprise, then cried out with indignation, "What are you talking about? The goddess of light and the dragon god have always had a pact: we dragons can't attack human cities whenever we want. How can I do something that will shame our dragon god?" Ben said emotionlesly.

Ben was doing a word by word repeat of what Claire told him to do to stall.

Everybody had a puzzled expression. Perhaps this powerful black dragon really was just passing by? Could something so fortunate really happen?

The pope was also puzzled, but so long as the dragon didn't come to cause problems, then it was fine.

Currently, Claire had already secretly infiltrated into the temple of Light from a different side. Just as she suspected, basically everybody was drawn to Ben outside. A dragon, such a grandiose being, had always never had any contact with humans. They were a symbol of strength and fear in human's hearts. But now one had suddenly appeared at the temple of Light's entrance. How could people not be astonished? Their first reaction was that a powerful enemy had appeared and they needed to go and fight against it. Naturally, this side was now more vulnerable.

Claire silently landed, hid her aura, and then followed down the corridor of white jade, stealthily walking in. The enshrined treasure was inside, behind the main hall.

As expected, she didn't meet anybody the whole way. The Temple of Light was really arrogant. In their eyes, no person or power could contend with them. Who would have thought that the giant dragon at the entrance was purposely arranged by someone to attract their interest? And who would have thought that there was a person who would actually dare to secretly go into the temple and steal something?

Claire went agiley the whole way, like a demon, not letting anybody detect her.

It was close. The main hall was right in front of her. Claire pulled out the invisibility cloak that Cliff gave her, quietly draping it over her. Her figure instantly disappeared.

The main hall was brightly lit, splendid and grandiose. This place would always be filled with light, a giant magic light hanging from the main hall's ceiling, the surrounding walls filled with many small magic lamps. At the very top of the main hall was the depiction of the goddess of Light. The carved depiction was extremely life-like, the goddess looking so holy, so solemn and inviolable.

In front of the depiction was a bright barrier covering a pretty object in the shape of a conch shell. It was probably the treasure Walter said could give rebirth to a spirit.

Claire squinted and looked carefully, slowly approaching the magic barrier. If it was like Walter said, then the barrier would be very weak. What she needed to do right now was not alarm anybody, quickly get rid of the barrier, and take away the treasure.

Claire read the barrier's undulations with rapt attention. Right at that moment, the sound of footsteps suddenly appeared outside along with a crisp voice that Claire recognized. "Elder sis Qing, quicker."

"Xuanxuan, slow down, you can't run like this. Be careful with your body. If your elder brother knows I allowed you to get up in the middle of the night to see a dragon, he'll get angry at me." Liuxue Qing's voice came, her tone blaming yet spoiling at the same time.

"It won't happen, I'll talk to elder brother, of course elder brother won't." Xuanxuan Leng giggled. "I miss elder brother. Does elder sister Qing miss my elder brother?"

"You child, what are you talking about?" Although Liuxue Qing said this, her tone was bashful and happy.

"Elder sister Qing~~~" Xuanxuan Leng's voice became closer and closer.

Claire stopped her movements and hid her aura, wanting to wait for them to pass and then make her move.

When Liuxue Qing and Xuanxuang Leng passed through the main hall, Liuxue Qing suddenly stopped, frowning slightly, turning to look towards the enshrined treasure underneath the depiction of the goddess of Light. She kept on feeling like something was off.