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 Claire turned around and saw White Emperor open his eyes slowly.

"Chirp chirp~" White Emperor opened his mouth, stood up, shook his body, and then intimately crawled over to Claire's side.

Claire scooped of the furry White Emperor, and her thoughts became even more conflicted. Why did she feel like she was something that attracted weird beings? Walter, the spirit, the Golden Lotus who arrogantly called her Ma, and this furry White Emperor. This adorable guy was actually her master.

Claire stared at the furry White Emperor with wide eyes, coldly humphing in her heart. Just wait, she would definitely reverse the contract, definitely become White Emperor's master!

"Walter." Claire suddenly called.

"What?" Walter responded out of reflex.

"If you want a body, besides finding and possessing a suitable body, are there any other methods?" Claire asked while frowning.

"Yes, but no." Walter said helplessly.

"What do you mean?"

"There's something that can give rebirth to someone's body, but it is the Temple of Light's treasure. It's said that the goddess bestowed it to an unknown pope and it has been enshrined in the Temple of Light's main palace hall ever since. Who could get it? Doesn't this mean no?" Walter explained in a long-winded manner. "Of course I don't like other people's bodies, I still long for my own body. But that thing, although it sounds ok, how is it possible to obtain?"

But Claire was frowning and thinking of other things.

"If your body is reborn, will you be recognized? For example, the Divine Prince who killed you?" Claire asked doubtfully.

"No, that day when I was fighting with the pretty boy, I had completely covered myself. I also didn't say anything." Walter replied truthfully.

Claire sat in the lotus position, not speaking anymore, pondering.

"Claire! You, you won't think about going to steal from the Temple of light, will you? Don't you know how dangerous it is? You won't necessarily be able to enter in safely, and even if you go in, there's no guarantee you can bring it out!" Walter cried in alarm. Then, very worriedly, he said, "Although I really want my body, I don't wish for you to be in danger."

"Oh." Claire replied halfheartedly, still pondering.

"Don't, don't be mistaken. I don't mean that I'm afraid of something happening to you. It's just that, if something happens to you, what do I do? I'm just a stone." Walter explained hastily. But the more he spoke, the more lacking in strength it was. He felt annoyed in his heart. Why did he feel like the more he tried, the worse it became? Could it be that he took a liking to this little devil? Pah! How could it be possible?! This little girl still hadn't finished maturing, and her personality was so vile. She often treated him evilly. How could he take a liking to such a despicable person?

"Oh." Claire was still absent minded.

Walter relaxed. Looks like this little devil didn't care about his words. Not bad, not bad.

"Walter." Claire suddenly called, startling Walter at the same time.

"Wha, what?" Walter asked cautiously.

"What does the treasure that can give rebirth to your body look like?" Claire asked, her face completely serious.

"Wha, what are you going to do?" Walter asked, somewhat shocked.

"Naturally, I'm going to get it for you and let your body be reborn." If you have a body, you can help me even more than now. Claire didn't say the last sentence out loud. But Walter always not having a body was also not right either.

"What?!" Walter started shouting, "Do you know how dangerous it is?! Right now you still have the mark of the god of darkness on the back of your hand. If it's discovered by people from the Temple of Light, what would the result be?" Walter was extremely anxious, immediately trying to block the idea.

"As long as they don't discover it, it's fine." Claire shrugged as she replied, not caring at all.

"You said it simply, but do you think the Temple of Light is really that easy to get in? You think the thing inside is really that easy to take? The Temple of Light has as many experts as the clouds, and also, that thing is bound to be enshrined in the main palace hall." Walter was extremely anxious, hurriedly stating some of the dangers, trying to prevent Claire from going.

"I didn't say I was going to break in through the front." Claire raised a brow lightly. "Also, I'm very skeptical. Isn't it relatively valuable? Shouldn't it be hidden in a certain secret location?" Claire was didn't completely understand.

"That's because the Temple of Light fakes helping people and is arrogant. That's something the goddess bestowed to mortals, naturally they'll show it off and tell everyone that the goddess cares about the temple. Another reason is that the Temple of Light is extraordinarily confident in their strength. Think about it, who in the world dares to steal from the Temple of Light?" Walter said while frowning.

"I dare." Claire revealed a trace of a strange smile.

"You! Do you want to die?!" Walter hurriedly and angrily said. "Do you know how dangerous that way is?!"

"What does it look like? There should be some kind of barrier on it, right?" Claire pondered, stroking her chin.

"You don't say! Of course there's a barrier. But it shouldn't be very strong, because the Temple of Light is extreeeeemely arrogant." Walter snorted and then suddenly froze, his gaze becoming vulgar. "Claire, you're working so hard to for my body to be reborn, could it be that you took a fancy to me? When did you start to secretly love me?"

Claire didn't say a word, pulled out the Spiritual Stone, and then pinched it indifferently with all her might. Walter was about to faint, spazzing, and then was silent.

Claire didn't waste any more time. She sat in the lotus position, closing her eyes, thinking back to the third level of the mental cultivation method in the Treasured Book of Lotuses, and started to cultivate.

No sound, no form, no I, no heart.

Claire only felt that she had entered a fantasy-like realm. Everything around her disappeared. Warmth, she only felt a strange warmth.

Being unconscious, Walter couldn't see the faint golden glow around Claire's body that looked so pure, so beautiful.

White Emperor, who had been lying down nearby, stared at Claire without moving.

After who knows how long, Claire finally opened her eyes. The golden glow instantly disappeared. A trace of a satisfied smile appeared on Claire's lips. Fusing together Dou Qi and magic elements into the lotus power was extremely efficient. She was just missing a bit and almost able to comprehend the third level. It wasn't that she couldn't break through, but that Claire still didn't want to have tribulation lightning here and destroy Camille's house.

But Golden Lotus's voice suddenly sounded in Claire's mind. "Ma, the later on it is, the harder it is to break through. The level of magic and Dou Qi you have right now can at most help you quickly advance to the seventh level. Later, it'll be harder. But don't be afraid, I'll block the tribulation lightning."

"Can you change your address?" Claire said, somewhat helplessly.

But Golden turned a deaf ear to Claire's protest. "Ma, goodnight." After saying goodnight, it fell silent.

Claire was a little speechless, completely unable to handle Golden Lotus. She slowly closed her eyes, a slight smile appearing on her lips. Now with her eyes closed, the area she could sense was even farther. It was now dusk outside. She slowly expanded her consciousness, passing through the aisle to the main hall. She could actually sense the situation in the main hall. Everybody was preparing to eat, but Summer muttered, why hasn't Claire finished meditating yet, did she need to go and call her or something? But Camille blocked her, saying that it's best to not bother a magician meditating.

Claire's shock was endless. She had only cultivated to the third level and was already this abnormal, so what about later? This is a spiritual sense? The phrase suddenly popped up in Claire's head, but immediately disappeared.

The next moment, Camille, Jean, and Ben all felt something strange.

"Why do I feel like someone is watching?" Camille turned and looked around in confusion, but didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

"I also feel like somebody's watching us." Ben snorted and said in a bad mood.

Jean watched the surroundings alertly, but was also unable to discover any clues.

Satisfied, Claire slowly withdrew her consciousness. She started pondering. Just then, the two words, spiritual sense, suddenly flashed in her mind and felt very familiar, a strange kind of feeling. But she couldn't put her finger on it. Why?

Claire got up. White Emperor gave a chirp, then pounced on Claire's back. While he was at it, he climbed up to Claire's shoulder, then onto her head, claiming his treasured seat again.

Claire walked to the main hall just as Camille and the rest were preparing to eat their meal. Seeing Claire come, Summer happily jumped over, pulling out a couple of tickets and waved them happily. "Claire, your Grandfather's really awesome. He's so efficient, getting us tickets so fast. He also gave 'that thing' over."

Naturally, Claire knew what 'that thing' meant. It was the dye potion that was going to be used to change the precious pearl's appearance.

"Claire, it's time to eat." Camille smiled warmly. "You were shut up in that room and meditating for so long, you should be hungry. Eat a little more."

Claire nodded and walked over. When she got close to Camille, Camille used a volume that only the two of them could hear and squeezed out from the gaps of his teeth, "I was looking forward to you dying of hunger inside there."

"This wish of yours will never be fulfilled." Claire also smiled like a flower and squeezed out.

They were very friendly while eating, or at least, on the surface.

After eating dinner, Claire returned to the bedroom and pulled out the spiritual stone, rubbing it over and over.

Walter suddenly awoke, watching Claire's actions with wide eyes. Currently, the spiritual stone was like Walter's body, it could let Walter feel everything. With Claire rubbing the stone, it felt like his whole body was being rubbed.

"Claire, stop, what are you doing?" Walter called in surprise, trying to quickly stop her. "I already woke up."

"Oh." Claire stopped, looked at Walter, and said, "Say it, what does the treasure that can give rebirth to your body look like? Ah, why is your face so red?"

"You!" Walter swallowed back the words he was about to say. If you rub me like this, how can my face not be red? Unfortunately I'm a normal man!

"Quickly!" Claire poked the Spiritual Stone and said impatiently.

Walter was afraid Claire would poke him again and hurriedly said, "Ah! It looks about the same as a conch shell." Then he quickly added, "Even though I told you, don't go. It's too dangerous over there, not somewhere you can go with your current strength. Even if you advanced to the grand wizard stage, you still wouldn't be able to enter safely and escape."

But Claire ignored Walter and instead, gave a forceful pinch, making Walter faint. Then she packed up some things, got up, left the room, and then went to Ben's room.

Claire knocked and opened Ben's door. He appeared drowsily. Of course, if he wasn't busy, then he would go to sleep.

"Claire, what are you doing?" Ben was confused and didn't understand.

"Let's go. Tonight, I'll give you a lesson. A very important lesson." A trace of a crafty smile appeared on Claire's lips.