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 Complex feelings arose in Emery and everyone else in the main hall. Before, Marquis Roger really didn't care for Miss Claire enough. To be honest, he never cared before. Miss Claire's words right now seemed to be talking about that point.

"You, you - !" Marquis Roger felt somewhat dizzy. The person in front of him with sharp words was really his daughter? She actually reprimanded him in front of this many people.

"If the venerable Marquis doesn't have any business with me, I'll be taking my leave." Claire sneered, pulled Summer over, and then turned to Ben and said, "Let's go."

Ben shifted over in a suspicious manner. "Want me to get rid of him?"

"No, Mother would be sad." Claire said indifferently.

Marquis Roger heard everything the two said. He was about to explode with anger.

"Stop, where are you going?" Marquis Roger angrily shouted.

"What does it have to do with you? Respectable Marquis, I think you are busy with many things. Also, if you want to risk blocking me, I don't think anybody here could stop my friends here!" Claire coldly said and then brought Summer and Ben away.

"Jean! Stay behind. What is going on?" Marquis Roger called Jean furiously.

Jean lowered his head slightly. "Sir, I am Miss's guardian knight so I cannot stay behind. Wait for the Duke to come back and you shall understand what is going on." Jean said, neither servile nor overbearing, and then followed Claire from behind and also left.

The people in the main hall who were still there looked at each other in dismay. Emery was also silent. Although Marquis Roger was accosted so rudely, for some reason, a trace of pride actually appeared. Actually, everybody knew Marquis Roger's capabilities. He wasn't a genius but not an idiot either. It could only be said that he was average. Also, his biggest weak point was that he was too rude and didn't know the correct way to respond to certain situations. That's why the Duke would send him to work at the border. Emery sighed lightly. How would the Duke deal with this matter?

"Opposite, everything is actually the complete opposite of what's supposed to happen!" Marquis Roger was so mad he was about to explode. He could just let it go that Claire offended him, but a small knight actually dared to go against him.

Claire's group of people left the Duke's castle. Summer tilted her head and said, "Claire, what do we do now? It seems like I made you leave home."

"There's a good place where we can go to." Claire raised a brow, laughing.

"What place?" Summer said with wide eyes.

"Let's go." Claire's eyes slitted as she brought the three behind her to a street.

Claire led the group of people through the streets and then stopped in front of a big, white house.

"Wow, this place is very pretty." Summer looked at the white fence with green vines sprawled all over it with wide eyes, throwing the unpleasant situation from just then into the back of her mind.

"As long as you like it, that's good." Claire raised a brow and smiled with some ill intent.

Soon after they rang the doorbell, footsteps sounded from within.

The next moment, Camille, who was smiling like the spring wind, appeared before their eyes.

"Hello Teacher, I brought friends pay you a visit." Claire said. Before Camille could speak, she pulled Summer in first.

Camille smiled gently as he followed from behind and said quietly, "Claire, how did you have the time to come today? And you brought so many friends, shouldn't you give me an introduction?"

"This is Summer, this is Ben, and this is my knight Jean who doesn't need to be introduced." Claire pulled Summer to sit onto a sofa. She smiled while looking at Camille and said to everyone, "Everybody sit, no need to be polite. This is my elegant, graceful, multi-talented, well-known teacher from the capital, Camille, a scholar."

Camille's heart floated, still smiling like the spring wind. He said gently, "Everybody, no need to be polite. Sit, I'll go make tea."

Claire stood up and followed Camille from behind. "Teacher, I'll go and help you."

The two went to pour tea. Summer looked at the room filled with decorations and her eyes formed into heart shapes. The feeling it gave people was very comfortable.

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"Teacher, one that when met by people, they fall in love, when met by flowers, they bloom." Claire stood at Camille's side and said in a low voice.

"What is it?" Camille asked, gracefully making tea.

"We need to live with you here for the time being. No problem, right?" Claire had a harmless and pure smile.

The teapot in Camille's hand almost fell as his hand trembled. He finally knew the purpose of why she was praising him just now.

"You little wench, what on earth do you want to do?" Camille squeezed out of his teeth, his mouth not moving while he smiled.

Claire also smiled. From the gaps of her teeth, she squeezed out, "I just quarreled with that disgraceful father and don't have a place to stay at any more. I don't have money, but you are a host who does have money, that's why I came for your shelter."

"Go earn money yourself. The door to the Mercenary Guild is very wide." Camille was still speaking with gritted teeth.

"Before we've made money, we'll be staying here." Claire smiled brightly. "I think teacher's brilliance also needs to be preserved right, Assassin King."

"I'll take my revenge sooner or later, you little wench." Camille smiled as gently as the wind as he brought the tea set over. "Here, Summer, Ben, Jean. Why don't you drink some tea? You all are more than welcome living here."

"Really? We can live here? It won't bother you?" Summer happily called out in surprise.

"It definitely won't." Camille said, exceptionally serious.

"Then thank you very much. Teacher is really a good person." Summer said emotionally.

Camille turned to look at Claire, revealing a gentle smile.

A dagger hidden in a smile, Claire suddenly thought this expression.

Meanwhile at the Hill Castle, in the study, Duke Gordan's face was dark as he sat in front of the study desk, Marquis Roger standing to the side with his head lowered.

"Roger, what can I say about you? When can you change your rude behavior?" Gordan sighed. A bit grieved and lamenting, he said, "How can I be at ease with entrusting the Hill clan into your hands?"

"Father, I..." Roger wanted to speak, then stopped.

"No matter. Really, it's hard to blame you acting this way. The child who was formerly the most disappointing became the most hard-working and dazzling one, nobody can accept this within a short amount of time." Duke Gordan sighed lightly.

"In other words, it's all true?" Marquis Roger asked in astonishment, "Winning the tough competition against a student from the country Lagark, becoming sir Cliff's disciple, resolving Niya City's epidemic? I thought..."

"You thought it was all me pulling strings from behind the scenes?" Duke Gordan sighed lightly, then stood up. "With my personality, who do you think I would choose to push forward?"

"Lashia." Roger replied without thinking.

"That's right. From when she was little, the halo around her head has never stopped. I want to push Lashia to the very highest position, not the Claire who has always had a bad reputation." Duke Gordan said solemnly, "But, let me tell you, I haven't pushed Claire's matters even the slightest bit, they were all done by Claire herself."

"What?!" Roger's expression was completely incredulous, completely surprised.

"As for the two people she brought back, I don't know what makes the girl special, but the man definitely isn't ordinary. I also want him to become the Hill clan's helping hand. Your behavior today has disappointed me gravely." Duke Gordan's tone was somewhat heavy.

"Father, I'm sorry, I never thought it was like this." Roger apologized, a little terrified.

"But I can't blame you completely. Wanting you to accept this outrageous matter is a bit difficult. Right now, Claire seems to have brought her friends into another teacher's house, into the scholar Camille's house. Let them first live there." Duke Gordan said profoundly.

"But Father, didn't you say you wanted that black clothed young man to become of assistance of the Hill clan? I'll go fix things with him first, then ask them to come back." Roger said somewhat anxiously.

"No need. The intense clash you had with Claire just now isn't something that can be resolved in a short amount of time. The black clothed man and the little girl both treat Claire as their leader. If you try to fix it now, the opposite effect will happen. What's crucial is slowly easing the tensions with Claire later." Duke Gordan said meaningfully, then sighed lightly. "Roger, you need to see the heart of the matter, see people's nature clearly, and be steady, not easily angered, not rude."

"Yes. I'll remember Father's instructions." Roger said, somewhat ashamed, his head low.

"Alright, go. You've just arrived and need to rest." Duke Gordan raised his hand, indicating for Roger to leave.

"Father, I want to first go to the imperial palace and see Katherine." When Roger said this, a gentleness appeared in his eyes.

"Go." A smile also appeared on Duke Gordan's face. Roger's talent was a bit mediocre, and he was also a bit rude, but he was completely sincere to Katherine, very gentle and considerate. It was to the point that Katherine was willing to sever her relationship with her family to go back with Roger and lose her original last name, changing it to Hill.

"Yes, father. I'll be first taking my leave." Roger withdrew.

Duke Gordan let out a long sight, then called, "Emery."

Emery opened the door softly and inquired, "Sir, you called for me?"

"Go to Camille's home and tell Claire to come back home once their anger disappears. If she needs something, she doesn't need to hesitate to ask, I will sent people over." Duke Gordan said softly.

"Yes, sir. I'll go right now." Emery's mind relaxed. Looks like Duke Gordan's doting already surpassed his expectations.

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