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 "Normally, we're supposed to comply with the rules and can't reveal who our employers are." Now Camille was looking cultured and refined again. He sipped some scented tea, then said, "In reality, the other side also didn't want me to know who they were. I was curious for a moment, then went to investigate."

Claire looked at the chameleon in from her, and suddenly understood deeply that the guy in front of her definitely had poor character. This assassin actually dared to find out the identity of his employer. Normally, an assassin was just supposed to kill and get money, not allowed to ask anything else. But this guy actually went around looking to find out who his employer was.

It's not the crown prince?" Claire looked at the smiling Camille and said, probing.

"The average person would think that. With two princes, if one was attacked by the assassin, then it must have been done by the other prince." Camille had on that courteous and gentle smile again, looking very elegant, very enchanting.

But Claire didn't think that way. This was a wolf in sheep's clothing!

"So it's not the crown prince." Claire said, certain.

"That's right. It's not the crown prince." Camille looked at Claire with slitted eyes and said gently, "You damned brat, first tell me how you discovered me. Only then will I tell you my employer. You definitely won't lose out with this information."

Claire's mouth twitched and she protested, "Can you please not speak so gently and elegantly while spitting out such poisonous words?" The feeling this guy gave was too weird, she couldn't stand it.

"I can't, damned brat. If it wasn't for you going to the imperial palace for no reason, my legendary reputation as the number one assassin in the world wouldn't have been destroyed, you stinking brat." Camille's face was still so charming with that tender smile, completely different from the words spit out from his mouth.

Walter was about to collapse mentally. This person was really too outrageous, too outrageous. He conceded defeat! He could use the most gentle tone possible to say the world's most malicious words. This kind of person, was he not outrageous? Who could fight against him? Who could withstand him?

Claire looked at the gently smiling Camille. "Alright, I'll tell you. Among assassins, you are truly outstanding and can count as an assassin king. You had completely hidden your aura, because you understood airflow very well, and could control your body to completely follow the airflow. This is basic knowledge to assassins, but to this day, you are the first person I have seen who has done it so perfectly."

"Haha, thanks for the praise. Praise me more, I like hearing it." Camille used his hand to prop up the side of his face, leaning on the sofa's armrest with a content expression.

"As expected, a crazy narcissist! Claire, just now, how did you figure out he loved himself?" Walter asked, in both disgust and admiration.

Claire: "............"

"Oh yeah, damned brat, who on earth are you?" Camille seemed to have thought of something, frowning as he asked.

"What?" Now it was Claire's turn to pretend to be stupid.

"Stop giving I, your father, an act like you're young and naive~~ Thinking back to that time, before I elegantly walked into the study to teach you, I had already mentally prepared for you to be vulgar and rude, but who would have thought you wouldn't even look directly at me. Do you think I'll believe you were that male-chaser from that time?" Camille laughed cynically.

"I'll talk about that question later." Claire changed the topic. "Your good looks are unrivaled in the world. Now let's talk about why you were discovered by me."

"Yeah, listening to those words feels so good." Camille switched back to looking refined.

"I didn't use airflow to determine your existence. I was sensing all the objects around me. Suddenly, some kind of object appeared and moving slowly. How could I not discover you?"

"It's that mysterious? Why can you sense all the objects around you? Don't pretend it's some kind of magic. Magicians are the most idiotic, if I approach them without any sound or presence, I can slit their throat and just kill them before they even chant a spell. A warrior could maybe reach for their weapon at the last moment." Camille said disdainfully.

"I don't know how to explain. I also comprehend the art of assassination, and then I have fused together magic and Dou Qi into awareness." Claire said a half truth.

"It's like that?" Camille was suspicious and not sure.

"Alright, I already told you everything. Tell me who your employer is." Claire urged.

"My employer was the emperor." Camille said indifferently.

"What?" Claire and Walter cried at the same time. The emperor? Why would the emperor hire an assassin for the second prince right now?

"Why would the emperor hire you to assassinate the second prince?" Claire frowned, then guessed, "Perhaps it's because there only needs to be one prince, so he first decided to root out one he wasn't satisfied with, leaving the one he was satisfied with?" As expected, the royal family was extremely ruthless.

"A normal person would also think that." Camille added unexpectedly.

Perhaps?! Claire's expression changed slightly. If she guessed correctly, then the emperor was too terrifying, too ruthless.

"Our emperor definitely isn't as harmless as he looks." Camille stood up. "The water has cooled, I'm going to replace it with hot water."

"The emperor is waiting for a fierce match between tigers and then will choose the strongest to become his successor." Suddenly, Claire's heart became cold. This kind of method! Was this an emperor's method?

"So you're not stupid. The emperor is trying to start the two princes' battle as soon as possible. He wants to select an heir now." Camille smiled, then spit out in a bad mood, "The employer and I had an agreement that if I didn't succeed after two times, I didn't need to execute the plan anymore and the money would still be paid, but my legendary reputation as the number one assassin in the world has been destroyed by you."

Claire's expression became ugly.

If it was like this, then what about Mother? Would she get involved?

Princess Maurice and second prince Nancy were born from the current empress, so naturally, the two's relationship was very good. Also, right now Mother was Princess Maurice's head maid. Would she be involved?

In other words! Claire abruptly stood up, her face a bit pale. In other words, the second prince and princess Maurice had long before prepared to battle with the crown prince and use Mother as a way to involve and seize the Hill clan bargaining chip?!

Was it like this? Was it like this?

Claire became worried. She definitely couldn't let the gentle and kindhearted women, the first person to be warm to her after she transmigrated, receive any harm.

"Teacher, I'll be going first. I have matters to attend to." Once Claire thought to this point, she couldn't sit still, immediately wanting to go out.

"Oh, you want to go? You're not going to stay here any more?" Camille politely asked after putting down the teapot.

"No. In the future, I'll find you and give you business and I'll also introduce you to business along the way." Claire said urgently, about to leave.

"You need to pay twice the price other people pay, you damned brat, harming my brilliant reputation." Camille's gentle yet strange voice floated over.

Claire turned and said in a low tone, "If you don't tell anyone, how can anyone tell that it was you who tried to assassinate? And who would know that you've failed twice? You won't talk, I won't talk, and the emperor won't talk even more so. Who else would know? I'll keep it a secret, you give me a discount of eighty percent." Then she left, not waiting for Camille's response.

"That's right. I won't talk, the damn brat won't talk, and the emperor won't talk even more so. Who else knows? Haha, not bad, not bad. This damn brat does have little cute side." A gentle business smile appeared on Camille's face, complacent as he prepared to wash and go to sleep.

Claire went on the carriage with a heavy heart, closed her eyes, and leaned on the carriage, telling Jean to tell the coachman to return to the mansion.

"Miss, are you worried about something?" Jean asked quietly.