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 "Xuanxuan." Claire bent down to scoop Xuanxuan up and smiled, looking at the adorable person in her embrace.

"Hello, Miss Claire. I visited suddenly, I hope it didn't bring you any problems." The Divine Princess, Liuxue Qing got up and gently smiled at Claire.

"No problem at all. Please sit down, your highness." Claire nodded and smiled.

"Xuanxuan wanted to see you the whole time, so when she heard you returned, she couldn't help but visit immediately." Liuxue Qing said in a pampering manner, looking at Xuanxuan.

"The Divine Princess is so kind to Xuanxuan." Claire said admiringly.

Liuxue Qing smiled without saying a word.

"Big sis, can I see your study?" Xuanxuan pulled Claire's hair slightly, attracting Claire's attention.

"Xuanxuan, be good. You know not to, you can't cause any trouble for Miss Claire." Liuxue Qing continued to smile.

"I know, don't worry elder sis Qing, I'll be good." Xuanxuan hugged Claire tightly and tilted her head as she said to Liuxue Qing, "Pick me up at night, big sis."

TL: here I find out that only Qing is the first name, oops. Two character last names in Chinese are rare, but they exist.

"Ok. I'll pick you up at night." Liuxue Qing stroked Leng Xuanxuan's head, pampering.

"Big sis Qing is the best." Xuanxuan showed a sweet smile.

"Miss Claire, can you please take care of Xuanxuan?" Liuxue Qing had a gentle and elegant smile on the whole time.

Claire fidgeted internally. You two have already finished talking and deciding, now you ask me if I can?

"Of course. Xuanxuan's so obedient." Claire nodded and smiled.

After Claire sent the Divine Princess away, she brought Xuanxuan to her own study.

Claire sat at the study desk, watching Leng Xuanxuan touching-this, looking-at-that curious manner. Claire's was incessantly puzzled. This child was really strange. Why would she affectionate towards her? From the first time they had met, she had been that way. Now it was like she was going to stick to her and now leave.

"Xuanxuan" Claire called quietly, looking Leng Xuanxuan who had stepped on a chair and climbed up the study desk, flipping different works.

"Elder sis." Leng Xuanxuan suddenly raised her head, looking at Claire. She smiled brilliantly. "Did elder sis cross paths with my elder brother before coming back?"

Claire frowned. Leng Lingyun had already contacted Leng Xuanxuan?

"Did your elder brother tell you?" Claire asked, confused.

"No, I saw it." Leng Xuanxuan pointed at her eyes, serious.

Claire froze. Saw it? What did that mean?

"Why does this little girl make my blood run cold?" Walter said to Claire in a low voice, suddenly feeling his heart palpitate.

"You saw it?" Claire watched Xuanxuan, who had a serious expression, and asked in reply, "What do you mean?"

"Just like how I can see the venerable Divine Princess doesn't really treat me well because she likes me, but because she liked my older brother." Leng Xuanxuan set down a book, looking at Claire with strange smile on her face.

Walter started shivering even more. This little girl's gaze seemed like it could see right through oneself.

Claire froze, staring at the child who was just five years old, not able to say anything even if she wanted to. Was this child really only five years old?

How were her eyes so keen and astute?!

"Elder sister, have you heard the rumor that the Divine Prince possesses a pair of violet eyes that can see the future?" Leng Xuanxuan stopped smiling and sat on the study desk, looking at Claire, face to face.

Claire nodded slightly. "I have." Currently, Claire was inwardly apprehensive. Perhaps, perhaps this girl could see the future? Was it possible?

The next moment, Leng Xuanxuan's expression changed back into the pure smile that a five year old should have and she changed the topic naturally, pointing at a book and asking Claire, "Elder sis, what does this mean?"

Claire looked and explained to Leng Xuanxuan while smiling.

"Claire, this girl is not simple, definitely not simple." Walter said, trembling.

You don't say! Claire coldly humphed. Of course she knew without Walter saying that. This child was definitely not as simple as she seemed.

After the day passed and night had come, Liuxue Qing finally came to pick Xuanxuan up. Only after Leng Xuanxuan reluctantly said goodbye to Claire did she and Liuxue Qing leave on the carriage.

And not long after Leng Xuanxuan left, Lashia returned.

"Elder sister, you finally came back. You didn't even bring me to learn through experience with you. Once I heard you returned today, I wanted to come back immediately, but Master didn't let me, wanting me to finish first and then come back." Lashia fumed.

"I'll bring you next time. Wait, where's Mother? Why haven't I seen her?" Claire frowned. Once she returned, the first thing she did was report to Duke Gordan, then she went to find Mother, but wasn't able to see her. She wanted to ask Grandfather, but Leng Xuanxuan had taken up her time.

"Mother is at the imperial palace. She's become the the the head maid. I don't know why, but the princess requested to the king for Mother to go to the imperial palace to accompany her. Not to do anything, just accompany her, chat, and order the other maids. Dunno what the princess is thinking." Lashia frowned, seeming unsatisfied that Mother went to the imperial palace to work.

Claire fell silent. The imperial palace had always been an unpredictable place, a power struggle vortex. Why had Mother actually gone to the imperial palace and become the princess's head maid?

"Elder sister, everybody is praising you for the Niya city incident. The emperor even said he'll award you. Also, when you were training, did you go encounter anything special? Are you going to class with me tomorrow?" Lashia asked in succession.

"I made a wind leopard my mount. First, tomorrow, I'll go to the palace to visit Mother, then go to class the next day. Unfortunately, I still need to finish my studies and get the medal after passing the exam. The Hill clan cannot lose face." Claire smiled and said. The king actually personally presided over the exam and would personally give the medal to the students who passed. The medal was a sign of the honor of being able to serve the country.

"Wind leopard?! A seventh grade magic beast?" Lashia became excited. "Where? Where? Let me see."

"Enclosed in the courtyard." Claire said. "Careful."

"I know already." Lashia enthusiastically dashed to the courtyard.

Claire sighed, seeing the dusky sky. She hoped Katherine, that gentle woman, wouldn't be swept into the corrupt court struggle.

At dinner, Duke Gordan treated Ben warmly, but Ben didn't pay attention. However, Duke Gordan didn't care and continuously tried to talk to Ben.

Just as they finished eating, a maid came and reported to Duke Gordan that the princess had sent a carriage that was already waiting outside the Hill mansion. It was sent by princess Maurice to sent Claire to the palace.

"That's fine. Claire, you should go see your mother now and attend class tomorrow." Duke Gordan instructed.

"Yes, Grandfather." Claire nodded, then went out with Jean.

Imperial palace: brightly lit, magnificent and gorgeous

The maid brought Claire directly to the harem. Jean could only wait at the entrance.

TL: because harems only allow women or eunuchs cuz, ya kno...

The maid led Claire through a long corridor to the princess's resting place.

It was bright inside. Claire immediately saw the gentle woman she was concerned about, Katherine. Katherine sat on a sofa with princess Maurice next to her. The two seemed to be talking about a happy topic. Outside of Claire's expectations, the second prince, prince Nancy, was also there.

"Greetings, your highnesses." Claire bowed slightly.

"Claire, you came. We were just talking about you." Princess Maurice seemed to more happy than Katherine when seeing Claire, hurriedly getting up and greeting.

"Claire." Katherine also stood up, smiling, watching Claire eagerly.

"Mother, I've returned." Claire nodded towards Katherine and smiled. Naturally, she knew this gentle woman had been worried for her.

"Claire, I didn't think that the plague at Niya city was like that, and I also didn't expect that you would actually be able to resolve it so quickly." Prince Nancy said in admiration.

"It's all due to Master Cliff's contributions and the Temple of Light's help that it was settled so quickly." Claire smiled.

"Since when did you learn to act so humble, there's no need in our presence." Princess Maurice pouted.

"There's no need to be so restrained in front of the princess, her highness is very kind." Katherine went up and pulled Claire's hand, smiling.

"Yes, Mother." Claire saw that Katherine's mood was pretty good and relaxed. Seems like Mother had a good time in the palace. Everything was fine as long as she was happy.

"Claire, sit, tell us about what happened at Niya city and also about that grand wizard." Maurice pulled Claire over and they both sat down on the sofa. She excitedly wanted Claire to tell what had happened.

Claire saw Katherine smiling, so she smiled also and started to narrate. Naturally, she omitted a few things. As everybody chatted for a while, the night became late, but princess Maurice still didn't want to let Claire go. Only when Nancy reminded Maurice did she reluctantly let go of Claire's hand.

"Rest early. Can't the both of you meet again tomorrow?" Nancy consoled the unwilling princess Maurice.

"That's true." When princess Maurice heard this, she started becoming happy. "Claire, see you at school tomorrow."

"Yes. Your highness should go to rest." Claire said, then turned to Katherine and nodded lightly. Only then did she leave with Nancy.

In the long corridor, the candle light made the two's shadows extremely long.

The two were silent. Nancy walked very slowly. After a good while, he said quietly, "Claire, you're, you're not the same as before."

"Oh, really?" Claire said indifferently. Evidently, she didn't want to talk about this subject.

"Yes. The current you attracts many gazes." Nancy stopped. He watched Claire as he said quietly, "So dazzling, making people unable to move their gazes away."

Claire halted, but didn't turn back. She only said icily, "Second prince, it's already very late, I want to..."

Claire didn't finish speaking. Instead, she widened her eyes suddenly, turned around, and abruptly threw herself on Nancy, pushing Nancy away. The two rolled messily on the ground.

Killing intent! Hidden so well, she almost didn't sense it.

Where Nancy had been standing at, a ghost-like figure appeared. Silent, extremely dangerous.

An assassin!