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 Just when they were at the border town and passing through customs, Leng Lingyun was actually there.

"Miss Claire, you're actually here." Leng Lingyun smiled and greeted. Once the bodyguards saw the Divine Prince greet Claire, they felt that the person sitting on the seventh grade magic bast was definitely unordinary. When Claire had appeared with Little Leopard, she had attracted many gazes.

"It can't be, this pretty boy came to kill you?" Walter cried out in alarm. "It can't be, they couldn't be so quick."

Claire looked at Leng Lingyun's smile. She didn't know if it was her misperception, but she kept on feeling like this cold guy's current smile seemed to be much more real than before.

"How did your Highness know I was here?" Claire also smiled and asked. "Did your Highness come here for business."

"Because Xuanxuan wanted to meet you, I brought her to the Hill mansion, but you weren't there. Duke Gordan said you came here to train from experience. Are you going back now?" Leng Lingyun continued to smile gently. "I came here because the Temple of Light had some business to deal with."

"So it's like that. Yes. We're going back now. How is Xuanxuan doing?" Claire suddenly understood. She recalled the adorable yet mysterious little girl.

"Pretty well. It's just that she wants to see you very badly." Leng Lingyun suddenly said sincerely, "Miss Claire, if I may be so bold to as a favor, I hope you agree."

"Is it that you want me to see Xuanxuan." Claire smiled, naturally understanding what Leng Lingyun wanted to say.

"Yes, I hope Miss Claire agrees." Leng Lingyun said a bit embarrassedly, "I have never seen Xuanxuan be so concerned about a person."

"Alright. No problem. But Xuanxuan is at the Temple of Light, isn't it a bit unsuitable?" Claire asked.

"The Divine Princess has promised to bring Xuanxuan to visit once Miss Claire arrives home. I just hope Miss Claire won't decline." Leng Lingyun actually made a rare joke. Although this joke wasn't funny at all.

"Haha, okay. Then we'll first take our leave to not hinder you in your work." Although it wasn't funny, Claire still faked a laugh.

Walter felt nauseated, yet admired the two's skills, both continuously so profound, both formidable.

"Then Miss Claire, I wish you a good journey." Leng Lingyun said goodbye. Seeing the group of people standing not far behind, he said in a low voice, "Miss Claire's group of friends is not bad.

"Haha, thank you." Claire politely thanked, then the two parted.

Once Leng Lingyun's figure disappeared from everyone's line of sight, Walter started creating a ruckus. "Didn't this pretty boy come here for you? I thought he came to find you."

Claire quieted down. Finally, she said to Walter slowly, "It should be connected to me. The Temple of Light should have sensed such a strong Dark power and such dense Dark aura. That's why the sent out the Divine Prince to investigate, or get rid of it after investigating."

"Then?" Walter frowned.

"He doesn't know I'm related to it." Claire said softly. "Although I don't know why his little sister acts so close to me, it's pretty useful that way: an opportunity to know the Temple of Light's movements. We could be on guard ahead of time. And the Temple of Light is formidable; it's only been two days and they've immediately sent people out."

"The Temple of Light has temples in every country and have set up portals." Walter disdainfully clicked his tongue. "They're all built by the blood, sweat, and tears of the commoner's hard earned money. So many people are willing to donate money, hmph."

Portals? No wonder Leng Lingyun was able to come here so quickly. No wonder he was investigating instead of just arriving.

"Replenish some supplies and buy a carriage to return on the main road." Cliff was a bit sickly, feeling extremely unhappy. Now undoing the mark was hopeless, how could his mood be good.

"Claire." Just as Claire was about to reply to Cliff, Feng Yixuan's serious voice came from behind with a very complex mood.

"Feng Yixuan?" Claire turned and saw Feng Yixuan's solemn expression. Rarely did Feng Yixuan had such a serious expression, his gaze resolute, like he had made a decision.

"Claire, wait for me. I will become strong and then return." Feng Yixuan watched Claire with a burning gaze, every word said earnestly.

Claire was stunned, unable to say anything for a while.

"Little guy, you're going to go?" Cliff blinked and said, confused. This guy had such a sincere attitude towards Claire, but now he was actually going to leave?

"Because he resents that he's too weak and has no way to protect you, he wants to become strong and then return." Shui Wenmo curled his lip and said to the side, "Just get strong yourself, why do I have to suffer with you too?"

Claire suddenly remembered that at the battle, Shui Wenmo stopped Feng Yixuan from undoing his seal, saying that he was unable to withstand the power. What was that?

"I will return." Feng Yixuan's gaze didn't leave Claire. "I will definitely return. I've said before that I will marry you."

Claire was at a loss for words. In reality, based on appearance, Feng Yixuan was not yet fifteen while Claire was only thirteen years old. Did the people of this world mature early or did Feng Yixuan, this child, have a unique way of thinking?

"You guys are going to leave now?" Summer watched Shui Wenmo suspiciously and asked.

"Ah, we're going to go right now." Shui Wenmo shifted around hesitantly, then looked at Summer and suddenly said seriously, "I'll also return."

"Tch, so what if you return." Summer clicked her tongue, not caring.

"Good, little guy. I wait for you to become strong then return." Cliff smiled slightly. This little red haired guy had very good potential and his temperament was not bad. He would miss him a little.

"Be careful." Claire said, smiling.

Feng Yixuan's eyes shined. He grabbed Claire's hand, saying emotionally, "Darling, I will take care of myself well, you should also take care of yourself and wait for my return."

The next moment, a certain somebody was crouching on the ground, covering his eye, and grimacing in pain. True to her word, Claire had done what she had promised, hitting Feng Yixuan's other eye.

The surrounding passersby showed curious and surprised gazes when seeing this group, but nobody dared to approach and talk. How could they provoke someone who could use a seventh grade magic beast as a mount?

After they exited the city, Feng Yixuan and Shui Wenmo reluctantly bid farewell to Claire. More accurately, it was Feng Yixuan who was reluctant.

And so the group and one wind leopard returned back to the capital.

Hill manor.

In the study, Duke Gordan sat, looking at the rose regalia on the wall, silent.

After a long time, Duke Gordan spoke. "Emery, what do you think of the people Claire brought back?"

Emery thought for a moment, then replied prudently, "Sir, that black clothed man is very strong, very dangerous. He emits an inhuman pressure."

"Not bad. That black clothed man is exceptionally strong, something really inconceivable." Duke Gordan exposed a smile and stood up. Duke Gordan wasn't a flower stand. Few people in the capital had experienced his true strength. Of course a clan's core wasn't so simple.

Emery was silent. Strong was good. But there were no gain without risk. Naturally, he understood what Duke Gordan meant. If this black clothed was well disposed, then he would be of great assistance to the Hill clan. But...... if such a strong person opposed the Hill clan, then it would be a big headache.

"Claire has reaped many profits this time, haha." Gordan laughed. Evidently, his mood was very good. Claire had advanced into a wizard and also brought back such a strong person.

But Emery was worried. Power that was too strong wasn't easily handled. There were too many cases of this.

"Wow, Claire, I live here from now on?" Summer plopped onto the gorgeous bed, satisfied.

"Yes. Remember, just don't cause any trouble. If you don't like something or somebody, just reject them." Claire said seriously.

"Don't worry, don't worry. The food is good, the living conditions are good, I won't cause any trouble. But really, I never thought your family would be so rich." Summer rolled around on the bed happily. This was actually her first time living so luxuriously. At her home, she trained rigorously, not to mention her living conditions.

"That's fine." Claire nodded.

"Your rolling posture is so ugly." Suddenly, Ben's judging voice came from the doorway.

"You actually came in without knocking, you uncultured guy!" Summer said angrily.

Ben shrugged, not caring. "Your door wasn't even closed, why would I knock?"

"You!" Summer was so angry she jumped up, but at the same time, she didn't dare to do anything to Ben. She only cursed internally, damn you, uncultured Ben.

"Miss, the Temple of Light's Holy Princess requests an audience." A maid stood at the door and reported cautiously. For some reason, the black clothed man nearby gave an ineffable pressure, making one want to leave quickly.

So soon?! Claire was a bit surprised. She had just arrived back home for a moment and the Temple of Light already knew.

"Got it, I'll go there soon." Claire said indifferently and waved offhandedly, indicating for the maid to leave.

"Isn't this too quick? They must have known when you entered the city. Why does the Temple of Light pay so close attention to you? In any case, it's not anything good." Summer muttered, frowning.

"Don't go anywhere thoughtlessly, don't make any trouble. Especially you, Ben. Remember what you've promised me. Don't act recklessly, got it?" Claire urged repeatedly.

"Got it, got it, don't worry." Ben waved offhandedly. "Go meet that Holy Princess or whatever."

"Yes." Claire nodded, turning to leave.

The Divine Princess was not so simple. She knew the moment she had entered the city and immediately went to visit.

"The Divine Princess likes that pretty boy, the pretty boy is only kind to his little sister, his little sister only likes you, so the Divine Princess dislikes you. Claire, your future is very dark." Walter took joy in Claire's misfortune.

TL: still brighter than my future

Claire didn't speak. She was fine with feigning courtesy, but if that Divine Princess thought she was easy to mess with, then she was gravely mistaken.

Claire walked to the grand hall. Just as she entered the grand hall, a small figure swiftly ran over and pounced on Claire.

"Elder sis, I missed you so much." Naturally, the melodious voice was the adorable little girl, Leng Xuanxuan.

Nobody see the sliver of profoundness that flashed through the Divine Princess's eyes when she saw that scene.