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 Cliff's expression flickered. He understood that everything Ben said was true.

But if they weren't able to cross Dragon Valley, then there was no way to reach Sprite Forest, not to mention the god of Sprites. Then there would be no way to undo the mark on Claire's hand.

"If we go now, we'll definitely die when we pass through Dragon Valley. If we don't go, there's still a chance." Claire said to Cliff insipidly.

Of course Cliff understood Claire's words. Before the god of Darkness descends, become strong, and use one's own strength to undo the mark, going against the god of Darkness. But, was it possible? Could they wait until then?

"Alright now, Master, don't think about it. The sky's starting to brighten, we should rest." Claire yawned. "Let's set up tents."

Cliff's expression was solemn. He silently grabbed something. His heart was exceptionally grave.

Go forward? Or withdraw.

The surroundings quieted down. Everybody went into their tents. As for if anybody was awake, no one knew.

This night, so much had gone on, they were tired to death. Only when it was the afternoon did everybody wake up.

After Claire woke up and got out her tent, she spotted Jean sitting in front of the bon fire, roasting meat.

"Miss, you woke up?" Jean stood up, with a faint hint of a smile.

"Yes. How does your body feel now?" Claire said quietly and sat down and motioned to Jean to also sit down. Yesterday, although the golden dragon only messed around with Jean and didn't kill him, Jean still suffered many injuries.

"Much better. As expected, the medicine sir Cliff refined is outstanding." Jean replied.

"Oh, Claire. It sure is early." Feng Yixuan also went out of his tent, his voice emotionless, directly sitting in between the two.

"Yes, it is." Claire nodded.

"Better to go back to the capital as fast as possible." Jean suddenly said seriously. "Ben said yesterday that golden dragon will definitely not let the matter go. Gaining experience does not necessarily mean we need to go to Sprite Forest. We can choose other routes."

Feng Yixuan frowned, wanting to say something, but then suddenly remembered that the mark on the back of Claire's hand was only known by him and Cliff. Thinking of this, Feng Yixuan swallowed back his words.

"Yes, let's go back. Afterall, the capital is the Temple of Light's territory. If what Ben said was correct, the goddess of Light and the Dragon God have an agreement. Dragons cannot attack human cities." Claire nodded. If that golden dragon hadn't been scared off by her words, he still wouldn't have created a huge problem instead of running. This kind of dragon actually became the dragon king, what a disgrace to the dragon race. Looks like Ben's relationship with that dragon was very strong. Claire speculated. If Ben hadn't been trapped, perhaps he would have become the next king.

"Miss, are you hungry?" Jean rotated the roasting meat, asking quietly.

Before Claire could respond, Ben suddenly ran out of the tent like wind with a flustered expression, hastily shouting, "Quickly leave, quickly leave this place. That bastard came back!"


Everybody's expressions changed abruptly.

Who else could make Ben frantically urge them to go besides the cruel golden dragon?

Claire instantly stood up, turning to face the front.

In only an instant, a crazy wind struck from the front. Sand and stones flew everywhere. Instantaneously, the front had become bare wasteland. The crazy squall brimming with destructiveness attacked everyone without warning.

Ben's complexion darkened as he rapidly rushed forward and instantly transformed back into his original form to block the gale brimming with destructive power for everyone.

The gale swept pass Ben. The nearby trees and boulders all weren't able to escape the destruction, instantly blown away. Crevices appeared on the ground, a ghastly sight.

With the sound of a splatter, all the tents behind everybody were bumped into by something. Next, those parts of the tests were slowly dyed red. Claire was shocked to look up and see more red, seeing Ben seep out blood. The crazy gale already cut Ben's strong body! What had splashed onto the tents was Ben's blood. This squall could actually cut Ben's body!

Cliff and then were all soon out of their tents. Seeing the scene in front of them, everybody's complexions all paled.

"Lowly human, I said before that I would make you pay the price. I will shred your corpse into a thousand pieces, your soul shall suffer for all eternity." The golden dragon's roar came from the distance, filled with hate and wrath.

Claire's expression also changed. The golden dragon was actually this quick to return? This quick to contain the wound on his claw?

This time, they weren't able to withstand the golden dragon's ire.

What could they do?

Soon, the golden dragon appeared within their line of sight. He widened his eyes sinisterly, snorting rudely, his eyes full of hatred and humiliation. Before, he had actually been scared off by that lowly human. At the time, why did he really believe that his claw would be destroyed?

"Lowly human, you actually dared to trick me. I will make you pay the necessary price." The golden dragon angrily thundered.

This shameless dragon, Claire coldly snorted. It was only because you were a coward that you were tricked.

"Claire, what do we do? What do we do now? Now this dragon is even more angry, he will definitely not be scared off again. He came using such strength, will he really kill us?" Walter asked, trembling.

"Dunno." Claire said coldly. If the golden dragon used all his strength, then in truth, nobody here would be able to resist.

"Then we're screwed, we're screwed......" Walter repeated continuously, panicking. Suddenly, he thought of something, saying eagerly, "Claire, White Emperor, has White emperor woken up? Didn't he instakill that magician last time? Wake him quick quickly, make him go against the golden dragon."

Claire was silent, not saying a word, because White Emperor was still sleeping. From the connection from the contract, Claire knew White Emperor would still not wake up at this moment. He was still recovering.

"Ah, I knew it, I knew nothing good would come out of staying with Claire. This time, I'm really screwed." Summer said mournfully, looking miserable.

"Don't give up until the bitter end." Shui Wenmo said solemnly.

The golden dragon came closer and closer. Once he saw Ben standing in front of everyone, his expression became more and more sinister. Fuming with rage, he said, "You really fell beyond redemption, actually accompanying these lowly humans, how humiliating for the dragon race!"

"Way better than a bastard who used evil means to become the king." Ben gritted his teeth and retorted.

"Haha......" The golden dragon disdainfully started laughing wildly. "Blame your own stupidity. Go to hell." The golden dragon stepped back a little, rapidly chanting a spell.

A glaring light beam suddenly shot out. Ben's expression changed and he dodged. But the light beam seemed like it was alive, turning with Ben and then attacked.

With a loud sound, the light beam went through Ben's body, then continuously grew long, winding a few times around Ben's body, then suddenly tightening, binding Ben tightly.

Everybody recognized that the light beam was the same kind as the one that had restricted Ben when they first met him.

"You scum, stay here obediently. I'll deal with you in a moment. I want you to see with your own eyes the end of these humans you wanted to protect." The golden dragon cruelly laughed, looking down at the humans below him.

Claire clenched her fist tightly. Saying something like the person you're looking for is me, let them go, would only amuse this cruel dragon. With his personality, all the humans here would die.

He wouldn't let anyone go!

Claire didn't hesitate, instantly starting to use the Treasured Lotus Style. Immediately, her body emitted a faint golden hue.

As expected, when the golden dragon saw it, he was driven mad.

It was only because this colored flame had wounded him, throwing his heart into chaos, making him mistakenly believe he was going to be wounded greatly, that he had humiliatingly ran away.

The humiliation must be exterminated thoroughly!

"Die!" The golden dragon grinned evilly, flapping his wings, spitting a strong dragon aura over.

Cliff hurriedly set up a barrier. Feng Yixuan also set up a barrier to help.

The surrounding dust flew, blurring everybody's sight.

"Careful!" Ben's weak voice sounded, making everybody alarmed.

Once the dust settled, everybody's expression changed differently. A glaring light beam was already attacking and right before Claire's eyes. As expected, the golden dragon was very crafty, first spitting out dragon aura to confuse everybody, then shooting out a light beam.

The light beam was just about to go through Claire's body. And Claire was a human and couldn't resist this kind of attack that Ben could.

A malicious grin appeared on the golden dragon's face. This light beam would go through and melt that lowly human, slowly melting the body with the soul. Then it would dissipate amidst the slow, eternal suffering.

Nobody could stop it, nobody could save her!

Haha, ignorantly lowly human, this is the price to pay for hurting me! The golden dragon laughed heartily, waiting for Claire's miserable death, waiting for the lowly humans' despair.

Feng Yixuan's complexion instantly paled. He was about to rush up and block Claire without any hesitation. Jean also moved. Their goal was the same, blocking for Claire. Cliff set up multiple magic shields with one breath, but the light beam easily pierced through the magic shields and the magic shields instantly disintegrated.

Claire closed her eyes. The Treasured Lotus Style was churning crazil within her body.

Golden lotus. At this moment, she needed to summon the golden lotus that could block the heavenly lightning and block the light beam with the golden lotus.

Quickly come out, golden lotus. You whimsical guy, actually not coming out at this crucial moment.

"F*ck, there's going to be someone who'll save you, what do I need to come out for? Waste of time." A lofty, rude voice suddenly sounded in Claire's mind, then instantly disappeared.

Before Claire could come back to her senses and ask who is this, what was that supposed to mean,

a familiar, terrifying repressing feeling suddenly appeared.

The insane smile the golden dragon had suddenly froze. A feeling of repression that even he couldn't resist appeared, throwing his heart into chaos incessantly. A differently feeling slowly appeared. And the light beam that was going to run through and melt Claire's body and soul stopped right in front of Claire's chest, not moving forward at all.

Everybody was dumbstruck. Only Cliff and Feng Yixuan understood what was going on with the familiar pressure.

The terrifying pressure descended as the surrounds were gradually swallowed up by darkness. It was obviously day time, but the surroundings were a mass of darkness, pitch black.

A vortex appeared within the darkness. Then, blood red light appeared within the vortex.

A mocking smile appeared on Claire's lips.

Who would have thought, it was actually him who came to save me!

It was the god of Darkness!