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 Was there going to be a downpour of rain?

But why was it only that way around them?

Other places were still bright like before.

Selective rain? There was something as ridiculous as that?

"First leave this place quickly. In a while, there will be lightning strikes. This lightning is no small matter; it's not something the human body can resist." Claire said to them solemnly. "This lightning is only directed towards me. If you leave, there will be no problem."

"What?!" When they heard Claire's words, their expressions changed greatly.

There was actually something like that?

"Miss! You even said that it's something the human body can't resist, how, how are you going to resist?" Jean became worried, wanting to rush to Claire's side. But Cliff had already set up a sturdy barrier and even put up a couple of layers. Naturally, people outside weren't able to reach Claire.

"I, I'll immediately undo the barriers." Cliff also became frantic.

"There's no time, master. If you undo them right now, I will definitely die. If you don't, I'll still have a sliver of hope for living. Quickly get out of the way." Claire immediately shouted at Cliff to stop.

"What's going on? Claire, what on earth is going on?" Cliff was so frantic, his face was full of sweat, but he didn't understand.

"I'll tell you after, don't bother me now." Claire immediately sat in the lotus position, clapping her palms lightly before her chest, starting to use the second level of the Treasured Lotus Style.

"Let's first withdraw." Ben advised Cliff and Jean, seeing the rumbling dark clouds and the lightning and thunder within the layers.

The two weren't willing to take even one step away.

Black dragon Ben instantly transformed back, grabbed one of them in each claw, then immediately retreated.

The rumbling sound of thunder resonated into the horizon. A lightning writhing about amidst the dark clouds, making one's heart alarmed and one tremble with fear, completely charged with berserk and dreadful power.

One, just one lightning bolt!

Claire clenched her teeth. She should be able to withstand it.

A shocking, dreadful, snow white lightning bolt streaked across the night sky, directly striking at Claire.



Cliff and Jean both frantically cried out.

It wasn't some small lightning from a magician, it was a natural lightning bolt from the sky!

Brimming with berserk and unsteady power.

The bolt of lightning lit the surroundings white.

As he watched the situation, Ben froze. His claws loosened, dropping Jean and Cliff.

They saw very clearly that all of Cliff's barriers were struck broken by the lightning bold, but didn't see it wound Claire.

Because they couldn't see Claire!

Claire was wrapped up tightly by a gigantic golden lotus. The giant golden lotus shined brightly, dazzling more so within the night, more beautiful than anything that could be imagined. It deeply shocked their souls, making one unable to move their gaze away.

The lightning bolt broke Cliff's barriers and attacked the golden petals, but was like a stone that had been thrown into the sea and sunk to the bottom: without any reaction.

The next moment, the dark clouds dissipated. The night sky was once again glittering with stars, as if the dark clouds and lightning just then was their hallucination.

The two humans and dragon just blankly stared at Claire, deeply engrossed by the golden lotus wrapped around Claire. Slowly, the golden golden lotus gradually opened its petals, showing Claire, who had was sitting inside. Everybody would remember this sight for a long time. The current Claire was so at peace and beautiful, attracting one's soul.

Claire gradually opened her eyes and slowly got up. Looking down and seeing the giant lotus beneath her feet, she inwardly cursed at the creator of the Treasured Lotus Style cultivation method. How sneaky. The golden lotus seemed to be specialized for the tribulation lightning. In other words, every time she comprehended, there would be tribulation lightning and the golden lotus would protect?

"Claire!" Cliff and Jean hurriedly rushed over, both looking very worried.

Just at this moment, the golden lotus suddenly shined millions of rays of light, completely submerging Claire. Slowly, the light dimmed down.

Everybody was in shock as they watched Claire close her eyes, hair blowing, her sleeves also flying fast. Her refined look stunned one's heart. An indescribable feeling of freedom emitted out of every fiber of her being. It was as if something from deep within her body was slowly sprouting, then blossoming.

Then the bright golden lotus slowly disappeared. The surroundings darkened.

"Claire!" Everyone hurried over.

Claire sighed quietly. How was she going to explain to them?

"Claire, you, you advanced?" Cliff watched Claire and suddenly shouted, pleasantly surprised. "You're actually now at the level of a wizard, before, you were only a grand magician."

What? Wizard?!

glossary here

The capital's temple of Light.

In front of the inscription of the goddess of Light, there was the green haired woman, the temple of Light's best prophet. She was currently kneeling, eyes closed, in front of the divine inscription.

A moment later, she slowly got up and opened her strange pair of eyes.

The goddess had just given out orders!

The person the goddess wanted to find was in Yowusali!

They needed to immediately send people there to find them!

Advanced? She advanced just like that?

Claire looked at her hands suspiciously, feeling something was different from before. There was some kind of power filling her body. But, she had so suddenly just like that? Did it have to do with the Treasured Lotus Style?

"Claire, what was that flower just now? Why would lightning strike?" Ben continued to ask, suspicious.

"That......" Claire was thinking of how to reply.

"Claire!" An impatient shout came from the distance. It was Feng Yixuan's voice.

Everyone turned to see Feng Yixuan madly dash over.

"Everything you saw just then was what I learned from the book from Summer." Claire replied briefly, not planning on hiding anything.

Learned it from that book? Jean was suspicious. The words on the book didn't seem to be from this continent, why was Claire able to understand them?Ben's expression was even more confused. Cliff, on the other hand, was thinking.

"Claire, are you alright?" Feng Yixuan rushed over, grabbing Claire's hand. He inspected her up and down. Seeing Claire was not the slightest bit wounded, he calmed down.

"What about that dragon? Why was there lightning just then?" Feng Yixuan frowned, sizing up the surroundings. The surroundings were a mess, many large crevices in the ground, and also many fractured trees and shattered stone.

"It ran away." Claire pulled away her hand and said insipidly.

"It ran away?" Feng Yixuan's mouth opened wide. Dragons were arrogant beings, why would one suddenly run away?

"He had some business, so he suddenly ran. It seemed like someone was calling him." Claire said, her expression completely serious.

"Oh?" Feng Yixuan scratched his head. Then, a stab of pain came from the nape of his neck and he jumped up. "Shui Wenmo, that scum, he actually attacked me secretly again. If I don't completely beat him up this time, he won't know......"

"You can't die here. Let him take you away." Claire stopped Feng Yixuan.

Feng Yixuan froze and just stood there, facing away from Claire, suddenly quieting down. Nobody could see his expression.

From far away, Shui Wenmo and Summer also made their way over. They had hurried over after confirming they were safe.

As they came close, everybody saw that one of Shui Wenmo's eyes had become a panda eye, evidently from Feng Yixuan.

"Where's the dragon." Summer asked suspiciously.

"There was some matter to deal with at Dragon Valley, he was suddenly summoned over." Ben had understood Claire's real meaning, lying without any indication of guilt.

"Wow! Our luck is so good." Summer jumped up and down.

Ben had said these words, so naturally, there was some credibility.

But now they had already created a grudge with the golden dragon. Wanting to safely pass through Dragon Valley would be harder than hard, basically impossible, because offending the dragon race's king equated to offending the entire dragon race. If they were discovered while passing through Dragon Valley, with one dragon breath, they would turn to dust.

Was it good luck or bad luck?

"Let's first leave this place. With something that big happening here, soon there will be people investigating." Cliff said, looking at the disordered surroundings.

"Yes, let's first pack up our things and leave." Claire turned, looking for something.

"What are you looking for?" Jean asked.

"Aha, here. Little Wind,1 come over here." Claire happily beckoned.

Feng Yixuan turned, baffled. Was Claire calling him? It couldn't be.

The wind leopard that had been withdrawn in a corner slowly stood up, trembling as it walked over. This guy had not dared to run. Just then, he had seen everything, so much so that he didn't dare to run. Imprinted deeply into his heart was that Claire was extremely frightening.

"Little Wind?" Feng Yixuan's mouth twitched as he pointed towards the slowly walking over wind leopard, completely confused as he asked, "He's Little Wind?"

"You gotta problem?" Claire rubbed the wind leopard's soft fur, extremely satisfied.

"If you touch it and call out my name, I'll be thinking of strange things." Feng Yixuan chuckled.

Claire's face darkened. While stroking the wind leopard, she said, "From now on your name is Little Leopard, understand?"

The pitiful wind leopard looked at the dominating Claire and then nodded heavily.

Now Claire relaxed. Everybody didn't need to carry anything as everything went into Cliff's interspatial ring. But the ring couldn't carry anything living. The four horses couldn't travel there and it would be up to them to walk there. But now it was different.

The wind leopard's tall body, soft fur, graceful body, and thick padded feet completely made it a top notch mount.

Currently, Claire was riding the wind leopard, face full of content. Claire had practically laid down, half of her body touching the wind leopard's back. Summer seemed to be afraid of furry animals, staying far away.

After leaving the place far behind, Claire yawned. The sky was already faintly glowing white. The ruckus had transpired the whole night, so they didn't get to sleep.

"Let's rest here. You guys should go back to where you came from. There's no way you can pass through Dragon Valley." Ben sat down and said insipidly. "You've offended that narrow minded, vicious and merciless guy who's sure to remember it. Now he's even inherited the royal golden power. Once his wound is better, he'll immediately think of a way for revenge. It's better to first think of how to deal with him."

1. Feng Yixuan's last name, Feng, means wind.