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 "Go!" Jean turned to Feng Yixuan and shouted, then tapped the ground with his toe, shooting towards the golden dragon like an arrow.

"Claire, go soon! If we don't go, everybody will die here." Walter urged impatiently.

"Go! If we don't go now, it'll be too late." Shui Wenmo shouted, urging everyone.

Feng Yixuan frowned, staring at Jean who was fighting against the golden dragon, his eyes overflowing with unwillingness and humiliation. This man dashed up for the sake of stalling time for Claire! Swordsage! With such a young age, he had attained this kind of level, but was going to fall here. Only for Claire, only for his master? He could step forward bravely for Claire, he had the strength to obstruct for a moment. Why couldn't he? Hate! Utter hate! Why was he so weak, not even able to withstand the power of undoing the seal!

"Shui Wenmo, bring Feng Yixuan away." Claire watched Jean fight the golden dragon, the suddenly said these words to Shui Wenmo coldly.

Before Feng Yixuan came to his senses, a sharp pain came from the nape of his neck, and then he blacked out, weakly falling over. Shui Wenmo didn't say another word, lifted up Feng Yixuan, then pulled Summer, who had been stunned and still hadn't come to her senses, then madly dashed away.

"Claire, let's go too." Cliff hurriedly urged Claire. This wasn't the time to hesitate. Even though Jean is a swordsage, he's still not able to defeat the golden dragon and could only try his hardest to stall for time.

Claire watched the crazed golden dragon. Although he was fighting Jean, he hadn't shifted from his position once, his feet still stepping on Ben.

"Master, did you know? In the beginning, I had ill will towards Jean, unable to accept him, because he wasn't loyal. But now......" Claire smiled softly, her eyes tranquil and calm. "Master, forgive me. Go first. I cannot throw Jean away."

Cliff's expression changed, but he didn't say anything. Instead, he chanted a small spell. Claire's body became rigid, unable to move. Cliff lifted the unable to move Claire with magic and started floating, rapidly escaping.

"Master!" Claire called out in alarm. Cliff was actually taking her away forcefully and throwing Jean away?!

"Claire, you can't die here, and you're not supposed to die here." Currently Cliff's voice was ice cold, indescribably callous.

Claire stared wide eyed at Jean as he slowly went off into the distance.

"Roar......" Suddenly, the golden dragon was in pain, painfully snarling. It turns out, Jean had wounded his tail. The tail had a harsh wound currently bleeding bright red blood.

"Damnable ant, be destroyed with this land." The golden dragon angrily snarled. Next, the golden dragon only fought with his claws, chanting a long spell unsteadily.

No good! Cliff's expression changed greatly. The spell's dense berserk, destructive aura and incomparably large magic undulation showed that the crazy golden dragon wanted to destroy the land. Not only the remote city, even more distant lands would be destroyed.

"Stop! What are you doing? Don't forget the promise the dragon god gave to the goddess of Light. Dragons cannot rashly destroy human territory." Ben felt the intense, wrathful aura, understanding what the gold dragon wanted to do, shouting loudly, appalled, hoping that it would stop his crazy actions. If it continued like this, it would bring sky-reaching trouble to the dragon race.

Cliff set Claire down, frantically undid Claire's restraints, and urged worriedly, "Claire, where is your spatial teleportation scroll? Quick, quickly go!"

Naturally, Claire had also sensed the blatantly swelling strong magic undulation with destructive aura.

As long as the golden dragon finished chanting, this area of land would soon become a wasteland, barren, all living beings instantly destroyed.

Jean also felt the danger, sharply attacking with his sword with Dou Qi at the golden dragon's mouth.

The golden dragon smiled disdainfully. With an abrupt wave of his claw, Jean was suddenly struck to the ground. The golden dragon directly pierced down, preparing to skewer Jean's heart.



Claire's eyes instantly widened.

An indescribable power suddenly poured out of her body fiercely.

Currently, Claire only had one thought in mind.

Jean cannot die!

It was as if time stopped, everything still.

All living things went silent, everything going still.

The golden dragon halted right when he was about to finish chanting, breaking the spell. The enormous power was not released. The golden dragon widened his eyes, staring at his own claw. His claw had stopped right before Jean's chest, unable to go any closer. An enormous power restrained him, making his body unable to move.

Time hadn't stopped. Instead, a formidable power restrained all the living things in the surrounding from moving.

Cliff froze, because he felt by his side Claire's body pouring out an indescribably formidable power, continuously pouring out......

Power, boundless power.

It was a scorching power, making one exceptionally constrained, to the point that one would almost forget to think.

Claire's gaze misted over. Slowly, slowly, she rose in the air.

"Four legged reptile, go back to where you came from." A cruel smile appeared on Claire's lips. She raised her hand slowly. Instantly, a heaven-defying golden flame shot out. The beautiful, dazzling golden flame streaked across the night sky, attacking the golden dragon.

Only then did the golden dragon come back to his senses. With a cold humph, he disdainfully extended his front claw nonchalantly to block Claire's flame. A mere human's flame, one pinch could extinguish it. Just then was merely some kind of strange fluke, he actually became absentminded because of that tiny human's indescribable power.

But the golden dragon cried out painfully. The golden flame had ran through the golden dragon's claw, creating a hole.

"Lowly human, what did you do?" The golden dragon roared painfully and angrily. The claw wound was actually becoming bigger and bigger. Also, there was a scorching hot pain that became more and more intense.

"Do you really have granduer? You're just a four legged reptile, that's all." Claire floated slowly to the golden dragon, looking at him face to face, a faint, icy cold smile appearing at her lips. "If you still don't treat the wound, you'll become a three legged reptile." The chilling voice was like that of a demon from hell, profound and terrifying, like it could corrode the soul.

The golden dragon's expression finally changed, because the pain he felt from his claw was becoming more and more scorching hot, and his wound was slowly expanding. Although he couldn't believe a lowly human could harm him, his wound was really worsening.

"Lowly human, I'll remember this debt. Wait for the most cruel revenge." The golden dragon finally believed Claire's treat, speaking hatefully, then flapped his wings, speedily disappearing into the night sky.

Claire gazed at the golden dragon as it left, then let out a long sigh. If the golden dragon really wanted to fight to the death, then Claire would definitely be the one defeated. This kind of cowardly dragon who only cared for his neck was actually the dragon race's king, truly inconceivable.

"Claire......" Cliff quietly called Claire, who was floating in mid air.

Claire slowly came back to her senses, then descended down.

The next moment, she landed into a warm embrace. Jean had caught Claire in timely fashion.

"Claire, how are you?" Cliff immediately rushed over and asked.

"Miss, are you alright?" Jean's expression was full of concern.

"What's going on? Why is your flame golden? Why were you able to burn his body? Dragon's bodies are the firmest. Why would he be wounded?" Ben turned back into a human and also ran over, asking suspiciously. What was scary about dragons was that not only were they able to do high level enchantments, their body was exceptionally sturdy. Normal swords were basically unable to create any injuries on them, let alone a golden dragon's body. But Claire's flame had actually burned it; how could they not be surprised?

But Claire didn't say anything at this moment. Another burning sensation came from her back. This time, the second petal had bloomed!

Unexpectedly, at this critical juncture, she had comprehended the second level of the Treasured Lotus Style! That was how she was able to beat back the golden dragon!

She felt an even more terrifying crisis about to attack.

Also, this crisis was very distinctly only for her alone.

Tribulation lightning!

Damn! Why was it that with only the second level of the Treasured Lotus Style she was going to receive tribulation lightning?

Wasn't it only when those bs godly cultivation methods were cultivated to a very high level that there would be tribulations? When people learned godly cultivation methods, they would go against heaven's law and naturally would be receive punishment by heaven: passing tribulation, withstand heavenly lightning. With success, one would gain a godly amount of power. Failure would naturally result in the soul shattering and dispersing.

But that was only in the Orient!!!!!! What did it have to do with this realm?!

Claire was about to collapse. Wasn't this going against common sense too much?

With the second level she was going to undergo heavenly lightning, and it was in this world.

Claire struggled free from Jean's embrace and said hurriedly, "Master, set up the most sturdy barrier here, best to have many layers. Then immediately leave this place far away, quickly!"

"Ah?" Although Cliff was confused, he still listened to Claire's words, immediately setting up his most sturdy magic barrier around Claire.

"Go! Go far! Quickly!" Claire looked up at the sky worriedly. Close, close, the damn tribulation lightning was about to come.

Cliff, Jean, and Ben also faced the sky and were astonished to see the hazy night sky was starting to slowly darken. Big, big clouds were amassing there. Slowly, the black clouds covered a huge area. Rumbling came from within the clouds, lightning flashing.