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 "Capture him." Claire ordered Ben.

Ben squinted his eyes, nonchalantly releasing a tiny,tiny bit of dragon's might. Instantly, the surrounding quieted down, the small bugs that made chirps and clicks during the night completely deathly silent. The wind leopard lied on his stomach, his two front paws covering his head, his body trembling slightly.

"From now on, you are my magic beast. If you don't listen, I'll let them cut you up and turn you into stew. Understood?" Claire walked forward, crouched down, and said these words to the wind leopard slowly. The seventh grade beast wind leopard's intelligence was already very high, it completely understood Claire's words.

The wind leopard reached out its head hesitantly, looking at the dismembered corpse of the big snake, then looking at the evil-looking black dragon Ben, then cautiously nodded its head. It knew very clearly that the black clothed black haired person wasn't human, a being far above him. Also, the big snake that had put it had a disadvantage was already split into many pieces quietly lying on the ground.

"Claire, what do you want to do with this magic beast? It can't be that you want to contract it as your magic beast." Feng Yixuan was completely confused. Although it was a mature magic beast, it was only a wind leopard.

"A mount." Claire squinted, looking and touching the wind leopard's soft fur. Sitting on this was basically, haha, extremely comfortable. There were many paths that horses could not take that the wind leopard was most suitable for.

"Oh." Feng Yixuan suddenly realized.

Just when everybody was planning on going back to their tests, a strange, intense cyclonic gale blew, blowing so hard everyone had a hard time opening their eyes and the surrounding trees were blown crooked.

Next, a formidable pressure descended and the wind leopard started trembling in fear. It lied down, hugging its head with its front paws, whimpering. It was even more scared of this than the pressure black dragon Ben had just given it.

A terrifying being was approaching!

Although this pressure was very terrifying and made one's heart shudder, compared to the god of Darkness's pressure that Claire and Feng Yixuan had experienced, it was nothing.

Ben's face was full of hatred as he looked towards the night sky, his expression exceptionally grave.

"Ben, who is it? Do you recognize them?" Claire looked up towards the night sky. When she saw the being approaching them, Claire's expression changed slowly.

A giant golden dragon!

It was actually a golden dragon, the sign of the dragon race's king!

"When the shackles were undone, I had thought you had escaped by yourself. Who would have thought you were helped by lowly humans, you nitwit. You've trampled the honor of dragons to the ground. Royal father has already left, so you won't be as lucky as before. You should peacefully die." The golden dragon's voice rumbled, madly and maliciously laughing.

Ben's expression turned extremely ugly.

Claire's expression also changed. This golden dragon was the dragon king! Nobody here was his match, not even Cliff or black dragon Ben!

"Having these lowly ants die with you is befitting of your lowly status, hahahaha...." The golden dragon laughed heartily.

Feng Yixuan slowly clenched his fist.

All the people here added up weren't the golden dragon's match, was it time to undo the seal?

The golden dragon started flapping his incomparably giant golden wings and flew, looking down disdainfully at black dragon Ben. "You lowly scum, royal father would protect you at times like this, let's see who will protect you now!"

Claire watched the crazed golden dragon in midair solemnly, her heart somewhat sinking. Dragon, this kind of being, was a being from from legends. An average dragon could easily wipe out an entire city. The dragon in front of her was definitely not average. He was the dragon king, a golden dragon! His strength didn't need to be mentioned. She knew enough from seeing Ben's expression.

"The only royal successor is me. What qualifications do you, lowly scum, have to fight with me? I'll annihilate you today." The golden dragon roared, spitting out dragon aura. The dragon aura filled with destructive power attacked. Sand and stones flew, trees were uprooted.

Black dragon Ben gave an angry roar, instantly returning to his original form, forcefully blocking the dragon aura.

The two giant dragons started wrestling in midair. The two harbored some kind of unknown enmity, not even using magic, directly fighting with their flesh. Their roars echoed into the horizon, but soon, Ben was put into a state of disadvantage.

"Claire...... should we seize this opportunity to escape?" Walter asked, trembling. This guy would always be interested in only saving his neck.

Claire didn't speak.

There was no way to escape. Black dragon Ben wasn't the match of the dragon who inherited golden power. Where could they run to? Even if she used the spatial teleportation scroll the Emery gave her now, only she would be able to escape. She couldn't leave the others behind.

Cliff had sensed something was wrong, hurrying over with Summer and Shui Wenmo.

"Idiots, what did you come here for? Go away quickly." Ben roared, seeing from midair the people who had hurried over.

"Haha, scum, you actually want to protect these lowly ants? Is it perhaps because you are all the same, lowly, that you would do such stupid acts?" The golden dragon sneered loudly, then spit out a fire ball to attack Ben. Ben immediately spit out a water ball, but when the water ball hit the golden dragon's fire ball, it instantly evaporated. Next, the fire smashed hard into Ben's body with a loud hiss.

"Scum!" The golden dragon seemed to harbor great hatred for Ben, not killing him, but slapping Ben down with his claw, then hatefully stepping on Ben viciously.

"Scum, you actually care about these ants?" The golden dragon stared at Claire's group with his big eyes, then started laughing heartily. "Then I'll kill them all one by one, let you enjoy this kind of feeling."

"Stop, this is our internal grudge, don't involve those humans." Ben struggled, trying to get up from underneath the golden dragon's foot.

"What a joke!" The golden dragon stepped Ben violently, glowering, a sinister smile appearing at his lips. "First, I'll crush these lowly ants into dust, then send you to hell."

"Claire, you guys should go quickly. I'll block him." Cliff pulled out his wand, his expression grave. From the depths of his eyes was a calmness in the face of death.

"Master, if we go, we go together, die, we die together. No need to speak." Claire said resolutely. Abandoning master and escaping alone was definitely impossible. This adorable old man had already paid so much for her, she definitely couldn't let him also pay with his life.

"You're still young, master is old." Cliff berated worriedly. "Go quickly, master can still block him for a while."

"Haha, idiots. Even these trash want to block me?" The golden dragon laughed sinisterly. His tail suddenly swung over, sweeping towards everybody.

Cliff's expression changed. He immediately set up a magic shield, blocking the golden dragon's attack. The golden dragon's tail stopped. His complexion darkened, as if being blocked by Cliff was extremely losing face. With an angry whistle, a giant fireball spout over.

Claire had already knew the golden dragon's fireball's might. They were unable to beat the fireball, something that had even wounded black dragon Ben. Feng Yixuan immediately kneeled down on one knee, hands on the ground, and concentrated. A thick ice wall quickly rose from the ground.

Cliff's eyes revealed surprise. This youth actually had such skill and such high adaptability. And it was instantaneous, without any incantation! Was this his actual strength?

There was a disdainful look in the golden dragon's eyes. He wanted to block his fireball with this kind of ice wall? What a joke!

But the next moment, the golden dragon wasn't able to keep on mocking. The fireball was blocked by the ice wall. The ice wall was melted slowly by the fireball. Although the ice wall had melted, quite a bit of the fireball had disappeared, and the remaining flame was easily blocked by Cliff.

"Damnable ants! All of you, die." Evidently, blocking the gold dragon's fireball made him feel very humiliated. They had neutralized his attack twice in a row. His pride wouldn't allow what he thought of as lowly ants to trample him.

The giant dragon roared madly, his dragon pressure continuously expanding, expanding.......

Everybody felt the dragon pressure continuously swell madly, their expressions becoming more and more heavy.

Feng Yixuan gritted his teeth and clapped his hands together, joining them at his chest.

"You're mad!" The nearby Shui Wenmo grabbing Feng Yixuan's hand, stopping what he was doing. He shouted angrily, "You actually wanted to do that, do you want your life? Currently, your body cannot withstand such power."

"If I don't do this, we'll all die!" Feng Yixuan tried to pull his hand back, but Shui Wenmo didn't let it go, grabbing it tightly.

"Don't use it until the very last moment. Use if after I die." Shui Whenmo let go of Feng Yixuan's hand and pulled out his sword. With a roar, his whole body burst forth with dazzling purple Dou Qi.

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Alertly, Jean slowly pulled out his sword. Looking at Claire, he said quietly, "Miss, go first. It is my responsibility to protect you. Bring them away first."

"You can't stop him." Cliff said succinctly, frowning.

Jean didn't answer, glanced at Claire profoundly, then turned and coldly eyed the golden dragon, saying icily, "Feng Yixuan, please safely bring Claire away."

Under everybody's astonished gazes, with a low grunt, Jean's entire body emitted silver Dou Qi!

That's right, they hadn't seen wrong, it was actually silver Dou Qi!

Only swordsages had silver Dou Qi!

Jean was actually already swordsage rank!

He had hidden his strength the whole time, making everybody think he was only a grand warrior. Nobody had thought that he was only one step away from the pinnacle, godly swordsage.

And now, he wanted to sacrifice his life for time.

To be accurate, it was to buy time for Claire.

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