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"Claire, why's he so angry?" Black dragon Ben was confused, standing at Claire's said, asking because he didn't understand at all.

Claire was silent.

Jean's expression changed, a profound look arising in his eyes.

Why was he so angry.... He was so angry for Claire, because he clearly showed that he liked Claire. This wasn't strange.

But why? Jean's hand quietly covered his chest. Why was it that just then, when he heard that chamberlain say those words, an inexplicable anger surged here, and became larger and larger?

Why? Why was it that the moment he heard those words, killing intent immediately arose in his heart? Jean tightened his grip on his sword.

Claire watched Feng Yixuan take their lives like a god of death, and for a moment, her heart became completely blank. What was this feeling?

"Landy! Go up. If I die, you won't get a single penny. My grandfather will even blame you." The pig skin young master retreated like his life depended on it, then suddenly shouted towards the lower floor.

The next instant, an intense stream of water winded around the pig skin young master and rushed up, then turned into a dense forest of water arrows, filling the corridor and attacking within it.

Claire frowned, using all her strength to construct a magic shield, because the magic undulation the other side had was unordinarily intense! Their strength was definitely not weak.

Mournful cries rose and fell in succession in the corridor, because the water arrows were actually attacking indiscriminately. Besides going past the pig skin young master and not attacking him, everybody in the corridor became targets for the attack.

In the blink of an eye, after the mournful cries disappeared in the corridor, blood flowed like a river. The entire corridor had been dyed red. The pig skin young master's chamberlains had all died. And the other guests of the inn who had come out of their rooms all died by being run through by water arrows. Every corpse was riddled with holes!

Such a malicious method! Not even letting their own men go!

Feng Yixuan went back to Claire's side, coldly watching the entrance of the corridor's stairs.

"Oh man, so many people died." Black dragon Ben said nonchalantly while shaking his head, making his way to Claire's side while watching the corpses that covered the entire floor.

Then he looked at Claire expectantly, saying, "Can I make my move now? Can I eat that magician?"

Black dragon Ben was pointing at the magician who had slowly made his way up the stairs.

"He's mine." Feng Yixuan said coldly.

"I'm very poor, I don't have any money. That's why I'll kill you guys. I'll have money then." The magician who had made his way up the stairs said such words slowly and woodenly, without any tone or any warmth. "That's why, you should all die today. For my money."

"Careful." Claire said softly, frowning.

This magician was definitely someone unordinary. Claire started to become a little worried, because just then, not only did she use all her strength to construct the magic shield, she had to secretly use Lotus power to block this magician's water arrow attack.

Black dragon Ben twitched his mouth helplessly. So annoying, without Claire's consent, he couldn't do anything. Annoying, annoying, annoying.... In any case, looks like nothing tonight was related to him, might as well go back to his room and sleep.

Just when black dragon Ben was about to turn and leave, Claire suddenly said, "Ben" quietly, stopping him.

"What?" Black dragon Ben yawned, completely bored.

"Now I'll teach you your first lesson. You don't need to fight fairly. One against many is the so called group fight. It's fine to fight with all you've got." Claire said sinisterly. "Also, just then I told you to resist. You don't need to resist now. When you need to, you can go back on your word. That's the second lesson I'm teaching you today, you're really profiting tonight."

Jean's face froze, the little thief's mouth twitched, Shui Wenmo opened his mouth wide, Feng Yixuan had an expression of being overwhelmed. Walter just fainted.

The next moment, the group fight started.

Part 2: The crisis strikes

Black dragon Ben gave a strange cry, spitting out a fierce fire ball. Instantly, the water and blood flowing in the corridor were evaporated. The other magician calmly and unhurriedly set up a water shield, but was pushed back by black dragon Ben's strange strength, but the water shield didn't break.

"F*ck your great grandfather!" Black dragon Ben cursed without care for his status. He had only used a third of his strength, but never thought that the other side would be able to resist this attack of his.

Once again, the magician made his way up, but greeting him was an even more fierce, even more shameless attack. Jean and Shui Wenmo already ran up to give a barrage of attacks. Feng Yixuan was even more shameless, continuously releasing majestic magic. Claire yawned, leaning on the wall and spectating. Ben dragon Ben looked up and down, like he was seeing if there was enough room.

"Stop looking, you're not allowed to transform!" Claire knew what plan black dragon Ben was making. This despicable, uncultured black dragon wanted to transform and wreck the place.

Black dragon Ben scratched his head, very depressed.

"Quickly go and dispose of him, then run." Claire directed black dragon Ben.

"What do you mean by run?" Black dragon Ben asked while frowning, not understanding.

"You're really profiting tonight, I'll teach you your third lesson. When you've done an evil deed, quickly leave scene of the crime far away, the faster the better, the farther the better." Claire taught exceptionally seriously.

"You mean in a moment after we get rid of that person, we'll quickly go far away from this place?" Black dragon Ben immediately understood.

"Not bad, let's go." Claire waved her hand, indicating for black dragon Ben to join the "group battle".

Soon, the strong magician was beaten up to the point that he had no strength left to retaliate.

He started wailing loudly, "I don't want money any more, you guys win. No need to say goodbye." After shouting out these shameless words, the strong magician pulled out a scroll, ripped it, and disappeared,

Spatial teleportation scroll?!

Everybody was a little shocked. They never would have thought this kind of person who was hired actually had such a precious magic item.

Since the "group battle"'s opponent was gone, everybody stopped.

"We're withdrawing from here. The faster, the better, the farther, the better." Black dragon Ben said seriously to everybody, carrying out Claire's valuable lesson.

"Let's go." Now Cliff lazily opened his door.

"Let's go, let's go. Let's escape through the window." Feng Yixuan pointed at a door, indicating for everyone to leave from the window of that room.

Everybody left through the window one after another. Feng Yixuan lifted his brow and stealthily went down the stairs like a demon. When he found the pig skin young master who was quivering in a corner, his dagger lightly slashed. After he finished silencing him, he quickly returned to meet up with Claire and them.

"I didn't get to have a warm bath, boohoo, there wasn't enough time to take a bath." The little thief had a sullen expression as everybody madly rushed in the night, hurrying towards the city gates.

"I can turn back to my original form and spit out some spit for you to wash." Black dragon Ben said, deadpan serious.

"It's also warm." Feng Yixuan added with a vulgar smile.

"Pah! You uncultured, disgusting black dragon! And you're a prince!" Summer couldn't hold back her rage.

Strangely, Ben didn't attack back and instead, stopped talking, running with everyone else.

Walter sighed bitterly. These people who had stayed with Claire for a while were actually led astray.

The group sneakily crossed over the city walls, madly running and disappearing into the night. If their identities were discovered, there would definitely be a dispute between countries.

Naturally, in the end, the group slept outdoors.

Everybody was tired out by running madly the whole way. They carelessly put up tents, then slept.

Just when they had slept for a little, a gale of wind came, blowing their tents so hard the tents swayed. Then, the sound of many roars came from the distance sporadically.

"How noisy! Who could sleep? I'll go slaughter them." Black dragon Ben got up angrily, walking towards the depths of the woods.

"Magic beasts?" Naturally, everybody was awakened, all hearing the distant roars.

"It's a wind attributed leopard and an earth attributed snake." Black dragon Ben scratched his ears, about to go towards the source of the sounds.

Claire didn't say a word and only went too, following black dragon Ben stealthily.

Cliff crawled out his tent, set up a magic barrier, yawned, then crawled back to continue sleeping.

Summer also went back and continued sleeping.

"So sleepy. Claire, Ben went to slaughter the magic beasts, what are you going for?" Feng Yixuan yawned, looked at the tents, then looked at Claire's figure, debating whether or not to follow or continue sleeping. Perhaps Claire was going to get beast cores? With Claire's personality, that was something definitely plausible.

"Sure, go. I'll be sleeping first." Shui Wenmo kicked Feng Yixuan's butt, kicking Feng Yixuan out the tent.

Feng Yixuan rubbed his eyes that were about to close and followed Claire with Jean.

It was only when they reached the place the magic beasts were roaring did they see what was going on clearly. A black wind leopard was currently fighting a gigantic earth snake. The leopard seemed to have used up a lot of strength, while the snake was was actually getting more brave as the fight went on. It was constantly touching the ground using its tail and making earth spikes, shooting them at the wind leopard.

"They're actually both seventh grade beasts and also mature." Feng Yixuan said with surprise, looking at the wind leopard and big snake. This place actually had such high level beasts, something really incomprehensible.

"So annoying. Are they going to let me sleep or not?" Black dragon Ben grumbled with a low voice, hearing the roars of the two magic beasts. Just when he was about to use dragon pressure to intimidate the two magic beasts and then slaughter them, Claire said, "Wait."

"What?" Black dragon Ben asked, not understanding.

"Just shield me, I'll get rid of that snake. The wind leopard will be mine." A sliver of a smile appeared from the corner of Claire's mouth.

"What are you going to do with that little cat?" Ben asked suspiciously.

"You'll understand tomorrow." Claire didn't explain and instead ran up, attacking the big snake while maintaining a distance.

The next moment would be accurately called inhuman oppression.

The giant snake had been broken into segments, magic core extracted, dead with a dismembered corpse.

The wind leopard froze. When if came back to its senses, the first thing it did was run, wanting to run far away from the dangerous being.