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 "That one is my tent. There are clothes inside." Claire pointed at her own tent and said to Summer.

"Oh, ok." Disappearing like a wisp of smoke, Summer ran into the tent to change clothes.

Now everybody was there and they could set off.

"Ben, you must remember what you promised me before. You can't turn back into your real form whenever you want to, no attack any humans whenever you want to." Claire warned again.

"Got it, got it, don't worry." Ben nodded offhandedly, as his gaze actually turned towards Claire's tent. Why wasn't that little thief done with changing yet?

The party set off once more, traveling towards the country border.

Yowusali was the Ceylonese continent's weakest country. Due to it's special topography, the national land was basically all marshlands and mountains, so in the already small amount of land it had, a half of it was pretty barren and infertile, which was why no other countries were willing to waste many troops or energy to invade this country.

After the guard at the border town lazily inspected Claire and them's pass, they traveled together and then started to doze off.

"So tiring, Claire. Can we have a hot bath tonight?" Summer stretched her body, watching Claire expectantly.

"Yes, we'll find a pretty good inn, rest, and then travel tomorrow." Claire was also a bit tired. Also, she wanted to find a quiet and safe place to study the second level of the Treasured Lotus Style.

"Wow, Claire, you're awesome." Summer jumped up and down, looking completely satisfied. Even if it was in the middle of summer, cold baths were still uncomfortable.

After they found the border city's best inn and Claire paid for a room for each person, she instructed the boss to send food and hot water to each room.

Now it was finally quiet for a while. Claire locked door after entering the room and laid on the bed with her clothes on.

"Walter, first go check to see if that black dragon Ben is staying obediently." After Claire sent Walter away, she took out the Treasure Lotus Style book, flipped though a few pages, concentrating Lotus power as she followed the method written on the last page, slowly pouring it into the book.

Claire was shocked to see the words were like they were alive, like they had life as they started to writhe about, turning into other words. Soon, the contents of the book were changed! The first level's contents were gone, the entire book's words all changed into the contents of the second level.

Claire started to read the contents of the book with rapt attention.

But just at this moment, a ruckus started outside in the corridor.

"Get the hell out, get out, all of you. Take three times your rent's worth and get out. My family's young master has book this place." A rude voice sounded in the corridor, followed by the sounds of doors getting kicked open.

As Claire heard the sound of a door kicked open, her expression suddenly changed a little, because that direction was black dragon Ben's room!

With black dragon Ben's fiery, rude personality, who knew if he would destroy the entire inn!

Claire immediately stood up, opened the door, and hurriedly walked out.

Walter experienced Schadenfreude as he floated back. "Oh yes, Claire, there's going to be a good show."

Claire hurriedly dashed to black dragon Ben's room. At the doorway, a person dressed like a chamberlain was currently bellowing with a foul mouth, "Get the hell out, I'm talking to you, black haired lowly scum, get the hell out quickly. Take your money and get lost, don't delay my young master's rest."

In the corridor, there were chamberlains at every other door, all kicked doors open and yelling at the people inside the room to get out.

Claire and Walter both prepared mentally, waiting for black dragon Ben's explosion. But the next moment was as peaceful as ever, black dragon Ben's room extremely quiet.

Claire froze for a moment, then hurriedly rushed over. Standing at the doorway, she saw black dragon Ben obediently sitting on the bed, but his flushed red face showed the anger that he was currently enduring fiercely to suppress.

"All of you, get the hell out quickly. Go to the entrance, get your money, and then get the hell out." The chamberlain said, all foul mouthed, going to to another room to kick the door open.

After black dragon Ben saw Claire, he squeezed out a few words coldly. "Claire, didn't I do pretty well? I really f*cking admire myself, I actually resisted."

Claire felt almost embarrassed. This ill-mannered guy who was uncultured when speaking was actually the dragon race's prince... that's right, he was the prince, the prince...

"Yes, you did very well. You have taken your first step towards revenge very well." Claire nodded praisingly. "Resist everything."

"I must resist." Black dragon Ben spit out profoundly, then closed his eyes. With the sound of a crack, Claire's mouth twitched, because Ben's bed's four legs were pressed deeply into the floor. It was obvious how sullen Ben was right now. A trifling lowly human actually dared to tell him to get out. If it wasn't for the agreement he had in advance with Claire, he would have long since eaten these people, then destroyed the inn.

"Very good. Continue, continue." Claire nodded, then turned.

Now Feng Yixuan, Jean, etc. also opened their doors, all looking to see what kind of people were hollering about. Only Cliff didn't open his doors. He knew Claire and them would settle the situation.

A string of footsteps came from the corridor's staircase, followed by a feminine voice full of dissatisfaction. "Such a disgusting place, do I really have to live in such a place? Is it that I can't go to a better place?"

"Young master, this is already the best inn of the city. Please endure a bit, sir. Your servants have already driven away those lowly commoners for you." A voice consoled.

Next, appearing in everybody's line of sight was a gorgeously dressed young man, face full of freckles, but also completely smeared with the powder that noblemen used, his face so white, it was like a pig's skin. A group of chamberlains followed him from behind.

"So stinky." Shui Wenmo rubbed his eyes, watching the other side in a bad mood.

Feng Yixuan hopped over to Claire's side, laughing. "Claire, are you hungry? Let's go on a date, oh, no, let's have a midnight snack." Feng Yixuan changed his words seeing Claire's cold gaze.

"Oh? There are actually such good-looking commoners here?" When the pig skin young master saw Claire, his eyes brightened. Such a little beauty, her age is also young, playing with this kind of figure was the best.

"Go ask who brought them, set a price for this young master. Just in time for me to enjoy tonight." The pig skin young master looked at Claire pervertedly, saying to the nearby chamberlains, "Who would have thought this poor place actually had such goods."

"Yes, young master." The nearby chamberlain immediately ran over, running to Claire. They looked at Claire, then at the nearby Feng Yixuan.

"You, ignorant commoner, how much is this little girl worth? Name a price, our young master has taken a liking to her. It is her good fortune to serve and attend to the young master's needs. Perhaps the young master will pamper her for a few days." The chamberlain said to Feng Yixuan rudely, watching him arrogantly, not knowing that the god of death was about to descend.

Before Claire could even speak, Feng Yixuan went on a rampage.

"Die!" Feng Yixuan's gaze was suddenly cruel, without any warmth. With a roar, without giving the other side any chance of reacting, an icicle attacked fiercely. The sharp icicle ran through the chamberlain's body.

The chamberlain fell over. Blood, blood was everywhere. The blood spewed everywhere.

A terrifying bloodstain appeared on the floor underneath the chamberlain's body as blood flowed.

Currently, Feng Yixuan was like a demon from hell, emitting a terrifying aura. For a split second, everyone in the corridor suddenly had an illusion that hell had come and the youth emitting the frightening aura from his entire body was the legendary, evil, terrifying devil king!

Instantly, the corridor was deathly silent.

And so, Feng Yixuan had taken the chamberlain's life without any warning. The cold light shooting from his eyes made everybody in the corridor freeze.

"Holy, say it then do it, wow, not even saying anything first." Shui Wenmo said.

Jean's expression actually changed a little.

That youth had instantly turned so frightening, so tyrannical, only because that chamberlain had said such words! Towards Claire he......

Jean grasped his sword hilt tightly. Everybody only focused on the chamberlain being killed by such magnificent magic, and nobody noticed the corpse that had fallen onto the ground, the heart already shattered by Dou Qi.

Jean and Feng Yixuan had made their moves at the same time!


"It's a magician!"

"Someone's been killed!"

"Somebody come, someone's been killed......."

In a moment, the whole corridor became an uproar. Terrifying shouts resonated throughout the entire inn.

The pig skin young master's leg somewhat trembled. Although he had ordered many people to be killed, it was the first time he had seen such a mad killing, first time he had seen such a terrifying person, killing without any warning. The blood on the floor was still flowing continuously, slowly flowing towards the stairs.

"What are you shouting about, don't we also have magicians? Go! Get rid of him!" After all, the pig skin young master had already done many evil deeds and also met many resisters. He adapted quickly, facing the people behind him and angrily shouting, "Go, kill him. Don't harm the girl. She'll compensate for tonight."

Ignorant fool. Walter rolled his eyes.

Feng Yixuan didn't utter a sound, pulling out a dagger from his boots, not using magic anymore. Instead, he nimbly past through the people rushing at him, flourishing his dagger lightly. Cold light flashed. With every flourish, a person's throat would be lightly sliced open. Then, blood spewed like fountains in the corridor, rising and falling in succession.

It was basically the dance of a god of death. Gorgeous, yet bringing the dense and dreadful aura of death.

Feng Yixuan's eyes flashed red, exceptionally frightening.

"Go and block him, block him." The pig skin young master finally started to feel fear, finally realizing he had provoked someone he couldn't afford to provoke.

The two magicians behind the pig skin young master immediately emitted magnificent magic. With a slight wave of his hand, Feng Yixuan set up a magic shield, easily blocking the other side's attack.

Shui Wenmo leaned on the wall, yawning as he watched Feng Yixuan's one man show, but on the inside, he felt apprehensive. Before, when people had insulted and humiliated his family, Feng Yixuan hadn't been this moved. Today, it was like he had eaten some kind of expired aphrodisiac, he was working so hard. Claire being insulted made him this angry?