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 Golden lotus!

It was definitely created by this mysterious mental cultivation.

A flower petal had opened up within her skin, showing that she had finished learning the first level. In a similar fashion, every level learned would unfold a petal. But the book had written that the mysterious Treasured Lotus Style way of cultivating only had ten levels. If each petal represents one level, why were there twelve petals on her back? What did it mean?

"Walter, you didn't see wrong, there were twelve petals?" Claire asked, frowning.

"Hehe, let me see again, it's better if I confirm." Walter chuckled vulgarly. He still wanted to see the devilishly beautiful scene again.

"Go rest." Claire pulled out the spiritual stone and gave a pinch, making him faint. Before Walter could even cry out, he had passed out.

Claire lifted up her clothes, wanting to turn around and see her own back. But how could anyone see their own back? So Claire was at a loss, wanting to look, but unable to. How on earth did the golden lotus look like?

Just at this moment, the tent flap was suddenly lifted open, the entrance showing Feng Yixuan's face as he was holding a roasted rabbit.

Their eyes met and the two became petrified.

Claire had lifted up her clothes, which only had underwear underneath.......

Feng Yixuan just faced the clothes-raised Claire.......

The next moment,

An extremely brutal thing happened.

"Ahhhhh" Feng Yixuan's mournful cry resonated into the night sky, lasting for a while.

When everybody faced Claire's tent, they only saw Feng Yixuan's face was completely bruised as Claire was stepping on him. Feng Yixuan's hand was still raising the well-roasted rabbit, not letting any dust stick to the roasted rabbit.

"It's nothing, I just have some personal business with Feng Yixuan, that's all. Sorry to bother everybody." Claire said to the everyone standing at the entrance in a nonchalant manner, smiling sweetly.

Personal business? This personal business could make someone's entire face be bruised and then stepped on?

Shui Wenmo emitted a flash of craftiness from his eyes. He extended his hand out, blocking everyone, saying while chuckling, "Let's go, let's go. Since it's their personal matter, then we shouldn't bother them." The vague words made one's imagination soar.

Everyone understood in a flash, turning to go back to their tents.

Jean looked at Claire's expression, looking like he was thinking about something, but also turned and left. He had understood the look of repressed anger in Claire's eyes.

When the surroundings quieted down, Claire used her foot that was stepping on Feng Yixuan to grind him a little, and said a bit hatefully, "Talk, what did you see just then?"

"Your underwear is so sexy, it's actually purple." Feng Yixuan recklessly replied honestly.

Greeting him was a foot that stepped on his back with much strength. Claire said angrily, "Let me ask one more time, what did you just see?"

"I, I didn't see anything." This time, Feng Yixuan learned from experience, changing to this response. But the slight trace of perversion in his eyes gave him away.

Just then when Claire had been lifting her clothes, she had been facing the tent entrance directly, so Feng Yixuan didn't see Claire's back. But he did see Claire's purple lace underwear.

"You don't knock when entering? You actually dare to open the tent flap without my permission?" Claire said angrily, still a bit resentful.

"I was wrong, I won't do it next time." Feng Yixuan said with a sullen expression. "It's all because of that stupid knight's roasted rabbit, it tastes so bad. That's why I roasted another one and wanted to secretly give it to you."

Only then did Claire notice that the Feng Yixuan she was stepping on was clinging to a shiny roasted rabbit, raising it high, not letting any dirt from the ground stick to the rabbit.

Claire retracted her foot. "Get up."

Only then did Feng Yixuan crawl up.

"From now on, you can only enter after getting my permission." Claire's expression lessened slightly, but still a little angry as she spoke.

"Yes, yes, ok. Of course I will." Feng Yixuan gave the rabbit to Claire, swearing solemnly.

"Alright, you can go back." Claire accepted the rabbit, Feng Yixuan turning to leave. Claire looked at Feng Yixuan's figure and said quietly, "Thank you."

"Hehe, it's something I should do." When he heard this, Feng Yixuan became happy. He smugly touched all the bruises on his face as he left, thinking to himself that the beating was worth it. Besides seeing such a good scene, he also gotten Claire's touching thanks.

Claire looked at the rabbit that had been roasted brilliantly, the heat controlled perfectly. She really never expected that the Feng Yixuan who came from an exceptional household and environment had such a skill.

But it had been really dangerous just then. Fortunately she hadn't faced her back towards the tent's entrance, otherwise Feng Yixuan would have seen the golden lotus, and who knows how the situation would have been like.

Claire looked at the glove on her right hand and sighed lightly. It was really too mysterious now, her hand had been marked by that abnormal god of Darkness and her back had grown a golden lotus. If the twelve petals all opened up, then would the golden lotus disappear? She hoped so. Claire bit the roasted rabbit gloomily, thinking angrily.

In the early morning, the fallen knight and the girl were going to leave. The fallen knight's wounds were treated by Cliff's medicine and much better, and the girl's hair had been dyed a common brown, eyes dyed gray, average to the point she couldn't be more average.

"We cannot implicate our benefactors. Our goals are pretty small and we won't be too eye-catching. From this point on, we will take our leave." The fallen knight solemnly bowed deeply, the nearby girl also stooping to bow. Currently, the two had changed into the clothes that Claire had sent them. They had already cast away the armor and sword that could expose them, becoming an extremely common pair of travelers.

"Be careful on your way." Claire pulled out her wallet and took out a few golden banknotes and then poured out some golden coins, giving them to the fallen knight. "Hold onto these. Buy land in a remote village and settle there. Don't deline, you guys have no money."

"This......" The fallen knight hesitated.

"Thank you, benefactor. We will forever remember your kindness in our hearts. If we have the chance to repay you, we will definitely try our hardest." The nearby girl stopped holding back, accepting it and giving thanks.

After sending away the fallen knight and girl, everybody once again started waiting boredly for the black dragon, Ben, and the small thief, Summer, to return.

Walter was pondering continuously. What on earth was Claire's personality like? He suddenly discovered he didn't understand. The vicious and mercilessness when Claire was dealing with the holy knights and the care Claire had given to the fallen knight and girl were completely different. Was Claire's heart good or bad? Why did he feel that Claire was a contradiction? Both wicked and kindhearted? Pah! What kind of messed up combination was this? Walter spit to himself.

Suddenly, Walter quivered for a moment, something flashing in his mind.

Contradiction? Both wicked and kindhearted. This kind of soul was the most beautiful thing to the god of Darkness. Perhaps it was because of this that the god of Darkness had claimed Claire as an offering? And when he said the it was not time yet for the offering, was he waiting for Claire's soul to grow more?

The most perfect combination wicked and kindhearted! This kind of beautiful soul would be hard to come by in several thousand years.

Walter was frightening by his own conjecture. Was it like this or not? He could only calculate one step at a time. He would definitely understand the situation in the future.

While Cliff was watching over her, Claire started meditate, sitting on the ground.

When noon hadn't arrived yet, a fierce gale came from mid air, alerting everyone. The black dragon Ben had come back with the little thief Summer in his claws. After Ben descended, he transformed back into a human form with a puff. One hand was grabbing the already passed out Summer. Summer was foaming at the mouth, pale in complexion.

"Did the matter finish smoothly? What's with her?" Claire looked at Ben, who was calm as water.

"So dirty. This lowly human is actually afraid of heights, vomiting everywhere." Although Ben said such loathing words, he still didn't drop Summer onto the ground. When Summer was vomiting due to her fear of heights, the people who were actually unlucky were the people below, on the ground. Thinking of this, everyone shuddered. A bit too cruel.......

"Was it completed?" Claire asked.

"Done, it's all done. At first, those old things kept on being noisy at her, saying that it wasn't possible that she had stolen teeth from from the dragon race's prince. I extended dragon pressure, pressuring them all to be obedient. I said, actually daring to steal my teeth, go die." Ben spit. "Then those lowly old things finished evaluating her."

Was it possible? Black dragon Ben had learned to be smart this quickly?

"So only that happened? You didn't take revenge afterwards? It just ended unsettled?" Claire kept on feeling that something was off.

"Haha, of course, I just made then bring out the little thief and then let them go. That's why I just brought back this lowly little thief." Ben laughed loudly, then lowered his head to look at Summer, who he was holding onto, pulled her up, and shook her, hard. "Wake up."

Summer made a few retching sounds, slowly opening her eyes. When she saw Claire, suddenly, an exceptionally warm and affectionate look appeared in her gaze. While sobbing, she said, "Claire, tell him to let me go. This evil hearted guy, after he knew about my fear of heights, he flew around in circles, otherwise we would have arrived much earlier. I've vomited out everything I ate last night, ugh......." Now, Summer suddenly thought that the vicious Claire was currently so pleasant to the eye, so comforting.

Claire looked at Ben. Ben guiltily looked up towards the sky, pretending he couldn't see Claire's gaze.

She had never thought that this guy's personality was so nasty. Claire had a bit of headache looking at Summer, who was being shook by Ben, saying to Ben, "Alright, let Summer go."

Ben loosened his grip and Summer plopped onto the ground. She got up and ran to Claire's side before she rubbed her sore butt, hugging Claire and not letting go.

"Go change clothes first." Claire pinched her nose, resisting the wave of strange smell coming from Summer.

"Ah?" Summer smelled herself and then spit and vomited.