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 "Then that's good." Claire snorted coldly. "Listen carefully: don't even leave one alive." Since they were going to make a move anyway, with the way the Temple of Light worked, they definitely wouldn't allow anyone to challenge their authority. Since they were going to provoke them, then they would have to deal with them properly: eliminate them from the roots, definitely not allowing them to get the chance to turn the tables. Not even a little.

"Yes." Jean consented lightly. Icy coldness emanated from his eyes. He pulled out the sword with a whoosh and then added on a layer of Dou Qi.

"Who are you guys? Do you guys know how great of a sin it is to block the Temple of Light from arresting traitors?" One of the holy knights yelled out in a hurry as he saw another two strong people join the fight.

"After we kill you, we'll burn your corpses until not even dust remains and melt your armors. Who could know they were people from the temple of light?" Claire's cold voice made the holy knights tremble with fear. This girl, what she said was definitely true. She definitely planned on doing it. Such a young age yet actually such a cruel heart?!

"Don't let them run away." Claire warned.

"They can't." Feng Yixuan snorted, already cruelly waving his hand for more to go over.

Claire walked next to the holy knight who Shui Wenmo had been protecting, crouched down slowly, and was actually stunned to see the girl in the embrace of the holy knight was black haired and black eyed! Perhaps this girl was the person who could topple the Temple of Light? The person who was predicted to come once in a millennium? That's why this girl was chased to be killed?

But Walter's voice sounded at this moment. "Claire, don't thinking blindly. This girl isn't the person from the prophecy. Look at the depths of her eyes, there's a trace of blue. Although it's very faint, it's truly there. This should be how the Temple of Light kills a thousand innocents to not let one go. This is one face of the Temple of Light's methods. Today, their luck was very good, bumping into us."

Claire looked closely. Sure enough, she saw a trace of blue in the girl's eyes.

"Also, this girl's destiny is very average." Walter said confidently. He understood the stars a little.

Claire picked up the about-to-faint holy knight's sword and turned to also join the fight.

The fight became four versus five.

Once Cliff had walked over slowly and heedlessly, he saw a scene that almost made his heart jump to his throat.

Claire and a few guys were pursuing and attacking a few knights from the Temple of Light extremely viciously, only hitting vitals, so much so that it looked like they wouldn't stop until they killed them.

But their opponents were not holy knights from the Temple of Light for nothing. Confronted with Feng Yixuan and them's vicious attacks, they neutralized them one by one. Meanwhile, Feng Yixuan and Shui Wenmo's flawless coordination gave them a headache incessantly.

Claire and Jean also coordinated very well from sparring, also making their opponents fight strenuously.

Cliff stared at the scene in front of him, not coming back to his senses.

"You guys, what are you doing?" Cliff frowned as he asked.

"Sir Cliff?!" The lead holy knight recognized Cliff in a flash and then acted as if he had seen a savior, crying out hurriedly.

"He's not Cliff." Claire said angrily, a slash of Dou Qi slicing past, closely following an attacking fire ball.

Cliff frowned, confused at the state of affairs.

"Master, these beasts wanted to violate that girl and we stopped them. They even wanted to lay a hand on me, saying they happened to light a child my age, even saying that this kind of small body felt the best to violate." Claire's face didn't redden nor heartbeat quicken as she casually made a bunch of lies. These kind of shameless and vulgar words made the holy knights all stare blankly and faces flush red.

"What?!" Cliff immediately became angry dramatically, pulling out his wand as he was about to fight.

"It's not like that, Sir Cliff, please listen to our explanation. We are the Temple of Light's most faithful knights, how could we do this kind of thing, we... ah!!!" There was no ending to the "we", only a mournful cry.

Claire expressionlessly stuck out her tongue. In reality, she knew very clearly that this kind of botched lie would have no way of tricking Cliff. But the circumstances had already turned into this. Cliff had no choice but to join them, because he understood the way of the Temple of Light better than anyone else. Claire's words were only to give him an excuse to not stop them from killing.

If Cliff made a move, then who could fight back?

Soon, the holy knights fell.

"Master. Uh, then you go rest first. We'll come in a while." Claire smiled gently. The bloody spectacle on the ground was not suitable for the elderly to see.

Cliff faced the sky. "Yes, today's weather is pretty good. I'll go first and roast meat while waiting for you guys." After he finished speaking, he picked up the few hares Shui Wenmo had just dropped on the ground and turned and left immediately. It would be best if he didn't see the execution of the people from the Temple of Light and pretend he didn't see anything. After all, they were people on Lawrence's side.

"Jean, support them up. Treat them a bit." Claire said, looking at the wounded holy knight and the girl completely covered in blood.

"Thank you, thank you." The girl completely covered in blood look at the emotionally, thanking. She didn't have any wounds on her body; all the blood on her body was the holy knight's.

"Yes, miss." Jean bent down and grabbed the heavily wounded holy knight, leaving as Cliff did.

The holy knights who were currently unable to struggle all angrily and incredulously watched Cliff's figure disappear. That was Sir Cliff, no doubt about it. Then the blonde haired girl was his disciple, Claire Hill! The rumored male-chaser who had suddenly started to straighten out. They actually dared to brazenly make a move on people from the Temple of Light?!

"Pile them up, I'll burn them." Claire said to Shui Wenmo and Feng Yixuan as a cold light appeared in her eyes.

"What are you going to do? The goddess of Light's all seeing vision will record all your sin down. You will be punished..." The leading holy knight rebuked angrily.

Feng Yixuan and Shui Wenmo turned a deaf ear, rapidly making their moves. Shui Wenmo first went forward and slashed one after the other, slitting their throats. The holy knights all died with their eyes open wide.

"Pah! Goddess of Light's all seeing vision. More like dog vision." Walter hatefully spat.

Shui Wenmo quickly and nimbly piled up the corpses.

Claire chanted and started the set the corpses on fire. Slowly, the corpses gradually turned to ashes, but the armor melted very slowly. They all had some kind of boost effect from magic. As Claire frowned, pondering how to melt these armor as fast as possible, a strange Qi flowed in her body. In front of Feng Yixuan and Shui Wenmo's stunned gazes, Claire's flames gradually turned gold colored. The armor instantly melted, turning into a pool of molten iron, flowing slowly off into the distance.

"Check again for anything that could expose their identities?" Claire stopped her flame, walking forward to inspect if there was anything on the ground.

"We just need to leave." Shui Wenmo drew his sword, chopping the ground with a low grunt. Then, a large dent appeared in the ground. Without another word, Shui Wenmo burst with Dou Qi again, raised the ground that been burned, and flipped it over into the huge dent, burying all traces.

Only after the three inspected the surroundings carefully again and were completely sure did they prepare to go back.

"Claire......" Suddenly, Shui Wenmo stopped, quietly calling Claire's name.

"Yes?" Claire turned and looked towards Shui Wenmo, not understanding.

"Thank you." Shui Wenmo's thank you was very quiet, but very clear.

Claire immediately understood what Shui Wenmo meant. Yes, if it wasn't for Shui Wenmo, they wouldn't have been dragged into this conflict, wouldn't have gotten involved with the Temple of Light's matters, and wouldn't have become the formidable Temple of Light's enemy even more so.

"What are you thanking for? I don't know what you're talking about. Nothing happened here." Claire smiled, turning to leave.

A faint smile appeared on the corner of Shui Wenmo's mouth.

But Feng Yixuan fiercely grabbed Shui Wenmo's neck and spoke in a voice only loud enough for the two to here. "I'm warning you, Claire is mine. If you dare to fight with me..."

"F*ck! Even if this world was destroyed, I still wouldn't have a fraction of those kinds of thoughts toward your wife." Shui Wenmo snorted.

"Hmph, at least you have tact." Feng Yixuan released Shui Wenmo's neck.

The two walked to the camp with their arms around their shoulders.

The holy knight and girl completely covered in blood were still a riddle. They believed that what they said would explain what on earth was going on.

When they arrived back at the camp, the holy knight had already been treated with Cliff's medicine, looking a lot better.

Seeing Claire and them arrive back, the girl completely covered in blood hurriedly stood up to welcome them.

"Sit down. How is his condition right now? And what was going on?" Claire waved, indicating for the girl the sit down.

"Because of that stupid prophecy, the Temple of Light sent people to kill her. A sincere and innocent girl, a weak girl without any strength." The nearby holy knight who was still a bit weak said somewhat hatefully. "How could this kind of girl topple the Temple of Light? Her eyes are clearer than spring water!" After the holy knight finished speaking, he turned to look at the nearby, worried girl. The girl shook her head lightly, unable to bear it. "I, I don't deserve venerable sir at all."

"What venerable sir, I'm already someone the Temple of Light will chase and kill, I'm already a fallen knight." The knight laughed calmly and extended his hand, tightly holding the girl's hand. "Didn't I say this a long time ago? We'll die together."

"Haha, how corny~~" Walter shivered.

"Claire, I also want to die with you." The next moment, Feng Yixuan gripped Claire's hand fiercely, looking at Claire exceptionally seriously as he said those kinds of words.

Everyone froze.