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This old fox! The black dragon cursed. Actually, he had that plan at the start: if these people saved him, he would immediately dismember these lowly humans into a thousand pieces, but just then, he had already changed his mind. Humans had always been the most despicable, shameless, and cunning creatures. Following and learning from her these things and going back to deal with his elder brother was a pretty good idea.

Claire squinted. Cliff's thinking and hers matched up. But, now that she looked at it, this black dragon definitely wouldn't kill them now.

Cliff casted a spell on the crystal and then handed it to Claire. He pulled out his wand and raised it fiercely, starting to chant many incantations. The wand emitted a light beam at the black dragon's head and then turned into four light beams that rained down, directly attacking the four balls of light that binded the dragon.

Slowly, the four balls of light started trembling then vibrated more and more intensely. Small beads of sweat appeared on Cliff's forehead, but Cliff didn't stop what he had been chanting, and instead, started chanting faster.

The black dragon let out a long roar and then, using his two front claws, directly grabbed the light beams and pulled fiercely.

The loud crackling continued on as the harsh, white light enshrouded the black dragon. The black dragon's wings slapped, raising a wave of qi, blowing so much that everybody were almost unable to open their eyes.

The next moment, the four pillars were already destroyed by the black dragon. As the white light dissipated, the black dragon stretched his body, obtaining freedom!

"Roar~~~~~!" The black dragon hissed at the sky for a while, venting his innermost resentment and the feeling of ease after obtaining freedom.

Cliff opened his eyes slowly and wiped the concentrated beads of sweat on his forehead. Claire hurriedly supported Cliff for him to sit down.

The black dragon looked at the other sound profoundly. With a poof, a white light flashed over. The black dragon had turned into a human figure. Black hair, black eyes, clothes completely black. His handsome face held a trace of wildness with more savageness from the depths of his eyes.

"Claire, teeth, teeth." Summer reminded Claire quietly.

"If you get the teeth now, then won't you go back and complete your test? Then won't I be losing out? You'll just disappear." Claire turned and said to Summer. This crafty girl, Claire knew her nature very clearly.

"Aiya, don't speak so ruthlessly. After I go back and turn in the tooth and finish my exam, I'll come back immediately. I'll accompany you all the way to the Sprite Forest. I still haven't repaid you yet." Summer immediately pledged.

"Then, your highness, I've thought of my third request." Claire ignored Summer and turned towards the black dragon.

"My name is Ben Berna Alexa Betlabu Etfeid......*" The black haired black eyed black dragon started saying his name as if he were chanting a prayer. He spoke for a long time without any indications of stopping. Dragons' names were all this long?"

*a bunch of english sounding stuff

"I'll just call you Ben." Claire blocked Ben's words. "Give this girl the tooth you promised and then send her back to the Ai Luo clan household and then after she completes the exam, bring her back and meet up with us. We will camp here and wait for you guys. One day and night should be enough. If this girl doesn't come back, then trample on their clan's household until even dregs aren't left."

After hearing this, Summer's expression changed greatly. In reality, she did have this idea of returning and not coming back ever again. Claire, this guy, was really too dangerous. Her woman's sixth sense made Summer feel like as long as she stayed with Claire, danger would come knocking on the door. In the far, far future, Summer would confirm over and over that her woman's sixth sense was abnormally accurate!

"I refuse." A look of disdain appeared on Ben's face. "There's no way I'll let a lowly human sit on my back."

Summer started smiling, but then when she heard Claire's next words, her smile froze.

"I didn't say to let her ride you. You can suspend her on your tail or grab her with your claws." Claire interrupted Ben impatiently.

"Oh, that's fine." This time, Ben nodded cooperatively.

"Cl...... Claire...... Please don't...... " Summer looked at Ben, who had suddenly assumed his true appearance, her voice trembling as she asked. Grabbed by those ghastly claws and then flying high up in mid air? No!!!

"Let's go." Of course Ben wouldn't care about those. He extended his claws and grabbed Summer's small body and beat his wings to soar high up. While Summer cried out fearfully, Ben's figure slowly disappeared in the sky.

Everybody looked up to gaze into the distance. It was only until the figure disappeared from their sight that they retracted their gazes.

"Claire, do you think he'll come back? I keep feeling like that black dragon isn't that trustworthy." Feng Yixuan asked a bit worriedly.

"Will he treat that thief unfairly? What if he flies to some body of water or mountain range and throw the thief to their death or drown them?" Shui Wenmo asked, frowning.

"He won't." Claire replied quietly, yet certain. It seemed like Ben knew his own temperament very clearly, too impulsive and fiery and without any shrewdness, which was how he had been trapped. Now he had finally learned to be a little smart when he had obtained his freedom, so naturally, he wouldn't let this opportunity go.

Yes, he actually wanting to learn from her how to be despicable, shameless, and crafty. It was something that would make one speechless. Claire stroked her chin.

"Then we'll be camping here today. Boy, go and find some tree branches. Boy with the sword, find some wild game. The poker faced one, yes, that's right, I'm talking about you, stop looking. Erect the tent." Cliff sat down leisurely and instructed everybody, then patted the spot next to him. "Come, darling disciple, let's sit here and rest for a while."

Feng Yixuan went to get tree branches, Shui Wenmo went to go hunting with his sword, and Jean started to build the tent.

"Master, have you gone to the Sprite Forest before?" Claire asked.

"I have. I sent a sprite home. That sprite was very curious on how the human world was like and wanted to meet humans." Cliff looked up ahead. Suddenly, his gaze started to become a little listless, like he had seen something from the far, far past.

Claire quieted down, waiting for Cliff's next words, because she saw a faint trace of grief from the depths of Cliff's eyes. The sprite that Cliff had saved was definitely a woman! Definitely.

"That sprite was very beautiful, very gentle. As pure as a sheet of white paper. She was curious about how the outside world was like so she secretly slipped away from the Sprite Forest, passed through the Dragon Valley and then arrived at the bustling world of humans." Cliff said softly, as if he was afraid of alarming the person in his heart.

"Your master and that sprite definitely committed adultery." Walter's voice sounded vulgarly in Claire's mind.

Out of Walter's expectations, Claire actually made a sound of approval, agreeing with Walter's idea.

"But mankind's greed and ugly craving was far from what she could imagine, so she was captured by humans and locked away. They were planning on offering her to a very perverted and muddleheaded emperor... " Cliff's expression started to become a bit furious.

But after he had spoken to this point, Cliff didn't speak any more, becoming silent. A faint trace of grief appeared on his face.

"No need to speak. Your master was definitely a hero saving a damsel in distress and then fell in love at first sight. But it's impossible for humans and sprites to intermarry. Sprites have lifespans many times longer than humans. Furthermore, the sprites race will definitely not permit a human to dirty their pure and noble blood, so this is only a tragic tale..." Walter interrupted and said excitedly, to the point that his spit practically flew.

Claire also had surmised this.

Right at this moment, a miserable shriek came from the depths of the forest. Next, there was the sound of Shui Wenmo's angry yell.

Something had happened!!!

Claire stood up abruptly, heading to the direction where the sounds had come from.

"Holy shit, who's calling so mournfully? Perhaps Shui Wenmo bumped into a beauty, wanted to xxoo them, they didn't consent and committed suicide, and then... " Walter elaborated on his imagination, talking annoyingly.

"Shut up." Claire shut Walter up moodily, hurriedly rushing over to where the sounds had come from.

"F*ck! F*ck!! F*ck!!!" Walter suddenly shouted tensely. "Claire, it's Light aura. Dammit, it's dogs from the Temple of Light. There's so many, at least five people! No, there's still one more."

What? People from the Temple of Light? How could they appear here?

"Claire." Just at this moment, Feng Yixuan's voice came from behind. Feng Yixuan had also hurriedly headed over. Soon, Jean also came from another direction, quickly meeting up with the two.

"It's people from the Temple of Light." Claire said quietly.

"How do know?" Feng Yixuan asked in surprise.

"Because the people in front of us all have white armor and the insignia of the Temple of Light." Claire said moodily.

"Ah?" Feng Yixuan looked up. Sure enough, he saw five holy knights clad in white armor attacking Shui Wenmo with their swords and Shui Wenmo was resisting them with a bit of difficulty, not allowing the holy knights to pass him. Claire looked past Shui Wenmo and was astonished to see another holy knight. But his white armor was already extremely dirty, covered in mud and bloodstains. In his embrace was girl who was completely pale faced and completely covered in blood! The girl was hugging the knight tightly, her face filled with concern, because the knight was on the brink of fainting. Evidently, they had already gone through a harsh battle.

What was going on?

Why were Shui Wenmo and the Temple of Light going against each other?

"F*ck! Five against one! Scum!" Feng Yixuan howled angrily. Of course he wouldn't care about some Temple of Light; In his eyes, there were only five scum using numbers to go unfairly against his brother. Feng Yixuan's movements were the very definition of nimble and cruel. Immediately, he called out for several frightening icicles to fly over. Before the holy knights reacted, another wave of icicles flew over.

"Jean. Is your loyalty to me greater than your belief in the Temple of Light religion?" Claire suddenly asked Jean profoundly.

"Miss, you are my religion." Jean smiled faintly, answering quietly.

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