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 Everyone saw the black dragon's huge body and was shocked. The giant dragon was black from head to toe, his dark scales sparkling under the sunlight. As warriors, the first thing Jean and Wenmo Shui thought was that if those scales were used as guarding items, then they would basically be high level products. Behind him were two huge wings, the three heads with hateful expressions.

"You lowly humans, come here to receive death." That huge black dragon furiously thundered, so much so that the leaves on the trees started to shake slightly.

"Are you an idiot? If we came whenever you told us to, that would be so embarrassing." Summer snorted at the giant dragon and made a face.

"You damnable human scum, I'll shred you to pieces!" The giant dragon roared, doing his utmost to twist his body, but still couldn't leave the place at all.

Cliff looked at the giant dragon and his expression slightly changed.

"How could someone from the royal dragon family be here? How could he be trapped here?" Cliff thought out loud.

"What? This guy is also a prince?" Summer snorted and grimaced, looking at the battered and trapped giant dragon.

Claire frowned looking at the incessantly angry black dragon, but she was thinking of other matters.

"Holy crap, this is how a prince behaves?" Wenmo Shui directly spit. Rough, vulgar, and ugly, this giant dragon was the dragon race's prince? Someone come and immediately knock him unconscious. He simply didn't believe this kind of guy was a prince of the dragon race. What he wanted the most right now was to be able to get rid of this giant dragon and peel of his scales for a guarding items. Armor, gloves, knee brace, aiya, thinking of it made his mouth water. If it also soaked in dragon blood, then the set of guarding tools would be to f*cking awesome.

How was the dragon race's prince trapped here?

The dragon's sense of honor was unusually strong. What they detested the most was those earth dragons and demi-dragons who had been reduced to being human's mounts, disgracing the dragons' honor. And as the dragon race's prince, he must have an unimaginable amount of ego.

But right now he was trapped in this little ravine.

The dragon race's prince!

The dragon race's prince!!

It was the dragon race's prince!

The sentence echoed continuously in Claire's mind.

This guy's value wasn't something normal.

Think about it, if a human received a dragon's help...

It looked like this guy had an unordinary amount of ego. If they gained his favor, he would do his utmost to repay them.

But there was a prerequisite.

With this guy's hysterical personality, if they saved him, he would definitely eat everybody here, not leaving even dregs behind.

"This guy is under a very strong imprisonment. His strength has been weakened so much that it's not even one tenths of his original strength, that's why the power those elemental balls could bind him." Cliff said while shaking his head, looking at the balls of light that ensnared the black dragon. "Those power of those balls of light can maintain for at least two hundred years."

"In other words, he will be trapped here for two hundred years?" Claire looked at the black dragon who was still roaring from a distance, her voice not high or low as it spread, controlling her volume so that it was just enough for the black dragon to hear.

"He must have committed an offense and trapped here as punishment." Yixuan Feng said while stroking his chin.

"Pah! Daddy me was set up! Shut your bird beak, what rubbish are you talking about!" When the black dragon heard everybody's words, he started roaring more angrily.

"Then you're really an idiot, actually being set up by someone." Claire snorted disdainfully.

"That's right, an idiot! Idiot!" Summer made a face at the black dragon.

The black dragon became even more furious and roared, struggling with all his strength. "I'll shred you guys into pieces."

"This is the second you said that! I'm still standing here perfectly fine." Summer curled her lip, smiling complacently.

The black dragon was practically about to be driven mad. His eyes were about to burn. Damnable human scum! Actually daring to act so out of line in front of him. Lowly ants! The black dragon wanted to struggle free from his restraints, but wasn't able to move at all.

"The trapped prince will miserably be trapped in this dark ravine for two hundred years, and then when the punishment is over, will arrive back at the Dragon Valley and discover that the dragon who trapped him will already be sitting on the throne and rightfully issues the order to kill him." Claire shrugged, saying these words with an indifferent expression.

"That's really a poignant story." Yixuan Feng sighed.

Everybody had on a incomparably grieved expression.

Walter was laughing so hard his mouth was about to break.

Claire, this bad person, actually getting happy from other people's misfortune. These group of bad people, each had on a remorseful expression, but the smile in their eyes could be covered up.

"Damnable humans, I'll slaughter you guys." As the black dragon's weak point had been touched, he became even more berserk. He roared with all his might, his three heads spitting out three magic elements, attacking at the ground before him. He could only attack to that distance.

Claire suddenly changed the topic, turning to look at the black dragon and said, exceptionally solemn, "The noble dragon prince shouldn't be stuck in this dark place without sunlight for two hundred years. No, even if it's two days, it shouldn't happen."

The black dragon fell silent.

"Being continuously stuck in this kind of place would be really uncomfortable and it would be impossible to be happy. Even low level magic beasts can circle around and watch your highness from a distance, not to mention humans." Yixuan Feng sighed deeply. Yixuan Feng had interacted with Claire these past few days and already understood her very well. Whenever Claire had this kind of tone, she would have a plan. What he needed to do was add on to the situation. It would be fine if he just fanned the fire.

"Yes, that's right. It's not two days, not two months, not two years, but two hundred years." Summer, that girl, also added fuel to the fire.

Silent, the black dragon had fallen silent.

After a long time, the black dragon's gaze was finally not angry anymore. He said in a low voice, "What do you need?"

A faint curve appeared from the corner of Claire's mouth.

"One of your teeth and three wishes. Fulfill three of my wishes under the condition that you can do it." Claire said seriously.

"Human, you're being greedy. One wish." The black dragon snorted.

"Two." Claire frowned and said with much difficulty, "It can't be any less. It's a trade of two hundred years for two wishes and one tooth, that's all." From the very beginning, Claire didn't think the black dragon would be generous. Naturally, she had to raise the price a little bit, then lower it later. It would already be very profitable to get one more than her expectation of one wish.

"Alright. Human, do you have a method to remove these restraints?" The black dragon said in a low voice.

"I can't." Claire shrugged and replied straightforwardly.

The moment she finished speaking, the black dragon started to roar furiously, "Lowly human, you actually dare to play around with me. I will make you pay the price!!!"

The black dragon roared angrily, flapping his two giant wings, stirring up a gale. Although he really wanted to rip apart the hateful human in front of him, he didn't have any way to move forward the whole time.

"Just look at you, so rude and impulsive. No wonder you were tricked and trapped." Claire said unhurriedly. "Just because I can't undo it doesn't mean someone from our group can't undo it."

The black dragon stopped what he was doing, waiting and watching Claire.

The atmosphere was very strange.

Walter twitched a bit. This little devil, could she be any more evil?

Summer, on the other hand, was unconcerned. From the very start, she had already been slowly become accustomed to Claire's evilness. Now, on the contrary, she didn't feel Claire was so evil any more. This way of bullying actually seemed very fun.

"Human, you're very cunning. What's your name?" Strangely, the black dragon wasn't angry, and instead, asked this question quietly.

"Claire Hill." Claire replied, feeling a bit strange in her heart. This fiery guy actually didn't get angry when she tricked him? Very strange, very unusual.

"Claire, I'll agree with your request, but I want a condition." The black dragon said quietly, rumbling like muffled thunder.

Setting the initial price? This black dragon was actually this shameless?

"If you agree with my condition, then our deal will be met." The black dragon said in his muffled voice.

"Say it and I'll consider it first." Of course Claire wouldn't agree to anything rashly.

"Let me stay with you, I want to learn humanity's despicable craftiness and shamelessness. You are an exceptionally worthy subject to study." The black dragon said, exceptionally conscientiously. "I want to seize back what is mine. Perhaps what you said is right, I'm too impulsive and that's why I was entrapped. I want to learn with you and then go back and face the person who trapped me."

After hearing the black dragon's speech, Claire didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Was this complimenting her or sarcasm?

But everyone behind Claire couldn't hold back, to the point that they all convulsed with laughter. As Cliff laughed, even his brows couldn't help rocking the whole time. Summer covered her stomach as she laughed heartily. Wenmo Shui was even more exaggerated, crouching on the ground, slapping the ground over and over, laughing so much he was about to have a spasm. Only Jean and Yixuan Feng could bear it a little, not laughing so exaggeratedly.

"You can, but we need to agree on three things. First, you cannot revert back to your true form whenever you want to; you can't transform back to your true form unless I allow it. Second, you need to control your fiery, impulsive nature. You can't attack humans whenever you want to and need my permission to do so. I haven't thought of the third one at this point, I'll say it when I think of it." Claire said to the black dragon after thinking.

"Ok, no problem. Now can you help me undo these restrictions?" The black dragon asked.

"Master." Claire turned to look at Cliff who was still bursting in laughter, frowning.

"Oh. Ok, ok." Cliff stopped smiling with great difficulty, then fished out a crystal. He smacked his lips then turned to the black dragon, saying, "Venerable prince. I, on the other hand, don't really believe your words, so this memory crystal will record me saving you. If you break your promise after I save you and kill us, then this memory stone will immediately send this recording to an old friend of mine and the matter of a venerable dragon biting the hand that feeds it will spread widely across the continent." The consequences didn't need to be described. Dragons had very large self-esteems as the strongest creatures. If the matter of a dragon betraying their benefactor was widely renowned by humans and they were looked down by lowly humans, then it would be their greatest humiliation.