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 Under the moonlight, Yixuan Feng's fiery red hair was especially dazzling along with his burning gaze and demonic smile.

"Ahhhhh! My god! Don't tell me that abnormal guy wants to take advantage of this bad situation and wants to take revenge personally, not allowing you to die from someone else? This damnable freak, his age is so young but he's already this abnormal. Over, it's hopeless! Today, I'm really finished." Walter started wailing, his spirits so sunken, he was about to collapse. Before the crisis had been resolved, a new problem had appeared.

Claire silently watched Yixuan Feng who had suddenly appeared in front of her, but she wasn't frantic at all, because there was no killing intent in Yixuan Feng's eyes.

Claire also sighed. As expected, Yixuan Feng's assassination skills were exceptional, actually appearing this silently and killing off that necromancer. Meanwhile, she was restrained, still trying to think of a way to break freak of her constraints, and didn't really focus on details in the surroundings, so she didn't discover Yixuan Feng's arrival.

Walter felt Claire wasn't panicked at all and became more alarmed. "Oh, Claire, now aren't you regretting, at the time you shouldn't have stepped on their back. Now we're in luck, I reckon they've vowed to chase you to the ends of earth if it means they can kill you. Retribution has come, yes? It's come as expected?" Walter cried, incomparably miserable.

Claire watched the face of the handsome young man enlarge as he slowly approached her. Claire's heart suddenly tightened a bit. Why did she feel that guy's gaze was a bit strange? A bit passionate? A misperception?

Walter was still shouting noisily.

White Emperor crawled out from Claire's back. From when they were entered the dried up well, this guy had laid closely to Claire's back and didn't move. Now he crawled onto Claire's heard, grabbing Claire's hair, staring with his large, round eyes at Yixuan Feng.

"I've come back, my woman." Yixuan Feng approached Claire, lifted Claire's long hair gently, and kissed it.

Claire became petrified. Walter was petrified to the point that he couldn't be any more rigid.

I've come back, my woman.

I've come back, my woman, I've come back, my woman...

Echo, echo...

It echoed endlessly in Claire's and Walter's mind.

Suddenly, Walter felt like a gale started blowing.

Suddenly, he felt everything in the world was fabricated, everything wasn't real.

Everything was fake!!!

Yes, everything was fake.

Yixuan Feng watched Claire with rapt attention, and then frowned, a little unhappy as he said, "Oh damn, I can't undo this restraint!!! Which scum did this to you?"

Claire was unable to speak, nor able to move. She only staring at Yixuan Feng. Her heart was incessantly confused. Why would Yixuan Feng appear here and save her? Didn't he go back to his country? Why he appear so timely here? And saying those kinds of shocking words.

"Whatever, let's first go back to the city." After saying this, Yixuan Feng reached out, preparing to carry Claire.

Claire's eyes suddenly widened.

Because behind Yixuan Feng in mid air, a person appeared soundlessly. The person wore a long and wide cloak, but Claire clearly saw their exposed hand already had no flesh! It was only skin and bones, their joints protruding out, nails sharp and slender. His deep eyes were completely filled with anger. That was because his gaze fell onto the corpse behind Yixuan Feng. That corpse had already slowly lost its warmth, and the blood all over the ground had already gradually congealed.

Yixuan Feng felt Claire acting strange and abruptly turned around, facing the person floating in mid air.

"You damnable bastard!" Floating in mid air, Benimo's anger had reached the skies. It was with much difficulty that he had taken a liking to someone and accepted them as a disciple to run errands as a servant, but today he had actually been killed by someone! And he was killed by such a weak fellow! He had been momentarily careless and a bit far away, and had actually not discovered a person had come close. His only disciple had been killed by an assassin silently!

Yixuan Feng frowned slightly. Looking at the person floating in mid air, his expression slowly became serious, because he had felt that person's cultivation. He definitely wasn't that person's match! It was this person who had restrained Claire? No wonder he couldn't undo it.

"I will cut off your flesh piece by piece and saturate your bones with strong acid. I won't let you die, and make you see yourself your body slowly being destroyed. In the end, your soul will be imprisoned for all eternity, and make you forever suffer." Benimo slowly said, viciously and sinisterly. With a slight wave of his hand, Yixuan Feng immediately was unable to move.

Feeling the same as Claire, Yixuan Feng only felt the surrounding air all become exceptionally heavily, and like his throat was being choked, unable to make a sound.

"First I'll finish you off, then I'll slowly enjoy him." Benimo eerily turned to look at Claire and said, then he released a ball of black death Qi.

Feng Yixuan's eyes widened. That death Qi could turn someone immediately into bones!

Yixuan Feng wanted to speak, wanted to curse at the freakish, damnable old man, but besides his eyes shooting out hatred yet also having a worried gaze, he wasn't able to do anything. Now Yixuan Feng detested he was so weak! Not only was he unable to protect himself, he couldn't even save Claire.

"Ahhh! I'll * his whole family. I still haven't gained a body yet! Now I'm going to say goodbye to this world forever. He couldn't have used any other magic, but he's actually using decaying death Qi! This scum! Now it's over, not even dust will be left." Walter cursed with indignation, then his tone changed. "Claire, truthfully... Truthfully..."

Yixuan Feng madly tried to use magic to overcome the his body's restraints, but like before, there wasn't any results. He looked helplessly at that ball of black death aura slowly approaching Claire.

Claire frowned, not saying a word. She was sensing the current position of the small magic bird puppet. Soon, very soon, Master was about to arrive.

It it was Master, he could definitely easily defeat this terrifying and dangerous person.

Watching the black death Qi that approached her face, Claire's heart sunk.

Was there enough time?

It seemed like there wasn't enough...

Claire closed her eyes slowly, sighing lightly in her heart.

Everything was settled...

It was at this time that White Emperor, who was laying on Claire's head, suddenly stood up, looked at the floating in mid air Benimo and called out, "Chirp chirp!"

The next moment, something unexpected happened.

"Chiiirp." With one sound, a ray of invisible, terrifying, overbearing power attacked Benimo, directly going through Benimo's entire body.

In a flash, the black death Qi assembled next to Claire's face dispersed, and then disappeared without a trace.

Benimo's body viciously hit the big tree behind him. A clear-cut sound resonated. Nobody knew that with this one attack, all of the bones in Benimo's body had shattered into shards and all his organs shook into mincemeat. Blood splurted out of Benimo's mouth, and splashed out over and over and over...

It was like all of his blood had been spit out.

Continuously spraying...

Still spraying...

Splurting that still hadn't stopped...

And then, he died.

He really died.

White Emperor instakilled Benimo.

That's right, he had been instakilled like so. The person who had been ranked second most dangerous on the Magician Council's hit list had been instakilled like this. There wasn't even a struggle, wasn't even a cry. He didn't even have time to say goodbye to the world. He died so gorgeously.

Claire slowly opened her eyes and stared blanking at the scene in front of her.

A person floated in front of her.

Hair like snow, eyes like the moon.

Snow white clothes, without any color or designs. The snow-like hair lightly fluttered. His delicate and matchless face held a trace of disdain. He turned and stared at Claire.

Those beautiful eyes were like a vortex, like it was able to attract someone in deeply.

Claire started at the devastatingly handsome man who was so beautiful he could make one unable to breathe. Was this White Emperor's true body?

"My contracter, grow up quickly." That solemn and dignified voice sounded again in Claire's mind.

A ray of white light flashed and the handsome white clothed young man disappeared. A furry ball of meat floated in mid air. "Chirp chirp -" White Emperor weakly called out twice in a low voice, then closed his eyes and slowly dropped down.

As Claire hurriedly reached out to catch, she was surprised to discover she could move. That stifling and oppressive feeling already disappeared.

"Chirp chirp - " White Emperor started snoring and fell asleep in Claire's hands.

"What is that?" Yixuan Feng was also able to move. He walked over, frowning while looking at the little ball of meat in Claire's hand, and was incessantly surprised. Just then that flashy pretty boy was this meat ball? It was actually that showy. What kind of thing was this? Magic Beast? Shapeshifter? Phantom? It could actually transform into a human form?! And it could instakill someone he couldn't beat? It was too humiliating!

Claire lightly stroked White Emperor, and carefully put White Emperor into the bag she was carrying, then turned to Yixuan Feng and said, "Thank you for saving me. Why did you appear here?"

"Protecting my woman is my obligation. Ahahaha." Yixuan Feng opened his mouth and started madly laughing. After that, he felt a bit resentful. F*ck! In the end, it was actually that furball who did the rescuing! It really felt uncomfortable! This damned furball snatched the limelight!

Claire frowned slightly. What was Yixuan Feng piping about? What did he mean?

"It can't be, this little guy is actually that supreme?" Walter's incredulous voice sounded in Claire's mind. He was still relieved to be alive, patting his chest. "After he had been defeated by you, he had actually fallen for you. Although I've heard that there are some people in this world who are weird, I never thought I there would be a day I would see that. That said, Claire, what kind of thing is this? It's actually so powerful, it can transform into a human form? Now it's sleeping like the dead. Maybe it used up all of its power just now?" Walter voiced out all of his ideas.

"Didn't you go back to your country?" Claire ignored Walter and instead, she frowned looking at Yixuan Feng who was in front of her and doubtfully asked.

"Haha, I just came back." Yixuan Feng immediately changed the topic from himself. "That's right, Claire, what is your magic beast? It actually can transform into a human form and instakill that f*cking awesome person. Now it turned back into a furball as it's sleeping. Can it not maintain its human form?" Yixuan Feng glanced around guiltily. There's no way he would tell Claire how difficult it was to climb over the wall. Just as he climbed over, he actually met Wenmo Shui, that scum, who listened to his old Ma's command and guarding. And then~ naturally, he took revenge and then stealthily slipped out of the country's borders. Whenever he thought of Wenmo Shui frozen into a lump of ice over there, Yixuan Feng would secretly feel good. The best thing was, he effortlessly created a sharp icicle, sticking Wenmo Shui's lump of ice into the air. The sharp part of the icicle aimed at Wenmo Shui's anus. If Weno Shui's ice melted, hmph! That would be as perfect as flowers blooming. The two's power was always evenly matched. Every time they fought, it all depended on the circumstances. Who ever was in a better situation would be the one with the advantage. That day was their 701st battle and also the 351st time Yixuan Feng had won.

After being silent for a little while, Claire insipidly said, "I don't know what kind of Magic beast he is. When he transformed into a human form today, it was also the first time, I also didn't know. But, can you help me keep it it a secret?"

"Of course, haha!" Yixuan Feng happily said, then turned to look at Benimo, who had died not far away, underneath the tree, and said unhappily, "Who is this? Now he's dead thoroughly, right?"

"He's a necromancer, the grand wizard Benimo, an extremely dangerous person." Claire solemnly said, looking at the already cold corpse and frowned.

Damn his great grandfather! No wonder I couldn't undo his restraints, he's actually a necromancer. Yixuan Feng cursed in his heart. But how did Claire provoke a person this strong?

It was at this time that there was finally some movements in the Darkness. Claire's magic puppet bird called out and flew out. Closely trailing from behind, Cliff pried a branch away with a crashing sound, looking worried as he appeared before Claire.

"Claire!" Cliff anxiously rushed to Claire, and then vigilantly examined Claire. There's no wounds, not bad, not bad. Cliff let out a sigh of relief. It was then that he turned and glimpsed Yixuan Feng, who had been standing aside.

"Ah, red haired kid." Cliff still had an impression of Yixuan Feng, and blurted out straightforwardly, "Aren't you the red haired kid who got stepped on by my disciple that day? What are you doing here? Revenge? I'll kill you!" After he said this, Cliff was about to make his move.

"Master!" Claire blocked. "It's not that, Master, just then Yixuan feng saved me."

"Ah?" Cliff widened his eyes and looked at Yixuan Feng with confusion, his gaze completely filled with distrust.

"Master, it's true. This person was Benimo's disciple. Just then, when he wanted to harm me, he was killed by Yixuan Feng. The corpse over there is Benimo." Claire pointed at the corpse below the tree and said to Cliff.

"What? Benimo?" Cliff frowned, his expression changing slightly. Of course he know who Benimo was. That crafty and sly Benimo, they had never crossed paths before. His nose was even better than a dog's, every time he would hide far away. Now he had actually died? Who killed him? There was no way Claire could kill him with her strength right now.

"Who killed him? You?" Cliff turned and looked at Yixuan Feng, then shook his head, "That's impossible. Claire, who killed Benimo?" Cliff immediately asked Claire.

Claire hesitated, thinking whether or not to tell the true facts and details of what had just happened.

And then, in a flash, a mishap happened.

"Darker than Darkness, an existence more chaotic than primal chaos, my god, I sincerely..." A sinister and familiar voice suddenly sounded amidst the night. It was actually the dead Benimo's voice! This voice was currently hurriedly chanting a spell!

"Quick! Quickly block this voice!" Walter suddenly cried out in fear. As a Dark magician, he knew better than anyone what this chant meant.

Claire looked up at the sky, but where was anything appearing? The air fluttered, quiet.

Cliff's expression also changed. He knew this ceremony was a summoning ceremony! Although Benimo had died, he used some kind method to enable his spirit to take a breath and not disappear immediately, summoning something to take revenge against the person who had just killed him.

Yixuan Feng alertly watched the surroundings, preparing for action. He suddenly felt a flash of strong unease. This was an assassin's innate feeling, a frightening intuition. Yixuan Feng was a bit surprised because he had never felt this kind of feeling before, a feeling that made his hair stand on end.

Cliff pulled out a wand and raised it, aiming somewhere at the sky and chanted. A ray of light directly attacked the air.

A miserable cry mournfully sounded.

But then there was insane laughing. "It's already over, haha, you group of ants, I will make you pay. Even if I turn to ashes, I will still make you pay. Hahahaha..." The crazy laugh slowly subsided, then disappeared. Evidently, Benimos soul had already been destroyed by Cliff. But everybody heard very clearly Benimo's insane last words.

Benimo's soul had already been destroyed by Cliff, but Cliff was exceptionally serious. His eyes even flashed fear and unease.

"Claire, go quickly, quickly leave this place..." Cliff immediately made a sensible decision.

But everything was over.

Immediately, the surroundings darkened and the moon of the night sky disappeared. Darkness swooped over, and everything was engulfed by darkness, one by one. If you reached out your hand, you wouldn't be able to see your five fingers.

Even though Claire and Yixuan Feng were proficient assassins and trained their eyes to be able to see in the dark, currently they couldn't see anything.

They were unable to move. This time, the sudden attacking feeling was even more scary than Benimo restraining them just then, more unbearable.

Cold sweat emerged from Cliff's forehead as his heart slowly sunk lower and lower.

Right now Walter was exceptionally silent, not saying a word.

But Claire could clearly feel Walter's spiritual undulations pulsing stronger than ever.

The surroundings were completely engulfed by Darkness. Suddenly, a vortex appeared in front of the three, like it had ripped the night sky apart, and was gradually expanding more and more.

A dim, blood-red light slowly emitted from the vortex.

A never before felt pressure attacked out of nowhere, making them unable to breath, so oppressive their legs started to weaken.

The cold sweat from Cliff's forehead already converged into a line, his underclothes already completely soaked from the cold sweat. On this continent there were few people as strong as him. As long as those people didn't join hands against him, then he could contend against them.


There was no way for a human to contend against a god!

"Who was it? Who was it that disturbed my sleep? Where are the offerings?" An oppressive and sinister voice slowly sounded from the blood-red vortex. Then an indescribably terrifying power pressed down again. That sinister voice made them shudder, made their souls shudder. It leaked out an incomparable power, a strength they had not way of contending with.

Pfft~~" Both Claire's and Yixuan Feng's Qi were smothered at the same time. Unable to bear this kind of tyrannical and terrifying pressure, they spit out blood.

Cliff's complexion paled.

Benimo had actually summoned the god of Darkness!!!

But he didn't prepare any offering!

The despicable and sinister Benimo had prepared to set them up, summoning the god of Darkness but not preparing any offerings. Then the god of Darkness would angrily crush them, so much that not even their ashes would be left behind. It wasn't just them, perhaps the Niya city behind them would also be sacrificed!

God's pressure, this was a god's pressure!

Yixuan Feng and Claire could not stand stably any more and fell to the floor with a plop. Cliff also wasn't able to to bear this terrifying pressure. His two feet trembled as he was about to kneel onto the ground.

What was this? Yixuan Feng laid on the ground and hatefully looked at the figure amidst the blood-red light. What supreme person, fundamentally, it wasn't human!

Claire frowned, but she wasn't able to move.

"Claire, goodbye forever. This is the god of Darkness we believe in. Benimo actually summoned him, but there isn't any offering. He will take out his anger on us, and destroy us so much that not even dregs will be left behind." Walter's voice right now was actually very serene. The god of Darkness was brutal, temperamental, and extremely greedy. Every time he is summoned needs a lot of time and energy to prepare a large amount of offerings. If the offerings don't satisfy the god of Darkness, the summoner would have brought destruction. That's why you can count the number of times the god of Darkness has been summoned on one hand. Walter knows that for several thousands of years, it has only happened a few times. Even for that time when a king summoned him, the offering was three thousand virgin souls."

It's a god?! It's a god from this world?

Claire looked in amazement at the pair of slender and pitch-black eyes amidst the blood-red glow. That was the god of Darkness?

Cliff started struggling. At least he had to let Claire safely escape. But he had no way of breaking away from this kind of dreadful pressure.

"Who summoned me? Where are the offerings?" The malicious voice sounded again in a deep voice.

"There's not way to escape?" Claire asked Walter in her mind.

"There is no way humans can contend with a god." Walter's voice was unusually peaceful. Dying because of the god of death was completely fair.

Then Walter didn't say any more and quieted down, peacefully welcoming the arrival of death.

"On, the offering is here?" Then, that dim and malicious voice said these words.

Cliff was shocked, because he saw a ball of Dark red mist that revolved around Claire, moving up and down, like it was sizing up Claire.

"Very good." That deep and evil voice was filled with satisfaction. "I'm going to accept this offering. But who was it that summoned me? Was it you?"

The next moment, Cliff could move and talk. The god of Darkness removed the pressure on them. Yixuan Feng moved his limbs, alertly watching the Dark red mist circling around Claire.

"Don't act without thinking, this is the god of Darkness." Cliff's warning sounded in Yixuan Feng's head. Yixuan Feng was incessantly shocked. Looking at the mass of mist he wasn't able to say a word. It was actually the god of Darkness! Sure enough, it wasn't a human. No wonder he was so insanely strong.

"Venerable god, the person who summoned you wasn't us, they have already passed away, and she also isn't the offering." Cliff cautiously and solemnly answered.

"Oh, that doesn't matter. More importantly, I'm really satisfied with this offering. When the time comes, I'll be taking it." The deep and malicious voice said, completely ignoring the last words Cliff said.

Cliff was shocked, still not understanding what those words meant. The Dark red mist flew onto Claire's hand and instantly disappeared. Then, the black, formless vortex also gradually disappeared, along with the Darkness. The forest from before appeared and the night sky's moon appeared once more.

The god of Darkness had already left.

It just left like that?

Walter already forgot to reflect on it. The series of events that happened today already thoroughly made him dumbstruck. They were on the verge of death multiple times, but had safely passed them by.

"Are you alright?" Yixuan Feng couldn't help but grab Claire's hand with one swipe and start examining it. Before, that strange mass of Dark red mist disappeared onto Claire's hand.

Claire looked at the back of her hand, not saying a word.

Cliff hurriedly rushed over. Looking at the back of Claire's hand, he was also shocked.

"What kind of strange thing is this?" Yixuan Feng angrily roared, looking at the back of Claire's hand.

On the back of Claire's hand was a design of a circle of six black stars! It seemed like it had grown from Claire's skin, as if it was natural.

"The god of Darkness's ma, mark..." Walter stuttered after seeing the pattern. "I, I've only heard of it, but I've never encountered it before! Because it's only an ancient legend."

"What do you mean?" Claire frowned, looking at the pattern on the back of her hand.

"The god of Darkness will, will mark what he thinks is his own treasure. The, the mark is this circling black six star design." Walter still hadn't untangled his tongue. The average magic formation was a circle of five stars, gold or silver. For Dark magic, it was a circle of five black stars. There were none that had six. But today, the legendary imprint had appeared on Claire's hand.

Walter didn't understand. Why was the god of Darkness so satisfied with Claire? Claire was just a little devil. There were many more people who were more evil than her, why did the god of Darkness take a liking to her? He couldn't understand, couldn't think it through.

It was after a long time that Walter finally understood in a flash.

Auxiliary mark? Claire's head was about to burst. What did the god of Darkness mean? It still wasn't the time yet, when the time comes he could come to take his offering? Was he going to take her life?

"What kind of weird thing is this!" Yixuan Feng was extremely furious. You didn't even need to think to know this thing wasn't something good. Yixuan Feng used his finger to wipe the mark on the back of Claire's hand, but wasn't able to wipe it off.

Cliff's face was as dark as ash.

He also knew what this was. The god of Darkness had actually chosen Claire as an offering! Right now he wouldn't threaten Claire's life, but... But what about in the future?!

There would definitely be a day when the god of Darkness would come to take Claire's life. He had no way of protecting Claire, no way of protecting his darling disciple.

Hate! This was the first time Cliff hated that he didn't have enough. Wizard sage, he had already been a wizard sage for so many years, but had been stuck at a bottleneck the whole time, unable to break through into a sorcerer. If he advanced into a sorcerer, maybe there would be the possibility that he could be able to fight with the god of Darkness for a bit. That was only a possibility!

"Master, don't worry. Perhaps the situation isn't that dire." Claire quietly said, taking back her hand from Yixuan Feng's piggy one. The moment Claire saw Cliff's expression, she understood her Master also knew what the mark's origin.

"Claire..." Cliff's gaze was filled with confliction.

"Master, I control my own fate." Claire suddenly gave a bright and confident smile.

Cliff watched Claire's smile in a daze and suddenly, an incomparable resolute power welled up in his heart. That's right, the situation hadn't gone to that extent yet, why was he so pessimistic? He would definitely work hard to break through and become a sorcerer, definitely protect Claire.

Yixuan Feng looked in confusion at the old man's expression mysteriously change, like an artist's palette changing color. Just then he was looking so emotional and serious, now he was in glowing spirits.

"Master, Benimo's bone pagoda is still over there." Claire pointed into the distance at the white spire and said.

"That's right, who killed Benimo?" Cliff suddenly thought of this problem.

Claire didn't hide it again, and instead, told all the details.

"What? It's that little furball?" Cliff exclaimed in surprise. "Let me see, quickly let me see."

Claire pulled the still deeply sleeping White Emperor out of her bag and carefully held him to let Cliff examine them.

Cliff stroked his chin and carefully examined. Under the moonlight, White Emperor's sleeping posture was charmingly innocent, his two furry paws hugging his head as he was in a deep sleep.

Cliff lightly shook his head, still unable to know what on earth this little guy was. But he was sure this little thing was definitely unordinary! It could transform into a human form, so it definitely wasn't a magic beast, but a high class Shapeshifter or Phantom! But whether it was a Shapeshifter or a Phantom, he didn't know.

"This little guy, right now he doesn't have any magic undulations. Probably, he can only erupt in power occasionally, and then needs to rest for a while, and can't maintain its human form." Cliff analyzed while looking at White Emperor in Claire's hand.

"Should be." Claire nodded.

"Red haired guy, how did you appear here?" Cliff turned to Yixuan Feng and said as his train of thought suddenly skipped over.

"I came back to find my woman, is that not allowed?!" Yixuan Feng stuck out his chest and self-righteously said.

"Oh? Chasing after girls?" Once Cliff heard that, his gaze became vulgar. He reached out and grabbed Yixuan Feng's shoulder. "Come, come, little bro, come over here and let's have a chat."

Claire's mouth twitched. Looking at vulgar Cliff and Yixuan Feng with their arms around their shoulders chatting while walked towards the bone pagoda, she was speechless.

Walter clicked his tongue. "Looks like that little freak really suits that old perverted wolf's tastes." Walter disdainfully said. Then Walter's tone changed into worry. "Claire, what are we going to do?"

Claire smiled faintly. Walter's use of the word we made Claire feel a tiny bit of warmth. She quietly said, "Everything will turn out for the best. Don't worry, the situation will definitely be resolved. Before the god of darkness comes to find me, I will become strong. Do I seem like a naive person who will wait to be slaughtered?"

"That's true, you definitely aren't." Walter immediately nodded, but he was still worried. The opponent was a god, not a human, not some kind of ordinary person.

Claire stroked the deeply sleeping White Emperor and then cautiously put him back into the bag.

Cliff and Yixuan Feng plundered the bone pagoda until there was nothing left, then casually destroyed it. When the two people appeared in front of Claire again, their mood was already fairly good. Just watching it made Walter feel disdain.

And like so, the situation was resolved.

Niya city's epidemic was because of the Dark magician Benimo's doing, but to the brilliant and outstanding wizard sage Cliff, Benimo didn't count as much, and was killed by Cliff. Cliff's disciple, miss Claire Hill, and also Niya City's city lord, aptly discovered the evil Benimo's tracks and helped Sir Cliff extinguish them. From then on, the epidemic was gone.

This version of the story spread everywhere in Niya city, from small alleys to big streets. Everybody was praising the city lord and sir Cliff, and of course, the Divine Prince, who had spent magic power to baptize them.

In the garden, Claire looked at the Yixuan Feng who was sitting on the chair, leisurely drinking tea, and laughing and chatting with Cliff. Her mouth twitched, then straightforwardly asked, "You, what are you planning to do?"

"Stay by your side, protect you, create a relationship, then marry you at home." Yixuan Feng's words were straightforwardness itself. Hearing it, Cliff beamed with joy and continuously patting Yixuan Feng's shoulder and praised over and over.

Looking at Yixuan Feng with his self-righteous expression and the vulgarly laughing Cliff, suddenly Claire felt cold sweat from the back of her head.

These two were both people who didn't follow common sense, now that they were ganged up together, they were even more insensible. Amparkland's and Yixuan Feng's home country's relationship were extremely sensitive, and now Yixuan Feng actually wanted to stay here. No matter how you looked at it, it was improper. Would Yixuan Feng's family allow him to stay here in such danger?

"Yixuan Feng, I'm extremely grateful you saved me. Whenever you need me to help, I will definitely do my utmost to help, but you staying here doesn't seem proper." Claire said seriously.

"You will repay me?" Yixuan Feng raised a brow.

"Besides giving my heart to you." Naturally, Claire understood what this guy meant to say, immediately blocking the words Yixuan Feng was about to say.

"Then forget about it. Just owe me." Yixuan Feng scratched his hair, then thought for a moment. "That's right, an outstanding, elegant, handsome, and confident person like me is a bit too eye-catching."

"That's easy to deal with. Come, come, little guy, I'll do something. I can dye your hair, and also change your pupil color. This way nobody can recognize you. I'll change it to whatever you want me to." Cliff said while laughing.

The two left with their arms around their shoulders without any shame.

Claire was speechless. Whose Master was he? Was he helping her, or was he helping Yixuan Feng?

Yixuan Feng's originally red hair was dyed black, and his originally black eyes were dyed red. Now he wasn't so conspicuous. Then what made Claire helpless was that Yixuan Feng started to follow her around closely. He came whenever called, sticking to her to protect her, protecting his future wife.

During the day today, the servants in the main hall were hurriedly bustling around.

Claire sat on the chair looking at the pile of thank you gifts in the main hall and started to have a headache. How would she deal with these things?

Also, how was she going to deal with the handsome black haired youth sitting beside he? This guy kept on staying by her, and kept on staring at her.

It was at this time that the Divine Prince Lingyun Leng walked in. Behind him was the expressionless Jean. Sure enough, he was closely following Lingyun Leng to protect him.

"Divine Prince, how is your body right now?" Once Claire saw Lingyun Leng's arrive, she got up to greet him.

"Much better. Miss Claire, congratulations, truly. The epidemic has been dealt with." Lingyun Leng smiled and said insipidly.

"It's all thanks to the influence of your highness and my Master, if it wasn't for you all, how could the the epidemic be so quickly controlled and dealt with?" Claire thanked modestly.

"No, this was all miss Claire's own hard work." Lingyun Leng also politely replied.

Aren't you tired? Tch! This damned pretty boy. Walter fidgeted and clicked his tongue. That smile was too fake, too fake. And little devil is truly an awesome person. To this kind of person, she could also give a fake smile.

Yixuan Feng still sat indifferent, coldly looking at this so-called Divine Prince.

Lingyun Leng's gaze fell onto Yixuan Feng. His eyes flashed with surprise, and then his expression went back to normal.

The gaze of the two locked. Suddenly, the atmosphere suddenly became complex, but then it disappeared, gradually becoming calm.

The next thing to do was restore Niya city's economy. Claire started pondering, thinking of the many things she had to do next.

Then, Heath, the representative of Niya City, quickly walked in. After seeing Claire, he gave a slight bow, then said, "Reporting to the city lord, the Divine Princess has arrived..."

The Temple of Light's Divine Princess? The woman who rumors said was as beautiful and benevolent as an angel? She had a big influence on the masses, and was adored by many commoners, and was the dream lover of even more nobles. But these people could only think about it secretly. The noble and pure Divine Princess wasn't someone who could be profaned.

What was this kind of noble person doing in the small Niya city?

Didn't the Pope only send the Divine Prince to aide with containing the epidemic?

Before Heath finished speaking, footsteps sounded at the door.

A lovely figure appeared at the door...