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 Claire moved deftly in the darkness, chasing after that black smoke towards outside of the city gates. That black smoke flew all to the bottom of the city wall, into a well there. Claire held her breath and quietly followed. Before her eyes it was completely dark. This was a dried up well. At the mouth of the well, there was a wooden ladder. Claire crouched down, looked up at the night sky, estimating that the magic puppet should be guiding her Master over there by now. After thinking about it, Claire hid her aura and slowly climbed down the ladder.

"Hey, hey, Claire, wait first. Wait until your Master arrives and then go down together. I keep on feeling an ominous wind blowing." Walter shuddered a bit.

"It's not just a feeling, there really is wind!" Claire frowned and looked down the dried well. From below, a slight, cold wind blew. Where did it lead to?

Claire slowly climbed down, all the way to the bottom of the well.

The black smoke was already gone.

The four walls of the bottom of the well were completely intact.

Where did that black smoke disappear to?

Claire sized up the four walls, closed her eyes, and gently put her hand on the well wall. Walter was amazed as he felt Claire pass through.

Once Claire opened her eyes again, there was a deep tunnel right before her eyes.

"An illusion technique?" Walter said in amazement. That well wall couldn't have looked any more ordinary, who would have thought it was just an illusion created by somebody. This well wall was originally empty, with a deep tunnel behind it.

Claire didn't speak anymore, and only followed the route of the tunnel forward. White Emperor grabbed Claire's hair tightly and also stared forward.

The further in they walked, the more extreme the cold wind got.

"What's the situation up front?" Claire asked Walter.

"The Dark aura is just up ahead. It's much less dense than before, and probably went a bit far." Walter replied.

Once Claire came out of the tunnel, she was shocked. Right now she was already completely outside the city! It was the small forest outside of the city.

"Bone pagoda!" Walter suddenly cried out in a low voice, completely surprised. A bone pagoda was extremely evil building, completely made of bones. Resentment and corpse's Qi were very favorable for a necromancer's cultivation.

Claire looked up. As expected, she saw the faint outline of a white spire in the forest, about five to six meters, ghastly white and made out of bones.

"It's completely made out of bones. Strange, why didn't we discover it when we were entering the city? Even if we didn't discover it, the magicians from inside the city should also be able to discover this conspicuous building." Walter was completely puzzled.

"Because it can move!" Claire snorted.

"What?!" Walter's response was full of shock and fear. There was only one person out of all the Dark magicians and necromancers with a mobile pagoda! It was that terrifying, inhuman freak!

"Clare, are you sure the pagoda can move?!" Walter's voice was already shaking a little.

"Yes, I just saw that pagoda move. That explains why nobody discovered the bone pagoda is here." Claire solemnly said, certain.

"Claire, go quick, let's go quick! Quickly!" Walter's voice was completely fearful and impatient.

Claire understood that if Walter reacted like this, he definitely had his reasons. Without an explanation, Claire immediately got out the invisibility cloak that Cliff gave her and hid her body, preparing to return the way she came.

"It's that Dark grand magician's, Benimo's bone pagoda! Only he could have a mobile bone pagoda! No wonder! No wonder they could infect a whole city's people with Dark aura!" Walter's voice shuddered a bit. Grand magician! A level right below wizard sage. If a Dark grand magician fought against a normal grand magician, the person to lose would definitely be the normal grand magician. Because this Benimo's heart was very evil, the magic he used was even more terrifying and malicious. His death magic could engulf the average person in the blink of an eye and turn them into a pile of bones.

Claire was shocked. She had heard of Benimo before. On the Magician Council's kill list, he was ranked number two. Every time he safely escaped and seriously damaged people of the Magician Council. He was an extremely dangerous and cruel kind of character. She never thought he would actually appear here.

"Oh, there's an adorable rabbit here." Just as Claire was preparing to stealthily retreat, an ice cold voice with a trace of ridicule sounded out of nowhere. The surroundings were completely vacant, but Claire clearly heard that voice.

Her invisible body was also discovered? Claire was amazed. Just how strong was the other person?!

Claire alertly sensed the surrounding's air flow.

"You blockhead, what were you doing, not even knowing you had been followed!" That indifferent voice had a sliver of oppressiveness.

"Master, sorry. I didn't pay attention." A voice came far away. Next, that black spoke quickly floated over. After a puff sound, that black smoke turned into a bony, thin young man. Those pair of deep-set eyes emotionlessly looked forward. The skin on his neck looked like it were about to collapse. Below his tall nose were pale lips.

"How annoying, not only did people from the Temple of Light come, you were also followed by this person. Quickly dispose of her and then we'll switch places." The indifferent voice urged.

"Yes, Master. But..." That thin and terrifying man stammered looking at the blank space in front of him with a bit of embarrassment. With his cultivation, naturally he wasn't able to see the invisible Claire.

"You're really trash, not progressing at all." That indifferent voice snorted. The next moment, a stifling aura enveloped Claire. Suddenly, she felt like she was being choked by someone, unable to breath, her body feeling extremely heavy, not able to move at all.

"Claire, ahhhhh, Claire, withstand it, your master should arrive soon." Walter's fearful and worried voice carried a sob in Claire's mind.

Claire wasn't able to make a sound, feeling like her throat was being gripped very tightly. Gradually, Claire's body appeared in front of the young necromancer.

"Quickly deal with it so we can leave." The cold voice voice sounded from far away, the white bone pagoda gradually starting to move.

"Yes, master, I'll immediately follow." The young necromancer replied and then turned to look at Claire, who had appeared in front of him. His face twitched, and he started laughing terrifyingly. Those deep set and vacant eyes sized up Claire. Slowly, he walked to up Claire and bent down slightly to look at Claire's face.

"Your looks are not bad. This skin looks very smooth and tender, if I peel it off, afterwards I can make a pillow and sleep on it everyday, it will definitely feel good. And also your golden hair," he clicked his tongue "I'll cut it off and make it into a brush..." The young necromancer said to himself, giving a sly smile.

Claire coldly looked at the abnormal young man, still continuously trying to break free from that necromancer's restraints. But no matter how much Claire tried, those restraints didn't have the slightest sign of loosening.

"Claire, ahhhhh, what do we do. How come Cliff, that old man, still hasn't come?" Walter yelped like an ant being roasted.

Claire wasn't able to make a sound, nor a move.

The young necromancer gave a strange smile, reached out his bone-thin hand, slowly towards Claire's face.

It was at this time that half of the moon appeared from behind the clouds.

Claire looked at the young necromancer in front of her. The next moment, she became shocked.

The necromancer's hand stopped midway, stopping two centimeters away from Claire's face. An eerie smile hung on his face, but he was frozen in place.

Immediately after, blood splurted out of the necromancer's neck mid air into a gorgeous arc.

The necromancer was still in the same posture as before, his hand reached out, a vile smile hung on his face, as he slowly tilted over.

Under the moonlight, a fiery red haired handsome young man faced Claire with a devilish smile.

Yixuan Feng?

How did he appear here?