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 Soon, the people of the city gathered in the public square for the Castellan in a large mass. Heath was very smart, telling the whole truth and then he told everyone Claire had already invited the nemeses of the Dark magician - magicians from the Temple of Light - and even the Temple of Light's Divine Prince had personally come. As long as they just received a Light baptism, they wouldn't receive any more of the Dark aura's negative effects.

The popularity of the Temple of Light was extraordinarily useful; people assembled together in the public square very quickly. They all looked expectantly at the silver haired Divine Prince standing on stage. Violet eyes and silver hair had already become a symbol, a symbol of peace and the Temple of Light.

The people below talked back on forth, becoming more and more restless.

It was at this time that suddenly a voice came from the stage.

"Everyone, don't be fearful. I believe everybody also understands that this so-called epidemic is just a Dark magician stirring up trouble from behind the scenes. We will quickly find out the perpetrator and also purify the air. His highness, the Divine Prince, will immediately baptize everything. Every difficulty will pass. Soon, everyone can reunite with their dear ones outside the city. Before then, I hope everybody obeys the soldier's plans. I swear on the Hill family's name this matter will definitely be resolved. Also, my Master sir Cliff and the Magician Council will also assist. Everybody, please be at ease, we will pass this crisis together." Claire stood on the stage, her expression grave as she declared. Cliff used a small magic that transferred Claire's voice everywhere so that everybody could hear.

Gradually, everybody calmed down, their expressions also becoming serene.

That's right, with the Divine Prince from the Temple of Light and the wizard sage, sir Cliff, what could they be afraid of?

Just like what the Castellan said, they would definitely be able to ride out this crisis.

Claire looked at the people below, who had calmed down. She sighed softly and then turned towards Lingyun Leng. "Divine Prince, now what?"

"Just leave it to me." Lingyun Leng said insipidly. He took a few steps forward, closed his eyes and gradually raised his head. His raised both of his hands slowly and started chanting a long and tedious spell.

The white light slowly expanded, Lingyun Leng's chanting not yet stopped.

The white light slanted down from the sky, becoming a huge shield, enshrouding the entire public plaza.

"Crap! This fierce guy! He actually wants to baptise them all! Although his magic power is very strong, this action is truly harsh on himself, harsh on himself!" Walter cried in surprise.

Claire didn't say anything and only frowned. Who knew what she was thinking.

The white light slowly shined on everybody. Everyone felt not only their body feel warm, but also their hearts. It was an indescribable feeling of comfort.

The white light was still continuously shining down diagonally and Lingyun Leng's chant still hadn't stopped. But his complexion was already gradually paling.

Walter was so happy he wanted to just start jumping up and down. Pretty boy, continue, continue, the earlier you die and reincarnate, ahaha, don't stop, continue. But Walter only dared to say these in his heart. He didn't dare to let Claire hear again. Right now his whole body was sore incessantly, Claire's life-threatening pinch was truly life-threatening!

Cliff raised his brow slightly and his mouth twitched. No wonder that old thing bragged to him whenever they me. His disciple truly wasn't simple. This public square could be said to have over ten thousand people, and he was actually baptizing them like this. Hmph, no big deal, there would be a day when his own darling disciple could also do this. No! His darling disciple will definitely surpass him.

Claire watched Lingyun Leng's face that was becoming paler and paler and knit her brows slightly.

Wasn't this too much for him?

But as she thought about it, she became relieved. This man with an ice-cold personality, doing this for the only soft spot in his heart wasn't strange. Every person had a weak spot, someone or something they cared for the most.

After a long time, Lingyun Leng finally stopped his chant. The white light slowly dispersed. Cold sweat had already perspired from Lingyun Leng's forehead. Once he stopped chanting, Lingyun Leng started wobbling. Standing beside him, Claire hurriedly reached out to support him.

"I'm fine." Lingyun Leng turned towards Claire and revealed a faint smile and calmly moved away his arm. Claire felt that clearly, when she had supported Lingyun Leng, his body had become rigid. It was very obvious that he also wasn't used to touching other people.

Claire turned to Jean and said, "Jean, from now on, protect and follow the Divine Prince closely, until his magic power is recovered." Next, she looked coldly at Lingyun Leng and said, "Don't refuse, I hope the Temple of Light's Divine Prince doesn't have a mishap in my fief. I can't afford to carry the blame."

The words Lingyun Leng was about to say to refuse were blocked by Claire's words.

"May everybody stop worrying, you can return to our former lives today. The Castellan and Cliff will definitely capture that necromancer quickly and also give everyone peace." Heath quickly declared to everyone in the public square.

The popular sentiment had been stabilized, their former lives also restored.

What they needed to do now was capture that necromancer.

"Claire, remember, this necromancer is definitely not simple. If you discover his tracks, you definitely can't be careless and act on your own. You must immediately contact me, do you understand?" Cliff was exceptionally serious.

"Alright, Master, I understand, I will act within the limits." Claire promised.

Cliff's worry wasn't without reason. Right now Claire's guardian knight went to protect the Divine Prince. If Claire encountered danger, she wouldn't have a shield anymore.

"Master, don't worry, I also have the treasure you sent me." Claire smiled, shaking the bracelet on her wrist.

"Yes, in any case, you can't act on your own. Let's all go back to eat and rest now. It's been busy for so long, everybody must be all be tired." Cliff yawned.

At last, Niya City had resumed its former peace, but the city gates were still sealed off. Before they found and killed that necromancer, the ban could still not be removed.

Night, a peaceful Niya City.

Claire lied on the bed with clothes on, pondering while looking at the curtains. White Emperor laid on Claire's chest and slept peacefully.

"Claire!" Suddenly Walter coldly shouted. "Dark aura! Very dense! I felt it."

"Where?" Claire frowned and immediately asked.

"Underneath your bed!" Walter was exceptionally certain. "I'm definitely not wrong!"

"Underneath my bed?" Claire froze.

"I didn't mean that, it's deep from below the location of your bed! There's a secret chamber below!" Walter's tone began to become hurried. "He's moving rapidly! Quick, he's currently moving towards the west. Outside the window! Look, look quickly, that black smoke!"

Claire immediately sat up and rushed towards the window. At night, a normal person wouldn't be able to see anything, but Claire had already trained to be able to see clearly at night. Sure enough, a faint black smoke was moving rapidly. White Emperor swiftly crawled onto Claire's head, tightly grabbing onto Claire's hair.

To an assassin, the night was their paradise. The night was their greatest protection. Claire squinted slightly, watching the black smoke speedily leave in the darkness, a cold light arose in her eyes.

Claire pulled out a small bird puppet and released it in the air, letting the small bird puppet to find Cliff. Claire flipped out the window, chasing after the rapidly leaving black smoke, and disappeared into the night.

Walter was also a bit confused. Although this Dark aura was very dense, he didn't seem to have enough to disperse Dark aura throughout the entire city, because he wasn't strong enough!

Perhaps there wasn't just one necromancer?!

Walter frowned and an ominous feeling arose.