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 The infected people were situated in a wide and spacious room. Each and every sick person was lying on the ground with low groans. The air inside the room was thick with the rotting smell. Even though they had already opened the window to ventilate, it was still extremely stinky.

"You're sure?" Claire looked at the sick people lying on the ground and frowned. Although she asked this, Claire was very clear that regarding the Dark element, Walter was more qualified than anyone else here to say anything. He was a genius Dark magician afterall.

"I'm sure." Walter's voice was a bit serious. "But this kind of malicious magic hasn't been used by anyone for a long time. Not only is this person a Dark magician, they're also a necromancer."

"What?" Claire was a bit surprised. Necromancers were exceptionally malicious. Although many people loathed Dark magicians and the Magician Council also sent people to eliminate them, every magician had right and duty to kill necromancers regardless of anything, because necromancers were truly too evil. They used human lives to develop their magic power.

"It isn't a plague." Lingyun Leng's cold voice was heard by Claire.

"Haha, little guy, not bad, you could actually tell this wasn't a plague." Cliff raised a brow and laughed.

"Tch! Good my ass! Then you go and ask him if this isn't a plague, what is it specifically?" Walter disdainfully clicked his tongue.

"Sir, this is caused by a Dark magician, but as for the specifics, I do not know." Lingyun Leng modestly and honestly said.

"That's already not bad. You knowing that this wasn't a plague was already pretty good. Not even one of Niya City's magicians discovered it." Cliff complimented Lingyun Leng, but his last words were blaming the magicians of Niya City. Niya City also had a branch of the Magician Council.

"This magic has already disappeared for a long time." Walter continued in Claire's mind, "It infects people with death aura, and then spreads throughout the entire body, slowly rotting until they die. The people will receive intense suffering. The necromancer will absorb the suffering of the ghosts of the people who died unfairly to expand their strength. But this is on a pretty big scale, actually making a move against a city." After saying this, Walter sighed.

Just as Claire was shocked, Cliff also starting talking. "It's a necromancer, a hundred years ago I met one before."

A hundred years? Claire was stunned. How old was Master this year?

"I didn't think that I would meet one today, and actually in a city." Cliff sighed softly. "The only way to eliminate this so-called plague is to find that necromancer and completely extinguish him."

"This old man actually has some skills." Walter humphed. Even though he was in a very bad mood, internally, he accepted it. The wizard sage Cliff truly did have his awesome aspects.

"Necromancer!" Lingyun Leng's expression changed. He knew better than anyone else what necromancer meant; death, the most painful death.

They found the origin, but the whereabouts of the necromancer would be hard to find. They all hid in the most dark, most concealed place and then peeked at this world.

"Ahhh!!" Suddenly, they heard a mournful cry followed by a deathly silence that was a bit restless.

"What's going on?" Cliff turned towards it.

Claire became taciturn. Her gaze landed on the sick people closest to her. Their visible skin had already turned dark black and they were currently slowly rotting. They were receiving inhumane suffering. Just then, the mournful shrieks were from people who were unable to bear this suffering and committed suicide.

Lingyun Leng slowly closed his eyes, already chanting a spell. Bright, white light was emitted from Lingyun Leng, forming into a huge shield that enveloped the infected people of the room. The gentle light shined on the infected people. Gradually, the groans subsided. But that pitch-black skin and rotting body weren't alleviated. It could only make people not feel the pain and wasn't able to heal them.

"It's no use, little one, it can only lessen their pain, that's all. If you want to completely resolve it, you must find the original perpetrator." Cliff said, somewhat solemn.

"I know." Lingyun Leng softly said, but didn't stop his actions.

Claire turned and saw there was actually something somewhat ineffable in the depths of the violet eyes on Lingyun Leng's handsome face.

Strange...Claire was a bit puzzled because the feeling that Lingyun Leng gave her was that he was a rigid person, indifferent to the bones. Also, Lingyun Leng definitely did not have that kind of sympathetic disposition. But right now, everything Lingyun Leng did completely contradicted what Claire knew.

"Aiya, actually thinking of himself as a Divine Prince when he had his own personal reason to join the Temple of Light and become a healer." Looking at Walter made him unhappy, so he continued to throw shade.

"What reason?" Claire asked, confused.

"He has a younger sister who is physically weak and constantly sick, that's why he would join the Temple of Light and become a healer, and later, the Divine Prince. Right now his little sister is using medicine from the Temple of Light to extend her life, that's why he would work so strenuously for the Temple of Life." Walter disdainfully said, "You thought he really pities humans from the bottom of his heart?"

In a flash, Claire finally understood why with that kind of indifferent personality Leng Lingyun would become a healer. It turns out everything was for his little sister.

"Master, now I'll be troubling you." Claire quietly said to Cliff, looking at the room that was completely filled with infected people.

Naturally, Cliff understood what Claire meant. He thumped his chest. "Don't worry, I'll immediately mobilize the magicians from this city's Magician Council to help investigate and find the tracks of that necromancer."

"The opponent is no ordinary person, after they find it, make sure they definitely don't act blindly." Claire warned.

"Yes. I'll first go to the Magician Council." Cliff energetically walked out.

"Jean, let's go, we'll also go look." Claire softly breathed out, glancing at the room filled completely with sick people.

"Yes." Jean followed Claire from behind, his head lowered.

"Divine Prince, I'll be troubling you to take care of this side." Claire politely said.

"It's something I should do." Leng Lingyun smiled lightly.

Claire went out the door with Jean. She sighed quietly. She always felt stifled when interacting with Leng Lingyun.

Niya City was desolate. The commoners all closed their doors tightly, not taking a single step outside.

"Walter, do you have any method to block this Dark aura from expanding?" Claire and Jean walked in the empty street, feeling many ill gazes shot from the cracks of doors or windows.

"There is, but it's very troublesome. Dark aura can't enter anything with Light aura. How would these commoners have a Light physique? Weak people who often get sick and women and children who are always weak are the first to get infected." Walter said bluntly.

There are very few people with a Light physique so the people who haven't been infected yet are physically strong. If it continues like this, all the people in this city will be infected. The top priority was to find the necromancer.

"But there is a method to block the spreading." Walter started vulgarly smiled. "Who here has the thickest Light aura?"

Of course the answer was Leng Lingyun.

"Call that guy to baptise all the people here who haven't been infected yet and get each and every one to receive his Light aura. Haha, that way you can temporarily block it." Walter said, harboring ill intentions. Niya City still has that many people, haha, it'll tire this violet eyed silver haired pretty boy to death, ahaha. The more Walter thought about it, the happier he was.

"That will be his own decision. If he's willing to baptise, then naturally it will be good, but if he's not willing, we can't do anything about it." Claire said insipidly.

Claire and Jean patrolled the city, but weren't able to discover any anomalies.

"Can you sense where the Dark aura is thickest?" Claire asked and turned towards the overcast sky.

"I can't feel anything for the time being." Walter honestly answered.

Niya City was desolately peaceful, the streets lonely and empty.

Once they went back to the castle, Leng Lingyun was already back, sitting in the main hall, resting.

"Miss Claire, you came back." Once Leng Lingyun saw Claire, he immediately got up. "I was waiting for you, I have a request."

"Oh?" Claire was a bit surprised. Leng Lingyun actually was asking for a request.

"Please, Miss Claire, use your status as the Castellan to summon all the people in the city to the gather in the public square. I discovered those Dark aura seem to hate Light aura very much, so I want to give them a baptism to make them not be infected with Dark aura any more." After Leng Lingyun said this kind of request, Claire was a bit stunned. She hadn't spoken yet but Leng Lingyun had already said this kind of request.

"But there are so many people in the city..." Claire was a bit hesitant. If it was really like what Walter said, then it was really possible that Leng Lingyun wouldn't sleep for a few days and nights.

"The pope sent me to assist you, you don't need to have any misgivings. I have the quickest method to block the Dark aura from spreading.

"Good, then I will immediately call people to do this." Claire didn't decline anymore. Before they found that necromancer, they couldn't let take anyone else's life.

"Wahaha, tire this pretty boy to death. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah yeah~~" Walter's schadenfreude voice sounded in Claire's mind.

Claire expressionlessly reached into the bag and pinched the Spiritual stone, hard.

"Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~~--" Walter was like a machine that ran out of power, his yeah pitch stretching very long and then gradually lowered until there was no sound.