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 Once Claire rapidly rushed to the front of Emery's house, she was shocked by the scene in front of her. How was there still a house? Emery's laboratory and bedroom were already razed to the ground, in ruins. White Emperor laid on Claire's head, pulling on her hair. His eyes widened as he saw this scene and he started chirping. (Normally White Emperor is always either crouching on Claire's shoulder or lying flat on her head. His presence felt almost nonexistent.)

Emery's sorry figure was standing amidst the ruins, multiple wounds on his body, the blood already dying Emery's right sleeve red and still dripping continuously. Cliff hovered in mid-air, his face full of killing intent as he stared at Emery below him.

"Master, are you alright?" Claire rushed to Emery's side swiftly, supported his tottering body, and then asked worriedly, "What's going on?"

"Cough, cough..." Emery coughed, a line of bright blood flowed down, leaving a bloodstain. He quietly said, "It's fine. For the time being, it's alright. Today Cliff rushed over here and said it turns out that I was your master, so today I had to die."

Immediately, Claire understood what was going on.

Cliff, that short tempered old man, was unwilling to be a second master, so he wanted to kill Emery so that he would become Claire's only master.

"What kind of benevolence or capabilities do you have to be Claire's master? I was wondering what kind of person could become Claire's master, a small character like you is also suitable?" Cliff said angrily, floating in mid-air and watching Emery with killing intent.

Emery suppressed the raging Qi and blood in his mind and said quietly, "Yes, I also always felt I wasn't suitable..."

"Then you should go die." A cold light flashed in Cliff's eyes as he was about to make a move.

"Stop!" Claire blocked in front of Emery and said to Cliff angrily, "Master Emery is my enlightenment teacher.1 Nobody can replace his help and care to me."

"Everything he can teach, I also can teach, and things he can't teach, I can still teach! What qualifications does he have to be your master? He must die today!" Cliff roared, so emotional his face had already reddened.

"Cliff!" Claire glowered, directly calling out Cliff's name angrily. "I'm telling you, Master Emery's help and care, nobody can replace! If today you dare to harm him again, I will do everything I can to kill you. I definitely won't let you off!"

The wind blew hysterically, dust covering the whole sky.

A sombre yet awkward atmosphere arose.

Duke Gordan stood aside, staring dumbstruck. He never thought Claire would actually say those kinds of rebellious words. Now what could be done? The opponent wasn't something their Hill family could offend, a huge figure.

Emery was already so moved he couldn't say anything and just stared starstruck at the girl in front of him, his throat already choked with emotions, the corner of his eyes also warm. It seemed like some kind of fluid was going to come gushing out.

Cliff's face reddened even more. His body started to shake, lips opened wide. He wanted to say something, but not a single word came out.

Claire had actually said these kinds of resolute words at him for a low-class magician!

Do everything I can to kill you. I definitely won't let you off!

The mood had reached an extreme rigidity. Duke Gordan breathed out deeply, finished. This time they were really finished. When had Cliff been threatened like this before?

Walter's teeth chattered, completely down in the pits, completely undescribable. Claire didn't want to live anymore, but he did, he still wanted to feel sunshine in a new body! What did not wanting to live count as to the old freak floating in mid-air?

Claire stared at Cliff. Cliff floated in mid-air and also fiercely watched Claire.

The atmosphere was on the verge of erupting.

Duke Gordan fiercely shook off a handful of sweat.

A light smile appeared on Emery's face, a knowing and worried smile. He had already made a decision in his heart. This life, with a disciple like Claire, how could there be any regrets?

Emery opened his mouth and was about to say something, but Claire stared at Cliff and gently said,

"With that same reasoning, Master, in my heart you can't be replaced. If there was someone who wanted to harm you, I would also risk my life to protect you and definitely not let off the person who harmed you. I swear, I definitely won't let them off." Claire's gentle yet unmatched resolute voice sounded in the air, sounded in Cliff's heart.

The surroundings was silent, so quiet you could seem to hear everyone's breaths.

Suddenly, Cliff resembled a child as he started crying waa waa, landing on his butt as he descended to the ground, kicking his two legs and started making a racket. "Why am I second Master? Why do I need to be second master? I want to be first master, I want to be first master..."

Awkward, everyone felt thoroughly awkward.

Duke Gordan was in even more disarray, struck by this lightning. This legendary wizard sage, he resembled a little kid so much.

A knowing smile appeared on Claire's face. Everybody says old yet little, old yet little; this phrase was completely correct. Many times Cliff acted completely like a kid. But, no matter what, the situation had finally passed.

"You!" Cliff angrily looked up at the battered Emery and snarled, "I'll be first master, you'll be second master, if you agree then I'll compensate for your laboratory. I'll also give you many magic items, and I'll also teach you a few spells! Quickly agree! You must agree! Just like this!"

"Not possible, first Master is first Master." Claire refused.

But Emery's voice came from behind Claire. "Claire, it's fine. What would it be like if the second Master taught the first Master? I understand your kind intentions. Just let Cliff be your first Master. I can't continuously stay by your side and instruct you because I still need to assist sir Duke. Cliff is without any restraints, so he can stay by your side and give you the best guidance. You have me in your heart and that makes me happier than anything."

Claire turned in surprise and saw that indeed, Emery had a blessed and content smile.

"With this kind of disciple, I'll die with no regrets." Both of Emery's eyes started becoming a bit hazy. He had never thought he had the qualifications of being Claire's master, but Claire had always thought of him as number one. For him, without any hesitation, she offended the wizard sage Cliff today. With a disciple like Claire, what else could he ask for?

"Master?" Claire really was a bit shocked.

"Good, we'll decide on this, from now on Cliff is Claire's first master." It was now that Duke Gordan quickly spoke to resolve the situation. Who knows how many of his cells had already died. Finally he gained control of the situation, so naturally he would immediately jump out and say some words to ease the mood.

"Good, haha, we'll decide on this, from now on I am first Master!" Cliff shamelessly said, immediately sat up, turning from sad to happy as he jumped over and patted Emery's shoulder. "From now on you are my little brother, if someone dares to bully you, just come to me."

As Emery's wound was patted, the pain made him frown. Upon seeing this, Cliff immediately got out medicine for treating wounds from his interspatial ring. Without an explanation, Cliff started wiping the medicine on Emery. The wound started healing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Claire and Duke Gordan watched flabbergasted at the dramatic scene in front of them, unable to say a word.

They were completely unable to connect the two who seemed like good brothers to the life or death battle that had just happened.

"Does it still hurt? Ahaha, my Claire had been taken care of by you before, from now on I will properly teach her. Ahaha, from now on we are a family, right?" Cliff happily said. Duke Gordan was still here, but Claire had already become part of his family.

Emery nodded gratefully.

The two's harmonious and blissful appearance...

Claire quietly sighed. No matter what, it was fine as long as the situation had been resolved.

Also, tonight they were going to travel to Niya city.

And the person the Temple of Light had sent was the violet eyed, silver haired Divine Prince - Lingyun Leng.

1. He was the first one to teach her magic, so he was her "enlightenment" teacher